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Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. He was Africa Correspondent for the Science and Development Network (SciDev.net), a UK-based web site highlighting science and technology issues from developing countries. He also freelanced for the Switzerland-based Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO). Njoroge was a press fellow at the Wolfson College, University of Cambridge for four months in 2003, where he researched the role of alternative press in the democratization process in Africa. Njoroge currently lives in the U.S. He has studied Journalism and Technical Communication at the graduate level. Close.

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Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. more »

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The "Morons" Are in Moscow

In the court of public opinion Georgia stands tall, while Russia's reputation, as a responsible superpower, is now badly bruised.

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the murderous criminal us regime will stop at NOTHING to expand it's empire. the latest war crime is in afghanistan where almost 100 CIVILIANS were massacred with from the air by us COWARDS. these monkeys will have to be brought to court for ALL their war crimes.


to Kenya Njoroge the kenyan MONKEY.

what the going rate nowadays for being a CIA/mossad STOOGE?

Did they promise you greencard and riches to save you from your pathetic miserable life in the kenyan bush for being a loyal SOCKPUPPET for them?


To James the moron,

one similar move by the ukranian sock puppet against the russian portion of ukraine will lead to the SAME RESULT. except much WORSE. the neocon gangster sock puppets will be tought a lesson they will not forget ANY TIME SOON.


In the article below David Bromwich shows very clearly and in detail the absolutely CRIMINAL NEOCON plans to distabilize Georgia as part of a much broader world destabilization plan by installing their sock puppet Saki the insane.

Georgia and the Push for Cold War.


Morrons @ DC :

The Morons are in DC during the last 8 years. They wanted to steal the oil and they do NOT have it.

Canadain resources belong to Canada:

OK I calculated the score Russia 10 USA 6 and Georgia NFG. The winner is Russia. Now let get back to saving the enviroment.

PS -Canadian resources belong to Canada once Harper gets out of Bushes behind and tossed out next election




TO the Alexander THE MORON,



James,you figures are thing but lies and propaganda




(before 1993-94)
Abkhazian Autonomy : 85% of population GEORGIANS

South Ossetia : over 90% of population GEORGIANS


Georgian population reduced to 4% and 35% respectively.

After Last weeks Russian invasion Georgian population in those two Georgian regions is reduced to 0% in both.



We need to get both of this counties to NATO ASAP or it will be MUCH worse to the west tomorrow.


I COMPLETELY agree with you article Mr.Wachai.

I have read this article done by a top Russian military expert and I can see that you have studied this issue very seriously. Some western journalists still question if the siding with Georgia is correct. But once anyone learns more FACTS and DETAILS it is clear! Russia is an aggressor and a problem for a world... yet again.



Toronto, Canada


Well no matter what the Russians do they will always look bad in the biased Western Media.
The Georgians are no saints.
The West has been on a campaign to take advantage of Russia's weakness in the past, and even more in the past the British too with their Crimean Wars.
The West would like to see Russia a weak and broken up client state to their interests. The flowery talk about morality and ethics is a guise for their national interests. Russia has a right to pursue its interests and maintain its sphere of influence just as the US does or any other superpower.


Five major media monopolies make up over 90% of the news reported in the US. The media consolidation has come with the blessings of the FCC extended to media moguls with strong Republican ties. Steered by their corporate masters, newsrooms are packed with directors friendly to the neo-con movement. Truths that contradict their policies can only emerge outside the US, as coverage that can be considered detrimental to neo-con positions is omitted here. We've seen this effect in the reporting on Iraq.


The person who wrote the article is a really moron. West media always think they are judge. If someone has different view he is isolated. The truth is the population of west countries is only 10% of the world. Their view doesn't mean the view of the world.


If Georgia has oil. US will have invaded it before the Russians. US hypocrisy is evident to many in the world. Russians are just doing what US has done ina small way.


Mozart my ASS: (more like fitty cents ganasta rapper)

The ramblings of us imperialist apologists here remind me of the online diatribes of unitary us/brit/jew Party after the repression in the iran/gautemala/elSalvador/panama/iray/yugoslavia etc etc etc.

Oddly, they think if the gangster imperialist cabal and their sock puppet stooges post enough propaganda TRASH and LIES, they can fool the world sadly they are mistaken.

They confuse truth with drinking NEOCON imperialist KOOLAID and t warmongers and their stooges apparently the confuse civilized discourse and debate with lies and imperialist rhetoric. the imperial patsies are not used to being challenged. They're running faster over the cliff the lemmings of the yore. the criminal empire is going bankrupt in more ways than KOOLAID drinkers can imagine. when you finally hit the bottom in a bloody mess, the citizens of the world will finally say: Thank you GOD, they finally got their just answer.


Mozart my ASS: (more like fitty cents ganasta rapper)

The ramblings of us imperialist apologists here remind me of the online diatribes of unitary us/brit/jew Party after the repression in the iran/gautemala/elSalvador/panama/iray/yugoslavia etc etc etc.

Oddly, they think if the gangster imperialist cabal and their sock puppet stooges post enough propaganda TRASH and LIES, they can fool the world sadly they are mistaken.

They confuse truth with drinking NEOCON imperialist KOOLAID and confuse civilized discourse and debate with lies and imperialist rhetoric. the imperialist warmongers and their stooges apparently they are not used to being challenged. run, ruin faster over the cliff O lemmings o the yore. the criminal empire is going bankrupt in more ways than you can imagine. when you finally hit the bottom in a bloody mess, the citizens of the world will finally say there will say thank you GOD thy finally got their just answer.


The ramblings of Russian apologists here remind me of the online diatribes of Chinese Communist Party members after the repression in Tibet.

Oddly, they think if they post enough violent and insulting trash, they have made some sort of point.

They confuse agi-prop and shouting down with civilized discourse and debate. And apparently they are not used to being challenged.


the purpose of very large us propaganda complex is to keep their citizens disoriented and in the dark about the truths of this world for long as possible, and in the most profound ways and to generate artificial consent, allowing the imperialists in charge with free reign to do what they want when they want it. all the while creating this virtual world supporting and their inhumanity and insanity towards others.

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media is a book by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, first published in 1988.


Afghanistan: 76 civilians die in airstrike, ministry claims! this is just ONE single incident among hundereds of serial such mass murders of innocant civilians just in afghanistan

This comming from the greatest moralist and the self appointed judge jurry and executioner of others.




Keep drink the Necon kool-aid. i know the truth is just way too ugly and unbearable without it.


that truth about neocon's imperialist machinations.



Please see the comment from "kokujin" - very well written and based on FACTS! Thanks !


This forum is swimming with Russian apologists and amateur propagandists, many of whom are not above attacking the author in the most vile and racist terms. Shame on you all.

Saakashvili may have seriously miscalculated. He may even be a moron, if you like, and US foreign policy should hardly be held as a model (Yes hypocrisy still lives! What a shock!). But Russia is engaged in sheer and ruthless imperialism in South Ossetia and (most importantly) Abkhazia, where they facilitated ethnic cleansing of ~200,000 Georgians in the early 90's (ethnic Abkhazians may be a near majority now, but at the time they were fewer than 100,000).

This war was planned and provoked by the Russians who've been chipping away at Georgia's territorial integrity for years. Human rights organizations have documented numerous atrocities in this latest conflict, predominantly committed by the Russians and their separatist wards. Maybe the US doesn't have the standing or resources to stop Russia, but that does not make what is happening OK.


I don't know how anyone could call the Russians dumber than Saakashvili. He sent his army on a suicide mission, rolled the dice that the US would send some sort of cavalry charge and lost. As an article that someone gave a link to earlier says, Americans play monopoly while Russians play chess.
The game has been on for awhile and the Russians gave everyone the impression that they weren't in the game, sitting back watching the coloured revolutions, then Kosovo fall. But they drew the line at Georgia and the Ukraine joining NATO and struck when they had the opportunity and now the real game is on: http://theendisalwaysnear.blogspot.com/2008/08/heartland.html


Now what will the "Morons" in the White House do?

Recall the long debate about "Who Lost China."

We know who lost Russia.

Fisch, BN, Germany:

Media dont matter at all and the world knows something better. Lame article, bravo, thats Kenia?!!

so damn right:

so damn right


Njoroge Wachai. the MORON monkey howls at the orders of its gangter paymasters. but no cigar for you NASTY nazi neocon sock puppet.


Russia is the biggest loser because of its assault on Georgia? That's nonsense. If anything, Russia has shown that it will not stand idly by as its interests are being threatened. Mr. Wachai has claimed that the world 'empathizes' with Georgia. Well, I see many in the world wondering what could Saakashvili have been thinking? Attacking Russia despite warnings from other countries was a mistake that had a heavy price.

When the Georgians attacked South Ossetia where did [S.O.] people go? To Russia. The people have ties to Russia, and before the Soviet Revolution, North and South Ossetia were one state. Those two peoples want to be rejoined. South Ossetia has been effectively separate from Georgia since the early 90s.

Russia is the biggest loser because of its assault on Georgia? Russia has effectively dismantled Georgia's military, shot down Georgia's chances of be invited into NATO, and has warned other countries that provocations against its citizens will not be tolerated.

And what has the west done? Nothing. Despite all over the Cold War talk resurfacing Western Europe is not trying to provoke Russia any more than it has to. The need for access to the pipelines that Russia controls will increase the West's reluctance to interfere with matters close to Russia's borders.

And the U.S.? They have lost much political currency in the world, especially with Russia. First, Kosovo. Then, the breaking of agreements between the US and Russia over putting NATO forces in former Warsaw Pact countries, and the U.S. walking away from the ABM treaty. Why would Russia believe anything the U.S. says. Considering that the "Orange revolution" was paid for by the U.S., the unsettling aspects of these new 'democracies' particularly Georgia, why would Russia not believe that its interests are threatened by the West?

"It's unjustified because Georgia has never sought to destabilize Russia. It has only sought to embrace political and economic reforms that don't serve Russia egotistic interests"

What Georgia has done was commit an act of war. It does not get to choose Russia's response. It had also been antagonizing Russia through the bellicose comments for years before this incident from Saakashvili, who is interestingly serving U.S. interests.

Finally, I find it interesting that you cite the articles in the Journal and the Times and try to make it seem that Russia is very concerned about the Western media. But we all know that is clearly not the case. They will continue to do what is in their interests. They also said that using proxies against them will not work; the U.S. will have to deal with Russia directly.

Russia is the biggest loser because of its assault on Georgia? Nonsense.

anonimous variable:

Ill-informed and poorly thought through article. Sad to see how low the WP droped the quality of its materials.


Here is a very interesting, different point of view:


Demian :

Actually, Russian has made the point that it wanted to make and Georgia cannot do anything about it. And that point is do not take our security concerns lightly.

If any leader is a moron, it would have to be Sakashvilli, who seemed to have forgotten that Russia is a next door and has an active interest in what happens on its doorstep.

Believe you me, if Mexico decided that it was in its security interest to have nuclear weapons, the US would not standby and let that happen.

Finally, the argument that Sovereignty is sacrosanct has gone by the wayside with US invasion of Iraq and the recognition of Kosovo without a formal agreement from Serbia. If a nation feels threatened, than one can expect war.
And we have to thank Bush for that with his premption policy.

The new order has changed and the fulcrom power is being dilated with more players. Let's hope Georgia recognizes this new reality.


NO MORON, you the brainwashed american have better information than the rest of us.

you have the stupidity to think that you're the FOX/CNN/et al. is anything but state run propaganda shops and you get only the truth and nothing but the truth? i have an igloo to sell you in alaska.

you uninformed moron and the product of the pathetic us educational system obviously getting for information from that epitome of fair and unbiased FOX news NOT. you drivel about "planted agents" and "trapping them" is shows your profound ignorance. period!!


Wait a minute don't is the western media zoo ALREADY overflowing with animals of all stripes.

Are the nazi neocons so desperate that they feel compelled shore-up their propaganda by importing more chained circus animals from africa now?

Aren't the existing outright liers, distortionists, scam artists, and propaganda organs not enough to last the whole population many times over.

How much more PATHETIC these morons intend to get??


History has shown that when the U.S.A. says we have your back, it's an empty promise; unless we already have troops and weapons in place and at the ready.

Sure, we'll sell you, or even give you equipment and training support for years. But don't expect us to do more than say, "That's nice dear" when you initiate military action without having us intimately involved from the beginning.

Anju Chandel:

I say: Political Morons are everywhere. And all politicians are Morons.


Clueless rubbish generated by Googling and stitching up the pieces.

Most fascinating part is that the writer has limited himself to links from mostly American and other English speaking sites, that are all aligned with the Yanks.

Has it ever occured to you that your scope is too narrow and Europeans are the first one to have a say, since it is in their backyard?

Real rubbish. Wash Post ought to kick this guy off its panel for wasting cyberspace and bandwidth!!!!


Do you work for the Georgian or American Government ? Your lack of facts on the issue at hand is astonishing.
1.Georgia signed a cease fire arrangement with South Ossetia.This occured in the early 90's
2.Russia had been the peace keepers in the reagion since that time.
3.Two separate referendums where held on seperation in South Ossetia.Both were in favour one with 91% of the vote the other with 95%.
4.It was the USA that shoot down the attempt at South Ossetia independence in 2006.Due to Georgia's contribution to the Iraq war.
5.Since April of this year Russia has been pleading with the UN as well as Georgia to sign a nonaggresion pact with the seperatist states.
6.The Georgian forces invaded South Ossetia, Russia came in to fulfill there obligation under the peace agreement.
I will say that Russia did Overstep its athority in the scope of the crisis but truely if you dont want this to happen again you must limit the Georgian capibility's.
Furthermore the propaganda on both sides has been over done.The media bias is overwhelming!!!
Knowledge is power


Wow..what an ill informed article that is full of opinions presented like facts. Georgians not Russians attached and killed people. Eye witness videos show S.Osettian's angry with Russia for not coming over sooner. Saakashvili, if you lived in the US was on all the news channels talking to every reporter who would listen to him. I was beginning to think he was a CNN news correspondent. There are no figures on the 100,000 refugees who ran into N.Osettia fearing a genocide in hands of the Georgians, Russia's hand was forced and they did what they had to do. The article does not talk about the treaty Georgia violated by using arms against S.Osettia, the same treaty that gives Russia the full right to use arms if either parties violated the treaty. If you want to talk ethics and legality Russia played it by the book. I do not agree with Russian politics but viewing this one isolated event Russia was right and Georgia and all countries supporting them are wrong, my opinion of course. Now the way Russians behaved once inside Georgia, thats what the CIA calls a "Blow back" that just english for "tough luck, should have though about it before hand"


Observer and Leon:
Re/ Dr Woland--you are perceptive to note Dr Woland is not a native speaker. He is likely from Russia, where one of their favorite authors is Bulgakov. But what if he is ESL? Does that disqualify him from having a valid opinion? He listed off several points that seem generally accurate to me (I am an American citizen, born in the USA, if that matters, by the way, but have had the opportunity to work in Russia for several years).

There's actually a notion Bulgakov had that some sort of veil of evil (or is it good?) infects people from time to time, for an end we don't understand. From what has happened with regard to Georgia, but is fast developing into a confrontation between USA and Russia, it may have some validity. Most leaders in Eastern Europe/Western Asia are not "minority" and are male; they have a peculiar notion of power and the proper obeisance to it. Sakashvili, Putin, Djugashvili, Alexander III, Peter the Great, etc, they're all the same on that score; we in the West tend to view this simply as "corruption." (OK, Catherine the Great was female!). This is who you have to deal with.

The question is, is the USA going to eliminate this?-- is it going to crush it?-- what are its intentions? The Russians are very nervous, because they know the USA has put itself at the end of its rope with regard to oil supply, and Russia has already experienced a desperate enemy try to take its oil supplies already, in the name of "Living Space." And as anyone in the USA would agree in other situations, a good offense is often the best defense, especially when one is as insecure as Russians are.

I would agree the article that this thread attaches to is rubbish, but allusions made elsewhere in this thread that the author's skin color or that he is from Africa should have any bearing on his right to an opinion are reprehensible. It's simply a shallow piece of writing, evidently made to support some larger agenda.


Rubbish article. Full of cliches and usual western brainwashing. No point in reading it beyond 2 paragraphs. The author should at least learn where South Ossetia is and what kind of history with Georgia it had. Ohh yeah, and he should probably stop getting his paystubs from the georgian president (although everyone knows that the money is coming from US in that country since they have no GDP only military budget...)

Jack P:

Global dominance is the intent of the Pentagon. Europe would like to rid themselves of the albatross that is the United States. On scale Russia's actions are disproportional - they should have acted more fiercely. NATO exists, the Warsaw Pact doesn't. The U.S. arms Georgia, invades Iraq, and that's alright. I'd like to think what Americans would think if Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and other countries in proximity were putting in anti-missile defense systems, doing covert operations, and doing all of this against their word. In the 1990's nato said they would not infiltrate east.

Ramah G. Martin:

A Russian reader: Am I to understand that you have better information than the rest of us? I guess, what with your state run news organizations, you always get only the truth and nothing but the truth.

It is true that Georgia intervened but the conflict was started by "planted agents" within S. Osettia, a region that is internationally recognized as belonging to Georgia. Just because these agents declared themselves "independent" does not mean that suddenly the Georgian government has no authority or responsibility towards "order". The Russians "trapped" them into action and they fell for the trap. The real villains here are the Russians, period!!

As for Iraq: There is NO comparison to actions taken by Russia in Georgia, and actions taken by the US in Iraq. The US "enforced" 17 UN resolutions that the UN themselves were too gutless to enforce. George Bush is only a man who respects "responsibility"; beat him all you wish but history will exonerate him. And friends; John McCain is no George Bush!

Tom Miller1:

The Iraq conflict was a blunder and misguided adventure for the Bush administration. Putin's aggression against Georgia is no less a blunder and misguided adventure.

Choose up sides and cheer your team on if you wish but these facts are real. How can people be so blind? People love to hate - period.

