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Lamis Andoni

Doha, Qatar

Lamis Andoni is a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. She has been covering the Middle East for 20 years. She has reported for the Christian Science Monitor, the Financial Times and the main newspapers in Jordan. She was a professor at the Graduate School in UC Berkeley. Close.

Lamis Andoni

Doha, Qatar

Lamis Andoni is a Middle East consultant for Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based news station. more »

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Bush’s Farewell Includes Attack on Iran

Americans appear bent on either launching a strike or steps of covert action to create dynamics that will make it impossible to avoid waging war against Iran.

The U.S. and Israel have been actively engaged in a news media war to provoke an Iranian reaction that would justify a war, or at least a military action as a prelude to war.

This military action, strongly advocated by the pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near Studies, could either be an American or an Israeli limited strike.

The U.S. has yet to garner enough Arab support for a war against Iran. But while some Arab governments are definitely afraid of Iranian influence in the region, they are also wary of a conflict that will drag the region into yet another continuous war.

An escalation of covert actions, according to the Finding report, revealed by Seymour Hersh and other journalists, is the most likely scenario. Covert actions will achieve several objectives – but, most likely, could trigger an Iranian action that could be construed as a declaration of war.

The ultimate goal, it seems, is to create chaos from within allowing for foreign intervention.

The important development, in my view, is that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is moving away from his opposition of war with Iran as he adopts more aggressive language on the topic.

More significant is that Obama has been replacing his advisers with more pro-Israeli politicos, such as Susan Rice and Tony Lake. Susan Rice has been a co-sponsors of the Washington Institutions, the paper that is usually issued as a briefing for the upcoming president, advocating “a military action,” as one option or as part of a pre-emptive plan to contain or defeat Iran.

Israel has been openly and aggressively inciting war against Iran – with the complicity of the Pentagon.

According the Israeli Yediot Ahranot, the news about Israeli military exercises for war with Iran was deliberately leaked by the Pentagon, in coordination with Israel, to prepare the atmosphere for war against Iran.

I think that the Bush Administration is determined to plant the seeds for war before it leaves, but the question remains if that means an overt strike or a covert action against Iran. It could be an Israeli strike or a covert – yet huge – act of sabotage on Iran that could set the wheels of war turning.

In other words, the administration will not go quietly without starting another explosion.

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