President Bush has talked about the danger of World War III if Iran doesn't stop its nuclear program. What do people think is the risk of war where you are?

Posted by David Ignatius on October 25, 2007 11:36 AM


Miriam Leitao is a reporter and columnist for O Globo and Radio CBN in Brazil. She is also a commentator on Globo TV Network and runs her own blog,, hosted at Globo online at She was awarded Columbia University’s Maria Moors Cabot Prize in 2005.

Threats Distract from Bush’s Vanishing Power

The president needs an antidote for his Vanishing Power Syndrome, so he’s cast himself in an old Western movie: he’s the gun-toting hero, and the world is sleepy little town he’s about to save.

Miriam Leitao Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 33 COMMENTS
Oct 29, 2007 at 10:14 AM
Ibsen Martínez is a Venezuelan playwright and novelist. A former telenovela writer based in Caracas, he is now a freelance writer and regular contributor to a number of newspapers, magazines and websites in both Spanish and English. He writes a weekly column for the Caracas daily "Tal Cual." Spanish language newspapers such as Madrid's "El País" and "ABC" as well as Buenos Aires's "La Nación" run his articles on a regular basis. His essays on literary and political subjects have appeared in prestigious magazines such as "La Nouvelle Revue Françoise", Mexico's " Letras Libres", Washington's "Foreign Policy" and The Washington Post's "Outlook" magazine. He also writes a monthly column on Latin American economic issues for the Liberty Fund's website, "Econlib Library (

Risk of World War III? Music to Mr. Chávez's Ears

Ibsen Martinez Venezuela | 108 COMMENTS
Vivian Salama is an award winning reporter, producer and blogger. Currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, she has reported for various publications from across the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, the United States and North and South Korea. She has also appeared as a commentator on the BBC, France24, South African Broadcasting Corp., TVNZ, NPR and as a reporter for Voice of America radio. Her byline has appeared in numerous publications including Newsweek, USA Today, the International Herald Tribune, the National, Jerusalem Post, and the Daily Star. Salama has an MA in Islamic Politics from Columbia University and she previously worked as a lecturer of international journalism at Rutgers University.

President Bush Needs a Time Out

Vivian Salama USA/Middle East | 170 COMMENTS
Lamis Andoni is a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. She has been covering the Middle East for 20 years. She has reported for the Christian Science Monitor, the Financial Times and the main newspapers in Jordan. She was a professor at the Graduate School in UC Berkeley.

Worry About America, Not About Iran

Lamis Andoni Doha, Qatar | 40 COMMENTS
Ali Ettefagh   |   Miklos Vamos


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