Some of the racist remarks against Mr. Wachai are atrocious but I suspect that those making them aren't just as atrocious.

Your points are well made Mr. Wachai. Stick to your right to have an opinion and let your voice be heard.


Long live Russia



Based on what I've read about neo-conservative strategists of the type the US has in charge now, and based on what I've read about Russian/KGB type strategists of the type in charge in Russia, they kind of think like this:

"What do we need to do to grab power decisively?"

Unfortunately, the US neocons tried to grab power during an Iranian election long ago, and it went downhill eventually, the intrigue being exposed.

Equally unfortunately, the Iranian 'revolution' broke all the rules of geopolitical relations in their expulsion of the US would-be power grabbers. So, despite all the 'they are so very much like us' weekly magazine articles, there is no real hope of a moderate, reasonable Iran that wants to trade fairly with the US, and they remain the seed of the extremist kudzu that threatens to choke out the middle east.

So, really, what the neocons want to do now to grab the power is to destroy Iran. It really would make everything go so much smoother.

You see, the world runs on oil. The farm machinery, the gunboats, the tanks, the humvees. The carriers. The ships of the fleet.

The US used to have control of lots of oil.

Now, who has control of lots of oil?

"But we need control of lots of oil" say the neocons, "It sure would be great if everyone in Iran was dead. Well, I mean, not really-- because that would be very problematic, but if it could be as close as possible, virtually, like-- that would be swell".

"We'd like control of more oil" say the Russian strategists, "because that way nobody can power their armies. It sure would be great if everyone in Georgia was dead. Well, I mean, not really... hmm, well, sure: really! If they do this and that, then really why not? Yay!".

But there's this thing, where the US has to travel mostly around the world to make everyone in Iran virtually dead, and it's a much bigger place to make everyone dead in, the Russians just have to provoke the Georgians to do "this and that" then drive through a tunnel and over some scenic mountains and make them dead.

I mean, not "dead", but, virtually.


WeeFree is absolutely right,

but remember one thing the majority of the us population thinking center have been lobotomized and only been left to work with their reflexive part thanks to their world class redeucation camps, er educational system to stand to attention to nazi's neocons such as bush and co.


So it is poor little Georgia, with help from their US advisers precipitate the incident, as aggressors. One might inquire why the Odessa people are not happy and aligned with Russia? Only half the story is misleading at best.

If the purpose of the Iraq War is war itself and the economics of no-bid contracts and largess campaign money to finance Carl Rove and George Bush's 'permanent majority', then our involvement must be to re-start the cold war for profit.

The solution should be a plebiscite, as to which nation the region wishes to be part of. I'm sure that a peaceful resolution is in conflict with the real goals of the Bush Administration.


looks like your are having political high blood preassure. Im sure you never been in Georgia,never been in Abchkazia, never been in Russia , only in your air-conditioning room in front your loptop...stop writing


Njoroge, somehow a journalist, is unable to frame a clear opinion about the Russian incurse.
he kept saying that the russian government is wrong and the Georgian government is right.You are superficial in dealing with the subject.Indeed,you need to read a lot about the former USSR and the desintegration of this empire to understand clearly why the russian are upset, why the russian invaded Georgia?Russian aren't morons as You claimed . Being foolish is doing the wrong thing not doing the right one.
Say that your country is harassed by a neighbouring one, what would do?
do not tell me you are not going to move a muscle.I hope you will take my advice in consideration and start reading and understanding before throwing yourself in something you hardly heard , watch on TV or read it in the internet.One more thing,when you write do not take ideas which do not belong to you ,just formulate yours.


Not that I'm not interested in the author's point of view, but in this instance, it's none of the readers' business whether I agree with his opinion or not.

BUT, I absolutely cannot believe the vile, abhorrent words at least two of you have used.

I hope you don't talk or write that way in front of children. Have you ever heard of proper behavior, or even of how to frame an argument properly?


For those of you who feel as they wasted their time reading this brain-washed crap from Njoroge Wachai (I surely do), I encourage you to read this article:

At least some people from Washington Post write based on facts and do not declare themselves experts on Caucasus region undeservingly.


This man, Njoroge,obviously has no feeling for the Ossetians massacred on the morning of August 8th. I say let him keep his nose in African business and let the Russians and Georgians handle the Caucusus region.
This kind of misinformed opinion is utter ignorance.


A very objective analysis of the situation.
Yes, Russia is the agressor. No boubt about it.


"Anonymous" I don't know why I am bothering with this but clearly you have gone off the deep end. Is the only press delivered to foreign countries from the USA left wing history revisionism? United States stole land from Indians. Wow,when you point the finger you have three pointing back at you. Russia's OWN famous authors chronicled the destruction of entire civilizations down to the last dog in the Soviet expansion under Stalin, Yes he was Georgian but He was nevertheless pursuing the interests of Russia when he did all his damage. To call someone a Nazi or an Indian land thief is like feces complaining of bad odor. Take a deep breath and try to post a coherent argument. You take up a lot of space throwing around your negative comments and probably have no interest in the discussion anyway.

An Indian!:


You are correct! Russians have enormous advantage with the Energy security card, especially EU majors like Germany, France, Italy and others are in jitters over this war. UK is another lunatic nation which is always behind Russia with no real point. None can risk a war with Russia, believe me it would be hell on our Mother Earth!

Many have remarked why should Russians have to step into this war? Simple reason! The Russian Constitution guarantees the safely of their citizens just like American Constitution. Remember, most of the people in the break away regions of Georgia are Russians with valid passports. And, Georgia is continuously funded and armed by Americans and Israelis. Frankly, never thought Israel gonna involve anything against Russia...maybe Washington made them to work against Russians?

Next point is Bush strategy (he thought or stupid forecast by his staff) 'beneficial' to another retard, who is a Presidential nominee, McCain. These guys wanna come to power at any cost by nudging out Obama, and remember the Republican guys always full of Neocons who are always armed against the Soviet Union and now Russia.

Another interesting point is, maybe this is America's secret plan to get the East European nations under the NATO umbrella. But all those countries really need a strong point to join NATO. US and Israel worked together on this because that Georgian idiot was / is ready available to get played as a puppet (in fact he is a dumb as*).

If anyone remembers the great man named Mikhail Gorbachev, he said clearly that US has messed up and continuously doing mistakes by NATO expansion into the Eastern European side, which is very much against the then made agreement between Gorby and Reagan before the demolition of the Berlin Wall.

And another angle is, China. Now games are ON so they are silent. Am awaiting for their reaction on Monday / Tuesday. I know very well that Russia never counts China but still Chinese might poke their nose into this conflict at the UN council or maybe even they gonna accuse the United States of messing up the things and for kicking off the Cold War II (maybe this is what the Americans want?).



I hate to inturupt your rant but TEMUSA was just quoting me and if you cared to read to the bottom was trying to tie what i was saying to propganda. See this is how people like you get misinformed, you don't read the whole story and tend to jump to conclusions that fill your hateful agenda. Thank you for contributing though, you have shown who the real "morons" are.


To Anonymous:

You have lost the argument clearly and do not have the intellectual honesty or ability to understand the argument nor make a reasonable one. All you can do is swear, call people names and spew hate.
What a big boy you are!

Charles Lopez:

When you say the morons are in Moscow, they were the aggressor but there is more to this mess.
What do you think would happen if one of the states in the US wants to break away from this country and Russia and Cuba start a support system with it.
This whole mess could have been avoided if we had leaders in this World that could mind their own Business and stop all this political sales.
Just look at what has happened to this world in the last 8 years because of all of this so called help.
This is the same game that has been going on for thousands of years. The World is just smaller and the stakes are higher.
We are are getting to a point where we are going to kill each other off or get along.
The Russians are just acting like the USA.
We should get the hell out of there and let them settle things.
Russia has a bully label, what do you think we have?
Do you think that the people of the middle east and Russia and North Korea think the the USA is the Peacekeeper?
If you do put a Quarter under your pillow and the tooth Fairy will take care of this.


The claim that Russia has to wait decades to destigmatize its alleged perception as a bully is unrealistic. It is more likely that it will be business as usual.
Russia has the control of important natural resources and has its hand on the spiquet. That trumps everything.
A great example of worthless, ineffective and counterproductive projection of perception is Iran. Business as usual Any move from the west to pull out is immediately filled by the east.
One day, I suspect the east will write volumes as to how they were able to accomplish their rise and they will have a coomon theme. They thought they were more important than they really were and it cost them greatly


After Bush has destroyed our military how can he order anyone to do anything ? I bet the Russians got a big laugh at the Big Bully's threats. Maybe Bush is keeping Cheney for his secret weapon ... are there any Quail in Georgia or people wearing Hunter-Orange suits. ?



Yes i can answer the question. The USA would probably do what Russia has done, and that would also in my opinion be wrong.
Think about it: All nations have civilians living all over the world. If every time a foreigner was killed in another country and everytime that country then reacted like Russia, we would be in a continuos state of world war. Thus i would condem all countries reacting the way Russia has, and that would include the USA if they did the same.
Further, you miss my point. I believe that Georgia did provoke Russia, but that does not provide rationale to invade Georgia so aggressively. Russia may not be the initial attacker, but they still bear some responsibility. More to the point, how does the Russian reaction lead to peace and stability.
My point is that by not being even and open minded in ones views, leads nowhere but to war, which is a tradegy under ALL circumstances. Two wrongs do not make a right. Views cannot be changed by force, they can only be changed by reasoned discussion and dialogue. You should think about that.

Nash :

You are wrong. US is dark force, not Russia... Georgia as a state haven't existed for eternity. New world order needs to take Russian standpoint with respect or face dark future.
US and EU can't solve any international problem including the Iraq and Afghanistan issue. How about former Yugoslavia? What about territorial integrity of that country at the time? Kosovo was granted independence just recently...Double standards over and over again...

An Indian!:

Freedom Voice:

Putin is the Time's Man of the Year for 2007. You appear to me like a clown, stop fooling the world.

BTW, if Russia puts their Nukes / Strategic Bombers again in Cuba or in South America...what US gonna do?

11 points:

Few points/questions. Make your own conclusions…

1. Russians had their force on border with Georgia ready 2-3 months before Aug. 6, both on the border with S. Ossetia and with Abkhazia. If Russian plan in Odseetia hadn’t worked they were ready to provoke Georgia in Abkhazia.

2. 30K Ossetians, together with Kokoita were evacuated to Russia before Aug. 6th.

3. I don't know who started fighting, but 3-4 days before Aug. 6th Osetian paramilitary force (armed by Russians) was shooting at Georgian villages and Georgian peacekeepers were shooting back. Russian peacekeepers did nothing.

4. How Russian peacekeepers were fulfilling their mandate if not even once they intervened with Ossetian paramilitaries?

5. After 15 min of night fighting on Aug. 6th Kokoita, while in Russia, announced that Georgians killed 1500 people. By most recent count about 60 people were killed, most of them ossetian paramilitaries.

6. If Russian nationality, with Uzbek passport, moves from Uzbekistan to Moscow how long does she/he need to wait before getting Russian passport? I heard that the process can take 5-7 years!

7. Was Russian military giving passports to Ossetians in Georgia because Ossetians asked for them or because Russians wanted to “create” Russians in Georgia? Did they also need to provide them with cash and weapons? Exactly the same happened in Abkhazia.

8. In Chechen’s struggle with Russia Georgia did not issue any passports to Chechens and then used it as a pretext to go in with an attempt to annex the territory and overthrow Russian Government in Kremlin! Does it mean Georgians should have done it if they could? Does it mean Russian can do whatever only because they can?

9. How many times Russia helped Georgian side to settle all disputes with Ossetians in Georgia? Aren’t they peacekeepers? Or are they partial peacekeepers?

10. Ossetians who took Russian passports don’t want to live in Georgia? Fine, they can go to Russia.

11. Referendum for the future? Fine, but first all the displaced Georgians must return to their homes, both in Abkhazia and in S. Ossetia.


Njoroge who?

Freedom's Voice:

Bravo! Absolutely correct. Russia is behaving with extreme paranoia and utter immaturity.

Thanks to decades of brutal and arrogant treatment of its next-door neighbors, post-Soviet Russia had lots of work to do if she wanted anything to do with being respected and honored.

But instead of embarking on a path of reconciliation lasting generations, which was her ONLY choice after her outrageously criminal behavior since World War II, Putin's intense paranoia - which now appears no different than Stalin's - has caused him to act like a rabidly psychotic animal looking for something to kill.

Putin is a very sick man and you are correct; anyone spewing his doctrine truly are "morons."


Shame on some of you for siding with Russia. They have been waiting for an excuse to invade Georgia for some time now and soon to be Ukraine. I know there are probably a lot of American people that are misinformed by alot of the same media that is trying to cover up what is really happening, but shame on you for not standing behind your countries allies. I am tired of Americans that are Anti-American, Anti-American allies, and an American enemy sypathizer. These people need to be shown the Exit door!!! If you live in America you have the freedom to leave if you don't like it here and go follow Putin or whatever dictator you have been siding with!! Good day.


Yeah, and germany, the country that once worshipped Hitler is also in NATO. What a puke...


The other day, the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Ukraine visited Saakashvilli's Georgia. It was unfortunate the Russian troops were occupying Gori and, because of this, these dignitaries were unable to visit Stalin's mausoleum to lay flowers and wreaths an sing his glories. Because, as you very well know, Gori is Stalin's birthplace and there the Stalin's huge statue/monument dominates the landscape. In democracy-loving Georgia, Stalin, the butcher of Russia and Eastern Europe, is worshiped as a god. Stalin's original name was Djugashvilli, which rhymes with Saakashvilli; they are of the same stock, both mentally unstable.
I would love to see Georgia become a NATO member. Imagine, a country who worships Stalin, a NATO member! Would George Bush visit Stalin's mausoleum? Maybe lay some flowers for the great Georgian god too?
The countries that suferred most under Stalin' terror were the very same countries who sent their presidents to comfort the Stalin-worshipper Saakashvilli.
What clowns! The whole farce makes me puke.


I am not in the least surprised at the lame comparisons of Russia's actions in Georgia and USA's actions in Iraq,Afghanistan etc.etc.blah blah. It must be perspective. "Evil America and its ubiquitous dominating culture". America has lost it's moral standing in the world?. First, The article that spawned this morass of opinions and jumbled incoherent misstatements was not presented as anything But opinion. How is it in any way news to attribute a political figure with a mental disorder? I haven't heard of anywhere in the world this is not commonplace(at least out of earshot for you folks without a free press)
Second, If the actions undertaken were clearly in the interest of protection for South Ossetians and not a calculated attack, why the destruction of infrastructure and delayed return to the protected area? I respect the Russian people for what they endure but I do not believe they get the true picture from their media and people from other countries parroting their viewpoint are misinformed.
Military action is supposed to be a last resort and a nation making this choice should seek approbation from other nations before they go forward with it. The USA has consistently done so and has helped rebuild the places when we leave. Russia(I should say their government) has been setting this up for quite some time. That is obvious and inarguable(evidenced by the rapidity of the response to Georgia's aggressive actions in S. Ossetia and the availability of the heavy armor and number of troops already awaiting the order to invade. That kind of mobilization had to be preplanned).They did not wait for Any other country to approve of the "rescue",No instead they moved in within hours of the Georgian move on the disputed region. It takes time to implement a tactical plan like the one the Russian military used to take out the infrastructure and decimate the military and move in to Georgia's center. Also obvious. Yes, Russia's political leaders are becoming aggressive in response to perceived threats in their sphere of influence from the west and I cannot understand the need of my government to provoke them but I read a Jane's analysis which is the most impartial I could acquire and their determination is that Russia is motivated by economic reasons(read control of oil)and have the benefit of redirecting their populace's attention from the troubles in their economy not to mention justifying Putin's military buildup which has slowed from a shortage of money.
A lot of people in this and other postings have attributed these reasons to my country's actions even many Americans but that would not make sense. Invade Iraq for oil and then spend untold billions rebuilding it to not get a drop? How stupid do you think Bush is? Trust me, no one is that stupid and it is a flaw in his adversaries to assume so. While writing this post yet more aggression from the Russians that are supposed to be pulling out. It won't be long before the posters supporting them are clamoring for our help and then you can hate us while we bail you out, It's Ok we'll do it anyway since no one else will. Oh and you UN supporters, great job in Sudan and Darfur. We'll make time to help out there too. We don't have anything better to do in the US than spend our GNP on foreign affairs while our own financial affairs are so messed up. If we turn inward and leave this kind of stuff unchecked who will stop it? Oh yeah, the EU and their mighty doctrine of calling us, or China perhaps? Think they will pay to rebuild when they leave?


"Politicians in Georgia have not been resting on their laurels, either. Saakashvili has called the Kremlin tenants "21st century barbarians." Their soldiers are drunkards, who are poorly dressed and equipped..."

Is this all that you can quote from the Georgian leadership?...The types of insults hurled by Tbilisi have been unprecedented!

Why fail to mention such Saakashvili quotes: Russians are“…pushing people into concentration camps that they are setting up in those villages and separating men and women and doing worse kind of atrocities”

“Russian troops, they go into houses, they destroy houses, there is all this documentary footage around that can prove it....they are taking things like furniture, toilet seats, killing people, terrorizing people."

Funny how you find the most whitewashed of quotes from Georgians….

"In the court of public opinion Georgia stands tall, while Russia's reputation, as a responsible superpower, is now badly bruised."

huh...sure according to western propagandist and their assets

Georgia…”It has only sought to embrace political and economic reforms that don't serve Russia egotistic interests”

Hmm…didn’t they have active peace accord and GEORGIA decided to violate it; with an attack on a civilian population!!! ON THE EVE OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES

“…media matters” finally a two words of truth! A war is always fought on two fronts….battlefield and the propaganda front! The latter has been dominated by the West for many decades!

