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Guest Voice

What Pakistan Doesn't Need From America

By Shuja Nawaz

During the tumult of 2008, the talk in Washington and in Islamabad turned to the need for the United States to have a relationship with the people of Pakistan rather than with any single leader or party. Indeed, only by garnering the support of a majority of Pakistanis can the United States leap over the yawning mistrust between these two countries and help Pakistan's government become stable.

Two months into 2009, we are waiting for that change to occur. President Obama has rightly focused attention on Pakistan, sending his powerful and highly favored representative Ambassador Richard Holbrooke to take on the difficult job of resolving regional differences and restoring stability to an embattled country. Ambassador Holbrooke will need help from both Washington and Islamabad to get to the roots of regional problems.

As our forthcoming Atlantic Council Task Force Report on Pakistan stresses, Washington needs to find a way to provide a healthy dose of financial aid to Pakistan, based on a thorough discussion and agreement with Pakistan on how that aid will be used to improve the lives of people across the country and not just in the borderland near Afghanistan. Call it conditionality or "tough love", it is important to be clear about the objectives of such aid, for the financial climate in the United States will not allow any more blank checks to be issued. On its side, Pakistan has already taken many steps to assure the international financial community that it is ready to get its economic house in order. But much more needs to be done: Improving the tax administration, broadening the tax net to capture agricultural income and capital gains, strengthening the legal system to provide cover for investors, especially from abroad, and removing corruption from the highest levels of government. Too many ministerial appointments to its cabinet (which now has 83 members) are seen by the coalition's multifarious member parties as cash cows for their party coffers.

Pakistan could also end the current "cash-for-hire" scheme under which its army was sent into the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The U.S. promised to reimburse its "non-NATO ally" for the costs of making this move, and the more than $10 billion in aid given for this purpose is often used as a political stick to beat Pakistan during any discussion of aid to that country. But the U.S. reimbursement scheme barely covers the marginal costs of the army's entry into FATA, and the political costs for Pakistan have been very high, creating a huge backlash among the population of the region as well in the rest of Pakistan. Inside the Pakistan army there is simmering resentment at all levels about the manner in which the military aid and reimbursements are handled. It would in the interest of both countries to end this scheme, and for Pakistan to truly take on the war against militancy as its own war. Then, if the U.S. is serious about helping Pakistan, it would do so by meeting Pakistan's needs for financial aid and equipment (including helicopters and training). Let Pakistan do its own job, for its own sake, not because the U.S. pays it to do so.

U.S. drone attacks inside Pakistan are a source of great unhappiness inside Pakistan. The United States needs to find a practicable way of allowing Pakistan to manage the drone operations and to take the lead in identifying and attacking militant targets inside its borders. Fears about transferring sensitive technology to Pakistan could be addressed by joint operations of drones from Pakistani bases. U.S. and Pakistani handlers could "fly" the drones carrying Pakistani markings and be responsible jointly for their upkeep. If Pakistanis call the shots on final actions against foreign militants and eliminate or limit collateral civilian damage, then they will truly be fighting their own war and not "America's War."

On the regional level, Pakistan can and should play a greater role in helping Afghanistan rebuild its military institutions. Increasing collaboration between the two armies would lead to joint operations against the insurgents, while removing the mistrust that has kept Afghans and Pakistanis from working with each other. For example, Afghanistan needs to rebuild its air force something that Pakistan has experience with: it has helped launch a number of air forces in the region. It could become a partner of the United States in speeding up the re-creation of the Afghan air force. Not only would the training be faster and cheaper than with US help alone but also the longer-term effects of close cooperation could lead to mutually understood practices and combined operations. Over time even Indian involvement in this effort could become feasible; both India and Pakistan once assisted Sri Lanka, during the early days of its insurgency.

While the Obama administration seeks to re-energize the engagement with Afghanistan and Pakistan, it will need to find new ways of making friends and helping reduce regional animosities. Throwing money at problems is one way. Changing peoples' minds about each other may be a better way of achieving peace and stability in that region.

Shuja Nawaz is Director of the South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council of the United States and a member of the Council's Task force whose report on Pakistan will be released later this month. He is the author of Crossed Swords: Pakistan, its Army, and the Wars Within (Oxford 2008) and FATA: A Most Dangerous Place (CSIS, 2009). He can be contacted at www.shujanawaz.com

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Comments (95)

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

To Save You Million Dollar Soldiers. Pay BILLION DOLLARS to Mountain Warriors.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Mountain Warrior have NOTHING TO LOSE. Million Dollar Soldier may Lose his LUXURIOUS LIFE AND BEAUTIFUL WIFE.

clearthinking1 Author Profile Page:

The sad truth is that Pakistan as a nation and as a concept was always doomed to failure. The British and U.S. have tried their best to keep it semi-functional and useful to western geopolitical goals, but now things are out of control.

The real name of the country is the ISLAMIC EMIRATE OF PAKISTAN. This tells you a lot. How many non-islamic countries name themselves after a religion. What does this say about respect for minorities, other religions, tolerance and plurality that is necessary in a modern democratic state?

Experiments in political science are difficult, but Pakistan and India are a rare example. People of the same DNA and genes that share common languages, rituals, and cultures (e.g. Punjabi, Sindhi, etc..) are separated by religion. In just 60 years, there have been clear results.

India (based on Hinduism and Vedanta) is a tolerant, pluralistic, vibrant, nonaggressive democracy. Progress is seen in politics, economics, education, etc... India has had Presidents who are Muslim, Hindu, Dalit, female; Prime ministers who are Sikh, Hindu, female; Defense ministers who are Christian, Hindu, Sikh; powerful politicians are even Italian Catholics like Sonia Gandhi. More progress needs to made in many places in Indian society, but even in America Blacks had very limited rights till the 1960's and now Obama is president. Tolerant peaceful societies make progress.

In contrast, Pakistan has become an increasingly intolerant and violent society. Pakistan used to have 40% Hindus, and now it is only 1%. The culture of Hindus of tolerance and peacefulness has made even Muslims in India relatively peaceful when compared with dominantly Islamic nations. What a difference an advanced culture and philosophy like Vedanta can make in people so similar as Indians and Pakistanis.

The best thing for the poor people of Pakistan (especially women) is to dismantle the country in 4 ethnic states - Baluchis, Punjabis, Sindhis, and Pashtuns. Then slowly let these cultures develop into more civilized and modern people with carrots and sticks over a long time

dmfarooq Author Profile Page:

Dear Mr.Nawaz:

I can not believe It ! You are experienced in Paksistan's relationship with the U.S. The U.S. policy makers of War on terrorism and economic assistance would not be considering your suuggestions . This would mean a complete about turn in U. S. and NATO policies toward both Pakistan and Afghnistan . It is not possible . You know that Pakistan does not have sincere and capable leaders and established institutions with a track record of goog governance . Undertaking of the big challanges you have suugested here , is not possible in existing Pakistani situation . Pakistan has to find local political suport to fight terrorists , jehadists and Talebnization. I believe in the long run Pakistan will be well served by getting rid of corruption , focus on fighting poverty and economic development . You do not need help from the U.S. for these efforts. Pakistan has educated and skilled workforce to achieve these goals . Good Luck .

amitinsf Author Profile Page:

