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Guest Voice

Tackling the Iranian Threat

By Rt. Hon. Lord David Waddington, QC

The Iranian Regime’s nuclear ambitions are a threat to world peace. In dealing with this threat and with the Regime’s unbridled meddling in Iraq and the Middle East, the West needs to make a strategic choice.

Iran’s mullahs have managed to remain several moves ahead of us thus far, and last August Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was able to say with conviction: “Soon, we will see a huge power vacuum in the region. Of course, we are prepared to fill the gap.”

The chairman of the United States’ Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael G. Mullen acknowledged in April that Tehran was continuing to funnel weapons and other aid to extremists in Iraq for use against Coalition troops. He highlighted in particular the “increasingly lethal and malign influence” exercised by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s extra-territorial Qods Force, which is bent on destabilizing not only Iraq but the rest of the Middle East.

Admiral Mullen’s words were then backed up by the U.S. ambassador to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad, who on Monday told the Security Council that the Revolutionary Guard Qods Force "continues to arm, train, and fund illegal armed groups in Iraq”. He then added, "This lethal aid poses a significant threat to Iraqi and multinational forces and to the stability and sovereignty of Iraq."

The Revolutionary Guard has also had a pivotal role in furthering the regime’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. The main opposition coalition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), claims that the Revolutionary Guard is running a secret center to build a nuclear warhead at Mojdeh, southeast of Tehran. The Guard also supervises all uranium enrichment activity at the infamous Natanz complex.

Today, the Security Council’s five permanent members plus Germany meet in London to expand on an earlier offer of economic incentives to Tehran in return for a promise by the Regime to halt uranium enrichment.

The international community seems to be almost entirely unaware of the regime’s stated intention to pursue its atomic work at any cost, and yet Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has been quite brazen about it. In February he boasted that Iran had gradually managed to pacify the international community’s demands that Iran comply with UN resolutions. “Those people who used to say Iran's nuclear activity must be dismantled are now saying they are ready to accept our advances, on condition that it will not continue indefinitely,” Khamenei said. “This is a great advance that would not have been realized except with perseverance."

Ahmadinejad is also on record as saying in February, "If they [the Security Council] want to continue with that path [of sanctions], we will not be harmed. They can issue resolutions for 100 years. ... If they continue [with this pressure], we have designed reciprocal actions." I fear that the “reciprocal actions” would be felt on the streets of Baghdad, Beirut and the Gaza Strip in attacks masterminded by the Revolutionary Guard.

Surely if the West is really determined to address the threat from Tehran, it needs to show some muscle rather than offer more concessions to a regime with no intention of abandoning its unlawful activities.

Most obviously, the EU and the U.S. need to lift their ban on the main Iranian Resistance group, the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran. It is ridiculous that the PMOI/MEK, a leading member of the NCRI coalition with grassroots support in Iran and for that reason feared by the Regime, should be hampered in its work as it strives to bring democracy to Iran. It is unreasonable that it should be so hampered when, as the Clinton Administration admitted, it was banned in the first place not because of American condemnation of its activities but in a futile and fruitless attempt by America to appease the Regime and reach out to so-called ‘moderates’ within it. Both the Proscribed Organisation Appeal Commission in Britain and the European Court of Justice have already ruled that the ban on the PMOI is unlawful and should be lifted. It is high time the international community gave its full backing to the body the Regime most fears, and sends a signal to the Iranian people that we support their efforts to bring about an end to the mullahs’ rule.

The Rt. Hon. Lord Waddington QC is currently Chairman of the European Reform Forum. He is a former UK Home Secretary under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

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Comments (147)

Faramarz Fathi:

There are two individuals here quoting by one,” This is what the savages ruling my homeland are practicing.” And another “ If Iran's Resistance is really hated by the Iranian people inside our country”, who are ostensibly fakes.

An Iranian with the least sense of identity would know what it means and takes to be a Persian. Certainly, not one who is outside the country and therefore not contributing directly and indirectly inside Iran could ever assume the title of being a Persian. Being born in Iran or holding a Brown cover passport does not automatically and necessarily identify and entitles one as a Persian. The required qualifications are far more rigid and far beyond the ability of these two clueless fakes here to comprehend.

There can only be one Iranian. One who is born in Iran and is fulfilling his or her personal and civil obligations without looking at others and asking for anything in returns too.
The rest are irrelevant.

Faramarz Fathi:

David Waddington:

“The Iranian Regime’s nuclear ambitions are a threat to world peace. In dealing with this threat and with the Regime’s unbridled meddling in Iraq and the Middle East, the West needs to make a strategic choice.” End of quote.

Mr. Waddington statements here is void of any evidences suggesting such threats. Neither, it is not shocking that he has deliberately avoided any references by the IAEA supporting any violations, which Iran is a signatory and a complying member.

His entire article is based on attempts projecting Iran as an evil by, for example, introducing statements from the American Ambassador and Chairman of the joints Chiefs of Staff, who, if not them, who else could successfully generate and feed the ostensible American failures in Iraq as results of Iran’s alleged meddling in there. But yet, without substantiating their claim by any evidence by either party.

Mr. Waddington says “The international community seems to be almost entirely unaware of the regime’s stated intention to pursue its atomic work at any cost,” ,.

The international community is not as unaware and insensitive to this as Mr. Waddington suggests. The international community is adequately concerned and consider the IAEA‘s satisfaction with Iran’s obligation to the agency adequate, much to the dismay of the West and their desire to keep it quiet.

It saddens me when I read this phrase by Mr. Waddington,” It is ridiculous that the PMOI/MEK, a leading member of the NCRI coalition with grassroots support in Iran and for that reason feared by the Regime, should be hampered in its work as it strives to bring democracy to Iran.”
Mr. Waddington is either ignorant of what democracy means or he deliberately affronts it by justifying any crimes under the cover of democracy. Anyone with the least amount of intelligence and commons sense would attest to the fact that democracy has to take roots from within and without outside both influence and interferences. Mr. Waddington has to remember that the Iranian government with its all goods and bad is there by the choice of Iranian people.

Mr. Waddington can not possibly be credited here with any goods towards either the Iranian people or the rest of the world as he drags in and brag about the international community’s concern and welfare.

It just makes me to wonder why once one prominent figure will not expose the crimes committed against Iranian people in the last thirty years. The US promoted, sponsored and pitted Iraq against Iran in a bloody Eight years long war resulting in close to one million Iranian death and numerous atrocities committed against Iranian civilians by the Iraqi soldiers and shooting down a civilian airliner as well as resenting and finding the Iranian’s independence totaling unacceptable therefore imposing and implementing policies to isolate Iran and capping its advancements but without much success.


Lord David Waddington,
I read your good article and fully support your views mentioned. When I was in Iran, I was arrested and jailed as a political prisoner. I was in prison for seven years. During my stay in prison, I started to know and appreciate Iranian resistance views for a free and democratic Iran. M.E.K. supporters imprisoned for a longer period of time because of their admirable work toward democracy and freedom which was in contrast with Mullahs ruling in Iran.
Mullahs are a world threat today. For a democratic Iran and a stable Middle East, US and EU must recognize Iranian resistance and it champion MEK.
Thank you.


We understand that the Iranian regime is comprised of terrorists. They use Iranian money to support kill people all around the middle east. They are not interested in peace and they continuously fan the flames of any disturbance in the region resulting more problems and blood. MEK is the only hope, not only for the Iranian people, but for stability in the region. If we are looking for peace they should be removed immediately from any terrorist list - especially in America.


Listen to SHIVEH as he is providing a no objection certificate to MEK,the GROUP which became famous after its members participation in seizing the American Embassy after the so-called revolution.MEK had assisted the Saddam regime in his invasion of Iran and involved in explosions against innocent citizens in various parts of the country. MEK, which are suffering of insufficiency in figures have almost been deprived of any sympathy from the people of the land and barely has any supporter throughout Iran. Prediction on MEK will be catastrophe for any sponsor which is optimistic of this stranded faction to shore the boat.


You can google "Rajavi MEK Cult" and read all about it yourself. There isn't just one source. There are articles from respected newspapers of all persuasion, reports from non-partisan councils and organizations who will tell you all you need to know about this cult.

One site (Antiwar.com) describes them as:
A fanatical cult of Marxoid Iranian "dissidents," officially classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department after they killed U.S. embassy and military personnel in terrorist attacks. The MEK was driven out of Iran by the mullahs in the wake of a post-revolutionary power struggle, and the group fled to Iraq, where they were given aid, arms, and sanctuary, as they continued to launch terrorist attacks inside Iran. Saddam used them to crush the Shi'ite rebellion of the early 1990s, which was brutally put down.


I am not pro-mullahs, nor am I a monarchist. But MEK is a terrorist Cult who will never be accepted by the iranian public.

A report from Council of Foreign Relations (www.cfr.org) states:

Experts say that MEK has increasingly come to resemble a cult that is devoted to Massoud Rajavi’s secular interpretation of the Koran and is prone to sudden, dramatic ideological shifts.

Ahmad :

New York Times “Iran Resistance Is Not Terrorist Group, Court Finds”
“After a seven year legal battle, Britain’s Court of Appeal ruled on Wednesday that the British government was wrong to include an Iranian group, the People Mojahedin of Iran, on its list of banned terrorist groups.”

for those who write comments: Now, MEK/PMOI has been cleared.

Congratulation to Iranian resistance and the freedom loving citizens of our world.


Today, Britain’s court of appeal ruled that British government was wrong to include MeK on its list of banned terrorist group.

The court offered the following reason for its decision:
“The only conclusion that a reasonable decision maker could reach,” the court said, was that since the disarmament of the People’s Mujahedeen and allied groups in Iraq by American forces in 2003, the group “has not taken any steps to acquire or seek to acquire further weapons or to restore any military capability in Iraq.”

The Mujahedeen, the judges said, “has not sought to recruit personnel for military-type or violent activities”, nor had it engaged in “military-type training of its existing members” or sought to support other groups in attacks on Iranian targets.

In other words, since American forces took their weapons from them, they lost the capability to be terrorists anymore!

Iranian Ajax:

Whatever. The Iranian murderers in Tehran must be tried, convicted in an international tribunal and executed for the brutal killings of their own citizens. . . . to hell with the Mullahs!!!

Iranian Ajax

Faramarz Fathi:

Shari , USA:
David Waddington article here suits and received by greater many whose minds evidently, but sadly, been influenced and shaped by a press, under the non-existent freedom of press feign but with certain agends, very void what they attempt to picture and project their image, solely to promote their own agendas to benefit a certain country, but all at the expense of American people and their values.


Michael O., you dimwit, I did not say the Iranian regime is more democratic and more tolerant than the U.S.

I said that the the history of Persia is more tolerant than the history of the US, even when you compare 2,500 years of theirs to 250 of ours.

Read the whole post and then respond. We have a lot of work to do in this country if we want to bring it back to greatness, no thanks to people like you.

But we'll carry your load as well. Sit back, loosen your belt to let the gut relax and enjoy your six pack of Bud while we do the heavy lifting.


Mr. Ibrahim Mahfouz,

The Ottoman Empire did not rule Iran for 500 years. What are you talking about?

The Ottoman's and the Persians were in a constant battle over the arab lands, in particular the 16th to 18th centuries and the Safavid Dynasty.

Additionally, the Persian adopted the Shi'ite faith in the 1600's, which put the outside of any caliphate.

If you are counting the Seljuks as part of the Ottomans, then you are mistaken. Additionally, the Seljuks considered themselves of persian orientation and adopted the persian language, arts and culture.

Ibrahim Mahfouz:

Caliph says:
“Iran was part of Caliphate for 600 years and not few years. So leave the land, sea and Air of Caliphate and that is the only solution and nothing else. Iraq or Iran is part of Caliphate”

Moi: They were part of the Caliphate and if it were not for Britain and its allies the so-called Turkish Caliphate would still have its predatory grip on the throats of the Arabs and Persians till this day. You seem to be yearning for those good old days. Below is a glimpse of what this last of the caliphates have inflicted upon the body of its subjects.

The Turkish Caliphate that went down the tube during World War I, ruled all the Arab states as well as Iran for over 500 years. What has that caliphate accomplished for its subjects? It taxed them back into the Stone Age to support the lavish lifestyle of its Caliphs and their cronies. It used their children as cannon fodder in the Sultan’s many wars of aggression. The colonists took out and never put in. They went as far as cut down fruit trees from the plains of Palestine and Egypt and hills of Syria and Lebanon to fuel their trains. That was happening when the West was moving from the Exploration age into the Colonization Age into Religious Reformation, into the Age of Enlightment and the Industrial Revolution. Yet many in those Arab countries, such as the one quoted above, never rebelled against Turkey or blamed it for any of their ills but instead blamed their sorry state of affairs on the British and French. At least those two powers who colonized the Arab countries for a decade or two after liberating them from 500 years of subjugation and humiliation at the hands of ruthless and ignorant hordes, had opened them up to the rest of the world, built their present infrastructure and tried to teach them how to run a modern state with modern institutions. What had the Turkish Caliphate ever given its subjects; both Arabs and non-Arabs besides grief and destitution? I don’t know which is worse; this half millennium scourge called Turkish Caliphate or someone’s yearning for its return. Why would any man in his right mind wants the return of a Caliphate? The Turks themselves do not want its return despite its many obvious rewards for the colonizers who wrap themselves with the Caliphate robe. The reason why Islamists yearn for the days of Turkish subjugation and exploitation is because the Turks ”ruled” according to the “divine” law, meaning the Sharia law; a code based on the teachings of the Koran and the tradition of the prophet of Islam, even if this “law” pushed the Middle East and North Africa back to 7th Century Arabia.

Michael O.:

One thing about these forums, they are always good for a laugh. Did you hear the one about how the Iranian regime is more democratic and more tolerant than the U.S.? Tell it again, Robert, that was a good one.