You are so misinformed, and there is plenty raw data available as to why you are wrong….will only say one thing…SPHERE OF INFLUENCE (amongst other factors) ….dumb nuts….The Georgians decide to prostitute themselves and serve the geo-political interest of a government gone mad, and now they must pay the price.

Funny, how the world looked away when Russia committed true atrocities in Chenya! Oh that’s right the US needed its alliance at the time…

There are too many crises in the world – especially in Africa – that demand world’s attention…
Irresponsible provocateurs don’t make the list! Remember: When you play with fire and you will get burned!

You analysis only proves that…….you are the moron…..


What I think the author alludes to that is interesting is that Russia cannot get a 'fair trial' in the Western press. Believe it or not, there is actually an opportunity to demonstrate that the EU, US and Russia can work to sort out this issue if some honesty can be injected into the situation.

When I first heard about what our Georgian 'ally' had done, I thought "What kind of 'democracy' sics it's soldiers on a city within it's own borders, and why isn't the US gov't saying anything about that aspect of the situation?".

Let's recap: basically the Georgians blasted the crap out of a politically dissenting city and ran away when the Russians showed up. Hella allies.

But any nobility the US could project based on principles, objectivity and impartiality has been frittered away in the rush to 'secure' nice oily places.

Even so, yes, as far as what the US administration is squawking about, there is the whole violation of recognized sovereign borders aspect, which is a valid concern.

But what about indications that the vast majority of the people in the regions in question wanted something other than to be part of Georgia? Was that all just Russian machination? Clearly the Russians had planned well to quickly seal off the breakaway regions, but what was it that caused these places, that barely if at all seem to be viable countries, to want independence.

Jiri Klouda:

BTW Russians are correctly mistrustful of Georgian dictators like Saakashvili If you want to know why, just look up on Wikipedia what the last one, named Dzhugashvili did with considerably more resources. Saakashvili has the same mindset, just fewer resources.


Its funny to see so many ignorant Americans write here that Putin is a dictator. I just have to ignore their comments...
Putin is a as much an elected leader as George Bush.. oh, did I forget how Bush won the election in 2000?




Please read this:

Georgia had enough political tools at its disposal, definitely Mikheil Saakashvili, to shout loud and clear that Russia is fighting a proxy war in South Ossetia.

But Georgia did not do that.
Instead, they *bombed* helpless *civilians*.
Saakashvili was trying to get South Ossetia under total control and maybe "back from Russia" (as you suggest) while the Iran crisis was looming.

It may all be a game to increase oil prices after all.

But whatever psychoanalysis you present, whatever importance your media may have, children were orphaned by Georgian soldiers, women were widowed and homes were razed by Georgian guns in south Ossetia. And the number was not 10 or 100, full 1500 people on day one - all of Gerogian doing.

That is not aggression?
Russia is still the primary aggressor?
May I call you a terrorist?

french guy:
french guy:

i find this article about US, velvet revolutions and alliance between Russia and China. Things became a lot clearer to me.

George Dukakis:

This Njoroge guy is the Moran but his talent in putting the spin is appreciable. He says "Russia's argument that Georgia attacked its peacekeeping forces first is utter nonsense.." The whole world knows it's Saakashvili's miscalculated gamble, military attack on South Ossetia is what started all this suffering today.

Saakashvili is considered "bold" by many in the west but now they are realizing he is a Moran not "bold". Osama Bin Laden was considered "gallant" by many in west but only to find out that he's the terrorist who doesn't have any respect for god's non-muslim children.

Both Osama & Saakashvili wanted to live up to their fake titles given to them by few zealots in the west. So, both took a moranic shot at waking up a sleeping giant(s).

Let these two criminals go through the punishment. Why do you want sympathize with them, you Moran!


Think about it ... Russia is 2nd largest exporter of Oil. With mearly days before US elections...doesnt seem obvious that they want to sway, or fear US voters to vote for the Status Quo Republican candidate. Because the fact is, If a Republican President remains for the next 4 years will yield consistentyl High Oil Prices. As you know, Fear is what sways voters. If we have an almost confrontational all out war with Russia on "stage" Of Course McCain would be the best choice...just by number of years of Foriegn Experience. So US preserves their Republican govt and Russia is assuring to preserve the High price of Oil for their own benefit. Sad to see innocent lives a killed for the name of Russias, intent interest.

Keep Focused not on the ball but who is swinging it!

Jiri Klouda:

Either South Ossetia is part of Georgia and then Saakashvili is a criminal who bombed in middle of night 1500 of his own civilians, or the people really identify themselves as Russians and then he attacked Russia, unprovoked in a tragedy that more than equals September 11 attacks. He killed 2% of all Ossetians that night. In either case, Russian response was measured and much more restrained than US response to 9/11. They only went after military targets (in the correct country I should add) and do pull back within about 7 days, not 7 years like US.

For anyone from US calling Russia an aggressor is not only totally unjustified in this case, but totally hypocritical. If it would not be for heavy arming of Georgia by US military, there wouldn't even be a conflict. The Ossetians would simply ask international community to recognize their democratic referendums in which their citizens expressed the will to live in their own country and there would be a peaceful separation, like the one in Czech and Slovak republic. But no, US policy tried to create a conflict in the region and they were successful in doing so.

John Smith:

If you already know that in the "world opinion" Russia is the aggressor, why are you wasting your time and the world's time by printing the "world's opinion" so that the world can read? Lier!!!


Very biased article. Njoroge Wachai should not be allowed to write for Washington Post. Where can I go now to read some real meaningful analysis of situation, without being subjected to this kinda propoganda jouranlism. Seems like aljazeera is better quality than CNN or washington post these days?



Once again you avoid the comment and blurt out hatred. Then you wonder why we have wars. A mature person reflects on differing opinions. You act like a child and are a lost cause. God Bless you and please do not waste your time worrying about my ability to pay for petrol.

John Smith:

Please do not tag your opinion as "the world opinion". Otherwise you are lying in your column.


"Bob, while the US has not found the WMD that they believed Iraq to posses they did find Chemical and Biological WMD."

Where? In someone's toilet hole. Can't believe people are still believing this. Saddam did not even have a worthy police force...


This kind of media propaganda currently used by the media in the US and some other countries to demonize Russia will only further ruin the image of United States throughout the world.
After the propaganda wars against so many countries, especially in the last 20 years, a lot of people in other countries now see the modus operandi of the US in their quest for world domination: shape the opinion of the people through the mainstream media and then it's easy to call for sanctions or war against a country (and it's no problem for them to use mental or emotional manipulation, half truths or lies to this end).

Dr. Woland:

Dear Observer,

I apologize for the spelling. Sometimes when typing I tend to be more phonetic. Next time I may have to show it to my editor before hitting 'post' to get the grammarian vote... I don't know which points you consider to be half-truths, and I'll leave it at that. I didn't write it to get personal or pick fights.

You may be relieved to know I am not looking for sympathy from anyone, I am just surprised how one-sided and shallow the coverage has been in the US.

Thank you for responding,

Dr. Woland

PS: While I am not ESL, I have other letters behind my name...


The article is not really about Russians being morons, or being wrong in this conflict, but more about Russians not being able to use media to show their view on this conflict.


I think you missed the point. Just think about the precedent set by Kosovo being carved out of Serbia. Now remember how irritated half the civilized world was, and especially Russia. If your number one political adversary is running round your borders "peace keeping" and "monitoring" elections in a small country on your border and they all the sudden ally with them, and this country has a chunk of people who just like the kosovo inhabitants want to be seperate, what do you do? You bail out those who would be loyal to you, after all the U.S. can do it.

Leon :


Eventhough you are right (write) about Dr. Woland as an ESL speaker, the conclusion what all ESL is propaganda doesn't seem to be valid.

Thanks, good stuff, was interesting to read. At least somebody brings something new and it is not just emotions.


Think about it ... Russia is 2nd largest exporter of Oil. With mearly days before US elections...doesnt seem obvious that they want to sway, or fear US voters to vote for the Status Quo Republican candidate. Because the fact is, If a Republican President remains for the next 4 years will yield consistentyl High Oil Prices. As you know, Fear is what sways voters. If we have an almost confrontational all out war with Russia on "stage" Of Course McCain would be the best choice...just by number of years of Foriegn Experience. So US preserves their Republican govt and Russia is assuring to preserve the High price of Oil for their own benefit. Sad to see innocent lives a killed for the name of Russias, intent interest.

Keep Focused not on the ball but who is swinging it!


tell me what would mr bush do if Mexican or Canadian army came in and killed "ONLY 49 Americans"? Do you think he would ignore that? Georgia ATTACKED Russia PROTECTED! Clear as day


Blame it on the good 'ol US...what's new?! The US is just terrible, that is, until some podunk country needs something! That's why we have such an illegal alien problem huh? Perhaps some of you disgruntled posters here just can't muster the funds to hire a smuggler. Naw, I think there are a few morons lingering around this site too!

Jasper Dionisio:

"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

No, you are dead wrong. That's precisely what superpowers do. The US has done that many times, and not only to neighbors (or did you forget about Vietnam?) Why don't you find out what happened to Haiti several years ago, when they tried to have a democratically elected leader?


"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like. "

isn't that exactly what this country has done in Iraq?


Just so the rest of the world realizes that Americans do know the emperor is naked, I am so ashamed of the American invasion of Iraq. I am an ex USAF pilot and am not what one might call a "pacifist", but the decision to go to war needs to be much more carefully considered than what Bush did. The repercussions of that decision are much futher ranging than the unbelievably costly war that the US now finds itself in. The US has also lost it's ability to respond to threats to world peace all over the world. Iran and Korea with nuclear weapons is a serious threat to world peace. An Russia without a power that can seriously counter it's newly agressive nature is a serious threat to world peace. But probably the greatest damage done by the US invasion of Iraq and the supposedly poor intel that led the US to believe that there were WMD in Iraq, is that the US has lost it's credibility and moral authority.

Russia is just plain wrong to have invaded Georgia, but what can the US say to Russia? That we would never do such a thing, or that invading a sovereign nation with out real cause is unforgivable? The US can only begin to claim moral authority once again after it appologizes to the world for it's irresponsible behavior in Iraq. George Bush has been a huge embarrasment to America, even worse than Reagan, we need to be rid of him and we need to tell the world we will never elect another President like him.



"So 49 dead is OK? What if some of those 49 were your family/children?"

Well, none dead are OK, but isn't there a difference between 3000 dead civilians that our eager Russian friends claim as support for (oh, my!) Genocide - and 49-160 dead, mostly separatists who were trading fire with Georgia's forces for much of this year?
If "thousands of civilians killed by genocide" and "49 armed separatists die as Georgia tries to reestablish order on a separatist region" sound the same to you, God bless your sweet innocent heart.

"Why dont you get a life/job instead of picking at everyones comments."
Cause when you are wrong and try to convince other people with bias, lies and screwed statistics, it probably is not right, you know...

"You wont be saying those things if this happened in your hometown of Eastbumblef..k,USA"

Hey, what did Russia say after killing >20.000 people in Grozny, Chechnya? Nothing. Go ask them...



"The Russians claimed there was "genocide" they have now said only 49 civilians were dead, and we do not know if all those were killed by Georgians.
In any event, all life is precious and 49 dead is terrible in itself, but you cannot use a word like "genocide" to depict the Georgian actions. Rwanda was genocide, Darfur is genocide, the holocast was genocide. To trivialise the meaning of genocide is disgusting propoganda.
So please if you are anti USA no matter what it does, be honest and just admit that. I can respect that, but i cannot respect you using the "hypocrisy" argument to justify your clearly flawed point. THINK AND BE HONEST - THAT IS HOW TO AVOID CONFLICT.



very good article about behind the recent us/jew imperialist games.

The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili.



Dr. Woland,

You had a lot of valid points and some good solid facts. However I was surprised to see so many typos and half-truths mixed in:
to / two
write / right

There are others. However, your typos lead me to believe that you are not American.
This pharagraph clearly illustrated you as ESL.
"As far as the article, it is the sort of party line crap we been from US media (left and write) and it really has nothing valuable to add as far as information or perspective. Just a cold war throwback capitalizing on ignorance and nostalgia for an enemy we could point to on a map."

I believe your post to be a disguised attempt to sway the opinon of readers by presenting half-truths, attempting to be an understanding American. Even the "FOX news" reference was mostly believable.

I hate propoganda...especially from countries that are barely keeping their heads above water.


Well then again as I said, what's good for one is good for the other. Russia = hi priced energy
Republicans = another 4 years. Could Republican White House have encourage Georgia to do this, so to generate a new source of fear into the US voters...Open your minds man.

James Solevan:

Please look up the historical facts about Osetia, Russia has all the right to call Osetia it's own.Russian soldier were killed in Osetia, the once that were stationed there for a long time to protect the border.What kind of reaction did Georgians expect? "Russia egotistic interests" and what,America doesn't have any or not fighting in Iraq because of the same interests? America has no right to blame Russia, not at all.


Thanks, LEON,

And which of well-respected well-known (like CNN, or BBC, or something) US news channels showed this as one and only truth? What was the exact commentary they provided? Georgians can post whatever they like to you-tube...

See, I have a problem with opinion "US news lie". Cause they didn't lie about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - something everybody in the states wanted to see at the time. And, if they didn't lie then and there for Congress and our President, why would the US mass media start lying now, for the sake of some little-known Georgia-Russia thing that average American does not even care about?


Very weak article. I thought WP had better writers.


I'm not sure how Russia is the aggressor when Georgia bombed South Ossetia first.

George Bush:

What is so hard to comprehend here. Georgia backed by the US attacked Russia first! NOT Russia Invading for no reason. I know the Aspartame, Sodium Fluoride, and Tthermerosol have made you stupid.
Stop the UN!!! Republicrats are killing America


Think about it ... Russia is 2nd largest exporter of Oil. With mearly days before US elections...doesnt seem obvious that they want to sway, or fear US voters to vote for the Status Quo Republican candidate. Because the fact is, If a Republican President remains for the next 4 years will yield consistentyl High Oil Prices. As you know, Fear is what sways voters. If we have an almost confrontational all out war with Russia on "stage" Of Course McCain would be the best choice...just by number of years of Foriegn Experience. So Russia is assuring to preserve the High price of Oil for their own benefit. Sad to see innocent lives a killed for the name of Russias, intent interest.

Keep Focused not on the ball but who is swinging it!


Hello Njoroge,
With all due respect, you are obviously not a russophil and clearly do not speak the language as some of the quoted terms you presented in your article were not correctly translated. Also, perhaps you should look through the history of the nations you write about: Osetia has been associated with Russia for more than 200 years at least and S Osetia is de facto province within Georgia with its own government, different ethnic breakdown of the population and has a full right to pronounce its independence (remember Kosovo?). Here are some questions for you to ponder. Does the ethnic cleansing justify an outside involvement? Why do we not hear about Tshinval more than we hear about Gori? Is it not a place where the conflict started? So who was the agressor after all? Do "Russia's egoistic interests" refer to the right to save lives of its citizens at the hands of Georgian US- and Israel-trained army? Would US not step in, if 1,400 of US citizen were killed? The fact that Russia has been issuing people living in S Osetia passports simply means that Osetians do not want anything to do w/ Georgia. I do not blame them. And is it not Georgia who was humiliatingly defeated? I think we both know the answers to the above questions, but one of us is not willing to admit it. Cheers!


I guess - after all - the true "moron" is Mr. Wachai. May I remind you Sir of many undemocratic regimes these United States have supported and continue to support for obvious strategic purposes - Saudi Arabia being a case in point. The only reason we are interested in Georgia is Georgia's strategic position vis-a-vis oil and gas pipelines that circumvent Russia, otherwise we'd care as much about Georgia as we do for Darfur. So much for all the talk about "democracy". Lets for once be truthful - We love dictators and undemocratic regimes and cherish our relationship with them as long as they support our interests and not the interests of our nemesis. We had a number of chances to bring Russia to the fold of democratic countries by integrating her in Western institutions and alliances, but every time Russian proposed it - we sad "Nyet" (e.g. NATO membership first proposed by Yeltsin and even Putin in 2000). Russia rightfully feels that we are not sincere in having a productive relationship and has gone it's separate way. The difference is we suffer a zillion dollars in deficits that we owe to Chinese, while Russia is basking in an unprecedented economic boom. Should I mention that Russia also controls the Europe's energy supply. Talk about the leverage.
Just wait until the first snow falls on Europe and the eager Poles and Czech turn on their heaters. Ooopsss -maybe that missile defense system they just signed to install is also a good heating source.

Hmmm...unfortunately there seems to be bunch of morons here.


Russians are borscht slurping steppe peasants who have never governed themselves.

They will deserve what they will get when the natural gas high wears of and the piss water slavic vodka hangover sets in.

Borscht slurping Steppe Peasants.


So 49 dead is OK? What if some of those 49 were your family/children?
Why dont you get a life/job instead of picking at everyones comments.
You wont be saying those things if this happened in your hometown of Eastbumblef..k,USA


The repute of Russia is hardly in tatters. Russia showed that, although it took a black eye in Kosovo, it can give a bloody nose in Georgia. It may sound like schoolyard stuff, but that's the way the U.S. runs its affairs and now the Russians have shown they can play the same game. Next step: take the game to the American end of the field. There are lots of opportunities to make a bit of trouble: Venezuela and Cuba, for example. And all this could have been avoided had the U.S. not been quite so aggressive about pushing its imperial agenda in central Asia.

As for Saakashvili -- was he a moron? I think it's quite possible that he was encouraged by certain Americans to try his luck and told he would get backup. But maybe it's moronic to trust the U.S. government.

John B. Min:


I would have to say very strong willed in context and wording.

Honestly, Georgia should not have begun shelling Ossetian positions in T-city. They endangered lives of human beings and really eliminated more productive options that could have existed, in order to court Ossetian support rather than making a solid base of enmity that may take just as long as Russia's de-thawing.