Good suggestions, but they are somewhat disconnected from reality. The US can trust Pakistan only after Pakistan proves itself to be trustworthy. For 8 years now, the Pakistan military has been playing a double game. Finding and delivering al-qaeda terrorists to the US on one hand (at very opportune moments one might add), and feeding the taliban and the insurgency on the other. These are, however, two sides of the same coin. Al-qaeda targets the US mainland, while the taliban provide the sanctuary where al-qaeda breeds. Both need to be addressed.
The Afghan government will not conduct joint training/military/law-enforcement exercises with the Pakistan military if they believe that the latter will use the intelligence provided by the Afghans against them. In addition to other things, this trust deficit needs to be addressed – by Pakistan.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Mountain Warriors Left the Battle Ground So The Million Dollars Soldiers came down from their Choppers. Now Mountain Warriors are Back to Battle Field. DEATH BY MILLION CUTS.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Mountain Warriors would not let the Million Dollar Soldier go. The Million Dollar Soldeirs are Bread and Butter of Mountain Warriors. FIGHT TILL THE END OF DOLLAR.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

40 Nations are not enough. Where is Red Army? Mountain Warriors want to Fight with more than 50 Nations. MORE NATIONS MORE DOLLARS.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

40 Nations are not enough. Where is Red Army? Mountain Warriors want to Fight with more than 50 Nations. MORE NATIONS MORE DOLLARS.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Mountain Warriors are Cheapest in the World. But You have Billion Dollar Soldier. Now Your Billion Dollars Assets are under attack by Poor Mountain Warriors. PAY THE DOLLAR TO SAVE THE DOLLAR.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

The danger is for India. And yes, India needs to change its military strategy from defensive to offensive. I am not sure if it will be able to do that. But, the Times of India has this scary piece of newsitem:


Thus India must strike at the Taliban heartland before Taliban strikes first. USA from one side and India from the other would make the case for extinction of Taliban. Obama has already sanctioned 17,000 additional troops for Afghanistan. So, the Taliban militants would cross over into the safe haven in the SWAT and FATA areas, and start their militancy in India. Thus, India needs to cross over to Pakistan, and start beating these rascals through fierce airstrikes like USA is doing.

Otherwise expect India to be Talibanized very soon.

clearthinking1 Author Profile Page:

Pakistan as a nation is failing miserably, and it is a failed society based only on hatred.

ECONOMIC FAILURE: Pakistan is bankrupt. Even all the loans from IMF, World Bank, Paris Club, London Club, overt and covert aid from US, and repeated refinancing of the debt have not worked.

MILITARY FAILURE: 4 wars have been lost by Pakistan. Bangladesh was freed in 4 days. The military is demoralized and cannot even control its own territory.

SOCIAL FAILURE: the miserable poverty and exploitation within Pakistan is shocking. The Honor killings and treatment of women is unacceptable.

POLITICAL FAILURE: The military coups, suspension of constitutional law, murders of Bhuttos (father and daughter) reveal no evidence of a modern political culture or democracy.

EDUCATIONAL FAILURE: The lack of modern schools and scientific education shows no potential for Pakistan to develop economically or politically in the future. The madrassas are where terrorists are openly bred.

CULTURAL FAILURE: A nation that looks the other way as terrorists and murders are being trained openly is morally bankrupt. Every Pakistani knows whats been going on in their country, and one must assume they approve of the violence in their heart.

Holbrooke and Obama need to dismantle Pakistan like Holbrooke did with Yugoslavia. 4 Ethnic states - Baluchis, Pashtuns, Punjabis, and Sindhis. Take away the nukes, which are already separated and nonfunctional without American approval and secret codes.

Let these angry, dysfunctional tribal cultures fight each other. 90% of Terrorism will end. The remaining 10% can be ended by stopping Saudi funding.

DebChatterjee Author Profile Page:

Shuja Nawaz and his perverted ilk are just the type of Islamists that pontificate what is wrong with USA etc. and etc.

The country of Pakistan, and I have nothing against the Pakistani citizens, needs to be bombed severely, and especially in the SWAT area. The two NYT articles




are scary reminders for what is to come. I cannot elaborate more but find it hypocritical that Fareed Zakaria, Shuja Nawaz and others simply do not scream loud enough at the Taliban problems. India is certainly threatened. The Taliban are now only 80 Km from Islamabad.

The Washington Post article


also reminds of the sinister nature of this agreement with the Taliban and Pakistani Government of Zardari. It is time that just as Slobodan Milosevic was tried for crimes against humanity at The hague, Asif Ali Zardari, a greedy, weak partisan Islamist be jailed for this crime of striking a true with Taliban in the SWAT valley. So, what next ? Beheadings of any and everyone who just appears unpleasant to Taliban ? And the Pakistani government who have recognized Taliban officially gets away by USA only frowning upon the agreement ? Now Pakistan, with the help of Taliban's legenadry brutal militancy, would start a reign of terror in Kashmir and then Pakistan would start saying that unless India gives up Kashmir this Islamic Jihad (militancy) would never stop. So, war against terrorists is going well on the Obama administration, with Pakistan let off the hook. What is Obama administration doing with Pakistan: just preaching some political civility to barbarians ?

reddy531 Author Profile Page:

MALIU and other gitmo escapees on this forum...what do you call that big pilgrimage to Mecca each year to circle that rock...oh..i know IDOL WORSHIP.

ISLAM may be the need of the hour during Mohammed's time that doesnt mean...dopeheads like you can practice the same things for centuries..thats what i call IDLE WORSHIP...go get an education ..morons

reddy531 Author Profile Page:

"maliu1970 WROTE;
Even their women worship the males reproductive organ, shameful and disgusting"


reddy531 Author Profile Page:


mnaseem95 Author Profile Page:


simplesimon33 Author Profile Page:

Mr. Nawaz advises that ‘Let Pakistan do its own job (the fight with Taliban in the border areas) for its own sake, not because the U.S. pays it to do so’. Is he serious? Sham fight with Taliban is a cash cow for Pakistan as everybody in Pakistan knows. Osama bin Laden was the first golden goose and Taliban is the second golden goose for Pakistan. Otherwise how can Pakistan milk Uncle Sam? And US drone attacks launched from Pakistani soil against Pakistani Taliban are the only way to destroy Pakistani Taliban in absence of outright US military intervention since Pakistan is incapable of erasing home-grown Taliban.

Bruce Riedel, Obama’s appointee to conduct an inter-agency review of US policy towards Af-Pak said on 1/29/2009 in an interview that ''In Pakistan, the jihadist Frankenstein monster that was created by the Pakistani army and the Pakistani intelligence service is now increasingly turning on its creators. It's trying to take over the laboratory.'' Bush administration failed in destroying that jihadist monster in spite of pouring more than 10 billion dollars in seven years. Jihadi monster firmly established itself in Pakistan’s two border provinces after $10 billion US grant. Only time will tell if Obama administration will succeed in destroying that jihadist monster after pouring another 7.5 billion dollars in next five years.

maliu1970 Author Profile Page:

How true the Holy Quran is it predicted it fourteen hundred years that

005.082 Thou wilt find the most vehement of mankind in hostility to those who believe (to be) the Jews and the idolaters. And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe (to be) those who say: Lo! We are Christians. That is because there are among them priests and monks, and because they are not proud.

003.186 Assuredly ye will be tried in your property and in your persons, and ye will hear much wrong from those who were given the Scripture before you, and from the idolaters(Hindus). But if ye persevere and ward off (evil), then that is of the steadfast heart of things.

We don't worship idols like the Hindus do. Even their women worship the males reproductive organ, shameful and disgusting. We only worship the Creator who has created everything of good and evil and not the creations.

The Jews were killed for treason, does Hinduism reward traitors?

Hindus still burn and bury their wives and daughters alive out of shame, is that equal treatment. Islam forbid this 1400 years ago.