And as long as you're entertaining us, don't forget the one about the mass exodus from Iran "for better opportunities in the West" which took place in 1979-1980, for some reason immediately following Khomeini's revolution. Sheer coincidence, I'm sure.


Last to E.K.,

To have one representative in the parliament representing the Jewish minority comprising of 25,000 is a better percentage than having one muslim-american in the U.S. Congress, when there are close to 10 million muslims in the US.

Wouldn't you agree, or is your math as poor as your history and common sense?

The fact that they are represented in the parliament is an acknowledgement of their rights and citizenship.

Say what you will about Iran, but tolerance and respect for the jewish faith has by and large been a constant in this country for 2,500 years.

You really can't say that even in our country, where as little as 40 years ago, there were signs at Public Swimming Pools stating NO DOGS OR JEWS ALLOWED. Heck, we wouldn't even let a black man use the same bathrooms, much less vote. And our history is one-tenth of Persia, and I would argue that our tolerance of faiths and cultures is one-tenth of Persia as well.


E.K., you are an absolute and filthy liar. Many left the country for the same reason as why many muslims left, for better opportunities in the West.

It was not because of religious persecution. The present government is anything but democratic, and they are oppressive, and perhaps even criminal.

But the jews are not their victims. They go after political opponents and have no ax to grind against jews, christians, sunni muslims, zoroasterians. Bahai's however are a different story all together.


88% of the ancient and once relatively large Persian Jewish population has fled for their lives. A few years ago, many were arrested as "Zionist spies". They were imprisoned and tortured. Any Jew who criticizes the regime will meet the same fate. Therefore you do not and never will hear a Jew do that inside Iran.
There is one Jew permitted in the so-called Parliament. No more no less.


I read the first two sentences of this article and stopped because they were totally lies.

How come our military guys lie so much?


To all readers who think MEK is the solution. Here is a link, which posts an article by Elizabeth Rubin of the New York Times. It is from 2003.

The article is called the CULT OF RAJAVI. Lets put this debate to rest once and for all. Read this article.


DD :

MEK is an officially designated terrorist organisation in EU (of 27 countries) and USA. The aggregate findings of 28 rich and sophisticated countries, with deep intelligence resources, cannot be wrong.

It would be an idiotic decision of a mentally challenged person to think that a terrorist organisation is a "solution" to anything.

crazy Ben:

@ OY

Your comments are intellectually bankrupt. Iran is not against Jews (if you read the Bible, you will know that the lot was rescued by Persians). Fast forwarding to today, Iran is opposed to the zionist, racist regime and not the Jewish people.

In fact, Iran is the ONLY government in the region that has an official specific line item in the budget for aid to Jews (and Christians and Zoroastrian minorities) in Iran for religious schools, repair of places of worship, community centres, etc. Search the net and you will find the news reports that a government minister attended the ceremonies for opening of a new, government-funded Jewish community centre in Tehran.

Your beloved Israel has none of that.

Alhambra california:

For their valuable fight against mullahs, Mojahedin-e-Khalg (MEK) must be recognized and supported by U.S. and all freedom loving countries.

We must be clear and decisive against Mullahs in Iran. Today, the destructive role of mullahs in Iraq and in the Middle East is very evident. Mullahs are working on their plan to dominate Middle East by installing puppet Islamic governments in Iraq and in Lebanon. If U.S., European and the modern countries continue vacillating, a nuclear Iran in control of world energy, exerting power to eliminate governments as they have repeatedly stated,“elimination of Israel” or “we have two missions, to build Islamic Iran and to exert an effort to change the leadership in the world”… it is catastrophe no one can afford.

U.S., E.U. and all countries must wake up, recognize and support Iranian democratic, secular resistance and its main champion MEK. MEK has exposed mullahs for the last thirty years in every corner. They first exposed mullahs atrocity at home through United Nations (December 2007 was the 54th mullahs violation of Human Right in Iran) They first exposed mullahs nuclear sites in 2002, and they first exposed mullahs meddling in Iraq. They have gained the respect and support of 5.2 million Iraqis. MEK is a positive force for a modern, democratic, secular Iran.

Today, Iranian resistance is the alternative to mullahs, and MEK is its champion.


Lastly to the ignorant OY, did you know that Iran has the second largest population of Jews in the middle east.

They are very influential and hold seats in the parliament.

You would think that intelligent people could put 2 and 2 together and realize that if Iran wanted to commit genocide on Israelis, it would start with the massive number of Jews within its own border who worship, work and live as free as any muslim in Iran.

You and your type are perpetuating hate and fear with the American public in order to have us do Israel's dirty work. If we have anything to do with it, we will make sure to vote for a government that will not have any more innocent blood on its hands.


To OY, you are one ignorant person. There was a democratic regime elected in Iran. It was a secular and democratic regime based on its constitution drafted in 1905, mirroring Belgium's.

It called for a democratically elected Parliament and Prime Minister. There would be a constitutional monarchy, where the king holds no power and is a symbol of the nation, similar to Belgium and the UK.

Unfortunately, in 1953, the US and the British employed Operation Ajax where they overthrew the democratically elected government of Mossadeq and re-installed the puppet Shah in power, in order to fleece the country of its vast resources.

25 years later, you have the revolution of Khomeini, which MEK was instrumental of bringing to power, before they were shut out of the new government.

You are truly ignorant with your statement of why there are no democratically elected governments. Our imperialistic government doesn't allow for free elections. In Egypt, we have a guy who owes his very existence to the US and our aid. Yet for close to 3 decades calls himself president and doesn't allow for elections.

You ignorant ignorant pig. Why do you think the radical Hamas and these other NutJobs are so popular in these countries?

A Friend:

Dea OY,

The Mullahs are not Hitler; the Persians are not Arabs.

Ahmadinajad said he wants an end to the regime in Israel, he didn't call for genocide. His words were mistranslated and widely disseminated by neocon enemies of negotiations and stabilization.

In short, the world brings us trouble enough, yes including the regime and government of Iran; don't go borrowing more.


At least one survivor of the Holocaust said "If a man says he's going to kill you, believe him."

Iran says Israel should be wiped off the map, give him nukes, he's going to try. And don't ya think maybe Iraq, or the Saudi's or maybe Turkey are next? Would you trust this regime with your daughter, let alone with nukes?? How much restraint do you expect from a nuclear Iran, that is calling for the destruction of Israel, and that could threaten every state in the region, with nary a word of protest from any of those Arab states that are also threatened?

Blame the British, (always) blame the Jews, it's not us, it's the guy behind the tree.

Whya aren't there any Arab (or Persian) democracies, why no advances, why no French type or American type Revolution? Because the leaders and the wanna-be leaders all want what's good for them, and not what's best for the people.

Taliban in Afghanistan, Kings, princes, Presidents, dictators in others, Muftis and Mullahs, PLO, PA, Hezz's, Hizz's, Islamic Jihads, Black September, and the rest, all call and appeal, with force, to follow their path or perish. Keep feeding the masses a steady diet of hate, of false images, of wrongs, real and imagined from 600 years ago that must be revenged, and you get what we all got.

Let's contrast. Israel accepts some 750,000 refugees from Arab states after 1948, absorbs them, teaches them, provides jobs, homes, irrigates the desert and swamps bought at high price from Arab landowners, and builds a State. Oh, and includes Arabs in the nation, and in the governing body.

The Arabs exhort their citizens to leave Israel so they won't impede the conquering armies, puts everyone in camps for 60 years, and trains for war and terror. Can't live with any more than a token Jew, or Christian, in any of the territories, and certainly none in the government, judiciary, or elsewhere; can't get along with those who believe the same thing, only differently, and don't want to give up the "old" ways, like honor killings and burkas, which were not part of the original religion.

Not likely to see a change in the desire for power and control, won't see an improvement in the rights, education, prosperity, food shortages, etc, not in our life-times or in those of our grandchildren.

A Friend:

Shari , USA:
During the past 30 years, Iranian regime has proven to be the leading violator of human rights in the world. ... According to Amnesty international and other human rights organizations, the number of publicized executions in 2007 has exceeded 250,

Question: How many were executed in Texas alone under GW Bush? In other words (Burma, China, Congo, Sudan), the mullah's regime is up against pretty stiff competition.

So, having failed in their own efforts against the mullahs, many Persian exiles would like more support from the West, and understandably tend to exagerate their claims about the dangers of the current administration.

We must also be wary - how many of these exiles were members of the Shah's regime, which used terror and torture against the Persian people to secure its power, and controlled the wealth from oil for the benefit of a small class, leaving the masses in poverty?

Iran assisted the US invasion of Afghanistan, and tried to open talks with the US in 2003 - the Bush administration has earned the regimes' opposition. Remember Iran's inclusion in the "Axis of Evil"?

My friendly questions for the Persian exiles and other opponents of the regime:

Given the troubling history of MeK, would it not be better to abandon this flawed instrument and forge a new one?

What have you done to connect with the youth of Iran? Are they not surely the basis of any successful regime change in Iran? Have you, like most of them, left behind concerns for issues 2 or 3 decades old?

Has isolation and containment of Cuba produced regime change there?

Given the division of Arabs and Persians, what are the risks that the other countries of the Middle East would accept Iran's direction or interference?

Is not the main reason behind Arab admiration for Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah the fact that they stand up to the West? Would not more Western wars in the region further increase support for these groups and bin Laden?

Thank you for this opportunity to speak before this distinguished audience.

Strategic Strikes:

They (Iranians) spend more time boasting than doing.

When their reactors come close to online, we will just bomb it.

All their underground facilities… will be destroyed.

It will then take them another 10 years to re-build and we can do it again until they have turned against their ruler. Rinse and repeat.

To those that don’t think that is possible, you give more credence to the Iranian power than they deserve and should stop watching Al-Jazzera for news. Even the Chinese know that we would flatten them if necessary since we already know where all their defenses are.

No need to step foot in Iran with the arsenal we have… We could wipe out most of the infrastructure with a single aircraft carrier. Imagine if we used two of them…. WoW

If you have ever lived over in that part of the world, you will realize they will spend their last bit of money and power trying to project their importance to others.

What they say they are capable of pales in comparison to White people on a rampage that not only can but will mess you up regardless of what you think.


US and the civilized world need to stop the Iranian regime from obtaining weapons of mass destruction. An atomic bomb at the hand of ayatollahs is an assured destruction of the region including Iran. We must do all we can to avoid this catastrophe from happening. Supporting the Iranian groups opposing the mullahs is a good first step. MEK has been fighting the mullahs for the past twenty eight years. Removing them from the terrorist list for sure will send the right signal to the Iranians that we are serious about Iran not acquiring the A bomb.


What are you smoking? Lifting a ban on terrorists? You must be joking or simply sick and crazy!

While you are at it, why not invite Osama bin Laden and talk thru the "misunderstandings" over tea and biscuits, eh?

UK Taxpayer:

DUH... you must be kidding, right?

Have you forgotten the National Intelligence Estimate of USA, carefully prepared by 14 intelligence organisations of the U.S. government over 2 years, by the most powerful intelligence system in the world?

Or, as said in comments below, you are simply on the payroll of a terrorist organisation that changes its name from MEK to "National Resistance Council" ....essentially a cult of about 10'000 middle-aged people holed up in a dusty camp in Iraq--with one "leader of traitors" (Masud Rajavi) in hiding in Bulgaria and another traitor (Maryam Rajavi) in Paris?

The real threat is the vapid stupidity and closed minds of people like you, stuck in colonial dreams of the past.

And finally, where are those Iraqi WMDs that were the last "threat", my boy?


Russia, China, and the European Industrial Complex have blocked any significant sanctions to stop the mullah's march toward nukes.

Fanaticism + nuclear weapons = DISASTER.

The military option must be used. There is no alternative. Time is running out.

Tea and tears:

Are you nuts? Lifting the ban on the MEK/MKO Mujahhedin? An organisation that has been on the official terrorist list of Europe and USA for decades? The Persian speaking branch of the Ba'ath Party of Iraq during the Saddam years and yet another cock-up of agitators courtesy of the British Intelligence system?

Surely you jest, and it is not funny--at all.

It must be the usual rent-a-lord fee (Say, 20'000 Pounds?) that is talking, via a foolish man. They ought to take away your QC (that means Queen's Counsel to the novice) for supporting a terrorist organisation. SHAME!!!!

Which decent Iranian will welcome some idiots that were essentially a caricature of the Vichy Regime in wartime France. The MEK went to the Iraqi side and advised how and where to bomb.

The last terrorist your lot recruited was named bin Laden. Rings a bell?


I don’t want another war. That is why I agree that we need to invest our efforts in the Iranian groups who can put an end to Fundamentalism in Iran. Islamic republic has overstayed its welcome by 28 years. I am so glad to see and hear a real voice in a real article. An article that is able to see and follow issues that takes a lot of courage to publish. Islamic Republic of Iran has proven to the world that they will "stop at nothing" to rid the world of "The Great Satan." They are decieving their own citizens to build their Ottoman Empire style of Islam. If the world community listens to the facts in this article, we will not have to fear a 3rd WW.


1. I think it is best for you to remain quiet and clean up the mess you have made in Iraq(together with your Sr. partner, Uncle Sam) before you open your mouth about "threats". The only threat is the Anglo-American Axis of Failure.

2. If you are trying to cuddle up to the Israelis on the anniversary of their failed statehood, then I can understand how a washed up, yesterday's has been from 30 years ago of the Thatcher years,....you know, the losers over The Fauklands..... then I ought to remind you of HMS Sheffield! Which went down!

3. If your Sr. Shareholder's 14 intelligence agencies in USA have reported that Iran has no nuclear program for its military, who are you to talk before you are given permission to speak?