Still, Russia has blatant disregard for international sovereignty - a dangerous game in the 21st century where national lines are drawn and expected to be respected. Sure, Kosovo happened, yet that has been an ongoing issue for decades and Milosovic started a war of genocide. The Kosovo question was solved by having the people who live there decide.

Russia claims to support the Ossetians in their decision, but honestly they are indirectly supporting the separation of the Ossetians from the Georgian state. This type of proxy war also exists in Sudan and Chad and has resulted in atrocious violence, and that's all.

How would Russia feel if Chechnya has some extra-ordinary backing from say...China. What would be the result? Perhaps China's new found capitalism is not to the liking of Russia's Old Guard, then would China be allowed to enter Russian soil to protect the hand fed Chinese citizens in another sovereign nation (this case being Russia)?

So, the question of might makes right is certainly a false approach. Might does not make right, only God makes right. Mankind makes mess.

I will remind Russia, a nation of people that I love, that the old way did not work because it simply does not work. You know this. Russia recent successes are specifically due to the willingness to change and progress, rather than stagnate and fester.

Russia can make very productive choices here. If indeed you wanted to protect Russian citizens, you have done so zealously, to a fault.

Now, respect that sovereign state lines are not to be drawn with a child's pencil and should rather be left to the people themselves.

In this case, the Ossetians and Georgians should work out the differences. You, Russia, do not belong across the border.

Or you could write some new precedence where the US can go into Mexico because of the hundreds of thousands of US citizens that are in danger. On the way we'll take up stragetic routes to Mexico City and waltz around throwing our corpulence to and fro.

Listen well. You can not start a trend of demarquation. Russia, you are surrounded by potential enemies. Do you really want to start this silly game?

As of right now, you have no enemies. I support you and your sovereign state completely. In fact I believe that Georgia's actions were foolish and involve serious cases of negligence and criminality. People were killed when they did not need to be.

Stay to your word and do not play broker-dealer between two groups that are outside of your sovereign state. This is not Zimbabwe or North Korea (or Iraq), this is a neighboring country of yours that is trying to exist.

As for the separatist regions, I trust that your automony and de-facto independence can be negotiated properly so that all agreements can be made with hand shake and future development.


This article is naive. The looser in this conflict is Georgia. Opinion of world and "big words" to Russia means nothing for as long as they are only words. Russia has nothing to loose in this war. They got what they wanted. They will slighly step back after negotations, so western leaders can proclaim victory. But at the end their position is and will be much stronger in kavkaz. World will quickly forgive and forget Russian "disproportionate" reaction. World and especially Europe depends too much on russian energy resource.

By the way, Russian officals has recently scaled down number of Ossetian victims of the war from from thousands to aroud 160.

Buddy Eugene:

who is the dummie who wrote this ???

Dr. Woland:

For the record I have no special love for Moscow or particular affinity for Georgia. But, I know both countries pretty well (you'll have to trust me on this), and I can tell you there is a lot to blame Moscow for, this is not one of those things...

1. South Ossetia and Abkhazia in particular were not voluntarily part of Georgia. These regional devisions after the 1917 revolution were very much compulsory and done behind close doors, since everything ended in Moscow anyway no one cared at the time. When USSR broke up, it began to make a difference.

2. Internationally speaking there is a precedent, Panama and Granada being key not so much Kosovo, although there are ethnic parallels.

3. All Soviet citizens had an option of retaining Russian citizenship given ethnic migration during the Soviet rule. Both regions retained their relationship with Russia due to historic hostilities with Georgia and relationships with Moscow.

4. In the post-Soviet era Georgia has not really governed either of these regions and probably never could without ethnically cleansing both provinces. And, if anyone here knows anything about Caucasus politics, they know it's an eventuality not a possibility.

5. Pipeline politics are a non issue for Russia. Because Georgia at no point threatened the pipeline. Too many American interests with Shah Denis in Azerbaijan, and Saakashvilli would NEVER challenge US interests(we know this I think).

6. Stalin was actually half Ossetin/half Georgian.

7. Saakashvilli is not a reformer or pro-West. He is just as corrupt as anyone in the region and if you follow the newspaper closings, the exiles of other oligarchs (ones not on his side), he is actually a lot more like Putin. The difference is he was emboldened by his perception of American support, which my guess is he never really had.

8. Russian political culture lends itself to a strong central government and while we would like and will see stronger political processes this is not US, and libiralization of any country takes time. While I disagree with Putin on many points regularly, he has done well for his country even if the west doesn't want to acknowledge it. He eliminated wholesale corruption from Russian infrastructure, centralized strategic resources and taught Russians how to pay taxes(no small feat considering the concept is foreign to most of them).

9. Georgia where giving a toast is the national sport, makes demagoguery the centerpiece of their political culture. With the exception of the "Steel Broom" (Shevarnadze) no one could reign in the corruption there even to functional levels. Especially the likes of Misha Saakashvilli.

10. Russian response has been disproportionate but neither illegitimate or irrational. And, in the end you'll see it will cost them nothing politically. Russia is the reality of the post-American era and we'll have to sometimes admit that they may know better about what happens next door to them than we do (sometimes, just sometimes maybe not everything worth knowing is on FOX news).

11. For everyone who thinks they know everything about Russia based on what Reagan said about the Evil Empire, seriously consider reading more and talking less. This is a very different Russia with very real objectives nationally and strategically and just because they don't always align with out objectives, doesn't make them anymore different then when our objectives and decisions do not align with theirs.

12. One thing Georgia may get out of this is a government that will work for Georgia and not treat it like a flea between to monkeys. Plenty of small countries fulfill their own agenda without having to pick sides or capitalize on historic grudges.

13. The real winner is probably US in the end of the day they got their Shield in Poland; Russia will have to owe them one for not turning up the heat during this thing (lets face it our response was not that of stalwart ally, if we really cared the 82nd Airborne would of been in Tskhinvali by now); and, most importantly NATO will not have to deny anyone membership for awhile and lose face. Cause let's face it Russia has the manpower and the tanks to address any perceived threat at this point. While US is knee deep in sand.

14. I think the real problem is that because of American Foreign Policy legacy issues we are always put in this impossible position of defending and dealing with individual leaders rather than political institutions in other countries. Which makes us drastically unprepared for historic issues and political cultures we entangle ourselves with. Whether it's Saakashvilli, Musharaff, Pinochet, or Billy Ford. We prop up these warlords and than are associated with the damage they do locally. In the end sometimes we have to do our homework and not just trust the first suit/uniform that speaks English well enough even for our president to understand. This is also true of Putin, US support for Yeltsin is how Putin inherited power.

As far as the article, it is the sort of party line crap we been from US media (left and write) and it really has nothing valuable to add as far as information or perspective. Just a cold war throwback capitalizing on ignorance and nostalgia for an enemy we could point to on a map.

Dr. Woland


Nice title. We now have morons from two countries calling each other names and another moron writing about it and doing more name calling.

Seriously. This does not read like a objective journalistic piece. It basically more name calling.

Calling people morons is not journalism. Reporting it impartially is.




Good one, John. I like that moron joke. It just keeps getting better every time someone writes that. I nearly fell off my chair because I was laughing so uncontrollably at that hysterical quip. Keep them coming. Some of us clearly have nothing better to do.

Stephen Slater:

When George W. Bush opened the gates of Hell after attacking Afghanistan(which was planned before 911)then cynically attacking a prostrate largely defenseless Iraq under the most incredible false pretext while acting as surrogate to Israel,s hegemonic disregard of international law or U.N. resolutions leads an objective observer to wince when the word morality or moron is mentioned.The Bush administration has sown the seeds of complete chaos which will regretfully lead to untold millions of victims ,and for what? Fighting Terror? Cui Bono ?


This article is such an one-sided distortion of reality that any comment on it is complete waste of time.
As a more general comment, however, I would say that Russia is becoming increasingly popular by the day to most people around the world (except Americans and Israelis of course). Not because Russia is doing the right thing, or because Putin is a nice guy, but because people desperately need to find the country which will restore the balance in the world and reduce the arrogance, unilateralism and aggressiveness of the US. This is the ultimate 'achievement' of the 'inspired' policies followed by the US in recent years. So, if you want to find the real morons, look towards Washington...


"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Can you say, "Bay of Pigs"?


"No wonder the world has chosen to empathize with Georgia and not Russia"

NATO is not yet "the world".
Other countries like China, India, etc. are more or less neutral.

And, since most NATO's countries are bankrupts
(external debts: UK: $10.5 trln, US: $12.3 trln),
they are doomed anyways.

BTW, what happened to all those promises NATO gave to Gorby not to expand eastward?

High time for Russia to say NYET to NATO!



Scarry World No?:

"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Unless you're the US and you're retraining Cuban Nationals to attempt to invade and depose the communist regime. But then, when the US does something, no one else is allowed to do it. Like Nuclear power...

It seems to me that, while Russia's actions are deplorable, Georgia's are no better. They did not allow the Ossetian 'rebels' the chance to democratically express their desire to return to Russia, instead they attacked the province with their army first. Russia had no place to intervene, but neither did the Georgian Government.


Bob, while the US has not found the WMD that they believed Iraq to posses they did find Chemical and Biological WMD.



Hi Lee here is you link :

somebody could get shot by snipper and stay by its own will in the area waiting for another bullet... Other people around not concerned at all about it... I know, every one thinks what russian snipers suck and it is really safe just to stay where you are.

Please bring more ketchup we have to shot once again.


Sometimes, when people say, "Hey, Moron," I stand up and say, "I'm over here!" Sometimes, I get depressed, but only when I don't take my meds.

John Downing:

It seems a bit surprising but not really.

Russian democracy is a joke. Over the past few years Putin has seized television, stopped the free elections of Governors, stolen entire companies and given them to the state, put his rivals in jail, rigged election so he would win The Russian people are misinformed and kept that way.

Maybe its time we relaized that they're really no better than they were before the Berlin wall came down.

Joe Stalin is nearly back folks, if not completely, he's very nearly back.


"Forfreedom", you inspire me. You should start with the fight against the tyranny of ignorance and misrepresenting the facts. This article is a trash bin score since it misrepresents the facts - horribly. The first strike by Georgia is a huge fact and how many died from it.

I truly fear that Homeland Security will start controlling what is accessible on the internet someday under the pretense that foreign media is a threat. Thankfully a world full of opinion and reporting helps to know what actually is happening - at least while we can still access news outside of the US. I feel like we are in China with state-run media these days. Rupert rules the news...

Washington Post - Please decide if you are going to report straight up or if you will fall to agenda pushing.


Old Atlantic:

the the Free world is TIRED of the gangster West foreign policy by using old jew files of kompromat. CIA?MOSSAD Goon Blackmail.

Old Atlantic: you the moron of the west.
Take THIS home.

August 21, 2008 2:32 PM



Its called GENOCIDE.
Saakashvili = HITLER
He killed thousands of innocent people and now crying for protection from US.
US invades Iraq and that is OK.
Russia PROTECTS herself and her citizens and now the world is against her.




Hitler BUSH had almost 100% of his nations support - did that make him right?

Pathetic argument to support your case.

But hey, you probably think PINOCHET Suharto Shah of iran, Guatemala junta El salvador junta CONTRTAS ETC, ETC, ETC was a good guy.

And yes, NEOCONS may have a high rating amongst the US imperialist leadership, but then again, what happens to you in the WORLD if you stand up to your government?

At least the FREE WOLRD aka non-imperialst us/jew/brit tolerate dissenting views - no one gets killed, jailed or goes missing. If you had the same freedom, we would not be in this mess.


Hey "Anna From Moscow". Go F*ck yourself. Your country is an aggressive SOB. You don't like the fact that communism died, but guess what? Keep supporting the idiot Putin and you will see communism come back. Want to wait in line for Toilet Paper again? It'll happen. Wait for your Bread allowance? Yep, that too. You guys are so screwed up.

Good luck in your arms race against US.


I can help to notice that the most of the writting in western world is heavily biased toward USA point of view of things. It looks to me that every move that USA do Is justed, wise and humane, and every body else can't do anything right.
Let's not forget that USA acts according to its own interest and interest to its own people and alies.



The UN *DID NOT* give the approval for Iraq invasion, stop lying or stop repeating the lies.

The UN resolution only mentioned the blockade and "grave consequences", nothing more.

The US invaded Iraq *WITHOUT* UN mandate, and with false info about Iraq's WMDs.

Bob, Germany.


Abraham Foxman, unlike yourself I can see the real truth to most conflicts by learning history and reading news from around the world to understand other peoples biasness. First of all I am a German American and don't like the Jews anymore than the rest of the world But the fact is still that they were defending themselves and their people. While many innocent people died they DID NOT FIGHT A WAR AGAINST LEBANON. The war was in Lebanon but not against it. I also don't agree with the mandate of 1949 that gave Israel to the Jews either. But none the less it is too late to go back to before that and every Country has the right to defend its people from an aggressor who happened to be in Lebanon and the Lebanese army should have dealt with them but they did not so Israel was forced into action. Abraham Foxman, unlike yourself I can see the real truth to most conflicts by learning history and reading news from around the world to understand other peoples biasness. First of all I am a German American and don't like the Jews anymore than the rest of the world But the fact is still that they were defending themselves and their people. While many innocent people died they DID NOT FIGHT A WAR AGAINST LEBANON. The war was in Lebanon but not against it. I also don't agree with the mandate of 1949 that gave Israel to the Jews either. But none the less it is too late to go back to before that and every Country has the right to defend its people from an aggressor who happened to be in Lebanon and the Lebanese army should have dealt with them but they did not so Israel was forced into action. Also one more point to add if Hezbollah was not inside these cities they would have been bombed. How much of the northern part of the country was bombed? None. Get your facts strait and stop being a racist.

Also I don't need to stoop your level by using name calling. Haven’t your learned anything since the 3rd grade? Since that is clearly the age group you associate yourself with when you name call.

Nick, TX:

The author is as guilty of making libelous statements just as the politicians he judges.

Yet another biased article probably paid for by the kinds of billionaire Soros and Co.

I am hardly interested in an opinion of a Kenyan who never set foot on the ground, yet dares to judge everybody left and right. The article just echoes an avalanche of West-biased opinions.


"Americans are not burdened by nationalism" Right.... You keep telling yourself that.Shows where the morons are alright!

Ukrainian anonymous:

Hi! I'm living in Crimea - Ukraine it is. Now I'll tell You what do I seeing here, in Ukraine. Since it is not far from Russia and Georgia I think My opinion can make some things clearer to You.

Our president, Yushenko, like Saakashvily, has became president with a huge pile of money from U.S. government. Why? Because in 2005'th, by results of elections most larger number of votes had Yanukovich, but Yushenko with Timoshenko has created so called 'Maydan' and used physical power of people to create mass demonstrations and created revolution. In Ukraine it called 'Orange revolution', in Georgia was almost the same, except the name it has 'Purple revolution'. Both of thous presidents are the real prostitutes. We have a plenty of pour people here, our people have no money for medicines, our teachers have haven't got salary for months, we always have accidents on Ukrainian shafts, doctors killing people right in the hospitals for the organs (even the babes), we have corruption on every step, we have no lore in Ukraine and in Georgia. We here don't want to U.N. and E.U. but our president without our (people) permission getting Ukraine to them, in Georgia it's almost the same. We here in Crimea have our birth language the Russian, but Yushenko making us to use Ukrainian, we have the genocide here, You know!

Georgian government already long ego moved they're forces to Osetia bounds! Why You're news channels doesn't say about it?

p.s.: Russia never attacked someone, all it's history it's always defended it self and allies!


Old Atlantic:

the the Free world is TIRED of the gengster West foreign policy by using old jew files of kompromat. CIA?MOSSAD Goon Blackmail.

Old Atlantic: you the moron of the west.
Take THIS home.


Hitler had almost 100% of his nations support - did that make him right?
Pathetic argument to support your case.
But hey, you probably think Hitler was a good guy.
And yes, Putin may have a high rating amongst the Russian population, but then again, what happens to you in Russia if you stand up to your government?
At least the USA tolerates dissenting views - no one gets killed, jailed or goes missing. If you had the same freedom, we would not be in this mess.


As Chechnya is to Russia, South Ossetia is to Georgia.

Only, who came to the aid of Chechnya and advanced anti-Russian tanks to within 20 miles of Moscow?


Further correction: I see that I also misspelled "misspelled." This is why one needs an editor, but they're all so full of themselves now since they sold out that is impossible to find one to take the proper and humble role of mere amenuenuensis.

Old Atlantic:

Another point is that the West is now tired of Russia's foreign policy by using old KGB files of kompromat. KGB Kompromat Goon Blackmail. Take it home.


What Georgia did by invading ossetia is no different than America's civil war. The south wanted to secede from the north. Georgia has every right to bring it's states into order. If the citizens of Ossetia don't want to be ruled by Georgia, then they should go to Russia, and Putin. No countries intervened in our civil war, because The US was bringing rougue states under order. I know the civil war in the US was more than just that, but I think Georgia has a right to bring a rougue state in order.


As slanted as history books can be, we here in the good 'ol US of A have journalists and "patriots" that have no problems hanging America's dirty laundry for all to see.

The same cannot be said for Russia. American's are not burdened by nationalism. In fact, a large majority of my countrymen take their freedoms for granted. I admire Russian nationalism. I also fear it. Question your state agency newspapers and the 60-70% approval ratings of your president. I remember a Russian journalist that suddenly "died" a few years back for investigating the government.

This article highlights how the world will now see Russia. Not how Russians see Russia. Bring back Russian Socialism. This new Russian Capitalism is starting to cause global problems.

The bear has roared. We have listened. Now we wait to see if the entire thing is a sham...not that Russia has ever been known for doing anything like that before...what propoganda??? From Russia??? No, say it ain't so comrades.


To Alexander:

"We all are losers in this war. New misunderstanding and walls are created, distrust, fear and trembeling, wish to grab more weapon, readiness to kill..."

Indeed! :(

The arms race has just only started. With missiles in West Europe, with counter-missiles in Russia, with more advanced nuclear missiles from the U.S., Russia, China, etc...