Because of the bad treatment of men here they prefer to stay single. Men all over the world and in every culture beat their wives, including USA, unfortunately. Islam didn't encourage it.

maliu1970 Author Profile Page:

Obviously the West, but you don't want to admit it and turn a blind eye to it. The punishment of fornication in Islam is death. Marrying is the most honourable way. In America today there are more women than men. If every man marries one woman what will the women left out do? Please solve this simple problem for me, nobody has so far been able to answer this question so far. Should they become Lesbians or mess with the husbands of other women? Or they're not good enough to get married?

This is a verse from the Holy Quran, sent down by the Creator of all of us. The manufacturer knows and decides what's best, etc.

Beating is allowed under certain circumstances but doesn't mean it has to be done. It's reprehensible as mentioned in a Hadeeth.

It's not murder, it was battle.

Islam is perfect and doesn't require any correction as it's not a man-made religion. It's not a religion if it needs correction by human beings. The boxers don't make the boxing rules.

All of Khadija's (PBUH) money was gone very soon.

Only Aisha was a virgin.

What better solution is there when all the men are killed in the battle and women are left by themselves?

Are dreams programmable?

And in the so-called civilized societies the rape rate is the highest.

May Allah Ta'ala guide you and me and everyone. Ameen.

DardenCavalcade Author Profile Page:


When you started PostGlobal years ago, you billed it as an experiment. Most scientists evaluate the results of their experiments against the hypothetical results they hoped to achieve.

Isn't it time you took an objective look at what PostGlobal has become and call an end to it?

scepticus1 Author Profile Page:

Now that Pakistan has signed peace treaty with the Taliban in Swat valley how it is going to its fight in other areas? Of course this is not the first time these type of treaties have been signed. Now will there be a war on terror or a peace with terror. There was an article in the magazine section of the Pakistan newspaper Dawn. There the refugees in the camps were interviewed and all of them prefer Taliban to the government. So " For Whom The Guns Boom " ?

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:


Your comments in quotes and my responses.

"All these marriages were ordered by God Almighty."

Again do you really think we so naive that we will believe your nonsense

"The main reason was that when somebody married in a clan/tribe that tribe became friendly to the son-in-law and his family. In order to soften the pagans he was ordered to carry out these marriages to facilitate the spread of Islam in all of Arabia and elsewhere. "

How does one soften a family or clan after murdering the husband of their daughter and then marrying the widow? Most of the times the men he murdered were from rich clans or tribes whose wealth he coveted.

"Another reason, the widows were considered outcast in those days in Arabia by the pagans, so he had to rid the society of this evil notion and tradition. This is still prevalent in Hindus to this day, fyi."

Not true. Pagans in Arabia did not consider widows as outcasts. men and women freely married. Women were allowed to have more than one husband. They could easily divorce their husband by saying " I seek the protection of ( for example Allah dpending who their family diety was) against you."

Hindu widows today freely remarry. I would have shown you at least 20 if I could meet you personally. We Hindus do not consider our religion perfect but we strive to make it perfect. If we find bad practices we pass laws to correct them.

You do not know much about Hinduism either.

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:


Again your comments in quotes and then my response.

"Prophet Mohammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasullum) was the most handsome man in all of Arabia. When he was 25 years old he married a three time widow, who was 15 years older than him, Khadijah (PBUH). He spent 27 years till her death, alone with her. If he was so much into women and young girls why did he marry an older widow when the time was ripe?'

He did not dare fool around when Khadija was alive. Because he needed her money. She was rich by trading in camels and slaves. He did not have to do much other than to go into caves, come out and claim Allah talked to him through the angel Jabril, or Gabriel.

"All his wives except Aisha (PBUH) were widows. So at the age of 53 years when a man is old, why did he marry all the other wives when he was young he didn't? "

Zainab bint Jashst who was his daughter in law became his wife after his son Zaid divorced because Muhammad wanted her. She was not a widow. He had three other wives, all children who were not widows. Two of these wives divorced him because he was too old for them and the third he divorced because he did not want to take care of her after she contracted leprosy. her name was Asma al-numan. Amra bint Yazid divorced him by saying I seek the protection of Allah against you.

Obviously you have little knowledge of Islamic history.

kohsar240 Author Profile Page:

The sooner Pakistan takes responsibility for governing the better. The reason US is in Afghanistan for so long and suffering, it is because of Pakistan's duplicity. Pakistan's military generals run the Pakistani defense as their private business. Pakistan is the biggest destabilizing country in the world. Pakistan the biggest and the most Al Qaeda base in the world. So why is Al Qaeda so strong in Pakistan? Why can't Pakistan root out Al Qaeda from its territory? Based on it failure, Pakistan is insolvent as a state, therefore, US or India or any other country affected by the failure of Pakistan as a functioning government, has the right to attack it.

maliu1970 Author Profile Page:

It is evident from the hadeeth that he was shown in the dream. The dream of a Prophet is also oracle/revelation from God Almighty, like he said himself.

That was a custom in the Arabs before Islam too which has been continued in Islam that the enemy's women are enslaved and given to the soldiers for many reasons, economic, purity of the society, etc. They are not shared, and if she conceives and gives birth to a child she becomes free automatically.

Prophet Mohammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasullum) was the most handsome man in all of Arabia. When he was 25 years old he married a three time widow, who was 15 years older than him, Khadijah (PBUH). He spent 27 years till her death, alone with her. If he was so much into women and young girls why did he marry an older widow when the time was ripe?

All his wives except Aisha (PBUH) were widows. So at the age of 53 years when a man is old, why did he marry all the other wives when he was young he didn't?

All these marriages were ordered by God Almighty. The main reason was that when somebody married in a clan/tribe that tribe became friendly to the son-in-law and his family. In order to soften the pagans he was ordered to carry out these marriages to facilitate the spread of Islam in all of Arabia and elsewhere. Another reason, the widows were considered outcast in those days in Arabia by the pagans, so he had to rid the society of this evil notion and tradition. This is still prevalent in Hindus to this day, fyi.
Not like here that a man can only have one wife but he can mess around with any number of women and treat them like disposable sex-objects.

rabzk Author Profile Page:

I'm a bit surprised by this article. What Pakistan doesn't need is more money going to government officials who simply add it to their ever increasing bank accounts. How is the US supposed to reach the people of Pakistan if the elected officials are one of the major obstacles we face? If the money actually went to the people, well, then I think we would see a very different climate in Pakistan.

umok Author Profile Page:

Those who think USA ditched Pakistan after Russia was driven out of Afghanistan should know why USA ditched Pakistan. Pakistan diverted a lot of the aid USA had provided for the mujahidin fighting in Afghanistan to build nuclear bomb and upgrade its conventional fighting capacity. USA found that most of the F-16s were put on the eastern border. US congress took a note of it and passed Pressler amendment which made aid to Pakistan contingent to president certifying to congress that Pakistan doesn't have nuclear weapons. Though there were many evidences to the contrary, USA looked the other way and the president used to tell congress "there is no credible evidence of Pakistan acquiring nuclear weapons". However by 1990, the administration could not hide it anymore and the president, Sr. Bush, could not certify to the congress that Pakistan doesn't have nuclear weapons. As a result, all aid to Pakistan came to an end.

So in short, Pakistan misused the money USA had provided, cheated the USA and built nuclear weapons with that money. That is why USA ditched Pakistan after a couple of years after USSR was driven out of Afghanistan.

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:

This hadith shows the sexual attraction Muhammad had for Aisha even when she was an infant. She was the child of one of his best friends, Abu Bakr. He finally married her when she was six. Abu Bakr opposed it at first but then caved in.