I feel very happy to see that most of the people who have commented are against such a misadventure. First these people opened a war against terrorism in Afghanistan. It should have been pursued till the base of terrorism is destroyed. Everyone has agreed that the law-less area of Afghan Pakistan border is where the terrorists are groomed. But the west was in a hurry to open another front in Iraq running after the so called nonexistent WMDs. It is still going on telling on economy and thousands of innocent lives lost in Iraq and of those poor soldiers. Actually for what purpose has those soldiers sacrificed their life. Those ordering the war will not feel the sorrow of the lives lost. Only those whose dear ones has died will know it.
And now these people are in a hurry open another front. If this is not madness then what is madness.


Our own country has been plagued by pedophiles. Look at the white christian american pedophiles in Texas, impregnating 10 year old girls and molesting young boys.

Look at the catholic church and the thousands and thousands of young boys molested by our clergy, and for the most part without any repercussions.

And how about our congressmen having phone and online sex with young male pages.

And you have the balls to make fun of pedophiles in other countries? I know you were probably just joking, but to take a political conversation to comments about pedophilia probably says alot about you. It says you are probably on a list that I need to check to make sure that you don't live near us.

Ghodrat LA:

Thanks to Lord Waddington’s for his insight on Iran

With the price of oil as it is and, millions of dollars spent to recruit, arm, train and finance Quods and its satellite organizations around the world, the west needs to realize that Iranian government is not need of economic incentives. The godfather of international terrorism in Tehran is in desperate need of help in its loosing battle against Iranian people’s resistance for democracy organized and carried out by MEK at its core. Once this fact is understood, the first step toward solving the problem of terrorism is to unleash the power of Iranian resistance by lifting any and all limitations that have unjustly been endured by MEK in its historic battle against terrorism


RHL David Waddington, QC

Mama mia!!!! Boom boom boom boom …. The drums of WAR thunder once more in the distance!

For certain, you are by no means RIGHT. I can’t really speak to the question of whether “Honorable” is appropriate in this case. I suppose that a prosecutor remains honorable even as he argues absurdities in his closing argument. As for the claim to Lord, Our God, I rather think this is as silly as the concept. The best I can say is you certainly shot your wad in this article.

You wrote….
“It is unreasonable that it should be so hampered when, as the Clinton Administration admitted, it was banned in the first place not because of American condemnation of its activities but in a futile and fruitless attempt by America to appease the Regime and reach out to so-called ‘moderates’ within it.”

Really!!! “Appease”, you say? Because Clinton put the MEK on the terrorist list, presumably at Iran’s request? Did we “appease” Israel by listing Hamas and Hesbollah? Did we “appease” Spain by listing the Basque ETN? And on, and on.

Random House Unabridged…
To appease is to make anxious overtures and often undue concessions to satisfy the demands of someone with a greed for power, territory, etc.

American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition…
Appeasement --- A political policy of conceding to aggression by a warlike nation.

The word hardly fits the case now, does it? You see Iran as “greedy” for power? And I don’t suppose you think we are, as we send more troops to Afghanistan and Iraq and another carrier to prowl off the Iranian coast? You think Iran has a greed for what territory, pray tell? You see Iran as a “warlike” nation? Lordy, lordy, as best I can tell,
their only “warlike” action in the last 50 odd years was their 8 year self-defense of Saddam’s invasion from Iraq. Meanwhile, we have militarily had at Viet Nam, Panama, Grenada, Haiti, Nicaragua (by proxy), the Balkans, Somalia (twice now), Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq. I’m sure I have missed a couple here and there.

Mullen, Petraeus, Khalilzad, Cheney, and the whole damn administration are upset at Iran for having the temerity to clandestinely interfere with our occupation of Iraq. Not that we would ever do such a thing ourselves. No, no, Mr. Charlie Wilson’s War is just a movie, pure fiction. We wouldn’t really send Stingers to those Afghan insurgents to shoot down the helicopters of the Russian occupation now, would we? Goodness gracious, haven’t you Brits ever heard the expression, “What is good for the goose, is good for the gander”?

Listen, there is no more basis to see Iran as a threat to the United States than there was to see Iraq as a threat to the United States. Not even had each already possessed nuclear weapons would they have been or be a threat to us, no more than Israel, Pakistan, India, or North Korea have been or are. To begin with, none of them have delivery systems capable of delivering any kind of disabling mass attack on this nation. On the other hand, there is no country in the world, save perhaps Russia, that we could not utterly destroy, indeed obliterate, in very short order in return. Nuclear deterrence works, as the last 60 odd years have amply demonstrated. And unlike our history with the Soviet Union, which was based on Mutually Assured Destruction, these other second rate nations (in terms of nuclear capabilities) have to face plain Assured Destruction. The threat you manufacture in your imagination is sheer nonsense. Neither Iraq or Iran or any other nation for that matter, is interested in committing suicide, which is exactly what would result were it to deliver a nuclear attack on this nation.

Look, the Iranian people are quite capable of changing their regime whenever they choose to do so. They have done it before, with no help from the West I might add, and they may well do it again. That is their business. This is, after all, a Constitutional Republic, whose Constitution was ratified by a national referendum, a more democratic mechanism even than our own ratification by state legislatures. Whether you or we like the complex mixture of shared power between the clergy and elected institutions (and I certainly don’t) does not matter. This is what suited them, what they freely chose, and is entirely up to them to alter as they see fit when they see fit.

T OWENS MAY 4, 1:50 AM :
Good point.

RESEARCHER101 MAY 3, 11:53 PM :
Unfortunately, I can’t agree with your characterization of Iranian leadership. Certainly their must be both dangerous individuals and despicable individuals among them, as we have seen among our own leadership, but these are hardly uniform qualities throughout.

RE Mullen and Iranian involvement in Iraq.
Actually, I’ve no doubt the Iranians are providing weapons and other forms of support to selected groups within Iraq as claimed. But this is something to be expected; it is normal. We have behaved no differently in similar circumstances. This is not a moral issue, but a military one. Should the Iranians get too effective supplying weaponry then it becomes perfectly appropriate to strike at those supply lines. But by itself, it is hardly a cause for war with Iran.

RE Containment.
It is not particularly clear to me just what people really mean by the concept of “containing” Iran. A glance at any map of that part of the world should make it clear that Iran is rather closely “contained” right now. Nuclear Pakistan borders it on the East. To the Northeast we have some 40,000 Western troops in Afghanistan. To the West Iran faces some 150,000 US troops in Iraq. To the South they face a couple of US carriers plus assorted cruisers and destroyers, not to mention US Air Force assets scattered here and there. Finally, across Iraq and the Jordan desert, they face the threat of Israel, which is bound and determined to maintain its nuclear hegemony in the Middle East.

It is odd to see so much threat nonsense in the face of the latest and greatest intelligence consensus, namely that Iran put away its nuclear weapons program back in 2003. Personally, I don’t believe this intelligence is any more than I did that about Iraq back in 2002-2003. Certainly, given Iran’s experience with Hussein’s Iraq, and the discovery of the extent of Iraq’s nuclear program following its quick defeat by the elder Bush, Iran would have been absolutely stupid NOT to initiate a program to acquire nuclear weapons capability. Seriously, surrounded by Sunni Arab neighbors, nuclear Pakistan, nuclear Israel, and potentially nuclear Iraq, you don’t think they might see nuclear weapons as an imperative national interest for the defense of the Iranian nation? Of course they would, of course they did.

Thanks to our stupid Iraq blunder, the threat from Iraq to Iran is no more. Perhaps this would plausibly remove the imperative from the nuclear program and be the reason for putting it in mothballs in 2003. I don’t believe it. The threat from the United States is certainly as large as the threat from Iraq ever was. They have clearly seen in Iraq just what we can and will do to a nation we disapprove of. Afghanistan is a further lesson. Nope, were I Iranian, I would for damn sure want to have nukes just to deter the Great Satan from invading my country like they did Iraq.

It is unfortunate, but the real problem is that there are perfectly good reasons for acquiring nuclear weapons for defensive purposes. For a small country they provide protection from invasion by bigger neighbors. Isn’t that Israel’s excuse, considering their much larger Arab neighbors? They also provide deterrence against nuclear-armed neighbors. Isn’t that India’s excuse, considering China? And isn’t that Pakistan’s excuse, considering India? Indeed, why the hell do we have them? Why do the Brits keep them? And the French, who are always dangerously unpredictable, and sometimes downright nasty?

Perhaps we might be wiser to use our expensive strategic nuclear assets to disable the offensive benefit of having nuclear weapons. Let us just announce the Bush Neocon doctrine …. The United States will henceforth destroy any nation (except Russia, and maybe China) which launches a nuclear weapon in offense; i.e. the only acceptable use is to defend from an invasion across national borders or from a external nuclear attack. In other words, we arbitrarily impose our nuclear shield over all nations, whether we like them or not, and regardless of their form of government. Think of it. Israel would no longer be a nuclear threat to its neighbors, nor Iran should it proceed to acquire nukes. Who knows, if Iran were covered by our shield and felt it credible, perhaps they might no longer feel a need to spend the billions it takes to acquire nuclear weapons.

Shari , USA:

We need to encourage and support Mr.Waddington and his opinion. Today, Iran’s dismal human rights record, nuclear weapons program, and support for international terrorism directly impact the security and foreign policy of the United States.
During the past 30 years, Iranian regime has proven to be the leading violator of human rights in the world. Although a signatory to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, Iran is the only country in the world that continues to execute minors, hang prisoners in public and stone people to death. According to Amnesty international and other human rights organizations, the number of publicized executions in 2007 has exceeded 250, with the actual number being substantially higher than that.
Iranian people deserve a democratic government, the best way to achieve that is to change the current terrorist government in Iran by Iranian people and their main resistance MEK.
MEK has the support of Iranian people and Iranian regime fears them the most and that is why Mullahs in Iran using their resources to tarnish MEK's image by systematic lies.
MEk is responsible for revealing Iran'n secret nuclear activities to the world, also exposing Iran's terrorist activities in Iraq.
We need to recognize their efforts for trying to bring democracy to Iran.

Amir Emadi:

When we BLINDLY adopt a political idea, we cease to grow. So I respect and am open to many things I hear, read, etc... all this to improve myself, sometimes without realization. Yet, during the time, no matter how tedious the experience, much is acquired...and nothing is lost.

I guess what I mean is that I'm a symbol of every decision made in this entire situation, this entire struggle, and the resistance…in its entirety.

I am grateful for Lord Waddington's thoughts and endeavors. I'm happy he believes what so many don't want to, and I'm so comforted to know there are millions of Iranians including myself who are willing to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.


No kidding !!!

"The Iranian Regime’s nuclear ambitions are a threat to world peace."

Not much evidence to support this. No, actually, no evidence at all: Iran hasn't attacked any country for the past couple of centuries. So this is plainly a lie. Or a personal opinion at best.

"the Regime’s unbridled meddling in Iraq and the Middle East"

And that from a person from a country that has actively destroyed said Iraq ??? Do you have any decency at all ?

And no, I didn't read any further, my time is more valuable than to read such blatant propaganda.


The mullahs are the leading supporters of terrorism in the world. Anything and everything must be done to stop them from attaining nukes. Including the military option.

A nuclear-armed Iranian regime will bring a disaster to the world unlike anything since WWII.


Lastly, does anyone not see through The Dishonorable Lord Waddington, he of the United Kingdom, the source of all the problems in the middle east today?

It was these same scoundrels that drew up these artificial borders in the middle east that is the cause of so much upheaval.

It was the British and their British Petroleum Company who siphoned a nation of its resources in Iran and then coreographed a coup when the democratically elected secular government of Iran would not allow its resources to be stolen any longer in 1953.

It was the British who could not play Truman, but were able to successfully manipulate Eisenhower (with the aid of the Dulles Brothers) to take part in operation ajax, and in the process sow the seeds of discontent and revolution in Iran 25 years later.

It was the British with the likes of Anthony Eden, Churchill, and LORD Waddington who considered populations of India, Iran and other colonial subjects as sub-human.

Why are we even giving a forum to such segregated, colonialist, and ancient minds?


To Fred Dastmalchi and anyone else who blindly and idiotically states that "accusation against the MEK have no legal basis and are used by the Iranian regime", I would say you really don't know much and to stay out of the business of regime change. We have been burned enough by our past transgressions, including in Iran.

You yourself state that "The best solution to change Irainan mullas is the third option (support Iranian people) and no to the war and no to the appesment for Iranian mullas."

This is absolutely the right course. The MEK are not the Iranian people. The Iranian people reject the mullahs, but they also reject MEK, and they also reject the monarchists.

They want to change the course of Iran from within. Not from outside, and especially not by a marxist-islamo cult with the blood of Iranians on their hands, backed by neo-conservative and colonial powers.

Read your history of MEK and Iran.

MEK is not the same as the Iranian people. They have been completely de-legitimized as a result of their 1980-88 actions against the Iranian nation. To agree to handover 1/3rd of the Iranian nation to an arab aggressor in exchange for the right to rule will never be forgotten by the Iranian people and history.

During all great invasions of the motherland, people of differing political views come together to fight the common enemy, the foreign invader. Iran is no different than Russia in WWII. Those who despised the Bolsheviks and Stalin put aside their grievances to defend Russia from the despised Nazis.

MEK is viewed no differently than the Vichy regime in France. There is no greater treachory than to align yourself with a nation's mortal enemy. One who maimed and killed one million iranians of all ages and political persuasion.

Fred Dastmalchi:

I am suggesting We should support Iranian Resistance to bring democratic change in Iran.
The accusation against the MEK have no legal basis and are used by the Iranian regime.The best solution to change Irainan mullas is the third option (support Iranian people) and no to the war and no to the appesment for Iranian mullas.
Excellent article by the Rt. Hon Lord Waddington, thank you for the article.

Fred Dastmalchi:

I am suggesting We should support Iranian Resistance to bring democratic change in Iran.
The accusation against the MEK have no legal basis and are used by the Iranian regime.The best solution to change Irainan mullas is the third option (support Iranian people) and no to the war and no to the appeasment for Iranian mullas.
Excellent article by the Rt. Hon Lord Waddington, thank you for the article.


