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Guest Analysts  |  May 1, 2007 12:32 PM

Diplomacy's Chance at Sharm el-Sheikh

By Yaşar Yakiş, Ghassan al-Atiyyah, Khalid al-Dakhil and Scott Lasensky

Istanbul, Riyadh and Washington - No one fears instability and violence in Iraq more than Iraqis and their neighbors. But mutual suspicions and rivalries, and a lack of U.S. commitment to regional diplomacy, have prevented Iraq and its neighbors from turning common anxieties into a common agenda. However, an emerging regional diplomatic initiative—the focus of this week's foreign minister's conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt—could be a turning point that leads all sides toward concerted action.

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Guest Analyst  |  May 2, 2007 3:29 PM

False Targets Don't Help War on Terror

By Wayne S. Smith

Terrorist acts are a serious and growing problem in much of the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa. It is a problem that must be addressed. One does not contribute to that effort, however, by putting forward false targets, as the just-released State Department Report on Terrorism does by including Cuba on the list as a state sponsor of terrorism. As was the case last year, this year’s report puts forward not a shred of evidence to demonstrate that Cuba is a terrorist state.

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Guest Analyst  |  May 7, 2007 11:12 AM

Bangladesh State Emergency an Opportunity

By Mahfuz R. Chowdhury

From a political point of view, Bangladesh is currently undergoing dramatic change. The present caretaker government, which came to power on January 12, 2007 with the backing of the army after a declaration of emergency, was quickly perceived to have saved the country from the grave consequences of hostilities between the country’s two major political parties. Those hostilities had driven the country of over 140 million people almost to the brink of anarchy. During the two months prior to the takeover, the country had experienced unending riots and widespread demonstrations in which more than 60 people lost their lives, millions of dollars in property was damaged, and the economic activities in the country came to a squealing halt.

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Editor's Inbox  |  May 10, 2007 1:40 PM

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Panelist View  |  May 18, 2007 12:50 PM

Somailand's Hedgehog Attitude Will Prevail

Yes, it has been 16 long, arduous and lonely years since we reclaimed our sovereignty on May 18, 1991. Yes, the recognition that we have aspired to achieve may seem as distant as ever. Yes, detractors have called us and still call us all kinds of names. Yes, enemies who are hell bent on breaking our will and sowing discord among our people have used all kinds of deceptive tactics and hired spin-doctors to discredit our cause. Yes, the world refuses to look at our achievements, our democracy and the oasis of peace we have created. Yes, weasel-hearted African leaders have been warned that recognizing Somaliland would open the gates of hell and monsters would emerge in scores from their scandal ridden closets. Yes, our people suffer due to the absence of diplomatic relations, international credit lines and regular trade agreements. Yes, some of our politicians, some of our opportunists, some of the greedy among us, some of our weaklings and some of the wishy-washy individuals have been trying to weaken our morale.

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Guest Voice  |  May 23, 2007 1:19 PM

Palestinian Camps -- Frontiers of Dreams and Fears

By Rima Fawaz

The brutal murder of Lebanese soldiers by Fateh el-Islam factions near the Nahr-el Bared camp three days ago is not only an attack on Lebanese sovereignty, it is an assault on the hopes and aspirations of a young Palestinian generation desperate to live in dignity and respect on Lebanese soil.

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Guest Analyst  |  May 30, 2007 12:06 PM

Iran: Civil Society Held at Gunpoint

By Nasrin Alavi

Here we go again. As Iran becomes increasingly isolated and under pressure from both Western powers and its Arab neighbours in the region, the battle lines are drawn. For many Iranians the signs are both ominous and all too familiar. On 22 September 1980, Iraq attacked western Iran, launching what would become the longest conventional war of the twentieth century.

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