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 57:

Narrated 'Aisha:

Allah's Apostle said (to me), "You were shown to me in a dream. An angel brought you to me, wrapped in a piece of silken cloth, and said to me, 'This is your wife.' I removed the piece of cloth from your face, and there you were. I said to myself. 'If it is from Allah, then it will surely be.' "

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:

Regarding hadith. the hadith is very accurate. It is from hard copy and not from internet. the internet version is sanitized.

The nikah or marriage took place when she was six and he was 52.

He took the child to bed when she turned 9 right after her first menstrual period.

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64:

Narrated 'Aisha:

that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

Here is another interesting hadith. It shows that Muhammad had wives and slave girls for sexual purposes.

Volume 7, Book 62, Number 22:

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet stayed for three days between Khaibar and Medina, and there he consummated his marriage to Safiyya bint Huyai. I invited the Muslims to the wedding banquet in which neither meat nor bread was offered. He ordered for leather dining-sheets to be spread, and dates, dried yoghurt and butter were laid on it, and that was the Prophet's wedding banquet. The Muslims wondered, "Is she (Saffiyya) considered as his wife or his slave girl?" Then they said, "If he orders her to veil herself, she will be one of the mothers of the Believers; but if he does not order her to veil herself, she will be a slave girl. So when the Prophet proceeded from there, he spared her a space behind him (on his she-camel) and put a screening veil between her and the people.

St_Satan Author Profile Page:


1. From November 2001 - January 2008 the United States gave Pakistan a total of $59.4 Billion dollars in aid. The Republicans cheered all the way while Pakinstan leadership sheltered Bin Ladin, stole a chunk of the money, protected Afghan opion landlords and bought weapons to fight a future war with India.

2. From November 1999 - November 2008, Israel [our golden parasite] received $6.5Billions yearly [total $58.5 Billions] in aid. The G.O.P. cheered all the way while Israel grabbed Palestinian land, made peace all but impossible and fed us the propaganda the Israel's tribal liberal theocracy is the same as the U.S. all-is-welcome melting pot democracy.

3. In 2008, Republic of Georgia [Europe] started a war with Russia and had it's puppy military infrastructures smashed by the Russian Military. The United States [under George Bush] quickly donated $3Billion to "replace" Georgia's military. Again, the G.O.P. cheered endlessly.

AND NOW, PRESIDENT OBAMA COMMITTED THE CRIME OF TRYING TO HELP AMERICANS [REGULAR ORDINARY AMERICANS BY GIVING THEM ...YES, WAIT FOR IT...YES, $400 SPREAD OVER 6 MONTHS] and suddenly the Republicans are all over the cable and radio shows ranting and foaming in the mouth about the dangers of "bankrupting American" by spending on people [fellow Americans] who do not pay taxes.

Is it any surprise that the G.O.P. is back to being a U.S. South-based ConfeRACIST Party of America?

Do I need to say more why Obama's approval numbers are in the upper 70%?

Do I need to predict that the G.O.P. will remain in the dog house for the forseeable future?

kpod Author Profile Page:


America does not need immediate victory.......we can wait.....

It looks like we are going to be spending some money here at home, about $800 Billion. So I think the payments to you might slow.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

You need immediate Victory. We provide it by bringing Warriors from Battle Ground. Pay us for your Great Victory.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

We Brough Warriors from Battle Ground. You Bombed only 21 days. If you bombed 21 years you can't even kill 2100 Warriors. Give us only 21 American Visa for helping you.

kpod Author Profile Page:


How many are there that think like you do? Are you just trying to extort money from us? If that's the case I really don't care what you think....we'll keep shooting our missiles....tell the "innocents" to stand clear.

umok Author Profile Page:

Pakistan never wanted to get rid of Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists for strategic depth in their foreign policy – a euphemism for its foreign policy towards Afghanistan and Kashmir. Taliban and Al-Qaeda were created by Pakistan, with the help of US, for US’s goal of driving Russia from Afghanistan. Once Russia left Afghanistan and US ignored the area, Pakistan grabbed entire Afghanistan under the guise of Taliban. Pakistan wanted to grab Kashmir too but Indian government was stronger than Afghani government, so Pakistan adopted a policy of sending terrorists in Kashmir to fight with Indian army - adopting the same model that was successfully used to drive away Russia from Afghanistan. So Taliban and Al-Qaeda are considered as “assets” for Pakistan and hence Pakistan will not get rid of them.

That is where US’s $10B comes in picture. Bush administration thought that by threatening Pakistan of dire consequences and giving it money to attack terrorists, Pakistan would get rid of those terrorists. However Pakistan played a double game – it took the money but also didn’t get rid of any terrorists. Pakistan’s leaders said exactly what US wanted to hear about taking action against terrorists but their actions didn’t follow their words. Sure, they grabbed few useless terrorists and handed them over to US but that is about it.

Before the new policy of aerial bombing using drones, US used to inform Pakistani army about the targets and ask them to bomb those places. Pakistan insisted that it is sovereign country and US should not enter Pakistan while following the terrorists. But US found that when Pakistani army is told about the location of suspected terrorists, the placed was cleaned before Pakistani army bombed it and not a single terrorist died. There were few civilian casualties. This has happened consistently for more than six years and that is when US realized that Pakistani army is playing double game and started using drones without telling Pakistani army about it. Also, sovereignty means a country has control over the area. Since Pakistan claims FATA was never controlled by Pakistan central government, Pakistan can’t claim sovereignty over it. So US is correct in bombing the area without informing Pakistan about it.

Asking Pakistan to fight its war is basically letting Pakistan keep those terrorists – Pakistan never wanted to take action against those terrorists contrary to the sound bites produced in Pakistan. Pakistan is using terrorists and nuclear weapons as two “assets” to blackmail the world to achieve its foreign policy goals and to get funds. Question is: should the world yield to this blackmail and give Pakistan whatever it demands?

Straightline Author Profile Page:

We will Sell us. But not at your Price.

Well Zarzoob you have scared the weak kneed liberals so they aren't posting replies.. But they are just a small and insignificant piece of the real America.

Why should we buy you when we can take you??

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

We will Sell us. But not at your Price.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

You Can Buy us. Why you Bomb us.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Give us American's Visa and we will give you Heaven's Visa. Make a Deal.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Don't Double your Army at War. Soon you need to Triple it and so on.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

It is History. 40 Nations of the World are at War. But can't Win since 8 Year. Pay us 80 Billion Dollars we take care. Promise

mrk_6 Author Profile Page:

tboyer33 - if history is anything to go by then your statement of defeating Talibans (read Pashtoons) by force is a pipe dream. The solution to problems in Afghanistan is created by US in the first place - first by abandoning it after Soviets pulled out and secondly not focusing entirely on eliminating al-qaeda and its cohorts in Afghanistan. They set about the farce of turning Afghanistan into a model democracy with that showman Karzai. Its shows extreme lack of understanding of the culture, religion, history and dynamics of ethnic and tribal structures in that country. I believe it would not have taken much to isolate al-qaeda from the Afghans and would have helped to have pushtuns turned on al-qaeda and recruited them to fight the small group of bin laden.
The bottom line is that there is no military solution to the situation in Afghanistan as is the case with any insurgency. As long as the Afghans - specially the pashtoons - see foreign forces as occupiers any hopes of peace in that country is not achievable in my opinion.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

You are very far from our Land. Russian were very near with our Land. How could you reach at Warm Water.

Straightline Author Profile Page:

You have American Visa. We have Heaven Visa.


Hurry on to heaven then. Or if you need some help...I am sure there are some American Jihadist who would be willing to assist you heathen.

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

You have American Visa. We have Heaven Visa.