One additional point regarding MEK/NCRI that the general american public should know:

The folks are not just an opposition party. They have tanks and weaponry acquired during Saddam's regime from Iraq, which they used to attack their fellow iranians.

Their leader, Rajavi, signed a deal with Saddam giving Saddam 1/3rd of the Iranian motherland, which Saddam and pan-arabs claim as theirs. This happens to be the region where there is heavy oil reserves.

This immoral and treasonous cult leader was willing to kill fellow iranians and to concede a third of its wealthy land to an enemy, all for the right to rule.

Don't take my word for it. You can do your own research on this group and see the facts.

The Iranian nation has had enough of puppet regimes beholden to the west, and they have had enough of fundementalist islamic dictatorship. Teh pendulum has now setted in the middle, where a vast and overwhelming majority want a representative secular and democratic government created by the people for the people.


The American public should note the the MEK and NCRI are pretty much one and the same. They changed their name and leadership (the MEK head put his wife as the head of NCRI) so that the world could view them differently from their days of marxist-islamo terrorist organization.

These are the same people who have killed american diplomats during the shah's regime and had the marxist sickle on their flag.

Over the last 30 years, they have morphed into a cult where the Rajavi husband and wife team are not just followed, but blindly obeyed and worshipped.

The Iranian public will never follow such cult figures or such a treasonous group that sided with Saddam Hussein in the bloody and unprovoked 8-year Iran-Iraq War which maimed or killed one million iranians.

hassan shairaz:

I am agree with you. MEK are good people.I was in IRAN during 1980s.mullah turcher jail and killed thousand students doctors teachers workers.wested ed .thousand billion dollars during war.And after 30 years look were we are now only mullah are fat and people in Iran poor and no freedom.


Sir, I suggest you read the interview by GPB with Iran expert Afrasiabi to learn more about Iran's foreign policy. I am afraid you're missing the boat!

Shirou Seifi:

dear RT.Hon. Lord David Wadington,QC

I red your article and I did enjoy and agreeed with all article's paragraphs. I must say thank you for your attention on main subject and for your basical solution.
yours sincerely "Ireland"
Mian/Shirou Seifi 04 May 2008


give scotland back to the kelts. give ireland back to the kelts, give wales back to kelts. after all, scotland, wales, and ireland are all kelts and speak gaelic.

england if you don't have scotland, northern ireland, or wales you ain't great britian.

welcome to america, your colonial puppeteer.

T Owens:

I am continually puzzled by the implied connection between Iranian nuclear ambitions and the activities of the Quds force in Iraq. What do the two have to do with each other? Is the point supposed to be that if Iran would support military action to gain hegemony over Iraq, they are also willing to use nuclear weapons to gain hegemony over the Middle East? If that's the implied point, why not just point out Iran's support of Hamas and Hezbollah (rather than raising the emotional stakes by focusing on US soldiers)? One could make the same point based on Iran's support of Hamas' and Hezbollah's military actions. Regardless, however, it's a non sequitur. Many nations have nuclear power and engage in unrelated military conflicts. The US in fact is engaged in military action (or supporting it) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and other places, but that doesn't lead to a conclusion that our nuclear arsenal is increasingly a danger. The two points are unrelated. Perhaps it's a minor point, but I still fail to see the logical connection.

In my opinion, those, such as Lord Waddington, who try to make this connection are simply not willing to say outright that they think that because Iran is taking military action against US/British soldiers, we should not be hesitant to take muscular/military action (including bombing their nuclear facilities) against Iran. One can debate that argument, but it is a much different argument than they imply.


on john mccain's birthday, back in 1962, president john f. kennedy referenced the Monroe Doctrine during the expansion of european & asian ideologies into the western hemisphere. the Monroe Doctrine forbids the United States of America from intervening in matters of the Eastern Hemisphere that do not directly pertain to the United States.

osama bin laden pertains directly to the Western Hemisphere, more specifically The United States of America. Iran does not pertain directly to the business or security of the United States of America, unless you want to spin that the EU usurped the value of the American dollar, therefore we need to invade Europe.

i think current american law interpretors (judges and lawyers) are oblivious to the origination of our Constitution.

john mccain is a natural american citizen. however, john mccain undermines many things our American forefathers initiated.


the persians are coming! the persians are coming!

oh, come on. persians aren't a threat to the US.
persians are interested in middle east stability, and reserve the right to defend their borders and their national interests, just like any other sovereign nation. remember, many iraqis are persian or are affiliated with the predominate persian religion -- live with or create conflict over it.

five ideologies undermine peace in the middle east and around the globe:
1. jihadism: let me note that jihadis adhere to the overt destruction of israel.
2. zionism: let me note that zionists adhere to the covert destruction of all things contradictory to something contained in the talmud.
3. capitalism: let me note that capitalists adhere to "survival of the fittest" under the protection of politics, and law implemented by politicking. capitalism begets colonialism.
4. communism: is dead.
5. colonialism: there is only one colonial power in the world today. this colonial power prohibits colonization under the Monroe Doctrine.

move over UK, you're just one of our many colonial puppets.


I think wherever possible we should encourage all muslims to keep killing each other. Its what Allah would have liked. Praise Allah.


Without doubt, Iranian leadership is dangerous and dispicable. But Lord Waddington's evidence and proposed course of action are both questionable.

First, statements by Admiral Mullen about Iranian involvement in Iraq need to be backed up by clear, irrefutable evidence presented to the American public. The same for statements by our UN Ambassador. The American public was bambozelled into a war in Iraq based on similar inflamatory statements that were not backed up by clear, irrefutable evidence. Let's not take another bad course of action based on flimsy evidence.

Second, Lord Waddington's proposal that we support PMOI / MEK as a course of action should stike every American as questionable. This group was involved in holding American Diplomats hostage in Iran in 1979. Subsequently, PMOI lost out in a power struggle with the Iranian Mullahs and now claims to want democracy in Iran. (Since they were disarmed by American troups in the Iraq War, they now also claim to want to their goals through peaceful means.) Well, maybe they do and maybe they don't -- I would like to see a full discussion of the potential benefits and drawbacks of getting involved with a group that only now claims to be on our side.

Finally, Lord Waddington is being disingenuous when he states, "Both the Proscribed Organisation Appeal Commission in Britain and the European Court of Justice have already ruled that the ban on the PMOI is unlawful and should be lifted." This implies Britian and the European Union have taken PMOI off their terrorism lists. While Lord Waddington's statement is true, neither Britian or the European Union have, in fact, removed PMOI from their terrorist blacklists. Why does Lord Waddington only provide information that supports his case and fails to inform his readers of the entire picture? Our country is better served by giving our citizens the whole picture.

Perhaps something will need to be done to contain Iran. I would like to see an honest discussion of the evidence and the value of different possible actions. I would also like an honest discussion of the urgency of action. From what I know right now, I question Lord Waddington's evidence and do not support his proposed course of action.


You perfidious, warmongering twit.


Lord David has written a good article,but the Iranians are indulging the assistance of Pakistan and Ukrine in their nuclear program.As the nuclear Godfather Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan has recently disclosed of Pakistan's nuclear cooperation with Tehran and as of the result Islamabad has dispached 260 nuclear technicians to the Iranian nuclear sites at Natanz,Kashan,and Yezd to assist the Cleric regime in their nuclear build up.The Americans are well aware of the nuclear cooperation and coordination between Iran and Pakistan,but the HAWKS prefer to remain silent as not to provoke the Pakistani Army Generals who are ally in Washington's war against terrorism.Washington's tolerance towards the nuclear cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad has totally surprised the world community which are seeking to freeze the Iranian nuclear program.

New York:

So, what should be done?

Option 1: Appeasement or so-called dialogue with Iran. Appeasing a religious dictatorship in Iran resulted in Ahmadinejad’s presidency and
failed miserably, and gives them time to build a nuclear weapon.

Option 2: Attacking Iran. Foreign war is not a viable option and is very costly in human lives, and we have the Iraq experience.

Option 3: Support democratic change by Iranian people and their democratic organized resistance.

The third option is most viable and least costly, and Iranian people
have faith in it.

Removing the MEK from the FTO list is a perquisite to change in Iran.


Surprise, surprise, a neo-con wants to start another "pre-emptive" war in the Middle East. Yet this time it's a British neo-con who suggests that the Western world invade Iran (Western world meaning the USA with a tiny bit of help from the UK). Funny he worked for Margaret Thatcher, the same woman who swore loyalty to Pinochet even as he was under house arrest for his attrocities against his own people. Yet another dictator installed and supported by the Pro Democracy and Human Rights West. Talk about hypocracy. Iran is the biggest threat to world peace yet they have not attacked or invaded another country in this century. The same cannot be said of the UK or USA. The UK has more blood on its hands concerning the middle East than even the USA. How many times did the UK get chased out of the middle East? And now some Brit's are ready for more.

While I don't agree with some of the Iranian actions, I certainly don't agree with many of the actions of my own country (USA). Most of what our politicians such as Mr Waddington tell us is double talk and hypocracy. They demand compliance with international laws and rules from countries such as Iran but at the same time won't comply with them when it's not in their best interests. They invade Iraq because it didn't comply with International laws and UN regulations (amongst other lies and spin) yet many countries don't such as the US and Israel. How is that just?

People such as Waddington only support democracy when it works in their favor. True democracy cannot be installed via force of arms. Let the Iranian people make the change in their own country.

On a side note, I'm curious why Mr Waddington does not suggest invading Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, two huge supporters of terrorism and both Sunni dominated, the same sect as Al Queda? Maybe he's just waiting until we finish with Iran and then we'll see another column about the next biggest threat to world peace that the USA (with a little help from the UK) must take care of.

Joanne, Washington DC:

I found this approach most interesting, and commend the author for providing a better way to deal with this nuclear threat. We do need to do something about Iran, but the queston is what? I certainly do not advocate the military option, and Tehran has not shown any positive responses to any sort of rational dialogue. Lifting the restrictions on the Iranian oppostion seems like a great way to make a strong statement about our displeasure with the ruling regime, while at the same time actually promoting democracy of the people by the people. Sounds like a plan.

Moe Los Angeles, California:

What would happen if we had a
We will!!!…….
We must stand up and deal with Mullahs!…….
Sooner is better than later!…….

And the first step is recognizing Iranian democratic resistance.

Homayon, New York:

It is time for western powers to stop appeasing religious dictator in Iran and support Iranian resistance and democratic alternative. Lord Waddington is right and a policy change is needed before it is too late. Time is running out.

Sharif, USA:

We need to encourage and support Mr.Waddington and his opinion. Today, Iran’s dismal human rights record, nuclear weapons program, and support for international terrorism directly impact the security and foreign policy of the United States.
During the past 30 years, Iranian regime has proven to be the leading violator of human rights in the world. Although a signatory to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, Iran is the only country in the world that continues to execute minors, hang prisoners in public and stone people to death. According to Amnesty international and other human rights organizations, the number of publicized executions in 2007 has exceeded 250, with the actual number being substantially higher than that.
Iranian people deserve a democratic government, the best way to achieve that is to change the current terrorist government in Iran by Iranian people and their main resistance MEK.
MEK has the support of Iranian people and Iranian regime fears them the most and that is why Mullahs in Iran using their resources to tarnish MEK's image by systematic lies.
MEk is responsible for revealing Iran'n secret nuclear activities to the world, also exposing Iran's terrorist activities in Iraq.
We need to recognize their efforts for trying to bring democracy to Iran.




Nasser - L.A.:

I admire Lord Waddington vision, he is 100% right, Today it is very clear that fundamentalist rulers in Iran are the major
threat to the world peace and security by pursuing atomic bomb and
supporting terrorism all over the globe, especially in Iraq by funding, training and arming terrorist groups, same senario has been repeating in Lebanon and elsewhere, defying international community and United Nations resolutions.

The major mistake made by the U.S. regarding Iran was to place Iran’s
main opposition group MEK on U.S. the list of foreign terrorist organization ( FTO ).

Placing MEK on the list was a wrong political decision that gave
mullahs in Iran the OK to suppress Iranian opposition even more.

MEK believes in a tolerant and democratic Islam. They believe in a secular republic in which no religion will get special treatment. …

So, what should be done?

Option 1: Appeasement or so-called dialogue with Iran. Appeasing a religious dictatorship in Iran resulted in Ahmadinejad’s presidency and
failed miserably, and gives them time to build a nuclear weapon.

Option 2: Attacking Iran. Foreign war is not a viable option and is very costly in human lives, and we have the Iraq experience.

Option 3: Support democratic change by Iranian people and their democratic organized resistance.

The third option is most viable and least costly, and Iranian people
have faith in it.

Removing the MEK from the FTO list is a perquisite to change in Iran.


Obviously the writer and the commentators have not been visiting Iran over the years.

The comments are out of line with the facts.

As my wife is Iranian and has famiy in the country I have had the oppoetunity to visit the country 6 times in the last 8 years.

Contrary to the comments posted, Iran is doing well and the people complain just as people in all nations do.

In my visits I have travelled most of the country and on each visit, the country is improving with mostly new cars on the road, stylish resturaunts and a housing boom to match anywhere in the World.

In fact the apartments that we build in the West would never sell in Iran, too small low ceilings and just not fancy enough.

As for food and goods to buy everything is there Sony, LG, Mercedes,Puegot, Nissan, Lalique Chanel et'c.

Young people in the street holding hands and very attractive girls, women everywhere, Even enhanced by wearing the Hajib.

Fashion in the Iranian style with tight tunics albeit in conservative colours. But at night at home just the same as everywhere else, high fashion whatever that is.

A Barbari is about 10 cents, there are numerous newspapers including at least 3 English newspapers in Tehran.