Btw, that was the Bush administration that teared up the entire anti-missile agreements in Europe and started that.

People distrust each other, and the governments are happy with that, more money will go to build arms than to fight all the real problems the world faces (economy, climate, poverty).

Bob, Germany.


us/jew imperialist and it full complement of stooges are in full paranoia. the house of cards is about to fall down right on top of their heads and THEY KNOW IT they're doing averything to to save their skin.

Garry :

What is it about americans and desks??i grew up in the cold war era also but Icant ever remember spending any time under a desk---except maybe to retrieve a pencil You yankees sure have some strange tics




I assume this came straight from Georgia's press releases. Georgia attacked civilians first, and Russia turns out to be the aggressor? How neat. Just shows that it's best for a reporter to stay away from a topic he/she knows nothing about.


Robert J. Bonacci.

you a ready under the desk. and there is NO hope you will ever leave there. you can send your sinsere thanks to your us/jew imperialst propaganda machine.


Lets not forget Panama, El Salvador,Nicaraguara Granda, Kuwait, Cuba, Iraq, Chili, Vietnam - would you like me to go on with more examples of American meddling in others affairs. So give the Russians some slack when they try to prevent Genocide



I welcome that Mr. Njoroge Wachai found time off Africa's problem to go over Russia Georgia dispute.
Yep Russia lost media war and Mr. Njoroge Wachai
among casualties.

"This aggressor is Russia not Georgia."

Every western news agency recognize that Georgia tried to retake S.Ossetia by force on Aug 7. They just shy of painting full scale of this assault (For hours, Georgia used 122mm artillery and MLRS against Tchinvali town of 30000). Only on Aug 10 Georgia came up with idea that Ossetins fired first, but it still doesn't explain how Georgia would scramble such firepower on short notice to ruin Tchinvali. Well, Russian tanks took over what was left.

Russia annihilated Georgia military while inflicting relatively small damage on country itself. Amount of News generated by conflict already 3 times less than a week ago. In 4 weeks nobody would remember this 'war'. But all Russian neighbors will think twice before crossing Russian interests.

So while media war is lost Russia clearly on winning side. I just happy that Georgia didn't have chance to repeat 1920's when they killed 20000 Ossetins of total population 200000. But who cares about history.


Matt, what's wrong? Honest work beneath you? Why earn money when you can just steal it right?


Residing in Georgia at the moment, I been watching the media coverage of this conflict closely, and this is totally THE WORST ARTICLE I'VE SEEN SO FAR. I understand, being biased is mandatory, but Mr. Njoroge Wachai went above and beyond, something about his style is so charmingly amateurish, totally cracked me up.
Thanks for good laughter.

Robert J. Bonacci:

I and my classmates grew up diving under wooden desks to protect oueselves from a nuclear blast initiated by the Soviet Union. This set the stage for many years of angst perpetuated by the Cold War. When the Soviet Union finally collapsed, there was heard milions of sighs of relief becuase the threat first manifested during our youth was over. The world exhaled the noxious fumes of fear.

Russia's agressive position and obdurate stance regarding Georgia is frieghtening to me as a citizen of the world. It seems that the sanctity of human life is now dealt with like so much cord wood - disposable. In the aftermath of the many wars of the twentieth century, one hoped that the super powers would abandon their egomanical quest for power, thus creating rapprochement. Russia is a country in dispair paralleling Germany's plight after WW I. They aspire to have the world hear their Bear roar - to what end? World conflagration!

I am again looking for that desk to hide beneath.


You're all entitled to express an opinion, because hey, this is the USA. That said, I'm surprised that the vast majority of you are attacking this well-reasoned, well-supported article. I'm also surprised at how ubiquitous Internet access has become. I'm especially amazed at how many coal miners and blacksmiths found time to post comments on their lunch breaks.

You goofballs should get back to work. The country needs more horseshoes.

That's just my opinion though.

Ramah G. Maritn:

Well said Mr. Wachai. Georgia is just the current focus of Moscow. They CERTAINLY set this situation up so that Georgia would have no choice but to fall into the trap, that they (the Russians) set. If it was not Georgia, it would have been someone else (Estonia perhaps). It just happens that Georgia was in a prime position to serve their dark and devious purpose; "testing the waters",so to speak, with a bonus thrown in; control of oil and gas. It is a serious mistake to let Russia acquire excess money because they intend to use it to re-establish the Soviet Union (or something like it). If the European community and the United States, and Canada, and Australia does not stand up, stand firm, and stand together, it WILL happen. This is no time to get squeamish! A bully must be faced down! Forget the UN. They are impotent.

As an American, I want to know what is being done about the common theft of our five military vehicles waiting to be shipped back to the USA? Is it provocation for military action or just a police matter? Either way it shows the Russians up for what they really are; petty thieves.


The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili. VERY INFORMATIVE.


Anna, Moscow:

Thank you guys, sometimes I have a feeling that you in US just like live on another planet. I mean, people who don't care about other points of view in other contries, having their own fun and f**k the rest of the world. I'm sorry. I see a lot of people who don't care.


The statement "the world has chosen to empathize with Georgia and not Russia" is lies. The genocide in South Ossetia is supported by cynical Western politicians and journalists, not by decent common people.
The Western civilization is dying. While the West is making Russia an enemy, a real enemy is already putting his hand on the neck of the "Free World". Cooperation with Russia could prevent it, Bush's care of his Georgian puddle is accelerating it. As Russians say: a free one has freedom, a saved one has Paradise.

Garry :

I agree completly with Leon.Long live Fidel!!


Oh well, where is our Shock and Awe? Let’s democratize Kremlin. I say let us teach Moscow some FREEDOM.

Only one objection, as long as this is to ensure safe stay for Mr. Saakashvily, or to pacify Iraq, my son stays home and studies at school.

If you feel that this is too mean towards our Armed Forces, guess what, it is awfully long time overdue that they come home. I am not really sure how we even allowed them to veer in those adventures. Do you mind seeking to the Webster for the right words? - please.


The Puppet Masters Behind Georgia President Saakashvili. VERY INFORMATIVE.



While a lot of people are comparing this war to Iraq and Afghanistan. What they fail to realize is that the US had UN backed mandates before invading both countries. Not that I agree with these wars they are not comparable to this conflict. These people only mentioned these show their lack of knowledge and anti US rhetoric which have absolutely nothing do with what the article was written about.

As for Israel and Lebanon, Israel never fought Lebanon’s army... They fought Hezbollah and they are a terrorist organizing that was firing rockets at Israel night and day and the only way to fight a coward enemy that hides behind civilians is to bomb both of them. One can't blame Israel for such actions without placing blame on the instigators that started the conflict in the first place. While Israel dropped the bombs that did the killing Hezbollah was the cause of these bombing and the true organization to blame.

Back to the issue at hand, a government can't invade its own territory. Both break away regions still belong to Georgia. Russia on the other hand has been occupying these regions and did invade Georgia and is still inside Georgia. They do this with no international backing and no UN mandate. They are the true bullies and morons. The Author is completely correct on the issue at hand. One shouldn’t mention other conflicts that have nothing to do with the one the article corresponds to.


The United States of America rules. We are the biggest nincompoops on the planet... and we control the bomb, dude.

Nothing but nothing compares to the U.S. for stupidity.. bring em on.

Look at our president, look at McCain... you just can't get more pathetic...Dumb in our national business.

Don't tread on our stupidity, dude.



"No mention of the roughly 3,000 people slaughtered by the Georgian military that provoked the intervention by the Russians. "

Seems like somebody swallowed the other side of the propaganda very well. Last I heard the verified number of Ossetian deaths during initial Tzhinvali bombing was ~60, most of them separatists and not civilians. Thank God for news, and thank God for brain that he gives us to treat Russian "yellow press" news reports with enough skepticism.

BTW, seems like mostly Russians comment here now.. They really take the "mass media war" seriously, oh, my.. without verifying their sources first. LOL.


You can not use empty words with Russia or China. You have to back up what you say, or they will sense weekness and expand on it. Like Hitler in ww2 when he invaded a small country and the super powers then did nothing but condem them, and used words. Comunist countries take empty words, and it empowers them to do more of the same things, bullying. Hitler then invaded France, Englad, Poland, not in that order, but that's what can happen if NATO doesn't take a hard stance, even militarily with a country like Russia.

Dmitri Aslanbekov:

"You don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like, " says Mr. Wachai, however, for the residents of the city left in ruble by Mr. Saakashvili, I don't think the invasion was about ideology. A year from now, no one will remember any of these words, however, the dead will remain dead, and it is unlikely that Tskhinvali will be rebuilt.

If Mr. Saakashvili wanted unity, his mortars set his cause back at least fifty years, if not longer. The EU and the OECD, and even the UN can pass all the resolutions they like, but now there is no way that the Ossetians will ever consent to be governed by Tiblisi.

Imagine for a moment what would have happened if Putin--yes, Putin, let's not kid ourselves---did not send in the tanks. The 60% Ossetian portion of the population would have either fled into Russia, or taken to the hills with their AK-47, leading to a bloody and protracted civil war. This is the nature of the culture in the Caucases, a culture of whch Mr. Saakashvili had been fully aware before he ordered his invasion.

I am not sure what the view is in Kenya, but in Georgia the country has been devastated, it's military is in tatters, its neighbors even more determined at full political independence. Who, exactly, is the moron?


The Morons are in Washington, Bush and Rice.


All you who claim that the USA is hypocritical because it invaded Iraq are missing the point. Firstly, the UN tried to get access to the suspected WMD's in Iraq for 12 years and after countless UN resolutions. Thus the world tried diplomacy. The Russians did not.
The Russians claimed there was "genocide" they have now said only 49 civilians were dead, and we do not know if all those were killed by Georgians.
In any event, all life is precious and 49 dead is terrible in itself, but you cannot use a word like "genocide" to depict the Georgian actions. Rwanda was genocide, Darfur is genocide, the holocast was genocide. To trivialise the meaning of genocide is disgusting propoganda.
So please if you are anti USA no matter what it does, be honest and just admit that. I can respect that, but i cannot respect you using the "hypocrisy" argument to justify your clearly flawed point. THINK AND BE HONEST - THAT IS HOW TO AVOID CONFLICT.


Wow! I really am surprised by all the pro-Russian comments that blindly cry "Foul" while illustrating the racial tension that dominates Eastern Europe. I'm astounded by the number of readers that were unable to read this article correctly- it was satire.

The comments liken Georgia, a soverign nation with an elected president, to Iraq and Afganistan. REALLY? C'mon people! Your love for "The Motherland" blinds you. The comments on this article highlight how blind nationalism led to several world wars.

And let's not forget that the U.S. was given U.N. approval for the war in Iraq. Russia requested no such approval for the invasion of Georgia.

My opinion of Russia has once again dropped. I hope Russia does decide to step up. Afganistan is partly their mess - why aren't they helping sort it out? It seems like they give nothing to the U.N. and NATO. American's are raised to see Russia as untrustworthy (brainwashed via TV shows). Attacking a tiny country when they attempt to police their country does not bode well with most of us. Hopefully NATO and the UN will boot Russia.

And nice touch proving the author's point:
"Stay in Africa, coon."
To the author of that comment: You really should join us in the year 2008. It's fun being equal.


There is one big difference between Russia-Georgia and US-Iraq: the US leaders were ideological morons who did not know what they were getting into while the Russian leaders are simply out to humiliate and denigrate Georgia. Statements by Russian leadership make this fairly clear.

Also, I'm amused that people who use comma splices, write in incomplete sentences, and have multiple spelling errors are the ones who feel that they can criticize the author on the errors in his article. The Post should hire a proof-reader, or maybe a better proof-reader.


Glad to see so many reasonable readers despite great volume of pro-Georgian articles.


Alex, great response.

"A Conversation on Global Issues with David Ignatius and Fareed Zakaria. HA. All you need to know, yeah right, "conversation" not "centrist" propaganda.


As a Westerner, it seems clear to me that the bully has been the West for at least the last 20 years. Look at the track record of the US in Central and South America.
Finally, Russia has put their foot down. Their credibility has soared. The West is so embarrassed with impotence that as always, looking in a mirror would be too painful to consider, instead maintains it's pompous attitude with the pretense of clean hands.
Without consideration, negotiation is impossible.
The press has been totally shameless once again.


In Lewis Carol's poem, The Walrus And The Carpenter, Alice tries to defent the Walrus as being a bit less cruel than the Carpenter. However, Tweedle Dee Dee, reminds her that he had eaten as many of the little oysters as he could, which prompts Alice to surmise that "they were both pretty unsavory characters."


The real morons are located in Washington D.C. The Bush Administration has destroyed every aspect of American power. Putin attempted to reach out to the Bush Administration after 9/11 in order to develop a relationship. The Bush Administration treated the Russians like a second rate power. Bush and his people don't know the meaning of the term 'Diplomacy". In addition, the administration was blocking Russia from entering the WTO based on "freedoms" within Russia. Putin must have thought it comical Bush with an approval rating in the 20% range, the democratic congress with an approval rating in the single digits, were trying to educate him when his approval rating is in the 60-70% range.


Ya can't pick a fight with a giant and expect to win, you must accept to be squashed.

China is a military ally with Russia, they've signed treaties addressing this very issue, you attack Russia then you Attack China.

Georgian Politician were in the WRONG in my book and I'm a citizen of American and Canada but my nations is Mi'kmaq, but I know who's in the WRONG on this very issue and American Administration and CIA are behind this barbaric assault on Russian citizens that want to reunite with their Mother Land... Russia.

Bush and CIA are going to create this WAR to justify their ballistic missile shields to POLAND and states that share a common boarder with Russia. They are nuclear capable missiles too.

Didn't JFK threaten a nuclear strike on Cuba when they suspected Russia putting up a military and missile based there?

So why so one sided?


Russia and China are very clever to have united as they've done, and anyone that does that with them like the SCO are on the right track, you cannot allow 1 world power, there has to be counter to this, a balance.

I say that because hypothetically speaking, what if a far off alien race could literally mind control this 1 world power, or infiltrate their top ranks? We could be extinct quite fast especially if they are hostile, as history shown us it would be much similar to the Colonial British and England, genocided over 100 million indigenous from the Americas, but this could be on a much larger scale, in to the billions loss of human lives!

So Russia is in effect on the right track to counter world domination!



Mike Robinson:

Thank goodness for Google News. I can now get a much more balanced view of what is going on in the world. Mr Wachai appears to have swallowed a pretty "Americanized" view of what happened in South Ossettia. No mention of the roughly 3,000 people slaughtered by the Georgian military that provoked the intervention by the Russians. But hey! With one of John McCain's top foreign advisors being a lobbyist representing Georgia it isn't surprising that the US administration is being so polarizing in its official view of the conflict. Isn't it great to rekindle those old cold war feelings? Just like old times.

How about some balance Njoroge. If Quebec wanted to separate from Canada, and Canadian forces slaughtered thousands of innocent citizens, would the Americans step into end the conflict? Would they seek to ensure this didn't happen again? Of course they would.


"For freedom", you say:

"We invaded iraq remember we warned iraq and we tried to find a diplomatic solution before we attacked!"

Indeed, you ignored the calls from other countries to not invade, you fabricated the evidence and you went to war, which cost about 800K of Iraqi lives, btw.

"where was russian diplomacy? when did they give warning?"

Do you know *anything* about this conflict? Do you know that Russian peacekeepers were there since, um, 1992, protecting all these 16 years the peace there?

Right before the Georgia invasion, Russians warned it *MANY* times that military solution is not going to be good for Georgia.

But I guess American advisors, including Condoleezza Rice, which were there in Georgia not long ago before the invasion, gave Georgia different advices!

Bob, Germany.


I'm having a hard time fully sympathizing with the Georgia government here. In fact the very people of South Ossetia are angry at GEORGIA for attacking them. They aren't blaming Russia. The Georgian army rolled through neighborhoods destroying homes and shooting civilians from tanks. How can you back this type of government?

Georgia is quite possibily masking genocide-like attacks and Russia is simply protecting is border-city, albeit very aggressively. But quite frankly you don't play games militarily with Russia just because you have US favor. I am NOT seeing this as a situation so crystal clear that we can so quickly condemn Russia.



I just want to remind all the "democrats" here that South Ossetia held TWO referendums - one in 1992 and one in 2006. Both times the turnout was over 90% and both times over 95% of voters chose independence from Georgia. International observers didn't find any evidence of vote fraud. Of course international community came up with a bunch of bogus reasons to ignore the referendums.


Mr Wachai did his best to sound objective but his is a biased opinion. He hardly even dwells on that fact that the Georgian leader violated a standing agreement when he decided to go in with force to retake South Ossetia.

Talking of poodles, isn't Sakaashvili a poodle to the West? He only makes foolish moves because he believes Georgia needs to be allied with the West and not with it's close neighbors. If you can get along with your neighbors closer to home, how can you get along with the rest of the world.

I say the Russian response was heavy handed but the bottom line remains that the fire was started by Mr. Sakaashvili's ill-advised adventure.

History never favors the agressor - the man who takes the first shot at his neighbor usually ends up losing.


LEON, what are the fakes you've seen on States TV? Are there links to YouTube, or TV sites to see those fakes?


I think Russia should start building missile shield on Cube and traing solders in South America. This will be an equal to what US is doing now in Europe.

What will be an equal answer from Russia when USA will start war in Iran? Sorry, I mean, when Iran will attack Iraq, the biggest ally of the US and the USA will have to support them. Those guys in Iran just jelous because they don't have that democracy what was brought by the US to Iraq. These days everybody is dreaming only about democracy as it is in the US and about a great, kind and smart presedent as JWB. It seems to me what people in the USA supprised what some countries have army too.

BTW, Lots of what I've seen on TV from the States is fake. a Drunken soldier, a Snipper who missed a journalist, those are really cheap games and a good career in future for some stinky journalists.


