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New Feature: "This Just In"

As you may have noticed, we've added a new feature to the PostGlobal home page. "This Just In" will provide a sampling of the latest news and views from the PostGlobal community and bloggers around the world.

This column embeds feeds from top international affairs commentators like Foreign Policy's Passport blog and CFR.org' Daily Analysis. It also features on-the-ground views from global hot spots, like IraqSlogger, SyriaComment, The Indian Economy Blog and China Rises.

Our intent is to provide a quick-glance place to go for an informed take on the latest happenings around the world. This will supplement PostGlobal's twice-weekly discussion topics, in which our panel of leading journalists and experts dig deeper into the most pressing global issues. We want to make the site as timely as possible, while maintaining PostGlobal's unique depth of commentary and range of views.

If you have suggestions for other insightful blogs and sources of commentary, please email them to postglobal[at]washingtonpost[dot]com, or comment below. We welcome your feedback on how this feature is working for you.

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Comments (2)

nzo nelson:

This is wonderful, a service, and necessary wherever news is being made, Including Washington DC. I alos had a moment when the evolution of this becomes like a Wikipedia of news with a side of opinion. This is the perfect balance for news sources that have been traditionally murky and 'one off', many of which are right here in the nations capital! Thank you, if not for the service, for the attempt at something new!

Yousuf Hashmi:

This is just amazing. Unbelievable that how the future newspapers and journalism will be transforming.

Congratulations for WP team to bring new ideas which will change the out look of all newpapers one day.

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