More real news in those papers than in the NY Times or The Guardian.

Iranians as you know or should Know are not Arabs, do not think like Arabs and are very polite and sophisticated down to the merchant or taxi driver, and contrary to what the AEI, Bush and others would have you believe openly talk about the rulers just as we do.

They are not a threat but a threatened society having been abused by the US as recently as the 8 year war with Iraq when chemical weapons supplied by the US namely D Rumsfeld were tried against the Iranians.

The US also built a 4 lane road from Aquaba Jordan to Iraq to support the US supply line to there then friend Saddam.

Sanctions will have little effect on Iran because from the outset of the Revolution ( A CIA instigated plot that went of the rails) they have recognised that no assistance is coming there way so they have concentrated on building domestic resources for most of there requirements and have been ingenius in keping old technology in work on such as aircraft because the US will not supply parts even for commercial aircraft.

Bombs and missiles to the rest of the World but not flight safety parts for commercial aircraft.

So Iran is no threat are they developing nuclear power, YES and as a signator to the Non Proliferation Treaty are legally entitled to do so.

AS rhe nation (Cirrus the Great) who freed the Jewish tribes from the Baghdad getto and allowed them to return to Palestine are they a threat to others NO.

Like every other nation that has any pride they will look to defend there national pride when attacked verbaly by others.

As Churchill would say JAW JAW not WAR WAR.

Unfortunately like Cuba, the Iranians embarressed the US with the hostage crises and will never be forgiven.

That and the fact that they are the only country in the region that does not live from US handouts (Jordan, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakiston, Azerbijan et'c et'c) dooms Iran in the eyes of The Great White Father.

That is the real truth ask an American Indian if you can find one outside a reservation or the control of the Bureau of Indian affairs.

Reservation World the next step from The American Enterprise Institute.

Robert G. Lembke:

Can't this Lord Waddington be picked up and tried for supporting terrorism? We seem to be rather selective about who we pursue for this. Iran has been a democracy for over 100 years, and three times the West overthrew a democratic regime, installed despots, and of course managed to steal a lot of their oil. Iran had a constitution fashioned, I believe, on the US Constitution, which lasted about 60 years, until the US installed an emperor, and, not surprisingly, the Iranian constitution had to be modified; I don't recall an Emperor Clause in the US Constitution. Our obsessive hatred of Iran is obscene, stupid, and counter-productive. Another point, according to the Guardian, it was the British Government that supplied and partially paid for Saddam's notorious poison gas plant used mostly on the Iranians but also on the Kurds. Trials are in order.

Bob Lembke

Nick Mola:

European Union and the United States have dismissed the results of Iran’s parliamentary elections as “cooked”. So rigged were the so called elections that a grand Ayatollah once planned to become Iran ’s next supreme leader called it “neither fair nor free.” Facing an increasingly restive population, Iran ’s president Ahmadinejad decried this week that, “"We have two missions…To construct Iran and change the global situation. It is impossible to reach the summits of progress without changing the corrupt and unjust order of the world."

The carnage in Iraq, Afghanistan, and indeed within Iran provides any prudent observer a glimpse into the kind of world order the extremists in Iran envision.

Fixing Iran ’s problems, the mullahs assert, is not possible without rearranging world’s “unjust” order. The contemptuous mullahs are mocking the free nations! According to Amnesty International, Iran executed at least 317 people in 2007, though the true number is much higher. Execution methods include stoning, and public hangings. Iran is also the only country in the world that executes minors. Seyyed Ahmad Elmalhoda, a powerful cleric who is Supreme Leader’s representative in the city of Mashhad recently called on the authorities to punish poorly veiled women “in the same way that they punish thieves and murderers.” At the same time, New York Times reported that Tehran Security chief in charge of enforcing such orders was arrested “after being caught in a police raid at an underground brothel with six” women. I let these facts speak for the often unspeakable injustice being perpetuated against the Iranian people, specially its women.

In Iraq , Tehran funnels resources, manpower and other explicit support to militias. Ambassador Ryan Crocker and General David Petraeus told Congress that Iran’s “maligned” influence is not only causing casualties, but is "the greatest long-term threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq." Mr. Crocker admitted that Iran is creating “proxy" agents" who are “instruments of the Iranian government." Democrats and Republicans alike now fault not only Iran but also Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s government. On the reception Ahmadinejad received from Mr. Maliki, Senator Boxer (D-CA) stated, “After all we have done, the Iraqi government kisses the Iranian leader” and “Our president has to sneak into the country.” Indeed, Iran continues to bankroll assassinations, and destroy Iraqi human wealth.

A recent Walls Street Journal Editorial sums the aforementioned points this way: “So: Iran is contributing to the death of GIs, is arming our enemies in Iraq , and is proceeding to ignore the world by enriching uranium.” It makes an additional observation that U.S. must take note of: “The Iranians aren't likely to stop unless the U.S. starts doing something about it.”

So, what should the U.S. do about Iran?

The Iranian’s boycott of recent parliamentary elections and an upsurge in protests in Iran suggest that lethargy starts with a lack of clear or decisive U.S. policy. If U..S. takes a firm position in support of the Iranian people and against mullahs, people are ready and able to get rid of this tyrant government.

The inertia in U.S. policy is most notably exhibited in two ways. First, a U.S. policy that prohibits Iranian People’s legitimate resistance against the mullahs namely the NCRI and the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK). Second, in the curious U.S. tolerance of an Iraqi government that clearly trails Iran ’s agenda. Recent steps in addressing the latter issue are promising.

In each, Iran ’s “malign” hand is implicit but not fully understood. Vacillation is not an option. A tyrant regime which is in pursuit of a nuclear bomb and openly kills American troops will dominate the region. U.S. must confront Iran with resolve. The determination must have a political component and not merely a military one. Acknowledging the legitimacy of people’s struggle and their just resistance is a simple but decisive political step the U.S. must take to undermine the mullahs and avoid a confrontation it can ill afford.

hassan los angeles:

thanks to lord david for taking postion against mullas who have destroyed our country by directing all out resourses to terrorism, and optaining nuclier weapon to take hostage of entire world those who againt your articles are the ones who do not feel the pain of the mother who should witness the public hang, stone death drug addicition prostitutionof a her son or daughters.mullas have killed more than 200,000 polticle prisoners, over one million people in an unjust war with Iraq. We are totally against any war in Iran and all the nuclier weaponsin the world, but do not take side with Iranian regime by aposing those who tell the truth about mullas.


If you have any doubts as to the perceptions of the Iranians towards their Islamic Republic government, see the WorldPublicOpinion.org recent poll on Iranian's perceptions.

Don't let the MKO lies fool you, they just want control of the Iranian oil so they can have money and power. The Iranian people have spoken for themselves, see the results:

"About 2/3 of Iranians make positive assessments of Iran’s government and general direction.
Asked, “Generally speaking, do you think things in Iran today are going in the right direction or…the
wrong direction?”
65% say things are moving in the right direction, while 24 percent disagree."

3/4 of Iranians say that they trust the government to do what is right at least some of the time.

2/3 also approve of how President Ahmadinejad is handling his job at home and his dealings
with other countries.
66% approved “of the way President Ahmadinejad is handling his job as president,” while 22 percent disapproved.


Lol this is hilarious, there are a bunch of posts by the same person with different names, one after the other, praising this article and the MKO. I wish this thing would show IP addresses to expose these fools.

Seriously, the MKO has ZERO support inside of Iran. They are known as the terrorists who took support from Saddam and fought against the Iranians in the Iran - Iraq war, and killed so many innocent people. But they were so weak, the Iranians disposed of them and humiliated them back to their cult camp in Iraq. They are Saddam lovers, and the Iranians know this truth. The MKO will be instantly taken down by the Iranian people if they show their face in Iran.


Wow, this is from a Brit.

Short: Bush has disrespected the UN with constant cheap rhetoric, and then the slap in the face Iraq invasion.

Result: Now with Iran, passing resolutions in the UN seem to have no teeth. No one in the USA can figure out why. Boy is that school called Yale ever producing winners for this country.

Dr Rick:

I don't know what's worse: Mr. Waddington's misleading claims about Iran's nuclear program, or his outright support of a known terrorist organization, the MEK.

According to the non-profit and nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations, "The U.S. State Department lists the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq as a terrorist organization for its association with Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime until the dictator’s ouster by the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. The MEK was blamed for Western targets in the 1970s and for supporting the 1979 American embassy takeover in Tehran. Over the last two decades, however, the group’s continued presence on the U.S. terrorist group list primarily involves its activities directed from Iraqi territory against Iran. After the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, the MEK was disarmed and confined by American forces to the grounds of a former Iraqi military base. Still, the 2007 State Department report says that MEK maintains 'the capacity and will” to attack “Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and beyond.'...

Incidents linked to the group include:

* the series of mortar attacks and hit-and-run raids during 2000 and 2001 against Iranian government buildings; one of these killed Iran’s chief of staff;
* the 2000 mortar attack on President Mohammed Khatami’s palace in Tehran;
* the February 2000 “Operation Great Bahman,” during which MEK launched twelve attacks against Iran;
* the 1999 assassination of the deputy chief of Iran’s armed forces general staff, Ali Sayyad Shirazi;
* the 1998 assassination of the director of Iran’s prison system, Asadollah Lajevardi;
* the 1992 near-simultaneous attacks on Iranian embassies and institutions in thirteen countries;
* Saddam Hussein’s suppression of the 1991 Iraqi Shiite and Kurdish uprisings;
* the 1981 bombing of the offices of the Islamic Republic Party and of Premier Mohammad-Javad Bahonar, which killed some seventy high-ranking Iranian officials, including President Mohammad-Ali Rajaei and Bahonar;
* the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran by Iranian revolutionaries;
* the killings of U.S.military personnel and civilians working on defense projects in Tehran in the 1970s."

Alan Browne:

In 2003 the Bush administration screwed up and rejected a chance for new dialogue with Iran on the subject of Iraq. Not surprisingly the aftermath of this was Iranian support for Shia's in Iraq.

It is long past due for the US to simply sit down at the table with Iran with absolutely no preconditions. This should be at a very high level (US SecState & Iran Foreign Minister) and their retinues for the back room talks where things actually get done.

Without reactivity and with no specific end goals, put all issues of concern on the table.

Decide together which issues are just to difficult to deal with presently and which issues have a chance for discussion and resolution. Crack the easy ones and both sides learn about the other and gain a small measure of trust. Move up to the next issue.

It is germane to note (and others have been saying it for years) that through the Cold War the US and Russia maintained strong, direct diplomatic ties as well as less formal avenues for frank discussion. This was a large part of avoiding WW III.

""To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.""
--Winston Churchill.


LOOOLL @ MKO bringing democracy! That is hilarious. The MKO is a terrorist organization. The Iranians hate them. How in the world would they ever bring democracy to Iran?! Let me ask you, how much is the MKO paying you to write this?

FYI, Iran is the most democratic country in the region already, so you're too late.

rod ruger:

Gotta have an enemy! An “enemy” is a person or group which intends to and has done us harm. “Intends to” is pretty foggy, so let’s stick with the facts as to who has actually harmed the U.S.

An enemy inflicts death, destruction, misery: How many have died and will die because of lax environmental law enforcement resulting in unhealthy air and water? How many Columbian, Afghan, Pakistani, and Iraqi civilians has the U.S. killed? We have 40 million at home without health care or drug insurance which would cost less than the neocons have spent destroying Iraq. U.S. bridges and levees collapse and other infrastructure falls apart due to spending on military. Sounds like death and destruction to me.

An enemy has a history of invasion/belligerence: The U.S. has participated in more invasions and interventions in the name of American state-corporatism than any nation in the world. Our CIA deposed the democratically elected leader of Iran and replaced him with the hated Shah in order to appease oil companies. We assisted Saddam in his war against Iran.

An enemy often precipitates financial chaos: How much debt have the Bushies run up? How many jobs have we lost to the global economy so that the repub’s corporate buddies can prosper? Did Iran perpetrate and profit from the current ethanol scam on the American public? Did Iran cause the recession or credit debacle?

Enemies curtail personal liberties: Passports now required for travel to Canada and Mexico, domestic spying, and a Homeland Security department posed to become storm troopers, assuming their computers don't crash again. Let’s not forget the neocon’s casual abrogation of the Constitution or the Patriot Act.

Enemies foster corruption: Hah! No contest. Iran's leaders would have to attend American b-schools for years to match our home grown hotshots in this area.

I'd say that given the actual damage inflicted on us by with Congress, neocons, and corrupt corporations, Iran's "intentions" are the least of our worries.


The only place that the Iran threat exists is in the blatant propaganda of articles like this. The powers that be have an agenda that requires a western military presence in the middle east, and they use their corporate owned media, and media pigs like the one that wrote this article to spread their lies in order to justify their aggression. Iraq was not a threat, and Iran is not a threat. Iran has no history of aggression, and the contention that they sponser terrorism is just another one of the lies that we are being propagandized with. The zionist jews play a big part in spreading this disinformation, because they own or control over 90 percent of american MSM. It is way past time that we awaken from our gluttony sated stupor, and realize that we don't get news unless we go online and get it for ourselvs. What we see and hear in the MSM is propaganda, and most of it lies, like this article.


You, Sir, are a cad. For the opening sentence of your farrago of propaganda is a lie.


Frankly, the Iranian "threat" pales in comparison to the danger of America! We are the only nation to have used "nuklear" weapons; we have the largest arsenal of weapons and delivery systems; we are all over the globe killing everyone we deem to be enemy combatants; we are the only ones who have God's blessings and fortunately everyone we kill is an insurgent, a terrorist, or Jihadist; we are the ones with an illegal and immoral occupations arming and paying both sides of a civil wars while complaining about one neighbor who supported the "government" Shia many, many years before we even decided thet would "play ball" with our corporate bosses; we are still in Germany, Japan, and other nations around the world 70 years after the reason they were there in the first place; we have amilitary budget equal to the rest of the world combined; we have Gulags for political prisioners, we have illegal tribunals for "convicting" our internees; we have condoned and supported "torture"; we have renditioned innocents to torture allies; we ignored treaties, prevented action on genocide, global warming, economic exploitation, UN effectiveness; we have become the pariah of the world; we have become the "bad" guys!


