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Daoud Kuttab

Jerusalem/Amman, Jordan

Daoud Kuttab is a Palestinian journalist. He was born in Jerusalem in 1955. He is a former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University in the United States. Mr. Kuttab is the former director of the Institute of Modern Media at Al Quds University in Ramallah, Palestine and the founder of AmmanNet, the Arab world's first internet radio station. His personal web page is www.daoudkuttab.com. Close.

Daoud Kuttab

Jerusalem/Amman, Jordan

Daoud Kuttab is a Palestinian journalist. He was born in Jerusalem in 1955. He is a former Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University in the United States. more »

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No Military Solution for Iran or Palestine

Before dealing directly with Iran, I believe that the U.S. must put more attention to reaching a comprehensive solution for Iraq.

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simpsonth Author Profile Page:

“The U.S. should allow Iran to develop civilian nuclear weapons…”

I’m sure you meant to write “nuclear fuel” and not “nuclear weapons”. If so, I certainly agree.

More broadly, it seems to me that with regard to your own analysis of things Iranian, it suffers the same failing of 99% of others, i.e. it fails to take proper note of Iran’s broad national interests, security and other. Surely no adult Iranian can forget the Iran-Iraq War, and did not the “Arabs”, not to mention ourselves (Gringos), support Iraq in that Endeavour? Have we forgotten that, like the Jews, Persians live, partially at least, in an Arabic neighborhood. Surely no Iranian was not also “shocked and awed” by the sheer military prowess we displayed in arbitrarily (absent casus belli) smashing Saddam’s military forces. however stupidly we behaved immediately afterwards. Above all, we should not forget their potential threat from the North and East, the combination of Afghans and Pakistanis, both suffering the threat of internal chaos and anarchy, the latter possessing nuclear weapons in plentiful supply already.

Personally, I find it absolutely ludicrous that we should find Iran, a nation with ancient and relatively stable civilization and history, to be such a threat to world peace while in the meantime Pakistan wanders towards the conditions we find in Somalia. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

ripvanwinkleincollege Author Profile Page:

At the end of World War II, the UN voted to partition Palestine so that Jews displaced by the Holocaust and World War II would not have to return to places where they would almost certainly have been killed by the Red Army and the NKVD. Jerusalem was supposed to have been shared by all religions, not become the property of only one. After 1948, Arab nations either expelled or allowed their Jewish populations to voluntarily leave for Israel. The Arab nations then signed an armistice with Israel. Israel continued its pre-1948 policies of displacing Palestinian Arabs within lands under its control just like Zionists had been doing since the 1920s, and Arabs periodically shelled Jewish settlements and conducted terrorist strikes. Then after 1967, with more land at their disposal, Israel continued the same tactics. So did the Muslims. This conflict has not been going on for centuries, but it has been going on since the 1920s. Like someone who buys booze for an alcoholic as a so-called "enabler", the Gulf Arabs and Iran enable the Palestinians and the US enables Israel. Inside each of the enabling blocks, the enablers seek to gain public support. The Islamic countries have their jihadists and the US has its Jewish and Christian fundamentalists, each of whom have an ignorant and distorted view of history and understanding of reality, and each of whom are politically and financially powerful enough to block peace initiatives from moderates who want to make peace. If responsible people in the world can at least agree on this common set of facts, that would be a great start forward.

stopthewar Author Profile Page:

first you tell me why my oil or money go to Gaza and not spending on me , as Iranian be in war Iraq and Iran and in revelotionary guard and lost my brother in war, Iranian Mullahs are lies to Iranian they stolen are money my oil spending 250 million dolors on Palestinian and not a $1 on me, i am canadian citizen know , where racism also in Canada is a others problems over Iranian or born Moslems I do not trust any one , USA or canada or Mullahs or you are

eddy3 Author Profile Page:

AIPAC is preparing its offensive on President Obama...either US attacks Iran on behalf of the zionists or even the rest of his actual mandate will be a nightmare for him...forget about a second mandate if he does not comply...
Obama knows who has the real power in Washington...watch out...we know who rules US...where is the spirit of the Founding Fathers...

Chaotician Author Profile Page:

Let us consider some basic “facts”!
1) The world can no longer tolerate or accept the Palestinian “situation” to be unresolved.
2) Israel has done absolutely nothing to create a supportive, non-hostile environment for its continued existence in Palestine; on the contrary, Israel has done almost everything conceivable to maintain a hostile environment, presumably to justify its continuing behaviors to annex more and more land that it so covets.
3) The stated purpose of Israel was to provide a haven for the persecuted Jews of World War II. Obviously, the Israeli people have a far different objective and in fact there are few Jews in Israel that would qualify to being any of those persecuted by the Nazis.
4) There is no justification for any of the occupied territories policies, legal or otherwise, or for the continued illegal occupation of Palestine land beyond the 1967 borders. Frankly, there is no legal basis for occupying lands beyond the borders established by the 1948 UN resolutions which are the only legal basis for the existence of Israel!
5) The support of Evangelical Christians because of their belief that the Jews needed to control Jerusalem before their desired Rapture and Armageddon could happen; is waning as that whole movement becomes less politically powerful and their goals shift to new causes.
6) America is economical challenged, militarily weary, disillusioned with foreign goals and the means being used to achieve them, tired of the endless “poor us” from Israel, and ready to just walk away from the whole mess.
7) Israel has had 2 years of military debacles:
a. The senseless, needless bombing and destruction of Lebanon
b. The senseless, needless, barbaric destruction and murder in Gaza
8) The growing American awareness of the tyranny of Israel over Gaza that prevents any economic improvements, and social development, and improvement in attitudes towards the Israeli peoples.
The bottom line: Israel needs to accept a nation that is contained within 1967 borders, that provides contiguous free, unfettered land access between Gaza and the rest of the new Palestinian state. The alternative is an imposed single secular nation of Palestine, demilitarized, with rights and privileges guaranteed equally for all citizens… enforced by a UN multi-national police force.

ataune Author Profile Page:

A quick look at the history of Israel/Palestine shows that eliminating palestinian aspiration for self-determination was always considered by Israeli strategist as the number one priority of the jewish state. Iranian nuclear and ballistic capabilities, easily deterrable by Israeli and ultimately the US nuclear arsenal, is considered as ""only" a deterrent to the agressive posture of the Israeli towards Palestinians. The demonizing of Iran is a tool, particularly having a big political rewards with the US public opinion, that Israel uses to advance its ultimate goal, i.e. delay as much as possible the time for reckoning where she will have to accept the tort that its creation has done to people living for thousands of years in a land now called Israel.

Based only on this analysis, I can say that it doesn't matter if President Obama and Netanyahu are in collision course or not, since either starting to eliminate "Iran's threat", or putting the Palestinian track first, will only precipitate Israel to give up on its most valued strategic asset. A one which somehow define its existence: not allowing a non-jewish state to be created in a land that she posseses now.

hassani1387 Author Profile Page:

There is no "Iran problem". There is absolutely no evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran, and Iran has already repeatedly offered to place additional restrictions on its nuclear energy program -- beyond its legal obligations -- to further ensure that the program can't be secretly used to make bombs. International and American experts have endorsed Iran's offers. Yet the US insist on depriving Iran of her inalienable rights. The "Iran problem": is really the "Israel problem" because the Israelis don't want to see Iran and the US getting along, and unfortunately the US political system is under the influence of the pro-Israeli lobby.

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