Straightline Author Profile Page:

We are good in War. You are afraid of War.

FEBRUARY 15, 2009 11:43 AM


Yeah you are good at war. Or at least killing your own people.Especially women and children.

Good at War?? Except the part where you always get your stone age as* kicked

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

You have Money. You have Technology. But you don't have ISI.

Straightline Author Profile Page:

Sure...get out of Pakistan's way and let the Islamic Nazi's take control of the government and... their nuclear arsenal.


zarzoob Author Profile Page:

We are good in War. You are afraid of War.

kpod Author Profile Page:

This is in response to those quoting books and scripture and claiming their country to be important and all that.....

Listen folks, put those things aside. People are people. You got a book....I got a book; your people are proud, my people are proud; you got a lot people, we got a lot of people. We are the same in many respects.

Let's honor our similarities and find a solution to the problem. The people we have a disgreement with planned and executed attrocities....they were extreme. We are now using measures against them that we would rather not use. Help us get them and you are on our side....hinder us and we will go around you.

How can bridge the gap to a common understanding? We don't want to change the peaceful Pakistanis....we want to help them. How we clean out the bad elements in the tribal areas to keep ourselves safe, while honoring the best of both of our countries?

zarzoob Author Profile Page:

Pakistan is Earning Since 1979 from Afghan War. We are not only making money but getting Strong our Army too. War is our Economy. If you Give us money we will give you Oil Route. If Others Give us money We will Destroy the Oil Route. Come First Have First.

maliu1970 Author Profile Page:

This is in response to JAILKKHOSLA's post.

This is the real hadith below. It doesn't mention the ages.

Volume 1, Book 6, Number 298:
Narrated 'Aisha:

The Prophet and I used to take a bath from a single pot while we were Junub. During the menses, he used to order me to put on an Izar (dress worn below the waist) and used to fondle me. While in Itikaf, he used to bring his head near me and I would wash it while I used to be in my periods (menses).


It doesn't mention anything about the age. Indeed she was wed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) at the age of 9 but it doesn't mean that he had intimacy with her before puberty. A Prophet can never wrong anyone especially a girl.

Had that been a wrong or bad thing then why didn't any of the pagans raise a hue and cry about it then?

"A person can only speak of what he is." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

And remember the 11 year olds getting pregnant in Boston a few months back?

acpress Author Profile Page:

Shuja Nawaz is naïve to believe that any imperial/colonial power would be sincere to develop an underdeveloped country. Americans have not developed their own country where lobbyists do not have propelling influence. Visit the rural areas including those in West Virginia, and a few southern states or US jails. Read Harvard's Galbraith. Pakistan’s quagmire started with its alliance with the US to defeat Russians in
Afghanistan war which may have been Charlie Wilson’s War but had nothing to do with Pakistan.. Pakistan never received reparations for sufferings and expenditures in that war including the three million Afghan refugees and their children ( the Talibans) still on their soil. The billion dollars ignorants talks about were also not received by Pakistan and most was divided up by agents abroad, so much came out last month in Senate hearings. The extremists including Al-Qaida who are now a universal phenomenon are American creation and not Pakistan’s responsibility to remove them. It is not Pakistan’s business to get involved in the geopolitical struggles of big powers. Tom Ricks, one of the most knowledgeable Americans on the subject said last week that Obama’s Vietnam will be Pakistan not Afghanistan. This is the price Pakistan will pay for meddling in the affairs of foreigners. Except for the moneylaundering agents the country and citizens of Pakistan will get nothing but sufferings.

dvsikka Author Profile Page:

After going thru some of the comments I feel that all the political crap is there and nothing else.
Today, sadly Pakistan is an impoverished nation. All because of the policies of hate that Jinnah created. It resulted in the division of India, destruction of Kashmir, we used to call it heaven on earth. All that is there today for Pakistanis is fight India to destroy hinduism. All the country's resources are being wasted on a war that is not needed. Hindus and muslims lived together peacefully earlier, why not now.
I come from Panjab in Pakistan. Our country before Jinnah's hate policies was not like that. We were peaceful hard working honest people.
It is time to kick that policy of hate out of the soceity. It is time to realise that people of Pakistan are one of the best part of human race, intelligent and hard working.
Stop wasting your resources on hate wars and start building a prosperous mighty industrial nation. This is no mad man's dream. It can done and it must be done. The people of Pakistan are as good a children of God as anybody. They have a right to live a happy life too. Kick those out of pakistan who profess hate. al-Qaeda kind of rubbish should be dumped in the Arabian Sea. Osama bin Ladin can go hell and set up his offices there.
It is time to learn and decide 'TO LIVE AND LET LIVE'.
Throw out the concept that UNBELIEVERS have no right to live.
Let us work together to make Pakistan a peaceloving prosperous country. Show the world the noble side of Islam.

vmadhavan1 Author Profile Page:

Of course you'd like us (US) to help you "by meeting Pakistan's needs for financial aid and equipment (including helicopters and training)," and by sharing our drones. This way another A.Q. Khan can sell our technology to other Islamic nuts in that region. The same will happen with the drone technology. Remember the $10B we recently gave you to fight the Taliban - it went towards supporting terrorists in Kashmir and on the border against India.

When is the US going to learn that the real problem in Pakistan are the Islamic fundamentalists that have been educated the madrassas and stop throwing more money at them?

goalesce Author Profile Page:

MuhammadAyub said ...Remember it was not Pakistan or any of its citizens involved in the 9/11 episode.

Yeah right! Pakistan was planning central for 9/11. See http://www.historycommons.org/timeline.jsp?geopolitics_and_9/11=isi&timeline=complete_911_timeline

tboyer33 Author Profile Page:

Mr. Nawaz is trying to be constructive, but what exactly is the U.S. supposed to do to protect Afghani civilians from attack by the Taliban and try to prevent Al Qaida from organizing attacks on American civilians?

We know doing nothing, and allowing Al Qaida free rein to organize and train inside Pakistani territory, will lead inevitably to another 9-11 attack.

And yet Mr. Nawaz seems to have a problem with every conceivable method of fighting the militants. American military operations in Pakistan are out of the question. Pakistani military operations are unpopular. American drones flying in Pakistan are unpopular. Would American drones driven by Pakistanis actually be more popular? Absolutely not. There are tough choices to be made here.

The Taliban is not going to voluntarily stop until, at very least, it controls Afghanistan once more. And the U.S., quite rightly, is not going to allow the Taliban to control Afghanistan ever again. So one way or another there is going to be fighting until the Taliban is finished as a fighting force. It seems to me the choices the Pakistanis have made recently to allow the Taliban to grow stronger have only made things worse for Pakistani civilians.

jatihoon1 Author Profile Page:

Pakistan, is not a nation, it is a collection of goons and thugs, who rule the country, who ever pay's them most they are with them for the loot.British thugs created the country and Islamist jahadies will destroy them."He who forget its past is doomed for ever."

sahisoftyahoocom Author Profile Page:

What WE NEED is to ensure that the Americans do not gain a victory in Afghanistan till we, Pakistanis, defeat the Taliban in Pakistan.

Remeber the 1980s. We helped US to defeat USSR here and they ditched. Now the American officials achnowlege that to be a mistake. But that is now when they are trapped in that country. The moment they gain a victory, they will start talking about their national interests and leave us to the Talibans on one side and the Indians on the other. That will be tragic for the people of our country.

