Can President Musharraf survive as the leader of Pakistan if he continues to cooperate with the U.S.?

Posted by Ahmed Rashid, Zakaria & Ignatius on June 4, 2007 10:49 AM


Shekhar Gupta is the editor-in-chief of The Indian Express in New Delhi.

Judiciary Was So Wonderfully Compliant For So Long

Attributing Musharraf's demise merely to anti-Americanism is unfair to the Pakistani people, who are driven by a genuine democratic impulse. Pakistanis and Indians are critical of elected leaders, sometimes welcoming the discipline of authoritarian rule. But their patience always runs out, and Musharraf should have known he could not enjoy dictatorship forever.

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Jun 5, 2007 at 11:33 AM
Shim Jae Hoon is a Seoul-based journalist and commentator writing for a variety of international publications including YaleGlobal Online, The Straits Times of Singapore, The Taipei Times and Korea Herald. He was a correspondent for Far Eastern Economic Review in Seoul, Taipei and Jakarta.

Modernizing a Zealous, Feudal Pakistan

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Ahmed Rashid, a Pakistani journalist based in Lahore, was the Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia correspondent for the Far Eastern Economic Review, for 22 years until the magazine was recently closed down. He presently writes for the Daily Telegraph in London, the International Herald Tribune, the New York Review of Books, BBC Online, The Nation, and academic and foreign affairs journals. He appears regularly on international TV and radio stations such as CNN and BBC World Service.

Musharraf = Military Rule, Cannot Survive

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Lamis Andoni is a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. She has been covering the Middle East for 20 years. She has reported for the Christian Science Monitor, the Financial Times and the main newspapers in Jordan. She was a professor at the Graduate School in UC Berkeley.

Classic Dictator: Tried to Play Both Sides

Lamis Andoni Doha, Qatar | 17 COMMENTS


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