This exactly is the world opinion, a good assessment and nicely written. Medvedev and Putin should stop posing as models for Axe commercial in front of News Cameras. And work for the good of common people instead of muzzling and unexplained deaths of dissidents. Eradicate racism first otherwise it fits the title barbarians.


Thank you for the article. This is a precedent setting case and West cannot afford let Russia get away with such behavior. Inaction here will be too costly in the long run and I am happy to see that the whole world realizes it. Outcome here is too important for the Western world and for Russia itself, from many perspectives, both short term and the long term. Too bad Russia doesn’t understand this. Too bad they cannot value positive relationship with the world. Too bad they don’t realize that they need world’s help to face problems Russia has/will have in not so distant future. When will Russia learn to respect its neighbors and be equal partner with them? I cannot believe such a deep hate and imperialistic ambitions toward it’s neighbors still exist in Russia and all these were camouflaged under a so called democratic reform there. I only hope that as an outcome of this conflict there will be a slow change inside Russia itself. Russia is still looking for its development path. It is still learning about the ideas of freedom and democracy. It appears that these concepts are still foreign for Russia. I just hope Russia will chose the right path, the path of integration and not segregation. I cannot believe they are still so afraid of everybody and everything, so “unfree”. They exhibit true tsarist/imperialistic thinking. I truly hope they will snap out of it and soon, because their learning process could cause a lot of damage and suffering. West needs to find new approaches of integrating Russia into world structures, while securing their nuclear arsenal with strong institutions of democracy and freedom. It is also very unfortunate that today in Russia all the alternative views of this conflict are suppressed and that the West cannot hear their true intelligent voice. Again, thank you for your analysis. G


There is a good book that describes all this nonsense. The countries Mr. President likes are "Liberated, carrying out morally justified military operations etc." While the countries he doesn't like "Cowardly attack peaceful neighbors, aggressor etc."

There is nothing new or deep in your article. Just another repeat of classy White House propaganda, which CNN is pouring out day and night for the last 2 weeks. Have you even heard of Ossetia and Abhasia before it all started?

Then we have the same old arguments; accepting or denying them is a matter of personal preference and, maybe, education.

"Russia will have to wait for decades to rid itself of the "bully" tag that the world is now associating it with." Who cares? Russia got something everybody wants: energy. Relationships with Europe will be restored way before the first frost....

"South Ossetia is internationally recognized as a Georgian territory" - so was Kosovo (to Serbia).

"Georgia's transformation to a Western democracy": before asserting that, you should see that "democracy" first hand. Never mind Saakashvili cracking down on the opposition last year - all means are justified when it comes to the installation of democracy, right?

"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like" - laughable. Right. That's the duty of regional power. Real superpowers are invading the countries half a way around the globe.

Anyway, you did well summarizing the US media. Too bad that you haven’t heard of other ignorant media sources, like BBC, Speigel, etc. You might be surprised that they have quite different take on the events. But… yeah you’re in the US grad program, so I guess you’ll be graduating with honors real soon. I suggest you do that ASAP. Who knows which agenda will be pursued by next administration…


the writer of this piece is a moron


Since when has the US abide by the rules of the UN. When the UN overwhelmingly voted against Israel, US used its veto powers. Then US generated this great lie about WMD in Iraq ... I am not at all surprised that a Republican wants to raise the temperature with Russia so that McCain has better chance of election.


You chose to ignore the facts. Georgia agreed to cease-fire with South Ossetia and started bombing it soon after that. I hope you won't argue that it was Georgia who started this military conflict with indiscriminate bombing of South Ossetian civilians. Almost 1500 people were killed in South Ossetia as the result of Georgian attack. It's a nice way of persuading a break-away region to come back, isn't it?
I don't think also that you have mentioned in your article that Russia immediately called for UN Security Council to issue a resolution against Georgia's use of force and the resolution was blocked by US and Georgia.
Why don't you go to South Ossetia and ask locals who they consider an agressor and who they'd rather be friends with?
I'm not saying that Russia is absolutely right here, but your article is just another example of one-sided, subjective coverage of the conflict.

Alexander Prokofiev:

Dir Sir,

I believe that we all should better investigate.

In essence, your article is based on the following arguments:

1) Russia's argument that Georgia attacked its peacekeeping forces first is utter nonsense.

- Why noncence? Peacekeepers were based there according to an international treaty. Have you reviewed its terms? What kind of rights and obligations has Russia under this agreement? What is your argumentation worth, if there are provisions obligating Russia to interveen?
Why noncence? More than 10 Russian peacekeepers killed unprovoked. According to the Russian press by some of them the scrotum was cut out and they were killed from short distance. Civil population of Tkhinvalli was bomed in the middle of the night by weapons prohibited in that area and prohibited by international law against civilian population.

You call all these democracy and compliance with international law? (Or who can argue that Russia's actions in South Ossetia are not aimed at derailing Georgia's transformation to a Western democracy?)

Would it be a democracy itself, if Canadian president (just imagine something like this) would make anti-US speaches in Chinese to its people with a CIS flag on the back and would destroi independent TV chanels, swich off US chanels and send bombs to Quebec without warning in the night?

2) South Ossetia is internationally recognized as a Georgian territory, but Russia has been issuing people living there with Russian passports and supplying its leaders with military gear. Who would not conclude this is a prelude to annexation of South Ossetia by Russia?

- Is my understanding wrong that South Ossetia is an internationally recognised party of a conflict (Georgia signed agreements with it in the past) and it is de-facto independet from Georgia as long as Georgia is independent from USSR? Have somebody checked when and on which bases Russian passport were issued?

3)Nothing justifies the overwhelming violence that Russia has inflicted and continues to inflict on little Georgia. It's unjustified because Georgia has never sought to destabilize Russia.

- Just some words: Ossetia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Chechnya, Nord Ost, Beslan (more than 100 Ossetian children killed)... Is this a stable Region? Have you analysed, what is the impact on this Russian region of 20 to 50 thousand refugees and war? What would be the consequence of Russian non-reacting? How should any country react, if the leader of its neihgbouring country builds its political case exclusivly on revanchist and hostile policy and then starts killing people?

4) It has only sought to embrace political and economic reforms that don't serve Russia egotistic interests.

- What are the "egoistic interests"? To have peace in own country? To have friendly neighbours? To have children and live without verbal and military threat and humiliation from the neighbours?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Your argumentation is not convincing. Thank you for trying to argue, as many even do not try to bring any arguments and just repeat what is said by some politicans without verification.

Major problem is that Russian soliders are still there - outside South Ossetia, and this is not required, provided that all parties stop their confrontation and threatening.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You ask "Now who's the loser in all this? ".

I will tell you: 1) People of South Ossetia! 2) People of Georgia! 3) People of Russia. 4) People of Europe and US.

We all are losers in this war. New misunderstanding and walls are created, distrust, fear and trembeling, wish to grab more weapon, readiness to kill... Do we need this. Please stop this and investigate, try to understand, be positively critical and not evil.



Russia had to defend itself, of course, but the means it used in response to the aggression were completely out of proportion. The right of self-defense is not unlimited; it is subject to international humanitarian rules of armed conflict, which protect civilians from the horrors of war. The photographs showing destroyed houses, as well as people killed and wounded, show that these rules have clearly been violated by the Russians and separatist death squads.

I’m glad there are people in the world who support the destruction of civilian infrastructure & economic assets, the murder of unarmed civilians & reporters, the looting & burning of civilian goods and homes; all done under by those separatist militia death squads and the russian ‘peace keepers’ who not only took part in the aforementioned atrocities; but also protected the separatist militias at the same time.

No ones going to stand up and speak positively in regards to what has occurred in Iraq b/c I think anyone with half a brain can see that it was a huge mistake to go there in the first place and inflict so much suffering on it’s people under the guise of there being WMD’s (for which the Bush administration should be held accountable for via military/UN tribunal). Personally, I find it disgusting to read some of the support people are giving the Russians considering the blatant humanitarian crisis and atrocities they’ve committed and enabled.

Obvious Observation:

The response Russia made intitially versus their response in pulling out shows a logistical discrepancy that gives their intentions away. Has anyone else thought about how quickly they responded to Georgia's operation versus how slowly they are pulling out? They were prepared to invade. They were providing the weapons the South Ossetians were using to bombard Georgia, and when Georgia reacted it was exactly what Russia wanted to give them justification. Anyone disputing this is disputing empirical evidence and plain logic.

Dimitri Kruschenka:

I Russian, live in Siberia. No tv to get from news. We advantage Georgia? I like Atlanta in film Gone with Wind. Go USA! Go Bush! Very cold here. Bye.

Joe B.:

Dear Sir,
I believe Mr Wachai, along with many conservative Western commentators, put all the blames squarely on the Russians side. I agree that Russian media was slow to act in comparison to the active Georgian president participations in daily media circus or the Western media onslaught on Russia's adventure in Georgia. However, Mr. Wachai's argument failed misearbly to address the core issues. He was just interested in seeing the material cost/benefit from this short war from false moral western perspectives that shows double standards in dealing with international conflicts.

He deliberately removed any mention of the unprovked attack by the Georgian forces on city heavely populated with civilians under cover of darkness. He never addressed why Georgia embarked on such an adventure whether with tacit support from key military governments or on its own. Why Georgia decided this gamble knowing very well that its military power is no match for Russian army. Who was encouraging the amateur president of Georgia to lunch a "pre-emptive" attack on Ossetia and thinking that NATO or the United States will rush to his side.

While Civilian lives from Ossetia figured little in his analysis, Mr. Wachai is only interested to tell us why Russia is the looser from this war. Since I am not a military expert, I believe Mr. Wachais was advocating military passivity on the part of Russia. He believes that Russia will gain nothing by defending Russian citizens and that it miscalculated the West's resolve to undermine Russian interests in the long run.

This "little Georgia" that Mr Wachai was trying to absolve of all crimes was indeed the aggressor. Georgia's actions prompted a Russian reactions, not the other way around. It is Mr. Sakashvili who sent enormous America and Israeli made weapons in Ossetia under the false pretense of uniting geogia and defending a nascent democratic nation surrounded by nations ruled by dictatorships. Does this argument sound familiar? Check the Georgian claims that this war was against terrorism not to save Ossetia from Russian's rule. Most Ossetians are Russian citizens and voted overwhelmingly to have independence. Is this different from the notion of self-determinations that all people around the globe strive to achieve.

Here is the big fallacy that Mr Wachai sought to propagate. Russia's reaction to Georgia is not justfied as the latter "never sought to distabilize Russia." Oh. Mr Wachai maybe was implying that Mr. Sakashvili was never indicted directly of toppling the Russian government nor imposing economic embargo. Only this attack by Georgia was just to kill thousands of people in Ossetia, destroy the infrastructures, kill Russian peacekeeping soldiers, and prove to Nato and the world that Georgia is a rliable ally on "terror."

Maybe Russia has somewhat lost the propaganda war but that does not put Russia in the wrong. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, the whole world wasappaled by this. Why in this situation, Western countries are trying to cover up the ill planned and badly carried attack by Georgia on Ossetia. Isn't killing innocent people in Ossetia is the same as killing innocent American or European citizens. If we decide to contradict this argument, then I believe we are playing double standard pure and simple.

Was the Russian response "excessive" or just right. Well, I do not favor war or killing any civilians, but where was the West when Israel bombarded Lebanon due a military adventure of an organization, not a government. The West looked and applauded the excessive force used by the Israeli army during the 2006 Summer war in Lebanon. I am just puzzeled from human perspectives, how one group's lives is more precious than others and why one government has the right to use all its miltary power against civilians population and infrastructures while others are blamed for just reacting to an undispicable murders committed by a government on civilian populations.


The author of this article is the real moron.
You fail to realize the bigger picture and where the hypocracy lies. Shame on you.

Andy from the USA:

Awesome article!!!


2 Guy Thompto. Since what time you observed democracy in Georgia? That's only in your imagination. In reality government of Saakashvili shotdown opposition's TV, newspepers, internet communications - all in violation of principles of democracy. Saakashvill himself is an autoritarian person, who have no respect for his own country's law or for international law.

It is Saakashvili and his army who started the extermination of So. Ossetians in Tskhitvali on August 7, while Russians only dfefended So. Ossetians from georgian agression. Georgia is the agressor and enemy of the Life, Liberty and Happiness of So. Ossetians. Russia is the defender of the Life, Liberty and Happiness of Ossetians.

That's the facts.


I'm rooting for the Russians and the Iranians. The US hypocracy is unreal. I hope the US gets financially bled dry by its wars of choice in Iraq and Afganistan.


"Politicians in Georgia have not been resting on their laurels, either."

Stop using words whose meanings you don't know. Laurels went to victors, and the Georgians got their heads handed to them.


kosovo as Putin stated will start a domino effect.
the US bombed the Serbs even though the Kosovo liberation army did the first massacre.
Georgia tried the same, but got its butt kicked.
too bad for the ordinary Georgians that their president is an educated warmonger.Friend of the west... starting WWW 3?
Now it is Poland that is getting itself into a mess.The author of the article lives in never never land. Next Cuba?


FYI for readers: author deliberately ignores 1)bombing of Tzhinvali 2) legitimate presence of Russian peacekeeping forces in Ossetia, as per Dagomyss agreements 3)that issuing Russian passports to people in Ossetia was legit as well, as per USSR break-up agreements. List can go on an on.

Of course, Russia still is far from innocent. But being one-sided and seeing things as straight as black-and-white is never good for a journalist, period.
Finally, a journalist, who goes as low as calling a foreign government "morons" does not deserve to be argued with. I trusted Washington Post before to have at least some work ethics, but will have to rethink my opinion now.


Author doesn't really care what is the true here, just like everybody else he is trying to make his name in the news. Guys, sorry to say but media in these days is not in news anymore, but rather another business that works for those who pays more. It doesn't matter who provoked who, rather who pulled trigger first. Georgia got what they asked for.


to Adam USA
speaking of UN mandates,i believe the UN has had countless mandates for Israel to give back the territories they stole in palistine!Where is the great USA in this matter??


Guns or Butter?:
Anyone? Looks like we're back to the cold war!
August 21, 2008 1:36 PM

John McCain will be so pleased. He's been missing it terribly.

William Schultz:

No one has clean hands in the current mess, including Russia. But to label them "morons" for protecting their citizens and their country's interests on their doorstep is unrealistic and insulting.
If you're looking for morons, look no further than the current administration in DC. Or maybe the editorial office at The Post?


Nicely done!


I agree with this article 100% in this day and age where was the diplomacy? and for all of you out there calling us hypocrite for calling out russia when we invaded iraq remember we warned iraq and we tried to find a diplomatic solution before we attacked! where was russian diplomacy? when did they give warning? we atleast made international overtures to stop the iraq threat before launching a war. i have to say i believe this action by russia has set the entire world back 30 years in terms of bringing peace to this world may god have mercy on our children for it is they who will inherit this hate and war in the decades and perhaps centuries to come. i think to have your nation labeled as a superpower you should have the means to end the hostilities all over the world not to generate new hostilities and hate. eventually are nations will have to grow up for our childrens sake or the world they inherit will only be a shell of what it could have been.


US is the real bully. It is incensed because Russia can do what US has been doing in Afghanistan, Serbia and Iraq. US has made props out of the former Soviet states and now looking for excuses for adventure into Iran. In the eyes of the rest of the world, it is US which has lost its moral standing.


To Sean:

"I believe the Georgians were lead into a trap and were very stupid to attack considering the recent past with Russia."

I agree with you here. Somebody (well, the U.S.) provided Georgia with the money (Georgia's military budget is $1 bln), with the arms, training and promises. So Georgia thought that it can act as the U.S. too, invading and bombing others. So, the trap was set. Now, we in Europe have yet another troubled region with fighting, and the U.S. is far away, doing its own business (and probably electing Mccain since in times of crisis the public opinion in America prefers Respublicans).

Now, we hear *again* from the U.S. that it will help Georgia to restore its military powerd. How about that? This is just plain crazy!

Bob, Germany.

Reader in US:

Lats take a look at facts:
1.Georgia initiated attack on defacto independent state that WON it's independence during wars in 1991-1992. How would you like to call US a colony of England by not recognizing Independence war?
2. Georgia attacked during Olympics opening when nobody should start fighting. Also, they did it just couple of hours later after declaring ceasefire and couple hours before scheduled peace meeting with Osetians. Everything indicates that Georgia planned this as a surprise so Russia won't have time to react.
3. Russia warned many times before this conflict started that Georgia is getting ready to attack. They also said that they won't let Georgia to use military to solve this conflict. They promised military support if this happens.
4. Georgia was using Grad unguided missile launchers for more than 10 hours against Osetian capital (thousands of missiles), didn't care at all how many civilians will dye.
5. Russia called for an emergency UN security meeting same morning to stop Georgians war. US and UK didn't allow any calls on Georgia to stop fighting. It was a last chance to solve the conflict.
6. Osetians 2,000 militia soldiers with almost no tanks or planes were fighting Georgians army (80,000 total troops - no reports how many Georgia sent to Osetia.) Who is defenseless and who is the bully?
7. Half a day later after Georgian attack Russia sent tanks in the region. (from 50 to 150 tanks - different articles provided different numbers)
8. American propaganda machine completely ignores Georgians actions and use this war to bring cold war back.
The result:
1. NATO is deeply divided. West of Europe wants good relationship with Russia and doesn't support American policy to isolate Russia. Only Eastern block, who is scared of Russia supports US.
2. Russian cooperation with US on war against terror is vital to us. If Russia starts supporting opposite forces then we get Vietnam back in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will loose much more then Russians. Bush and Rice are making too many mistakes. They care for nothing but world domination and oil companies profit. We need to change. We need Goverment that can use politics instead of bombs and we need to stop military expansion in the world. It will bring nothing but destruction, like it happened to all countries in the history that wanted to rule the world.

