Tony Blair just called the media "feral beasts" who care more about sensationalism than serious issues. Is he right?

Posted by David Ignatius on June 14, 2007 9:56 AM


Ignacio Gil Vázquez is the managing editor of Spain’s second largest circulation newspaper, El Mundo. He previously served as foreign correspondent in France and as Culture section editor. He has covered wide-ranging events throughout his career, including the Basque conflict, Catalan politics, Francois Mitterrand’s final years as president of France, his successor Jacques Chirac’s election, and the death of Princess Diana.

Politicians Fail; We’re Still Writing

What a good boy Tony is! After 10 years, he has waited until his last days at Downing Street to vent his rage at the press. Mistrust, contempt and one-upmanship are common and neutral between power and the press. That, at least, is much healthier than cronyism. The press may be punished, but can never be eliminated.

Ignacio Gil Vázquez Madrid, Spain | 3 COMMENTS
Jun 17, 2007 at 11:25 PM
Nikos Konstandaras is managing editor and a columnist of Kathimerini, the leading Greek morning daily. He is also the founding editor of Kathimerini’s English Edition, which is published as a supplement to The International Herald Tribune in Greece, Cyprus and Albania. He worked as a correspondent for The Associated Press from 1989 to 1997 before joining the Greek press and has reported from many countries in the region.

The Real Problems Are Economic

Nikos Konstandaras Athens, Greece | 704 COMMENTS
Bashir Goth is a veteran journalist, freelance writer, the first Somali blogger and editor of a leading news website. He is also a regular contributor to major Middle Eastern and African newspapers and online journals.

Better Feral Beasts than Ignoble Lackeys

Bashir Goth Somalia/UAE | 22 COMMENTS
Mubashar Jawed Akbar is a leading Indian journalist and author. He's the founder and editor-in-chief of The Asian Age, a daily multi-edition Indian newspaper with a global perspective and editor-in-chief of The Deccan Chronicle, a news daily based in Hyderabad. He has written books including Blood Brothers, Nehru: The Making of India, Kashmir: Behind the Vale, Riot After Riot, The Shade of Swords, and India: The Siege Within.

Yes, How Outrageous to Uncover Iraq Lies

M.J. Akbar India | 75 COMMENTS
Rami G. Khouri


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