More lies of compulsive liars.


I find the so-called "West" (namely, US, UK, France & Germany) to be a group of hypocrites and liars. Interestingly, every country in this group has access to nuclear power and nuclear weapons (even Germany can immediately create nuclear weapons if it chose). They are so concerned that Iran, a nation with thousands of years of history, might become a nuclear power. They expect everyone to blindly believe that if Iran became a nuclear power, the world will be obliterated. Such nonsense!!!! They have nothing to fear from Iran, especially the US with its over 10,000 nuclear warheads and massive weapon systems. And they all know this. Their goal is really to control the Middle East and its resources and ensure that Israel is the dominant power there.

I applaud the Iranians. Indeed, If I were surrounded by enemies who daily threaten to attack me, I would be busy obtaining a deterrent that would make them think long and hard about the possible consequences of their actions. Maybe, more countries should have nuclear weapons, who knows. That might stop the raving lunatics in the "West" from engaging in preemptive wars and wars predicated on ever-changing lies.


I have only one Lord: the Lord of the Worlds, King of Kings, Creator and Sustainer: God.

The Anglo American axis-based World Order shaped the Middle East and set up laws and borders and forced the people to abide therein.

Iran is not a threat to 'world peace'.
There is no 'peace' when there is such oppression and injustice imposed on billions of people from the Anglo American World Order.

Waddington's, or Waddie's complaint is that Iran is 'off the reservation'.
Iran is a UNHC signatory, and a signatory of most of the Anglo American pile of world treaties which give the Axis primacy. Even still, this is not enough for the Axis. They want access to Iran's oil and gas again like they did under the Shah.

The British company BP backed by the British empire controlled Iran's oil reserves for decades before WWII. In fact, Iran's oil helped win WWII by fueling the British and US war machines. But now the Axis wants to reclaim control.
Why now?

Because focussing on Iran gives the Axis its warmongering edge again, like it had during the Cold War and during WWII. That way their people will be distracted and will not see the corrupt, greed, hording of wealth, and decay of their own societies.

Because the rise of China and India means competing markets for the world's limited oil supplies. And the Axis does not want to allow any OPEC member to sell oil without first considering Axis power and demands first.

Because Iran has over the past year been selling oil in other than US dollars. This serves to unsettled America's monopoly and primacy over the world's currency markets. The US dollar is the floating currency by which all the world bases its trade, monetary policies, etc. Iran's move creates a large influx of the new currency, Euro, which serves to offset the dollar's primacy. This action is 'off the reservation' for America, ecspecially now that America is experiencing a recession and a financial stroke. The UK continues to refuse to join its monetary policies with the EU, relying on its relations with the US.

Iran's geo-political actions are all consistent with any nation or power which percieves itself self sufficient and a sovereign power. Iran's relations with Iraq are actually more justified and conducive to stability in the region than the Axis' because they are consistent with the composition and geography of the region. If it were not for Anglo American axis, many of the dictatorships of the Middle East would be overthrown and the people would establish stable relations with their neighbors, including Iran. By protecting weak dictators who in exchange give them oil and bases, the Axis perpetuates war, instability, oppression.

The Anglo American Axis has supported dictators, terrorist regimes, terrorist groups, insurrection, torture, assasination, bombing and targetting civilians, in the world and in the Middle East for over 200 years. They have no moral high ground regarding Iran.

The WaPo shows its Neo Con warmongering propaganda serpent face by giving this British Neo Con a voice to the people of America and the world. His calls foment the thirst for foreign blood in crusader fashion. WaPo should be ashamed, but then again this is about empire and morality is irrelevant when it comes to empire. 1000+ Iraqi war vets attempt suicide a month according to Countdown on MSNBC but kept secret by this Bush admin- a sign that morality is insignificant and empire and power is the heart of this matter.


Hear, hear! The peer is right. But, I regret to say, the West has lost its will. Europe long ago, and US recently as its brilliantly successful preemptive attack of the butcher Sadam's regime got bogged down in nation building. It takes a ruthless hand to build a nation out of a conglomerate of clans and tribes. USA just doesn't have a political culture for that kind of work.

High tech is overwhelmingly the product of liberated minds and spirit of Western Civilization. How sad that its gifts to mankind are falling into the hands of superstition maddened Ayatollahs. First Kalashnikov's in the hands of frenzied, air-headed twenty-somethings, now a nuke under the control of medieval minds.


We went thousands of miles out of our way to invade Iraq under false pretenses, resulting in its utter and continued devastation. This we call "Operation Iraqi Freedom." When Iran, a next door neighbor, gets involved in any way with Iraq's economic, political, or social systems, usually at the request of Iraqis, we call it "unbridled meddling." The irony is lost on Lord Waddington only because he is an offspring of a colonialist mentality that has inflicted similar pain and suffering to most of the World in earlier times.


Smear, fear and with lots of "perception management", from the MSM and the right wing will help set the stage for another good little Middle East War...another so call "expert" like Bush, like Cheney, like Rumsfeld, like Wolfie, like Rice, like Powell, like the MSM, pounding the war drums is total wrong once again. cleve

Linda, VA:

Wow, It is amazing to read some of the comments on this article. I am not sure how everyone can close their eyes on what Iranian people want which is certainly NOT having Nuclear power.
More than anything they need bread to feed their families, have a decent roof for their kids, equal right between men and women, poor and rich and after all of them freedom.
How can the commenters ignore the will of people in Iran for a change? More than 5000 anti government rallies just last year isn’t of a enough prove.
Frankly I am not sure where some of these numbers against MEK has come from 16000 people killed by them?? Absurd. Please publish a list of everyone's name. It just like reading regime's comments about MEK. I don't see any difference.
In the other hand there is a list of more than 120000, people killed by this regime.
If MEK was nothing, the regime wouldn't be discussing their status each time getting to any negotiation with the WEST. This is a sign of how important and serious enemy MEK is against the current regime.
MEK is the only opposition being able to gather more than 50000 (2007) of its supporters in Paris-France to rally against regime. This year some suggest as twice as much.
The war in Iraq will go on as long as Iran continues its work in there. More than half of American soldiers fatalities has been caused by Iranian made weapons as recent as few months ago.
Iraq invasion was wrong to begin with but abandoning it right now is far worst than that. In 1920's Hitler was ignored and many truce was made with him and his regime until it hit the world less than 20 years later when millions of people were killed. The same thing is happening under our nose and we decide again to ignore it because we all are anti-war. stopping Iranian's regime is in many ways indeed a peaceful solution, avoiding a greater war with far more casualties. This time a war starts with Nuclear Bomb and weather we like it or not the danger is very real. This regime is hanging (hanging) Iranian people young, underage, men, women, old in PUBLIC, again in PUBLIC everyday to terrorize people to oppress Iranians. But despite that Iranians more than ever, fed up with the regime have the courage (the one that you and I are lacking) and stage anti regime rallies calling for a regime change.
Yes there is no need to bomb Iran so lets go with the only option left on the table, to remove MEK name from the list. What would be there to lose? More than 10 years of negotiation with the regime and offering every possible advantages has been fruitless. Why not to try a new strategy?


Correction on a mistake I made:

It takes a lower level of enrichment to fuel a reactor than it does to build a bomb.


I've heard this several times over, and this lie is just bothering me...

The National Intelligence Report stated that Iran had stopped weaponizing. This is completely different from enriching, which anybody who reads a newspaper even a little (and I'm assuming if your posting on WaPo, you do) knows that Iran continues to enrich uranium. Weaponizing a nuclear weapon takes a very short time in comparison to the enrichment (maybe a year), and Lord Waddington brought up even the fact that they may still be weaponizing uranium. What the response to this is, I don't know, but Iran continues to enrich uranium, the most crucial part.

Another good point to be made is that they are enriching the uranium too much for simple power generation. The use of 54,000 centrifuges is something you use for a bomb, not a power reactor (the level of enrichment needed for a reactor is much smaller than the level of enrichment needed for power generation).

Finally, why does Iran need a nuclear reactor in the first place? It sits atop some of the largest oil reserves, and has plenty of other ways of obtaining energy. It would make no sense to build 54,000 centrifuges unless you plan to build a bomb, especially for a country that is looking to expand its power and influence in the region.

Influence is essentially a zero-sum game. With a bomb, Iran then obtains a much better position, especially in the region, and is able to better use its influence, especially at the loss of influence from its Sunni neighbors. It creates an unstable vortex in the Middle East, giving other countries an incentive to build their own bomb, or rely on the US. If you want the US out of the area, Iran should NOT build a bomb. Otherwise, it gives the US and the West all the more reason to continue and bolster its support of the other regimes in order to counter-act them.

There is no doubt in my mind that Iran is planning on building a bomb with its uranium, whether its in a couple years or ten years. With their continued threats against Israel (although this means little in this part of the world), but ESPECIALLY their continued support of terrorists who would love nothing more than a bomb, it is of the utmost importance that Iran not be allowed to build this bomb. Expanding the nuclear club only puts more fingers on a hair trigger, and with one as inexperienced and aggressive (i mean in terms of terrorist support) as this one is, only bad things lay ahead.





Iran is THE greatest threat to world peace, period, end of story. Their evil tentacles reach out all over the Middle East, in their quest for hegemony in the Islamic world. THEY MUST BE STOPPED, AND THEY CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY FORCE, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY WITH IRAN.



Kasra Nejat:

I am agree with you Lord Waddington.
the Iranian regime has committed crime against humanity by executing over 120,000 man and women. Massaccre of 30,000 political prisoner in 1997 and stoning of tens of woman to death.

The wide spread support of Iranian people and all Iranian abroad for the Mojahedin is undeniable.The great majority of freedom loving Iranian to day have seen the peoples Mojahedin devotion to freedom and democracy for the past thirty years.

The support for the people Mojahedin organization in the U.S. Capital has a long record.220 house members expressed thier support for the peoples Mojahedin as a legitimate opposition to Iranian regime.This position reiterated by 228 house members in October 2000 and 150 members on December 2002 and 32 U.S. senator described the organization as a "legitimate resistance " they also called for the removal of terror tag.
Kasra Nejat, President
Iranian American Cultural association of Missouri


The West underestimated Hitler and look what happened. We will experience a lot worse if we now underestimate the Iranian mullahs who will soon have nuclear weapons.
The people who are supporting these devils must be shipped to live in Iran for just a short while and get a taste of Islamic Fundamentalist rule. Detention, torture, raping of the women prisoners, stoning to death, flogging, etc., etc. This is what the savages ruling my homeland are practicing.
Please don't sit here in the comfort of your life in Western countries and undermine what the people of Iran are going through. You have no idea....


I am surprised to read this article by Lord David Waddington , a citizen of the country with the greatest accumulation of experience in world affairs. Lord David wrote that the West should show some muscle to address the threat from Tehran. First , I believe that the " WEST " in such adventure would be limited to the US and the UK. Then let us take a close look at the world map in the last twenty years. After the collapse of the Soviet Empire there was an almost universal belief that the twenty first century would be an American one and we heard about " The End Of History ' , which in this context would mean American supremacy and hegemony " ad infinitum " . However , the American Empire proved to be the shortest-living one in history. How did that happen ? Here , it would be useful to remind Lord David Waddington that the British Empire , although emerging as a winner in World War II , was brought to its knees because of the enormous cost of the war. That is exactly what is now happening to the US. Arrogance and overconfidence took America to war in two countries almost simultaneously. Now, hundreds of thousands of American troops assisted by another almost equal number of so-called contractors are deploying the most formidable war machine but against phantoms . The result of such a type of military engagement is an unprecedented national debt and a frightening trade deficit, in addition to a widespread opposition to the political system as a whole.
At least four lessons should be learnt from the events of the last few years :
1) It is not only ridiculous but also very costly to run after a man with aircraft carriers and cruise missiles .
2) No country , whatever its economic resources and military power can ever sustain an endless state of war without ultimately collapsing .
3)With the evident failure in Afghanistan and the Iraqi quagmire , plus the severely damaged American economy , any military action against Iran would have disastrous consequences .
4)The title " The End Of History " should be replaced by " Ignorance Of History " and the author of this book ( I do not like to offend him by writing his name in this post) should know that everything , from the invisible atom to the entire universe , is in a state of dynamic and not static equilibrium . Even Man is not the final goal of evolution , for evolution simply has no goal .

aranian patriot:

how come you came to this conclusion that a terrorist group with a bloody background can be a better choice. Isn't it enough killing as one of the readers 'yahya' says killing 1,6000 innocent people many of them children and women? Does killing american military envoys to tehran mean that they can make any better? or what they have done to the kurds as Saddam's mercenaries. For God's sake are you out of your minds?Why should we back a group which is enlisted as terrorist by the state department. Shame on anybody supporting worst against worse.

Ed Daie:

I believe Lord Waddington's comments about Iranian Government't intentions and their main opposition group (MEK) has essence of realiy and true understanding of situation in Middle East and very vell said. Indeed west should stop the apeasement policy toward Iranian regime and remove the name of MEK from unjustified Terrorist list. You can not call yourself a prodemocracy in the world and name the crystals of Iranians Resistance ( MEK ) a terrorist organization. I would like to thank Lord Waddington and Post Global for this informative article.