Octoff Malheiro:

How wonderful it would be, if America had a moron like Putin, in the White Trash House!
As it is, we have an idiot and it looks like we will have another idiot taking over soon...John McCain.
It was confusing/watching the first few days
of Russian Police Action. Everyone had difficulty
sorting out what soldiers belonged to whom. Then it was apparent...The Georgian's were those running away very fast, like the Brits did at The Battle of New Orleans and more telling was the battle helmets worn by the Georgian Stormtroopers...German WW2 design worn by the United States Military and supplied to all stooge poodle countries.


I am really puzzled: is the WP trying to spite the neocons by featuring such a moronic article as this one?


Lets say a northern province of Mexico that was once part of the U.S. tried to declare independence after a long conflict with the rest of Mexico. That this province has a majority US citizen population, and is currently protected by U.S. peacekeeping forces.

Lets say the government of Mexico (democratically elected or not) started bombing the province and launched an attack to recapture it, in the process killing some peacekeepers and civilians.

What would the U.S. do? Are you seriously suggesting that under simiar circumstances ANY U.S. administration would do anything other than send in more military forces (granted not a full invasion, but still a strong military responce...)? Is there another country anywhere in the world which would not respond by defending the region in question to the best of their abilities?


I agree with many of the comments - the biggest morons are in D.C.


I know it isn't nice to go after other posters since the point is to respond to the article...but after reading some of these comments I seriously have to say that some of you people, especially from Canada, need a clear, factual lesson on history especially about why the US is in Iraq. For crying out loud!


hello!! what did the US do in Iraq and Afghanistan and what did Israel do to Lebanon last summer..... Looks like its wonderful to have a one sided view of the world and throw barbs and insults at the other so that dumb people can buy it eh!!!

staying as neutral as possible:

i agree with most people here that this article is heavily biased. My personal view is that Russia had every right in entering a sovereign state - Georgia, since the area under attack was populated by people bearing Russian passports...it intervened to protect them. Though i do not support the fact that the Russians are still there, after having disarmed Georgia.


the morons are in washington, where our glorified leaders decided to invade iraq -- some 5 million iraqis have had to abandon their houses & at least 2 million have had to flee their country, thanks to the morons in washington -- funny, isn't it, that although the surge is working, our glorified leaders can only make unannounced visits to iraq?

d westwolf:

the KING of "MORANS" is G.W. Bush!!!!!


There is hypocrisy all over the place for the US. South Ossetians were being persecuted by Tblisi. What was going on in Georgia was a whole lot worse than what was going on in Iraq, not to mention on Russia's border. I don't think Russia was being a "Moron," they knew what they were going to get, but they don't really care when its an issue of violence against their citizens just miles from their borders.


Ignorance can be cured with education.
Morons will never be more than morons.

The province of South Ossetia appears to have more in common ethnically and politically with Russia than with Georgia. Since they probably weren't consulted when Georgia broke away in the first place, I'd say let them chose which way they want to jump.


"declare Georgia a "virtual project of the United States?"" and what's your point. and apparently you're Gerorge's poodle. you are sir, the biggest moron of all to think that we are like you dumb as a doornail.


Correction: I apologize for mis-spelling "conspiracy," but the truth is the truth even if it's mis-spelled.

Chuck Fields:

Mr. Wachai obviously feels strongly about the Georgian situation. He, however, demonizes Russia for protecting its vital interests. He seems to see some foul deed in Russian punishment of Georgia for the murders of Russian peacekeepers during the original onslaught into South Ossetia while forgiving Georgia its initiation of the war. The 'double standard' he applies to the situation is laughable. Mr. Wachai, you are the "moron," Sir!

Jevgeni Korikov:

What happened to America invading Iraq? Or do you notice only what other nations do? TYPICAL AMERICANS.

Guns or Butter?:

Anyone? Looks like we're back to the cold war!


One more thing, I am a Canadian we have our own sleeping Grizzly right next door. Unlike the Georgians we do have common sense not to poke our own sleeping Grizzly with a sharp stick. Bona-Petite Russia

Roy (Common Sense Canadian)



Gord Smedley:

Let's see if I've got the gist of this. Russia invades a former ally to protect the freedom-loving citizens of parts of that country from what it claims is a criminal and despotic regime: bang, bang, shoot-em-up, overwhelms the overconfident dum-dums defending said country.
Immediately, learned western media pundits pounce all over bad old Putin et al. To read US newspapers, one might be forgiven in believing dissenters from this official line were few, far between and sadly deluded.
But...but wait! Skip back a couple of years.
The USA invades a former ally to protect the freedom-loving citizens of parts of that country from what it claims is a criminal and despotic regime: bang, bang, shoot-em-up, overwhelms the overconfident dum-dums defending said country.
I live in Canada -- does it take such a perspective to see that there is absolutely no difference between the strike Russia accomplished in Georgia last week and the strike the US engineered in Iraq?
The hypocrisy of it all is pathetic to watch.


your comments are not worthed a spit in a bucket


This article is deluged with prejudice and misunderstanding. It says Russia won't be able to get the bully tag off for years. Does it want to? Do you even understand what Russia is doing? Or is everything to be judged by what you think other countries should try to do. Ignorant propaganda. Anyone picks up a pen and starts writing crap, wasted my 5 minutes on this article


After reading this article, it's now the Washington Post's image and reputation that is in tatters. Sadly, this blatant propaganda shows up on Google News as the first article on this topic today, which means hundreds of readers will be further misinformed on what is going on.

I am surprised that most media outlets are not focusing on the oil & gas market ramifications of this conflict, the latest in the world "resource wars".....


John Armstrong:
Georgia's use of force is difficult to understand under any circumstance. Did they wish to provoke a war, or is Georgian PresidentSaakasvili just incredibly incompetent or stupid.

August 21, 2008 1:17 PM

He appears to have taken Bush, Cheney, McCain and Rove seriously as they egged him on and told him that America had his back. So yes, incredibly incompetent and stupid.


This reads like a blog, is it a blog? the author doesnt know what he's talking about, childishly stating 'Georgia is better than Russia'..


The sad thing is that Western media completely destroyed the meaning of such beautiful concepts as "freedom" or "democracy".

Now, every time someone in White House (and then in western media) starts saying those words the outcome is clear: bombing the bastards who are not free and not democratic.

And now those words have very negative meaning in many places over the world.


This doesnt look real good for the USA, we are supposed to be allies. Do we dare stick our nose in all this, looks a little late, and will we become the bully.


The content of the article aside, I find the content of the comments most interesting. Look at the racist and anti-Semitic language in some of the pro-Russian comments. Are we to know the true Russia by its friends in this case?


....but the ignoramouses are at the Washington Post. Your choice of words is offensife, and it is because of latent bias. You wouldn't use a an offensive term to describe the population in Africa? Politically correct? or morally and ethically wrong.

How far do you need to read before you "get it?" Have you learned nothing from the dust up over the "R" word in the new comedy just out? Do you think the "M" word is any better?

The correct term is ignorant, ignoramous, etc, from the term...to ignore.

Please scease and desist in stereotyping and smearing folks with disabilities in your efforts to score political points.

take care,


Must folks use derogatory comments to bolster their opinions? What happened to common sense, logic, and facts. Moron or not, the author spent an effort to write something. It is unfortunate that many still write garbage responses clearly unable to articulate coherent counterarguments. If you feel differently about the subject then by all means try to prove it. When we all have the facts we may actually learn something.


You need to take the situation in it's entirety!
When the USSR became just Russian. The west had it's chance.You don't surround a nation with weapons and then tell it what it can and cannot do. The US promised Russian not to arm the countries on it's borders. If you knew anything of history before WW2 you would know that Russia has always been parnoid about it's borders.

So why pull on superman's cape when you know you can't win? They were trying to draw the U.S into a direct war with Russia.

Remember The US has a strike first ask question later policy now.


I tend to believe that their are hefty amounts of morons in both Tbilisi and Moscow. Saakashvili should have never started a military campaign in South Ossetia, bottom line. There is no way to justify a military offensive by any party. Georgia is not the innocent victim as most of the mainstream media tries to claim. Even diplomats in the West have been telling Georgia not to launch any military offensive in the region, knowing a Russian response is imminent and also knowing Georgia has no capability to fight Russia alone. Though Moscow should have been more restrained in its reaction, Georgia is the one that started this conflict. No ifs, ands, or buts. Russia did not launch a preemptive invasion of Georgia, Georgia invaded South Ossetia to regain control, and Russia responded to repel the Georgian attack and to teach the hotheaded Saakashvili a lesson on knowing one's place. Despite the exaggerated statements of Saakashvili, Georgia started this war and unfortunately is unable to finish it.


Well thank you for your biased article, you just wasted two minutes of my precious time and your opinion is similar to that of a three year old. "morons", russia is bad, georgia good, ooo aa aa.

Stop painting everything as either good or bad, leave that up to your readers..

Am i really at washingtonpost? thought i was reading fox propaganda .. looks like you're birds of the same feather.


This is really a laugh and a half. The good ol boys in the US of A sitting in the middle of Irag (illegally) telling Russia they cant restore order in their part of world.??

nate merrill:

so russia is a 'moron' for protecting its passport holders in the southern region of georgia.

That makes a whole lot of sence, I think the writer of this article is a moron


Thanks Russians: They saved Ossetians and Abhazians!

Sean from Hawaii:

To Bob:

With air supremacy you don't need to have a huge numeric infantry superiority. Just like the Nazis and US, the Russians bombed the Georgians (sometimes with 8 planes at a time) until they were routed. The Iraqi army in Desert Storm surrendered to helicopters before the land invasion started. I'm sure the Russians were superior fighters but you don't need to be when your enemy is routed by air power.

I believe the Georgians were lead into a trap and were very stupid to attack considering the recent past with Russia.


Vlad the Impaler:

First of all I find it absolutely hilarious that pointing out other invasions is supposed to justifify the decision by Russia to invade Georgia....

I won't go as far to call them "morons" in Moscow but it was a poor decision. It was not based on the best interest of Russia's economy, political standing, or South Ossetian civilians safety but rather based on a hatred for the West and everything it stands for. Russia provoked the situation in hopes Georgia would strike and that it would escalate the way it did.

To say that Putin is only looking out for the best intrest of Russia is also quite comical, he is in the pocket of the Russian Special interest groups just like many politicians in Washington DC. They are really pissed off about the pipeline running through a country over which they have no control anymore. USSR is done guys, let it die.

Russia and America just need to fight and get it over with, then they can be friends. Too much pent up anger and hatred over the last 30+ years.....

James Phifer:

There will never be a bigger imbecile in the world ever like Bush never ever.

Brendan - Dublin:

"Are you people insane! Comparing the U.S. to Russia? .....Really people, I'm tired of the U.S. being compared to Russia....."

You are correct, Russia defended the Ossetians (Russian citizens) from an aggression, the US attacks countries without any basis and occupies them for years.

Russia stands high!

Anti-New World Order:

Yes, unfortunately, this author is looking at this issue at its surface. Israeli and US military advisers assisted the Georgians in this assault against S. Ossetia. This was a US proxy war. Check the Debkafile (Israeli news). And I agree with some of the comments....well put guys...I also thought this author was referring to the US. Also, one last point how who stands taller at the end of this: Which country holds billions in US bonds that could be dumped at any time sending the dollar crashing? US or Russia? Which country controls the pipelines of energy to Western Europe? US or Russia? The Russians have the upper hand and they know it. If Russia was concerned about its image, they would not have massacred and raped the innocent in Chechnya.


what we often hate most in others is what we hate in ourselves.

wm. musson:

the united states is the moron for sticking our nose in their business and then responding with the ridiculous and aggressive missil deal with poland

John Mccormick:

NATO did not want to give Georgia NATO membership until its problems with the breakaway regions were resolved. At the same time Georgia wanted very badly to become part of NATO before the guard change in the white house in January 2009. This basically forced them to take matters in their own hands with poor planning or support to go after the break away region of Ossetia. Regardless of whose fault it is now or why Ossetia was made part of Georgia during the time of Stalin, there is a new world order now. Russia thinks it can bring the old world order back. It probably thinks it has India, and China on its side. Russia can bully the US and the west all it wants, but their old allies in China and India are beating a different drum now. Russia has little to offer them except energy. Both China and India have opened their markets and have more to lose by severing ties with the US. China's manufacturing thrives because of the US buying patterns, India's software business is largely an offshore project of US companies. They will be very carefull in taking sides with Russia now. India can not ask China to free Tibet, and then let Russia trample Georgia at the same time.
In a way the only option for Russia is to at some point back away from bullying Georgia. Russia on the other hand really wants the port cities in Georgia for themselves, just like Saddam wanted Kuwait for Kuwait's access to the ports in the gulf. There is already a move by US and NATO to pay less attention to Iraq and concentrate on the newly evolving cold war with Russia.


Oh yes, the Georgian shelling and storming of Tskhinvali wasn't an act of aggression at all. The Russian counterinvasion of S. Ossetia started this mess, not the Georgian invasion that came first.

I guess it's kind of comforting, in a sick way, to see that foreign reporters can be just as brainless as our own media.

Old Atlantic:

Brilliant summary. Hope Putin reads it.


Are you kidding me?

It is apparent that you have no idea about the history of the conflict, what has happened, or anything else about the region.

It is futile to refute claims that are based on purpuseful ignorance. I just suggest that you look at both sides of the story, and don't publish something until you have done research on the topic.

Guy Thompto:

"...Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister ("America must choose between Russia and Georgia" in the Wall Street Journal.)"

I choose Georgia. I choose democracy over dictatorships. I choose freedom over subjugation. I choose Western ideology. I choose Georgia.


Unprofessional, shallow-thought article...


Jude, surely Russian invasion of Checkoslovakia was the end of the Communism and the end of the Soviet Union.

How about the invasion of Vietnam, Grenada, Cuba, Nicaragua and many, many more countries? Was that the end of Capitalism and the U.S.?

Bob, Germany.


Common sense dictates when you poke a sleeping Grizzly bear with a sharp stick, you will be eaten by an angry and hungry bear. Obviously common sense is not an attribute in Georgian mentality.


It's interesting to watch this war play out in the news. I think Russia, in trying to show the world it is a superpower, seriously miscalculated the international communities responce. The Russians look like children wielding their dad's gun. It's unfortunate that in the 21st century a country like Russia is willing to threaten it's neighbors with nuclear attacks. ie Poland. Hopefully Russia will realise thier actions are not in their best interest and return to a more reasonable coarse. It's not to late for them to do that.


is what you are

Beltway Greg:

All true. But Russia merely waited for Georgia to do something stupid and it did. Most Americans aren't aware that Russia produces more oil than Saudia Arabia and a great deal of natural gas and other necessary commodities. Where was the outrage when the new czar on the block Bush's soulmate Putty Pute installed the human placeholder as president so that he may reassume the throne in a few years. Where was the outrage Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush? Couldn't Russian expert Condileeza Rice see what was going on? Perhaps when Bush was looking deep in Putin's soul, Putin was doing a bit of soul searching of his own. The seeds of Russian aggression were planted by the spike in oil prices and the American misadventures in Iraq. We've lost the moral high ground and we've lost economic leverage over the situation and our military is stretched too thin to even posture in this instance. I hope Canada doesn't get aggressive or we may be in trouble.

D. B.:

"When you're a superpower, you don't invade (your neighbor) merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Amen. Now if our own Superpower country would act accordingly, that'd be great.


"Russia may have vanquished Georgia militarily, but its international standing is in tatters."

This is based on the assumption that the Russian government cares about having a positive international standing - it doesn't.

Their ideal of an international reputation is having others fear and obey them, and on this basis they would see their operation in Georgia as advancing their international standing.

Paul P.:

Well Mr. Wachai if it is Ok for the country leaders to kill its own people. Then I agree, you have a point, the aggressor is Russia who had to intervene to protect innocent people who end up in the middle of the conflict. However Georgia's politicians are murders and have no place in governing Georgia.
Paul P. Toronto, Canada

Mike Sanchez:

Dmitry Medvedev, Putin's poodle


Are you people insane! Comparing the U.S. to Russia? We removed an evil dictator and Russia just flexed its military muscle by invading a sovereign nation without going through the U.N. and with really no excuse. Russia had no respect for innocent lives and showed no diplomatic respect. Really people, I'm tired of the U.S. being compared to Russia. You have no base, or facts for your rants, you just don't agree with the war! Which is your right, but please do not degrade the nation because you disagree!


So let me get this straight, the vast majority of these responses justify what Russia did because the U.S. invaded Iraq? I don’t doubt that the U.S. has made poor choices in the past, but does that make it alright for Russia to violate another nation's sovereignty. Do two wrongs make a right?

Does that mean it would have been within Georgia’s right to invade one of Russia’s provinces because they didn’t like what Russia was doing to its own citizens?

And what’s with the name calling? You would think we’re in grade school.

Adam, United States:

A quick lesson for those who tend to forget. First, the United States toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan with it's NATO allies because the Taliban would not turn over Osama Bin Laden after the September 11 attack on the United States.

With the invasion of Iraq the United States operated under a UN mandate that the UN didn't want to act on. Saddam Hussein was in violation of the IEAE inspection process required under the UN mandate. Saddam knew no one would act and didn't expect the United States to act. The US acted.

Under another United Nations mandate the territory of South Ossetia and Abkhazia are legally part of Georgian territory. Many forget that Russia has pressed its rule on citizens within its borders by use of force as well. Legally Georgia's action were allowed, Russia decided to intervene.

Everyone who accuses the United States of double talk forgets what happens so quickly in history. Russia is being wise to back out of Georgia to save face and demonstrate its willingness to participate in the diplomatic process and I commend them for that.


It is an interesting stand that the author has taken, typical of a Western publication and augments the views that we are hearing in the Western media. The Washington Post probably requires you to write in this style so the content is not surprising.