Hence we should invest into fighting the 'Taliban in Pakistan' and ensuring that the US does win before that against 'Taliban in Afghanistan'. That is a true test for PPP led government and the military.

muhd_saeed Author Profile Page:

American bombings in Pakistan’s border areas with Afghanistan escalate terror and in turn provide convincing justification for accelerated fight against terror. Root-cause of the perplexing terror is still not “discovered”. It is unimaginable why the foreigner Osama bin Laden is in the Tribal region common to Pakistan and Afghanistan and why the foreign allied forces are fighting local Tribal people in search of their valuable guest priced $50 million dead or alive by the US? Still surprising is the commitment of the US administration in fighting an almost endless fight against lonely superman Osama for which, in an historical event during Pakistani PM Gilani’s visit to USA, the US Foreign Relations Committee approved the Biden-Lugar bill to provide a huge financial assistance of $15 billion to Pakistan to fight its terror over the next one decade. Nobody has even bothered to point out as to why the defiant terror is so strong and durable that, entire strength of the super-strong and resourceful Allied Forces do not sight its end even in the next decade? Still more amazing is the consequentially implied assurance given by the US Foreign Relations Committee about the continued playing hide-and-seek without being discovered and surviving all eventualities at least during the next decade, by the most durable ghost named Osama-bin-Laden.

Arif12 Author Profile Page:

Pakistan has done a lot for the USA... India sits there an Criticises every move of Pakistan while doing absolutely NOTHING for the War on Terror... until 1991 they were in bed with the USSR and supporting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and now that Russia is broke they have found a new Country to Leach off of the USA... while giving them NOTHING in Return except taking away all their Jobs to cheap labor and phony H1B Visas to migrate here...

Arif12 Author Profile Page:

USA keeps harping about 10 Billion in 8yrs as aid to Pakistan this is Chicken feed for Pakistan deploying over 120000 Troop on the border at the cost of little over a $1 Billion ayear... To deploy only 60000 American Troops would cost about 70 Billion $ a month and a 120000 Troops which Pak has deployed would cost $140 Billion a Month...India can do nothing to help the American Army in Afghanistan from 400 miles away so they are useless to the USA and we dont need them...Plus how will you supply the US troops without Pakistan s help???? There is no other way...

tands23 Author Profile Page:

Bitter Truth,
India will come out of its poverty one way or another. Thanks for bothering. We are not the ones who come with begging bowls to the western world. We ask first, if we dont get what we want we make it on our own. This is how you did it, so shall it be for us.
Before calling Indians war mongers check your history 101, or do you belong to the foreign office (oops!) ?
Pakistan has fought three wars with India, Pakistan has had 3 dictators in its 60 year sad history, Pakistan is the one who abled the Talibans, who then raised Osama's army who then bombed your Trade Towers. Pakistan has been aiding the terrorists of Kashmir where more than 20,000 people have lost their lives since the last 20 years and a million Panun Hindus have been displaced from their own state. Pakistan is where the LeT terrorists planned and launched attacks on Mumbai killing 191 people three months back.
War mongers Bittertruth ? You can't even handle the bitter truth.

dbs313 Author Profile Page:

Bittertruth, you couldn't be further from the truth. YOU couldn't handle the truth! Move to Mecca you idiot!

BitterTruth Author Profile Page:

Its good that Pakistan doesnt want to belong to this so-called Civilized World.

I mean what civilization are we talking about, which bombs everyday through their remote controlled drones and kill 30-40 people almost everyday since the start of this year - and label all killed as terrorists. Which encourages killing of 1,300 innocent humans in Gaza?

If this is the Civilized world, then i guess pakistan made a huge mistake becoming an ally of the western powers, who are blood hungry and just want to kill. Its a mental disease in them. Probably, if they keep their teenagers back in home, they will start killing people in school. So why not to let them loose in some far away land - be it Afghanistan or Pakistan, right? Yea, The Civilized World.

For Indian hate filled war mongers above, feed your people first. I have visited india several times and its not just an alley in Bombay or Delhi which portrays Slumdog Millionaire, but the whole northern and north eastern part - living under well below poverty lines. Feed them first! Before you start to worry about how pakistani govt. will feed their people.

simpsonth Author Profile Page:

My goodness. Such an "academic" article and so many wild and off target comments.

The notion that it is Dick Holbrook's job to solve the region's problems, or the problems of any particular nation within it, is sheer nonsense. He is Obama'a Ambassador to the region, not his Viceroy. Furthermore, our actual strategic interests in this particular arena are quite limited.

First, and foremost, we want to avoid a war between India and Pakistan who are each armed with nuclear weapons. Second, we want to destroy the remaining remnants of the Al Qaeda organization responsible for 9/11 still operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Third, we want enough stability and strength in the governance of both Pakistan and Afghanistan to preclude them from harboring stateless international terrorist organizations and/or operations.

Ambassador Holbrook's most crucial mission should be to find a way of satisfying our strategic interests and goals without the need for a military occupation of Afghanistan. As Iraq and Afghanistan (and Vietnam in an earlier time) have clearly demonstrated, we are terribly clumsy when it comes to military occupations and developing governance for foreign peoples. Considering our own Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson) you might think we would know that, but despite our lavish spending on education, we don't seem to have been educated in these matters.

Pakistan has its own internal civil conflicts which spill over into Afghanistan reflecting age-old tribal and ethnic boundaries. These need to be worked out by these people themselves operating within their own historical and cultural and religious traditions. We have no skin in this game.

cantabb1 Author Profile Page:

With "Mr. 10%" at Pakistan's helm, I can NOT be certain how much of what we give Pakistan goes NOT as intended.

I do NOT trust Pakistan to be our real 'friend' and help us out -- finding bin-Laden ! Nor can I see AFghanistan helping us out.

I don't care if Pakistan gets 100% Taliban. We can protect ourselves from them. Its neighbor India (after Mumbai) is going after Pakistan, anyway.

If Pakistan wants to be part of the civilized society, they'll have to do something internally to be taken seriously. I do not. I'd let Obama follow BinLadebn whereever he is, independent of Pakistan's help (or our $$$ for their help).

dvsikka Author Profile Page:

I agree. Don't give Pakistan a dime. It will come to its senses. Fight al-Qaeda yourself, keep Pakistan out of it.
Giving any aid to pakistan means adding fuel to Pakistan India fight. Let it be their affair.
Pakistan can feed its hungary masses its nukes.

vjg3 Author Profile Page:

USA is only there to counter violent Islamic terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Pakis are only acting on behalf of us because they are afraid of American power. Look what they told India after the Mumbai Islamic terror attacks- do not attack us or we will consider the nuclear option.

Against USA, Porkistan does not have that option.

mkaycicek Author Profile Page:
mkaycicek Author Profile Page:

See also in Turkey, the solution is
U.S., the new management, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine or the moment and find solutions to the problems of Iranian nuclear concerns will first pay attention to Turkey's opinion ozrundadır. Because, for the solution of problems in this region, but Turkey's leadership and ideas are important. Possible solutions to the problems of Asia and the Middle East Türkiye'siz Ayçiçek www.karadenizolay.com değildir.M.Kemal director general release

kpod Author Profile Page:

The natural evolution of tribal customs can continue and should continue......

I think the US has difficulty, however, when the evolution of the customs includes calling the world a battlefield. Secretly planning and plotting to destroy and kill is surely not a custom we want to allow. Now admittedly this occured in Afghanistan....but as my previous post details...the problem has packed up and moved to Pakistan.

Let's figure out how we can allow our cultures to grow together rather than apart.

kpod Author Profile Page:

It "was" the war of America....and the extremists....

and it could have stayed that way. But following 9/11, when the US confronted them where they were, in Afghanistan, they ran.....to Pakistan.

Now the war includes parts of Pakistan. This could have prevented by identifying and bringing to justice wanted criminals.