Hamid Irani:

Dear Lord Waddington,
As an Iranian, I am touched by the level of your concern for the Iranian people and that you hope the Iranian people will get rid of the mullahs.
You are right that the regime is terrorist and is making nuclear bomb. The Mojahedin are the only hope for a free Iran. We Iranians will never forget who stood at our side in our darkest hours.
West wishes,

Emad Shurrab:

I think David Waddington is exaggerating the nuclear threat of Iran and had forgotten the nuclear capabilities of Israel with its nuclear facilities and over 200 nuclear warheads that is threatening the whole Arab region. I am sure you know what happened to Israeli General Fanono who was imprisoned for years in Israeli prisons when he revealed the Israeli nuclear threat. You should also read the latest CIA report that Iran stopped its nuclear activities and Uranium enrichment since 2003.I believe you should call on the UN security to stop the Israeli nuclear activities and to dismantle its nuclear war heads. UN Security Council should meet to impose resolutions to restore destruction caused by U.S. occupation of Iraq caused by the sheer hallucination of U.S. administration to destroy non existing Iraqi nuclear warheads. Finally the nuclear threat is coming from Israel not from Iran.

Asim, San Antonio:

Am outraged:
1)) israel,the racist,apartheid,militaristic,jewish occuppying theocracy with a formidable nuclear arsenal IS the only threat to world peace and has terrorized the entire Arab East for the past sixty years-just look at Auschwitz #2 (Gaza)and the mass starvation and collective punishment it's inflicting on the Palestinians which it originally ethnically cleanesed in 1947/8. See WWW.PALNDS.ORG
2)) Iran is middling in Iraq???? This is going over the top:Iran did travel half way across the world to invade Canada and Mexico-did it?? and on absolutely false pretenses.

Frankly there is nothing right or honorable about such allegations.


Bizarre - Iran has never threatened threatened any country in modern times, but Rt. Hon. Mr. Wadington proposes that the West make a "strategic choice" to overthrow yet another Mideastern Muslim government. Who's going to pay? The European Reform Forum, maybe.

The West has already made its Strategic Choice when the Far-Right-Dishonorables George Bush and Dick Cheney started their 3 trillion Dollar War against a country that had done them no harm (except to nationalize its oil production).

Britain (alas, along with my own government) is jointly and severally responsible for the hell that is today's Iraq, and it should be subject to economic sanctions until all its foreign based troops are removed from the countries it is occupying. The whole world (and especially we Americans who remember their own revolution aganist the hated English crown) should support the IRA with arms and money in their just struggle to claim back their country.

Brits out of Northern Ireland and Iraq!


how do you expect a terrorist group who has in just a few years killed 16,000 iranians to change mullah's regime. did you forget they had killed american officials in Iran I have gathered many documents of their criminal background and their mass killings of Kurds in Iraq during the era of saddam in power. they areas changable as turkies . Now they are restricted but would resume their terrorist activities at the first opportunity.dont rely on them any more.


I am an Iranian in exile . I believe Iranian people will over throw this fascist religious government by themselves and it definitely would help the stability of the region . American invasion would not be needed and it makes more problem but to show the American support for Iranian people , It would be very good to take MEk off the Terrorist List . Putting MEk in that list was a political gesture from Clinton to Show his support for the Moderated Mullas ,that was just a nice ferry tale and nothing more . Everybody knows that this group ( MEK)is not a terrorist group and they did not do anything wrong but fighting for freedom and democracy for their country


One absurdity after another. BushCo declares a legitimate Iranian armed force as a "terrorist organization", then Waddington suggests the Western Democracies should become state sponsors of terror by endorsing / supporting a group which is considered subversive by the legitimate Iranian government. This is not international diplomacy, it's called "picking a fight".

The greatest threats to stability in the Middle East are the invading / occupying armies of foreign imperialists (like the US & Britain), and the continued support of Israel and THEIR unilateral nuclear program as the IDF continues to grind the Palestinian people into the dust.

It is evident that Waddington is merely a surrogate mouthpiece for the Bush/Blair cadre of regime change enthusiasts and oil barons who are still planning to invade & conquer Iran for fun and profit. The "regime with no intention of abandoning its unlawful activities" best describes the Cheney / Bush White House.


Lord Waddington suggestion prevent the world from another world war with a peaceful solution. Iranian's regime is in war with their own people since 1981 and now trying to export its terrorism to region and world. As Mr. Waddington explained the only solution is political and economic sanctions against the regime and supporting the Iranian people for bringing democracy and freedom to Iran.


Lord Waddington suggestion prevent the world from another world war with a peaceful solution. Iranian's regime is in war with own people with since 1981 and now trying to export its terrorism to region and world. As Mr. Waddington explained the only solution is political and economic sanctions against the regime and supporting the Iranian people for bringing democracy and freedom to Iran.


For the last 29 years, the oppressive regime of Iran has accused its opposition groups of all kinds of lies and slanders.Such as, PMOI is hatred,blah,blah,, PMOI sells drugs, works with israel, russians, U.S. and a million other cherto pert(non-sense)and other lies.The main focus of the terrorist fundamentalist mullahs regime in Iran is PMOI(its main organized democratic opposition group and the only viable alternative-NCRI) and regime knows it betters than any one else,as it has been trying to dismantle NLA(National Liberation Army which consists of PMOI members mainly) in Iraq but has been unsuccessful.In addition, let us not forget, at least 100,000 of PMOI members ans its synpatizers have been executed in Iran.The regime has brought nothing but misery,poverty,torture, terrorism/fundamentalism, dictatorship ,etc.for Iranian people and must be toppled by Iranian people and its opposition groups such as PMOI and NCRI. The world needs to implement meaningful and strong sanction(as it did toward aparthied regime of south africa)and supports democracy and freedom in Iran and that can't be achieved unless the mullahs regime is overthrown.The sooner this regime is gone, the better for everyone.Having trade and etc. with this regime prolongs regime's rule.


When i read Mohamed Malleck and Shiveh comments,i wonder how they are thinking about the Clerics of Tehran.One is blaming Sir david of being a western figure and havind the wrong assumption of Iran's hostile stance towards the regional countries.And the other one SHIVEH who still does not know that BALOCHISTAN was not a part of Iran, but it was the Raza Khan who invaded this sovereign Emirate in 1928 killing the Amir Doust Mohammed Khan and subjecting the land into the darkness of Pahlavis and Safavis.Mr.Shiveh and his Friend Malleck are well aware that the girls and boys are getting good educations in Afghan school and colleges,and the Sunni and Shiite relatted elements are freely holdind their prayers,while no one can find a sunni mosque in whole the Iranian capital,and the students throughout Iran are continuind to study the obligatory materials of faith instead of modern based technology,medicine and Engineering.The MEK or NCRI are not considered the effective tool to disturb the Clerics in Tehran as in the first hand they are not the nationalists to indulge the support or backing of the Iranians,but unfortunately,are having the Marxist and Leninest seniment and aspirations which when faced to the lack of non-existance of industrial and agricultural units and fields to apply their idology,they are stranded without any support of the people of the land.To cease the expansion of Tehran's influence,the Americans and EU have to help the Baloch freedom fighters to secure a free Balochistan with a coast line longer than 2000km to fold the Strait of Hormuz, the Water way of BALOCHISTAN.


Dr. Wad's diagnosis is correct, but his prescription will lead to disaster.

The Persian threat to western civilizations, some 3,500 years in the brewing, is coming to a thermonuclear head. the time is long past for such multilateral eurodecadent "solutions" that do nothing but encourage the persian leaders.

the modern european is spiritually incapable of understanding that certain conflicts, indeed many, have no negotiated solution. they end when one side obliberates the other.

since the torch of civilization passed from Greece to Rome, persia has never threatened the center. until now. its threat to american hegemony in the middle east is a direct threat to america's global hegemony, the foundation of modern civilized life. this is the threat, not the nuclear destruction of a fading europe's cities, that is the crux of the issue.

the elites of rising asia well understand that their fortunes are strongly correlated to the pax americana, and thus negatively correlated to those of íran's medieval theocracy.

thus the extirpation of the atomic ayatollahs is but a matter of time. we must hope that bush has the fortitude to complete his middle east mission. certainly the horror of an obama or momma succeeding him should stiffen his resolve to save civilization while it still can be saved. if it becomes likely that mccain has no realistic chance of winning i believe bush will act to bring the curtain down on iran.


David Waddington, QC:

Don't repeat your recent terrorism of 1914, 1916, 1953, 1991 and lastly 2003.

If you repeat you will get what terrorists for several hundred years starting in 1492 in Spain and in 1757 in Bengal, India desrve to get and you will repent.


I'm sorry, m'Lud, but what we are talking about here is not the Iran threat,
but the BUSH threat.
It figures that you worked under Thatcher, another incorrigible warmonger, and it figures that you think a nation like yours has some sort of automatic right to fiddle with the internal workings of other countries - as if Iraq were not enough of a lesson to those with such arrogant views.

The bottom line is that Iran is developing whatever it thinks fit for its own interests -
- as have Britain and the U.S. always done.
What IS your problem?

Ah yes, Iran has OIL.
Forgive my memory lapse.

I have a suggestion:
Why don't you BUY it like anyone else?
You may not like that, but who said that reality would always be pleasant?

Kevin Morgan:

If the Iranian government is as deeply involved as Waddington assumes, where is the evidence? A chorus line of Neo-Cons singing the same tune is not an acceptable replacement for the truth. We've heard that song before.


To know more about your several hundreds years of Terrorism against World Muslims including Iran, google The Election of Caliph/Khalifah and World Peace.



Iran was part of Caliphate for 600 years and not few years. So leave the land, sea and Air of Caliphate and that is the only solution and nothing else. Iraq or Iran is part of Caliphate and it is terrorist Britain which attacked Iraq in 1914 and later Osmani Caliphate with the help of local paid Arab agents and sub-contractors and destroyed 1300 years Caliphate.
It is terrorist Organization like MI6 which overthrew elected Government of Iran in 1953.

Please stop your several hundred years of terrorism and leave us in peace.


God a Thatcherite neocon polishes hes braids and arises.


more neo-con propaganda, the post never gets tired of it, bring back curveball also, and chalabi and the rest of that crowd, what a great deal they gave us in Iraq.


yeah, yeah, yeah, more carrots to Iran! they will eat them and will slap us in our face, ONE MORE TIME!

so let me see if I get this right. Iran sends bombs to Iraq, kills our soldiers, arms the terrorists, wants Israel off the world map, is trying day and night to get the A-bomb! and there are people who want to topple these idiots and we brand them as terrorists to appease the Mullahs?

I can't believe it.

Someone from the administration needs to come forward with a good explanation. I want to know who MEK and NCRI are, why were they banned, who did we want to appease and I want to hear it not only from the accuser, but from the accused as well. Someone should invite the MEK to the congress so that we can hear their side.

This is like ground hog day with Iran. they kill us and we give them carrots and brand the Iranians who want to get rid of the Mullahs, so that they kill us again?

Do we know what we want and whose side we are? we need a fresh perspective and this is one. thanks for the enlightning article. Hope it wakes up some people!


Right on.

richard young:

This is indeed a "fantastic article," in the sense that it substitutes fantasy for fact. The latest National Intelligence Estimate by my (US) Government, expressing the consensus view of all 16 US intelligence agencies, concluded "with a high degree of certainty" that IRAN STOPPED ITS NUCLEAR WEAPONS DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITIES IN 2003 -- and thus not only has no nuclear weapons, but for the past five years has made no efforts to develop nuclear weapons. Like my Government's Secretary of Defense William Gates -- who just a few days ago stated to the press that "Iran is hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons" -- the author of this piece of journalistic excrement chooses to ignore the best information gathered and analyzed by intelligence agencies of my Government (and very likely the author's government), and instead urges military action based upon notoriously unreliable sources such as exile groups from Iran. My country has lost over 4,000 troops dead and 30,000 injured in an unjustified, illegal and immoral war in Iraq which was launched on precisely the kind of false information and war-mongering statements propounded by this "gentleman" from the UK. This "gentleman" is lying through his teeth about the supposed "threat" by Iran, as are unfortunately my President, Vice-President, Secretary of Defense, and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs Admiral Mullen who just yesterday lied about Iran's supposed attempts to acquire nuclear weapons, in total disregard of the latest US intelligence report to the contrary. I take no pleasure in calling anyone a liar, but to keep silent on Iran is to facilitate liars like the author in their obvious propaganda campaign for another aggressive war against another Middle Eastern country that is not and has never been a threat to the United States or the United Kingdom. As a Korean War veteran who well remembers the Nuremburg trial in 1946 of German political leaders who were tried, convicted and executed for the "supreme war crime" (quoting US Chief Prosecutor and US Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson) of waging or planning an agressive war (not in response to an actual or imminently threatened attack), I do not take kindly to fools or knaves who would involve my country in agressive ("preemptive") wars.


Lord David Waddington,

Your words revives my hope in humanity and wisdom.

It has now become undeniably apparent that Iran's government is not only an avid sponsor of terrorism in the world but is actively engaged in terrorist acts of sabotage inside Iraq and murdering innocent ordinary Iraqi citizens as well as Iraqi politicians and coalition forces. Negotiating with mullahs mean negotiating with those who are directly involved in commissioning the murder of the Iraqi citizens and the American and British soldiers.

Lord Waddington, thank you for your courage and wisdom.


Thanks to Lord Waddington and his sensible solution.
The solution to Mullahs oppressive regime is in Iran, we simply have to recognize it and support it. Iranian democratic alternative is National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), by supporting NCRI we have opened finally the road to a democratic alternative to Mullahs that will bring about long lasting stability and peace in Iran and in the Middle East.



Very informative and accurate. NCRI/PMOI is the only viable option to the Islamic Fundamentalist regime ruling Iran and threatening the world.
The International community needs to come to their senses before it is too late. We are faced with a very real threat and the Iranian Resistance has displayed the strength and resolve to stand up to the vicious mullahs and to bring democracy and freedom to the Iranian people as well as peace and stability to the region.
Kudos to Lord Waddington for the timely article.