I find it highly surprising that Russia's image in the World is in tatters: this coming from countries that have "championed" the cause of the free world through their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Who’s image is seen in higher esteem if we compare the two conflicts? Who has the moral highground? The carnage seen in Iraq and Afghanistan in the so called 'war against terror' has definitely tarnished the Americans standing in global affairs and I do not think this is the same as Russia 'sorting out' its nuisance of a neighbor. How many lives have been lost comparing the two conflicts?

It is also interesting to note the support they have offered Georgia which resulted in this big miscalculation by it buffoon of a leader. Accession into NATO amongst other things has given Saakashvili false confidence that he would be supported militarily by NATO countries. Well sadly, ordinary Georgians must pay the price for their leader who even sent troops into the Iraq war. One must ask, who’s interests is he serving. Now that Russia will monitor Georgia even more suspiciously, again it’s the ordinary Georgians who will suffer.

It’s a shame NATO seems focused on ‘creeping’ into Russia’s former stronghold at all costs. Blunders such as Saakashvili’s are a consequence of that and I feel the Russian must not tolerate such behavior from these small state ‘run’ from the West to serve Western interests. Russia reserves the right to respond accordingly and if that means taking NATO on, then so is it. No more bullying this former superpower.

John Armstrong:

South Ossetia has been part of Greater Russia since the 17th century. Its inhabitants think of themselves as Russian citizens and Ossetians not Georgians. South Ossetia is a Stalinist creation, remeber Stalin was a Georgian not a Russian. That the people of South Ossetia sought to reunite Ossetia at their first opportunity ought to be fact enough of the underlying ethnic problem of this region.

Georgia's use of force is difficult to understand under any circumstance. Did they wish to provoke a war, or is Georgian PresidentSaakasvili just incredibly incompetent or stupid.

Our founding fathers sought desperately to keep us out of dangerous foreign entanglements. The Bush Administration has created enough international tension to last the neo-imperialists at least a century of war mongering.

Enough already, where's Washington, Jefferson and Adams when we need them. Will some body please require nascent politicicans to take an American history course. They should at least have some understanding of why this country was created. Certainly it was not to enrich a handful of kleptocrats or create a new British or Roman empire.

Let's return to our roots. Let the Georgians and Russians solve their own problems, we don't need to be pouring our scarce gasoline on any fies.


A tenditious opinionated and simplistic rant.

You obviously know nothing about the underlying fundamentals, which suggests you are blathering about something you obviously know nothing about, or else you are a paid lackey jumping on the anti Russian bandwagon in an effort to ingratiate yourself with your American readers.

Dismissing Russia as morons is grossly simplistic.

Go back to Kenya and tend to your goats.

Riga Rooster:

Here here !! I fully agree and support these concepts.

The Morons are in Russia clearly!

Eliseo Andujar:

is incredible that this analyst does not does not comment in any part of its analysis, that was Geogia who attacked Russian troops for peace in South Ossetia.

Sorry, but too biased and very poor analysis...


I think one thing being ignored here is that Saakashvili really DID provoke russia to military action because he beleived the americans would come to his aid. He said as much publicly and the white house had to deny it they were sending in military aid. it is Saakashvili's statements that caused russia to look suspiciously on US aid. Russia IS a superpower, and one that has been largely ignored by the world. Their policies on Kosovo, Iran, and many other issues are pushed aside by the west. Its not EAST/WEST anymore. theres The west, Theres Russia, theres China, and someday soon if the AU keeps up and brings about some good reforms then there will be an African power. I think people forget that the long term goal of the west is (and i AM an american) to make the whole world like us. Its ironic, because i bet the russians will be out of georgia long before America is out of Iraq. We all know how well both those operations are going.

Brendan - Dublin:

Georgia, disregarding the 1992-1994 agreements signed with Russia and South Ossetia, attacked the Russian peacekeapers and bombed the Ossetian capital; so the Russian reacted and defeated the Georgia!
The US created a dangerous precedent allowing Kosovo to break out from Serbia, and this is one of the consequences...now Ossetians and Abkhazians wan to break form Gergia and join Russia...will the "freedom-loving" west allow it? NO, since Ossetia won't grant military bases to the US like Kosovo!

Nice propaganda Njoroge...you might get a visa to the US, but not much more...they are generous only on Hollywood, wake up!!

will mauthe:

Extremely far fetched to cal this journalism-just more rabid rhetoric!


Interesting that Russians writing for Russians take a much more nuanced approach than showing up regularly on Western sites. Putin's Little Pals know what buttons to push - it's all Washington's fault, the Western press is biased, Georgia's attack was rash and unprovoked and resulted in a massacre of its own (if Russian-passport-holding) citizens...

Fortunately, there are still some Russians (if only 42% of the under-35's) who remember the invasion of Czechoslovakia 40 years ago and what it meant: the end of the USSR. The only way to defeat Socialism with a Human Face was to crush it under the tank treads of the Warsaw Pact before the example spread back to the USSR itself. Now these people are observing, nervously, worldwide condemnation of Russia's actions - even Lukashenko needed two weeks of arm-twisting to come out with a statement of support. Fortunately, Russia is not the old USSR, and this time, the Warsaw Pact countries are on our side.

Casual Observer:

Very biased article with no fact and too many personal conclusions … pathetic!


Excellent article. It's obvious the Russians suffer from an inferiority complex.

will mauthe:

I would argue that it is extremely far fetched to call this an analysis-just more unthinking rhetoric.


The United States has most certainly abused its power in terrible ways, especially with the Iraq mess. This doesn't excuse Russia's actions in the slightest. This warmongering garbage is bad for any nation to do, and it does nothing but give power to those already in power at the expense of those who have to pay the toll. The thing with Russia is that it's posturing cold-war era threats - which I suppose we can expect from it being controlled by the KGB... Putin may have learned from past mistakes and changed his title but he hasn't shown evidence of reforming his ethics in the slightest.

Bush and Putin really are two of a kind. There isn't enough room in the world for either of them.


Sean, check you facts first. There was *NO* huge Russian army in Georgia. When Georgia started the hostilities, there were 500 Russian peacekeepers in the area, and Georgians had 12:1 advantage, and they had the advantage of the surprise, since their President has just announced the truce!

After two days, there were about 10.000 Russian soldiers on the ground, this is comparable to when Georgia had when it started.

The air strikes were against *military* targets, and entire western media managed to find about 3 houses in Gori that were partially affected (and, btw, those houses were in the close proximity of Georgian military base and ammunition warehouse).

So, all those horror stories about Georgia being whiped out by Russia are, well, fairy tailes. Now, just take a look at the photos of Tskhinvali, just look at them.

Bob, Germany.


"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Exactly! In the 21st century, superpowers should only invade countries on the other side of the world.

"Georgians all along knew they were not a match to Russia's gargantuan military might, but have excellently made their case to the international community, something that Russians couldn't think of, which has made me to conclude that the morons are in Moscow, not Tbilisi."

So they knew they'd never be able to match Russia's military might but they went ahead and attacked anyway?
For what? For a tiny mass of land with a messily economy and a predominantly-Russian population?
All in hopes that the EU or US would back them?

I fail to understand your logic.


The U.S. has gone to great lengths (too far, really) to consult with others prior to its actions. Russia has done nothing of the sort and has openly bullied its former republics. Georgia is not perfect but, unlike Russia, it has many aspects of a democracy. That deserves protection from those who share its values.


This article is a lie...If Russia had wanted what you say, they would have attacked Georgia when Saakashvilli stole the election over there!

Russia was defending and is defending South Ossetians and Akhbasians from Georgian slaughter; and if Georgia thinks it can unilaterally withdraw from CIS then certianly South Ossetia and Akhbasia can withdraw from Georgia.

We are ALL sick of the double standards going on in the world.


Israel's invasion and destruction of Lebanon was MUCH worse and no one ever chided them. It is all Hypocrasy.

Max Maclaren:

"Russia will have to wait for decades to rid itself of the "bully" tag that the world is now associating it with. When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Biting words ring true. I will be waiting for your commentary on the morons running MY country (I live in the U.S.)

Richard H:

"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like"---
Of Course Not. Why are you tap dancing around the point Mr. Wachai? This invasion is not at all about Political Ideologies. No Invasion or Military Operation is. This is about MONEY. This is was and always will be about those pipelines that run through Georgia. If you can't see that, sir you are missing the point. BTW When you are wealthy being called a "Moron" comes with the territory. Actually being wealthy and a moron is quite rare.


Dear Moron Journalist,

If you study history, it will tell you that Southern Ossetia was already involved in a war with Georgia in the early 90s. Then-president Shevarnadze signed a pact with that territory and with Russia whereby peacekeeping troops would remain in the region to make sure that no further violence takes place. This is a fact known to the Western world, but often overlooked because it is advantageous to do so.

Your claim of Georgian territory being recognized by the Western world holds no ground because that point is irrelevant. The only reason this is the case is because it is advantageous to the West, similar situation that Russia had with Serbia and Kosovo, now a new country. The West does not care for human beings anymore than the Russian ruling class does, and your desire to side with the powers that have enslaved your people centuries ago is absolutely astonishing.

The aggressor is not Russia, my friend. The aggressor of the 21st century is America and Great Britain. Most wars fought on this planet at the moment involve American and NATO troops. Facts are facts. Your denial of them is part of the problem and is what will lead this world into another Cold War. A Cold War that United States has no chance of winning as it cannot sustain itself without the help of other continents, most of which hold anti-America sentiment. Rethink your position before the errors that the Western press and governments make become to grave to correct.

Democracy and capitalism are not a “new” ideologies that the world must be taught. They are centuries old and will sooner destroy its originators than be accepted by the whole world. How many wars are you planning to fight at the same time?


Nothing justifies the overwhelming violence???? What a moron you are! Have you look at the US lately?


Don't forget that Russia had troops in Kosovo also.


You're dead wrong. The agressors are the neo-con corporate Fascists who own the media and the governments in question. I am not positing some crazed conspiricy theory, but the truth of the case. The only change from the status-quo they ever allow is war because that's the only change they can make money from.

Kwaju Marubu:

Dear Njoroge!

I read your article and I must say that you have taken the unfortunate position of the American neocons who planned this war as well as the doomed and failed war in Iraq and have not listened to a SINGLE voice in the world and were not afraid to receive the "bully" tag nor even the worst most dreaded "Hitler" tag. They simply did what Neocons consider doing best and that is attacking and provoking wars.

I don't want to continue reading history lessons to you Njoroge, just a simple question to ponder in your head during spare time or in case your consciousness reaches you at an inopportune time say at a neocon meetings or some such nonsense. What right did America have to attack Iraq? Now the even grander question......WHAT RIGHT did Israel have to attack Lebanon last year? Where they wiped out most of the country's infrastructure like hospitals, schools, buildings, etc and killed hundreds of civilians. This was just for ONE Israel soldier, Elad Shalit....look it up if you haven't heard. They waged full military war upon Lebanon for a few soldiers and we're not even talking about 2000 civilians as is the case with the murdered Ossetians. Saakashvili simply ordered the region wiped clean of Ossetians and Abkhazia was next on the list. Just do a google search, stop being so limited and sold out!


Wow. I'm astounded that so many think Russia is "in the right". If South Ossetia wanted "out" of Georgia, couldn't they have held a local "vote" to make that decision? Why would Russia issue Russian Passports to people who do not live in their country? This makes no sense to me at all! The US invaded Afghanistan with lots of other countries participating and agreeing it was the right thing to do, same with Iraq. And strangely enough, the US always leaves..ask Germany...ask Japan...who runs their countries today? Who paid Billions to rebuild their countries after the wars? Who is paying to rebuild Iraq now? Are the Russians going to pay So Ossetia and Georgia to rebuild what they destroyed? I doubt it. They have no class and no standing in the world community except as a bunch of bolshevik bullies with a chip on their shoulder because they know they aren't a 1st world country anymore...more like 3rd world.


Russians are steppe peasants who have never governed themselves.

-they need little weasely men like Putin to grunt commands at them... "uhhhh gungua uhh - time to move camp - ugghhh - pull up stakes and roll up the hides"

Right now - the slavic steppe tribe is high on natural gas fumes - we'll see what hangover this brings to these borscht slurping peasant cattle.


Putin is the next Stalin

Kateirna :

you are compeletely right. "Morons" are in Moskow and they will loose lot more eventually then politics predict


hmm, let's see, what did Georgia gain? total destruction of it's economy, army, and loss of any hopes of ever getting S. Ossetia or Abkhasia back. How about Russia? some harsh words from NATO. Why don't you ask people in Georgia who the real morons are....

david usa:

This editorial seems to lack objectivity.

23 skidoo:

the moron is the author is this article. sad to say for the USA that Putin's the smartest leader on the planet. He bided his time while the U.S. and West gradually tried to move NATO up to Russia's borders. Now with troops tied up in Afghan/Iraq (yes, no loss of international standing from that little adventure, huh?) Russia moves into Georgia and also wrecks the U.S.s little pipeline fantasy. Now tell me again, who's the moron?


Pretty amazing calling the author a 'coon.

He's right that the Russians are looking like a bully to the outside world. Maybe Georgia struck first with it's little army, but Russia pulverized the Georgians with their airforce. Remember both Iraq and Kosovo were run through the UN before any hostilities took place. Russia truly acted uniliaterally in this case. They were so eager to kick Georgia's ass they hurt their standing in the world. Everyone is waiting for a new US president to change things, but will we ever see the end of Putin? Let's face it he's a dictator. Maybe he's improved Russia's standing, but at what cost?


Well, Russia has earned respect in every country that does not want to be a US poodle. People and countries want to be free and not follow the fake US-style democracy, which equals invading and bombing far-away countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Somalia, etc.) and threating them with sanctions (Cuba, Belorus, Zimbabwe etc.).
Russia could hopefully provide a balance so the US and its satelites would scale down their interventions around the world.


Instead of all this you'd better explain the narure of the conflict and point that Georgians have started the invasion.

Russian in New York:

Biased piece of crap. Is distortion of the facts somethin they taught Mr.Njoroge in his 'Journalism' class in the US? And why is he so accusatory towards Russia issuing Russian passports to people in Ossetia and Abkhazia? After all, it was their choice. Besides, same practice by the US actually has brought this son of Kenia to America.


There was not much choice for Russia: either "international bully" or "international coward not protecting its own people", as defined by western media.

Western media would paint Russia in bad light no matter what Russia did.

Just think about, what would the U.S. do if Cuba launched an attack on Guantanamo Bay? Oh, I know, there is no need to speculate, just look around: bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, threatening Syria, Iran, Korea, supporting Israel bombing Lebanon, bombing the CAPITAL of Serbia (for many days, btw, more days that the whole Georgian war took), arming Georgia.

Please, stop spreading one-sided, biased, negative misinformation and just look around.

Then it will be very clear who is an "international bully" in today's world.

Bob, Germany.


And you see now what America looks like to the rest of the world when it lied about WMD and invaded Iraq. How many years is it going to take the US to rid itself of the "bully tag"

Prem Janardhan:

Can't really agree with you I am afraid - Georgia made a miscalculation in trying to force their breakaway territories into obedience. These territories became part of Georgia under the offices of Stalin (who was a Georgian) and they didn't want to be part of Georgia. Rather than leave things alone, Sakashvili chose to stir this pot, without regard for the consequences.

100% I agree with you:

100% I agree with you
Dear Author,
Which side of Atlantic do you live.
Morons are in Washington for last 8 years.
Seems like media is controlled by these "morons"

just wondering...:

"When you're a superpower, you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Is the author writing about Bush and the U.S. Administration? I hope Njoroge was as strongly opposed to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

"Nothing justifies the overwhelming violence that Russia has inflicted and continues to inflict on little Georgia."

I also hope the author was just as outraged at Israel's use of overwhelming force against Lebanon.

This guy doesn't get it....:

Let's wait till Chavez or Cuba gets close to Mexico. Isn't this the same thing we did in Grenada? Forcibly insterting our will? What is the goal of Nato afterall, if the soviet union is no more.


Dear Author,
Which side of Atlantic do you live.
Morons are in Washington for last 8 years.
Seems like media is controlled by these "morons"


Beg to differ.
The aggressor was Georgia, on South Ossetians.

It is funny to criticize Russia for something learned from the United States, invading Iraq looking for imaginary weapons of mass destruction and for "regime change".

Powerful countries behave like rogue nations whenever they please, endangering all the rest of us.


Oh the irony of this article. For example "you don't invade your neighbor merely for trying to embrace a political ideology you don't like."

Kind of like the US invading Iraq and Afghanistan?

How about we attach a bully tag to the US because that's exactly what they're doing.

Russia may have struck first in this conflict, but for other countries who have troops occupying other countries it's extremely hypocritical to call out Russia on an invasion.


It seems to me that the vast majority of "morons" are either in Washington DC or Tel Aviv. Those are the idiot terrorists that thought they could attack Russia and get away with it. The same morons that think they can put their terrorist missile sites in Poland without getting Washington DC, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw nuked.
Good luck with that.
BTW, this article makes it clear that Kenya has at least one moron.

M Albin Morariu, M D:

How about the invasion and distruction of Yugoslavia, an independent country, how about Kososvo, a province of Yugoslavia, how abut Iraq, Afganistan, etc


Mr.Njoroge Wachai got his eyes tied when more than a million civilians has been killed until now in Iraq.


American politicians hate Putin because he actually cares about his own country. Our politicians look like incompetent morons compared to him. Our politicians care more about whatever speical interest group has bought and paid for them. Basically, our politicians are un-American and that's why they hate Putin. They can't understand how a guy could actually try to help the country he represents. That's anathema to both the curretn "citizen of the world types" who run both the Democratic and Republican Parties.


not even worth an educated comment

Don Hennessy:

The "Morons" Are in Washington. Shades of the Cuba Crisis in reverse.


Typical igno/arrogance of Russians.

Russia was wrong and killed innocent people.


And why should we believe a Russian reader does not have bias toward Russia?

A global observer.




The author doesn't have a clue what he is talking about by showing little knowledge of the issue as well as details of the conflict. Also one sided view adds little respect to such bold writer.

A Russian reader

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