Let's talk of a peace plan....confront the wanted criminals, eliminate their safe havens, and we can talk about bright future for Pakistan. I would hope the people would support that approach. Pakistan is significant country with nuclear weapons of its own.....they maintain respect in world community. Let us together clean up this small problem and then we can move forward.

nativson Author Profile Page:

Dear Sir. Pakistan has no war. The US is intent on trying to change centuries-old tribal and religious customs. By labeling everything Islamic to be terrorist, by pinning terrorist tags on benign religious groups and schools, the US has shown itself to be a world-class fool! It is even more foolish to think that Pakistan is waging a "war on terror" on its own people. Pakistan is taking the money,as they should, and pretending to fight in the outer regions. If the US continues to bomb villages inside Pakistan, then it will bring that country into war on the side of Afganistan. What fools we are!

MuhammadAyub Author Profile Page:

By changing the nominclature or methodology of the drone attacks, it would'nt be possible to change the reality; its the war of America not Pakistan. All the rubbish & nonsense comments by vested interests against Pakistan become totally irrelevent and meaningless if 9/11 had not occured. Remember it was not Pakistan or any of its citizens involved in the 9/11 episode.
It was only the then Pakistan dictator who dragged the country in to this war, presumably on recieving a telephonic threat from Bush. That coward man, who pocketed billions and who pretended to be a commando, is no longer there but the people of Pakistan are facing the music. Its just unfortunate. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state of over 170 million people. It is very astonishing & surprising that many ridiculous comments have come from people who do'nt deserve to pass such comments.

kpod Author Profile Page:

What America Doesn't Need From Pakistan

Actually there are very few things we do not need from Pakistan since we receive very little from there in the first place.

But we certainly do not need violent extremists. It seems there are plenty of those over there and we do not need Pakistan to send them our way.

We do not need Pakistan to continue denying that they need our help. Step up and we'll stop sending the things they think they don't need.

Don't send any more money. Don't give them any more technology. These thing can come after they determine they want the things necessary to be good world citizens. If we send these things and a majority of them decide to be extremists we will be feeding the tiger.

Come on now Pakistan...be good to us both and clean up your house....afterwards we'll go home and we can be good partners together. Admit to your people that you want and need our help, stop complaining when we help you eliminate deadly extremists, and start building the future your people need.

shovandas Author Profile Page:

The problem Pakistan faces is that the real power behind the leadership in Pakistan is the Army and the ISI. Nothing tangible can happen because years of judicial abuse, lack og effective parliamentary government and full blown corruption has resulted in a total breakdown of the system. Might is right - that is the catch word. Until the Army and the ISI respects the civilian leaders and obey their decisions, nothing much will be achieved - with or without U.S. funds.

wardropper Author Profile Page:

Stop throwing money at Pakistan?

If you follow the money, it ends up right back in the pockets of our own arms dealers.

And, boy, is that an old story.

lancy_lobo Author Profile Page:

The reaason why US does not want to collaborate drone attacks with Pakistan army is, that the ISI is not trusted. ISI will keep informing the Taliban/militants ahed of the attacks and the true purpose of drone attacks is defeated. Instead of advising US what to do about it, why is that you conveniently avoid advising Pakistan to get their act togather on ISI.

mohantys Author Profile Page:

Please do not squander a dime of American Tax-payers money to Pakistan. There are many poor, needy, terrorist free countries that deserve the aid. Pakistan has fooled America for eight years only to strengthen terrorists sancturies.Nawaz and Pakistani Journalist Abdul Rashid are part of Pakistan Army establishment, advising America, who are misguiding America only to obtain Pakistan strategic goal.
In order to get any American Aid, Pakistan should do the following:
1 . Surrender to America all Al Quaeda leaders including Osama -bin Laden and Taliban leader Omar who are hiding at Baluchistan under the protection of Pakistan Army .
2. Get off from Afghanistan and transfer all Pashtun areas including FATA to Afghanistan. Afghanistan does not need any Pakistan's interferrence.
3. Give autonomy to Baluchistan and NWFP and they do not want to be part of Pakistan.
Finally, the author should note:
No country in this world can kill hundreds of fellow Shiite Muslims, blow off the supply routes of NATO supply, kidnap several UN Officials, Red Cross Officials, other workers from other countries and slit their throats, prevent journalists to border areas, send suicide squads to other countries and even attacks foreign Embassies ,and proliferate Nuclear weapon technologies to rouge states , and releasing the non state actor Dr.Khan with impunity, but Pakistan can get away as it is a stalwart, frontline ally of America.
Now it demands unconditional more aid . And in return for its support, it wants America to force Afghanistan to accept the Durand Line by Afghanistan and to pressure India get Kashmir .
What does America get?

suvro Author Profile Page:

President Obama's "regional" solution to country specific problems is the right approach, even if there is no guarantee it will work. Just like the Palestinian problem is required to be solved before peace and oil supply stability engulfs the Middle East, a regional approach to the Afghanistan-Pakistan problem is the long term rational policy.

Who are the players? Certainly Russia and the other Central Asian nations bordering Afghanistan are key players at the table. Similarly, Iran with its huge border with Afghanistan must be at the table. India has to be there also, but so do Bangladesh, which has now often become a proxy to Pakistan's terrorists. Luckily a new government is in place in Bangladesh and that might offer a chance right past wrongs. And finally China needs to be there, as Pakistan's primary sponsor. NATO should be there because of its ground forces. These should all be driven by US diplomatic and financial muscle.

Finally, the fundamentalist money coming from Saudi Arabia must be stopped. Again, this is very much in US control - it has to be firm with King Abdullah and ensure that religious organizations in KSA cannot send money. It can also check the hawala transactions through Dubai and UAE.

Specifically for Pakistan, some of the measures outlined by the author is in the right spirit. But one thing missing is the removal of the firm grip of the armed forces on >90% of Pakistan's land resources and economy. US should make its military aid conditional and only to support the war on terrorism, and not buying fancy equipment for another war with India. Redirect the rest of this military aid for building civil society and democratic organizations.
Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea outlined beautifully how the criminal Cheney-Bush administration redirected $460M of promised Afghan aid towards the war in Iraq! School teachers in the Badakshan province were not paid 6 months of salary because the money was diverted! These were teachers who would have prevented religious indoctrination by the madrasahs!
Pakistan is the toughest problem to solve, simply because it is a nuclear armed country with irrational leadership. Had it not had any nuclear weapons, there was little leverage it would have had in the current world politics!

AnElite Author Profile Page:

Would any of us be surprised when we learn that Osama bin Laden and his gang are in fact living in Rawalpindi in army guesthouses treated as royalty? Ms. Bhutto was eliminated in the garrison city of Rawalpindi a few hundred yards from the house of Pakistani army leader. Her husband is the president of the country and till date there is no investigative result. If you remember, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the 9/11 mastermind was picked up in Rawalpindi. The Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, reports to the Pakistani army and not the President or PM of the country.

The billions of dollars of funds from US, after filling the pockets of a few individuals, go into Pakistani army coffers. None of it is shared for the good of the population of the country, however the public is kept informed of the killings of muslims by the drones. Obviously the public hatred towards the US keeps growing. When you report against Taleban you are beheaded, but if you behead an international agent you are rewarded. That is the law of the land in Pakistan. Kidnapping and killing of international agents is on the rise, a clear threat for overseers to stay away from helping the public.