This is the most viable, logical solution to Mullahs tyrant regime in Iran and in the Middle East.
This solution recognizes the Iranian democratic resistance and its leader, National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and Mujahedin-e Khalgh (MEK) against Mullahs clandestine world threat.
This is the least expensive, most sustainable solution against Mullahs.
This is a call to all Iranian inside and outside Iran to stand up and vent their opposition freely without being prejudged. This is a true alternative that also closes the possibility of another war in the Middle East; therefore, it must be supported by all reasonable freedom loving countries and people.


This is a very interesting and informative article written by Lord Waddington.
For being able to stop the brutal Mullahs ruling Iran, there is no way to ignore or bypass the main Iranian opposition group namely PMOI.
People Mojahedin of Iran, could mobilize huge number of suppressed people inside of Iran against religious-terrorist dictatorship government of Iran.
In a real world, any major democratic changes in Iran's political structure can not be happened without PMOI's power and involvement.
Thanks Lord Waddington!

majid :

thank you for the great and clever article MEK & NCRI are the only organizations they can bering chang in iran and peace for thr region.

Pierre SD:

Wow... I could barely read past the first paragraph of this post.

First of all, how is it any different for Iran to "meddle" in Iraq than the United States? Arguably, they have a greater right to meddle there, seeing as how Iraq is a completely dysfunctional country right next door and the United States, oh I don't know, is 8000 miles away and apparently has no idea how to "fix" Iraq. And the Iraqis don't seem to agree with Waddington on who's doing the meddling... the Iranian prez gets red-carpet treatment in Iraq while the American prez can only do top secret 5 hour visits.

Second, nothing the Iranian leadership is saying is more incendiary as some of the comments coming out of the mouths of America's leaders. Before we can criticize one country to be led by hate-filled ideologues, perhaps we should clean our house first?

Third, remember how great backing the Iraqi resistance groups worked out? I vividly remember them deposing Saddam Hussein, don't you? It is apparent this is only a preliminary argument to having American troops "liberate" the Iranians from their government.

This is just more spin from a neoconservative looking for another war...

Let's all repeat after me: Iran is a 4000-year old nation. It will not do anything stupid to risk its long storied existence. Acquiring / using a nuke will risk its existence. Ergo, Iran is not a threat.

Wasn't that easy?


We are dealing with 'Mullahs" etc.. that Takes, as Wifes, 9-Nine-Year's yong Girls!????

Majid Saatchi:

This is a fantastic article and very thoughtful and timely article by Lord Waddington. It is very encouraging to see there are politicians who support the nationwide opposition movement PMOI and understand the Iranian situation so well.


If the West and in particular the US are genuinely
interested in a stable Iraq (and middle east) the
most effective solution will be to address the
main source of problem, that of Islamic fundamentalism.

To do the above, one must support moderate and democratic Islamic forces. Islam-bashing will. backfire. War will not result in stability.

The PMOI represents perhaps the best alternative. It has Islamic roots but believes in secularism and democracy. It is well respected within the secular forces in Iraq. It is well supported in Iran (as one can easily tell from the PMOI gatherings outside Iran where gatherings with crowds of 20,000, 30,000, 40,000, often highly-educated individuals, are a commonplace.


From "Council on Foreign Relations" report on MeK
Full text at http://www.cfr.org/publication/9158/#7

The U.S. State Department lists the Mujahadeen-e-Khalq as a terrorist organization for its association with Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime until the dictator’s ouster by the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. The MEK was blamed for Western targets in the 1970s and for supporting the 1979 American embassy takeover in Tehran. Over the last two decades, however, the group’s continued presence on the U.S. terrorist group list primarily involves its activities directed from Iraqi territory against Iran. After the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, the MEK was disarmed and confined by American forces to the grounds of a former Iraqi military base. Still, the 2007 State Department report says that MEK maintains “the capacity and will” to attack “Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Canada, and beyond.”

Mike Andrews - you have forgotten that it is the Internet age! The truth about MEK is only a click away.


I totally agree with Mr. Andrews. If Iran's Resistance is really hated by the Iranian people inside our country, why would all this people care so much about them?

The 5,2 million Iraqi's that signed for their support for the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, 50.000 people that gathered in Paris to support the MEK, the support of 300.000 Shi'ites, the boycots of Iran's unfair elections supported by the Iranian Resistance, the NCRI that revealed Iran's nuclear programme and the uprisings of students over whole the country backed by the MeK show the force of the Iranian resistance and the Iranian people together to bring about freedom and democracy in Iran.

Mike Andrews:

Ironic to see how one contradicts his own facts in a few lines.

One of our regime speakers states that the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is another name for the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MeK), while the MeK is (as clarified by Lord Waddington) a leading member of the NCRI coalition.

Then it would be a bit strange that there has been no (High) Court that has shown us evidence to prove that the MeK is a terrorist organization, while this commentator writes that the MeK shot American military observers (which would be a terrorist activity) and at the same time is protected by the US in Iraq.

Next to that, the MeK is a Resistance Movement, the opposite of the regime, and sacrificed more than 120.000 members who are executed by the regime. Stating that the MeK helped their enemy Khomeini, it became clear that 'Shiveh' didn't understand the essence of being a resistance very well.

If the Mojahedin-e-Khalq is really hated by the Iranian people, even more than the mullahs, why don't you then just let them follow their path?

Jubin Afshar:

Simply put, the Iranian regime will not back down from its current course of confrontation with the international community for several reasons: First, it is too weak and fragile domestically to do so. In the words of the Supreme Leader, backing down one step would lead to the Islamic Republic's collapse. Second, it perceives American weakness and lack of will and unity. It will exploit divisions by courting the Left with empty anti-imperialist sloganeering and the Right with huge commercial opportunities. Third, it has discerned an historic opportunity in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Gaza to sweep the region with its brand of fanatical Islam and it perhaps sees a window of opportunity to achieve an American retreat from the region and forfeit of hegemonic power to the Mullahs.
The regime will not back down and will advance more brazenly than before to the nuclear threshold and nuclear war.
If the West and reasonable people of the world do not unite soon to stand against this reactionary, extremist, and highly belligerent regime, we will see the world descend into yet another catastrophic war.
The only way to avoid the tragedy unfolding in the region, is to stop aiding and abetting the Mullahs with carrots, and hampering their opposition.
The MEK/PMOI deserves the support of the international community.
For all those who would call them terrorists, two highly qualified courts of justice in the EU and UK, have seen the evidence, secret and open, and decided that the proscription of the MEK/PMOI was unlawful, perverse, and must be set aside.
Lord Waddington is right to call on the international community to give its moral and political backing to them. Iranians will do the rest.

Naomi Varga:

Interesting piece!

What David Waddington suggestions makes a lot of sense. Going by the disaterous policy of appeasement adopted by the west vis-a-vis the Iranian regime, it seems to me that our decision makers would do well to read this piece.

It might educate them about the real threat posed by the Ayatollahs and the only viable solution. Let the Iranian people and their opposition, the PMOI, bring about whatever change they deem to be in their national interest.


This is a fantastic article and very thoughtful and timely article by Lord Waddington. It is very encouraging to see there are politicians who support the nationwide opposition movement PMOI and understand the Iranian situation so well.

Mohammad R.:

Excellent article by Lord Waddington. As an Iranian, I know that the PMOI are the only people who care about our plight and who have sacrificed everything for freedom and democracy. Long live a free Iran!


Excellent article by the Rt. Hon. Lord Waddington, thank you very much for this true and clear analysis of the Iran crisis, including the unlawful way that their Resistance is treated by the West and the USA.

Unfortunately, many people still feel the need to bring out the dirty words of the mullahs regime against Iran's opposition group.

We should support, rather than hinder Iran's Resistance (PMOI/MEK) to bring about democratic change in Iran.

Mohamed MALLECK,Swift Current, Canada:

I feel a deep, deep sadness inside me that, in this information age where a Post-Enlightenment awareness of values that go beyond the self-defeating pursuit of narrow ethnic, nationalistic or other small-group self-interest exists, we still have to educate, in addition to wilfully blind westerners, people like SAEED AHMADI and DR.KAHOOR KHAN HOOSHAAPI.

saeed Ahmadi:

At the core of the Honorable Lord's assertion, seems to be the need for foreign powers to harness the garner the power of the Iranian people. The accusations against the MEK have no legal basis and are used by a few naive policy makers and the Iranian regime to maintain the status quo. U.K's Proscribed Terrorist Organizations Appeal's Commission has already ruled that MEK's listing has no legal merit.

The truth must not be cast aside by baseless jargon. The fact remains, as the good Lord Waddington has established, is that Iranian regime is the predator we must be wary of. Lifting the illegal ban on MEK does not imply explicit support, as they have neither asked for it.

Legitimacy belongs to the Iranian people and those who have for 3 decades fought to preserve their rights. MEK deserves international recognition for their role in exposing the mullahs for who they really are. We must let the Iranians decide.

Mullahs are forcing the west towards war, just as they charm it with cunning diplomatic calls for peace. Does this generation remember who used this tactic last? Perhaps Hitler's speeches, propaganda machine messages, and military buildup prior to World War II can be of some help.


Dr. Kahoor Khan – Balochistan has been part of Iran for 2500 years. As a part of Iranian nation your responsibility lies in working toward a better future for all of Iran, not to sell out for few years of imaginary position of power.

Starting a civil war can only move the Iranian regime to a more radical position. For Balochistan it'll bring the same fate that Afghanistan is struggling with.


The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) is another name for the Mojahedin Khalgh of Iran. The group started in the final years of the Shah’s rein. They were an underground coalition of Islamic socialists who attacked banks and assassinated a few of the Shah’s generals. Couple of the American military observers in Iran were also shot by them.

The demonstrations that eventually ended the Shah’s rein, started as a peaceful pro democracy movement led by the middle class intellectuals. Mojahedin Khalgh changed the nature of that opposition by attacking police stations, banks and movie theaters. They helped Khomeini to remake the opposition into a violent and religious uprising.

After the revolution they tried to consolidate their grip on power but lost to Khomeini’s forces. Khomeini ordered their arrest and execution. Many of them were executed and the rest escaped to Iraq.

During the Iran – Iraq war of the 80’s, Sadam Hossein used them as pawns to attach Iranian installations including army posts and also ordered them to attack and kill many of the Iraqi Kurdish minority who opposed him. Since then Mojahedin lost most of their support in Iran and became a much hated renegade group of enemy collaborators with no future in Iran’s struggle against the Mullah’s regime.

During the 90’s they concentrated their efforts in collecting money from the Iranian immigrants and used the money to buy influence among targeted sympathetic individuals in the Western parliaments.

What remains of them live in a camp inside Iraq under supervision of the American military. They number about 5000 and are mostly middle age men who have lost all hope of returning to Iran.

David Waddington is wrong to assume Mojahedin have grassroots support in Iran. They are in fact the only group that is hated more than Mullahs are by Iranians.


Iran has already filled the vaccume gap in Iraq and its expanding influence in Middle East and partiularly in Arab Gulf countries is posing a great danger at the moment than it was before the American invasion of Iraq.It is a real fact the Iranian Armed Hezbullah in Lebanon,Hamas in Gazza, muslim groups in Somalia and the Hothies in Yemen are considered the Iranian front forces which circling the Middle East and the Arabian gulf very silently and smoothly,while the Americans are sending home plane load coffins which are being killed by Iranian Quds soldiers in the civilian uniforms.I do not agree with Lord David's suggestion of using the Iranian opposition elements such as the Khalq factors or the Raza Pahlavi followers against the Clerics in Tehran as these opposition elements with their antagonizing stance towards the Iranian nuclear program have lost the slightest sympathy among the Iranians who supposed to be the anti-mullahs in the country.The iranin Clerics are only vulnerable from the Sunni domain provinces of Balochistan and Kurdistan where the Baloch and Kurdish Population are considered the worst enemy of the Shiite Clerics in Tehran.Sir Lord David has to be aware of the fact that Iran and Arab hatred and conflicts will never fade away by the regime change in Tehran and for a positive outcome of this complicated situation, there must be an independent Balochistan to keep away the Iranians from using the arabian gulf water ways and limit their expanding influence in the region.

Mohamed MALLECK,Swift Current, Canada:

The Right Honourable Lord Waddington writes: " Today, the Security Council’s five permanent members plus Germany meet in London to expand on an earlier offer of economic incentives to Tehran in return for a promise by the Regime to halt uranium enrichment." But he fails to ask himself who wants economic incentives.

I read yesterday in at least three places (two of which were British newspapers -- The Guardian and The Independent) --- that India quite bluntly told the US and the EU off about advice that they were proffering for India to use the opportunity of Ahmadinejad's visit to New Delhi (at least Lord Waddington managed to avoid using the Western name given to the Iranian President: "AhMADjihad') to persuade him to give up on his country's uranium enrichment programme.

"Two ancient civilizations don't need any guidance on how to manage their relationships" was the polite response given by India. The politenes should not hide the implied snub that the EU and US are parvenus in the civilization club.

The Asiatimes Online (ATOL) news website would have had a headline stating: Western Barbarians at Asia's Gates Purport to Teach Asian Giants Lessons in International Relations.


Nice! The PMOI is the only option for a free and democratic Iran. Good article, merci!


I thought we would have learned our lesson of supporting anti-government rebels in foreign countries by now.

Explain to me, Lord Waddington why we should bother with an organization that assassinated American envoys in the 1970s, supported the U.S. Embassy Hostage taking, worked as Saddam Hussein's mercenaries to suppress Kurds, and has been documented to regularly engage in brainwashing, psychological modification and kidnapping.

If you think that 1) the MEK has any chance of toppling the Iranian regime, you are seriously overestimating their power and how mistrusted the MEK is by ordinary Iranians. They'd be miserable for Iran and for the US.

How much are Iranian expats slipping into your pockets to spread this propaganda?

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