After 9/11 Pakistan said to US, do not follow the terrorists into the region within our borders and your superior technology is useless in this region. Just give us the money and we will deliver the terrorists. Although Pakistan has claimed this land to be within its borders, clearly it has absolutely no control over it. When is the last time the President cut a ribbon to open a girl's school in Swat? After 8 years of scamming, Pakistan and this author is saying, keep giving Pakistan the money, and by the way also share your superior technology, we will deliver the terrorists. Eight years from today, Pakistan will say this sharing of technology is not working. Just give us the money and the technological hardware and we will deliver the terrorists, only to learn that the technology is being sold to enemies of the US, like they did with nuclear technology.

The day Pakistan delivers Osama bin Laden and his cohorts, it will lose the ability to blackmail and receive billions of dollars. Where is the incentive for Pakistan to hand over Osama bin Laden or eliminate terrorism from this world? This is their bread and butter.

pantangali Author Profile Page:

It IS refreshing to hear a Pakistani commentator (or possibly a Pakistani American commentator, I'm not sure) admit that the US has a right to make demands in exchange for the billions of dollars in aid we give it. Zardari's recent editorial, whose gist was "Give us money but not advice", showed unbelievable nerve even for that greaseball. This article still takes as an article of faith, however, that Pakistan is America's permanent welfare case, and that our interest in seeing this region become stable in some imagined future makes this massive investment worthwhile. "Fixing" Pakistan simply won't work and is not our responsibility to begin with. Their institutions are not strong enough to hold powerful people to account, so aid we give them is a boon to whatever party manages to secure control of it; it is never spent in a way that actually benefits the whole country. It's true that Musharraf did things not in his country's interest at our bidding, and that the Pak army has shouldered a great weight in our War on Terror by going into the FATA. But this was part of a flawed US strategy. They were paid proxies and so never fought to win. As a result, they did not achieve our objectives. It's time for the US to abandon this strategy. We should go after al-Qaeda's senior people unilaterally if we discover their locations, and we should strengthen the Afghan army to the point at which it can defend itself and its borders. Let Pakistan deal with its jihadis as it sees fit, if at all, and at its own expense. Its chronic corruption, cultural malaise, the popularity of jihadist ideology--these are all intractable problems that no one can solve but the Pakistanis themselves. Spending our tax dollars on them is foolish and criminal.

dolph924 Author Profile Page:

Don't give the Pakistani's ANY new technology.
Don't let them get their hands on any of ours.
Don't stop attacking Al Qaeda inside Pakistan.
Give Pakistan a GOOD reason to go after Osama BL inside Pakistan -- explain to them that otherwise our troops in Afghanistan will all just move east, with nuclear weapons backing them up if Pakistan's army actually tries to defend. Give them the precise coordinates of THEIR nukes and explain that they will have NO nukes, about fifteen minutes after the first shot is fired by Pakistani troops at U.S. ones. We have coddled these terrorist-harborers WAY too long already. Just how are they different from the Taliban when it comes to harboring terrorists? I see no difference whatsoever. If they want to avoid this type of result, let them send their troops into those hills and hunt down Osama BL -- we can offer them aerial recon help if they do, a world of hurt if they don't.

timothy2me Author Profile Page:

The problem Pakistan has is where their border with Afghanistan is. The tribal areas are populated by Afghans (Pashtun). When Pakistan was created they inherited these tribal areas from the British. The border is where the British gave up trying to invade Afghanistan.

Pakistan has had half a century to establish government control over these Afghan tribes and failed. They can only pretend that these areas are sovereign Pakistan territory and feign insult in their objections to American attacks. Al Qaeda/Taliban is a far greater threat to Pakistan than they are to the West and Pakistan knows it.

Obama needs to make it clear to the Pakistani Government and their Generals that the use of force authorization applies to anywhere al Qaeda finds a safe haven. They can either assist the US or stay out of the way.

shahjahanbhatti1 Author Profile Page:

USA and NATO Forces can win if they eliminate narcotics Mafia from the region. Many states here are involved in the business of death and destruction.

hdhanoa Author Profile Page:

What Pakistan needs is to reach a peaceful coexsistance with India.The army and ISI expands its resources on hate India and has followed, offcially confirmed by Ex ISI Chief Gen Hamid Gul, policy of thousand cuts and bleed India. Pakistanies need to see that the thousand cuts inflicted on India is bleeding Pakistan to death!THey need to stand up to army and ISI and take back their country before it is destroyed.You can pour in money and other resources til the kingdom come, it will not work until there is peace between the two countries.

CharlesGriffith1 Author Profile Page:

We Americans have to make a very hard decision, and then stay with it. We must determine if these unstable, mercurial nations in Asia are vital to America's defense and security. If we Americans determine that they are not, in fact, vital for our national defense and security, we must pull out of Asia and let them kill each other without America standing between them.
This present situation, as it stands now, has no end....so why do we Americans persist in this Quixotic effort to bring a unacceptable, alien philosophical concept to an area inherently unable to accept it....i.e. "stability among neighbors".
Thousands of years of mutual barbarism is not going to change.

CharlesGriffith1 Author Profile Page:

We Americans have to make a very hard decision, and then stay with it. We must determine if these unstable, mercurial nations in Asia are vital to America's defense and security. If we Americans determine that they are not, in fact, vital for our national defense and security, we must pull out of Asia and let them kill each other without America standing between them.
This present situation, as it stands now, has no end....so why do we Americans persist in this Quixotic effort to bring a unacceptable, alien philosophical concept to an area inherently unable to accept it....i.e. "stability among neighbors".
Thousands of years of mutual barbarism is not going to change.

mabucksath Author Profile Page:

The Pakastanis didn't go into FATA before the U.S. essentially bribed them to do so, so why would they go in of their own volition after the $ is taken away?

As stated above, Nawaz's optimism for the region is certainly commendable, but lacking in a depth and breadth of analysis.

The problem is the ISI, period. There are others, but it is the initial fulcrum. Of course, then you have endless spiralling medieval/fuedal/tribal cultural remnants to deal with, but that's another story...

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The problem Pakistan is now facing is of its own making. Do you really think the Pakistani army can't clear Swat in a week if it had a free hand? It's obvious the ISI is playing a double game and is responsible for the death of Pakistani soldiers in Swat while taking money from the US. The sooner the Pakistani public get that, the better it will be for their country. As for sharing information on drone strikes, remember how when the Pakistanis were informed, the targets always disappeared a few minutes before the attack? Defeating the terrorists in Pakistan is equivalent to dismantling the ISI.

Contrary to Pakistan's belief, the world is not stupid and the world has been watching... and the world has run out of patience. The ISI has painted Pakistan into a corner and it is now up to honorable Pakistanis to fight for their country's survival. They need to forget about foreign donations, forget their Indian paranoia, and their fixation on Kashmir. The time has come for Pakistan to fight the ISI. If they don't, it is the end of Pakistan.

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This article makes this approach sound obvious and straightforward. No mention of the difficulties or drawbacks of such an approach is made.

However, such an implementation is at best very long and dirty and at worst impossible. The article glibly glides over important things such as raising taxes and expunging corruption from high levels of government, both of which are difficult for a powerful government and practically impossible for a weak government such as Pakistan's. Additional, unmentioned, factors such as powerful and completely untrustworthy intelligence service only make it more difficult to hand over more resources to Pakistan.

If Pakistan had a powerful, stable government, this might be feasible. But like the Palestinian situation (different situation, but with parallels), the lack of a central, powerful, governing entity makes any kind of effective cooperation extremely difficult.

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Check out the Global Pulse video on this, showing how different TV news around the world are covering the issue.

Watch it here: http://www.linktv.org/video/3591

I'm an intern with Link TV, the nonprofit that produces Global Pulse. Interesting to see how the rest of the world is reporting on the news.

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