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Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. He was Africa Correspondent for the Science and Development Network (SciDev.net), a UK-based web site highlighting science and technology issues from developing countries. He also freelanced for the Switzerland-based Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO). Njoroge was a press fellow at the Wolfson College, University of Cambridge for four months in 2003, where he researched the role of alternative press in the democratization process in Africa. Njoroge currently lives in the U.S. He has studied Journalism and Technical Communication at the graduate level. Close.

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Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. more »

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What Obama Owes Africa

Dear Mr. President: There's nowhere your presidency matters more.

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corniest article i ever read

gina2 Author Profile Page:

In our own self interest we (not just Obama) owe Africa more serious, sophisticated foreign policy. A huge danger in Africa are failed states that can harbor terrorists.

The Bottom Billion - by Paul Collier, economist - gives up to date, interesting analysis and suggested policy approaches to African failing states.

dcpsinsider Author Profile Page:

Deghar said, "As usual, spoon fed American's fail to read the entire article and yet jump into hasty conclusions. Mr. Njoroge is not asking for monetary or finacial aid for Africa, but ethical or moral aid for some African leaders."

I realize that, but still Obama doesn't "owe" Africa anything, not more than any other president or any other African American. That word "owe" is just too strong. I hope Obama does speak out against Darfur, but he should do it because we don't believe in genocide anywhere in the world - not because his roots are in Africa.

Africa must be careful not to claim too much or expect too much from Obama when Africa's support of him (through his father) was very little. The United States is his home, and if he owes anyplace anything it's THIS place.

jailkkhosla Author Profile Page:

Obama and the USA owe Africa nothing. The USA no longer has the wealth it once used to have. His African father abandoned him and his mother. Africa has enough natural resources to make itself wealthy. Its real enemies are the few Africans that exploit the rest. Educate yourself first and then build a self-sufficient society.

wilkestraphill Author Profile Page:

Mr. Machai, you surely know that Pres. Obama's father did NOT father him. Instead, he left his Kansan wife and returned to Kenya to OTHER wives.

It appears that his family did not want Obama's mother in Kenya. She and her parents were the caregivers of our president.

Americans elected him - we loved and nurture him.

What are his relatives in Kenya doing for him emotionally or any other way?

President Obama is an American - midwestern culture. His father did not hang around to influence him.

Pres. Obama MUST treat ALL of Africa the same - NO discrimination such as there is with Israel vs Palestian territory.

You may be sure Obama has feelings toward his relatives in Kenya just as all of us do with our relatives/ancestors.

However, that does not mean we can tell government leaders what to do in the area where our parent came from.

sinatabu Author Profile Page:

Interesting article, I see where this guy is coming from, but I believe that it’s about time we learn to clean our Kitchen then expect a neighbor to do so. We have to take responsibility, Kenyans keep voting the same scoundrels and as we saw in the last election they are willing to die for these same politicians that have led to more people moving on the poverty line while they enrich their pockets. When will Africans start being accountable, is the question I ask myself, yes that includes the majority poor that keep selling their votes for a few bucks.

We can expect Obama and any other foreign President to do this and the other don’t forget you did not elect this presidents they were elected by there own citizens, that hold them accountable of making their lives better and that is their first and foremost priority. Bush did a lot for Africa so you say but American families have suffered the most in his tenure and with that Republicans lost big time, so keep in mind the Democrats and President Obama need re-election in 2012 common sense tells you where their focus is in this recession economy. If you are not getting my point by now am stating that change comes from within, challenge your elected President and his cabinet let those expectations you have start with them; help from outside, ethically or financial let it be supplement.

It’s interesting that we want to claim this Man, mainly since he superseded many boundaries that many thought were impossible. Let’s not forget that his own Father disserted him and was raised by his mother and grand parents. He said in his speech his probably who he is due to his Fathers absence, question is? if he was not who he is, would we still be claiming him. President Obama amazes me with his humility that even after his Fathers absence he still claims Kenya as part of his roots.

Until Africans realize that corruption, will get you no where nothing will change. They should start having score cards, note.. Politicians are really the citizen’s employees; your Tax money pays their behinds, so regardless of Tribe, and Status etc they should do the don jobs or else they should not get paid. Kenyans should keep score what changes they have brought in their lives during their tenure. What developments have they brought, how many scandals were their names mentioned in, etc, use this statistics when you cast your votes and with that we will see change.

Signed Kirush

Fimbo Author Profile Page:


.....No, President Obama, you owe us nothing. You must not worry yourself over our 'cargo cult mentality.'

Prof Achebe taught us how to say ‘Yes we can’ even before you were born. And he was only 22. But we love free things.

We therefore do nothing for ourselves. Don’t let us bother you.

It is up to Africans to liberate themselves from greed and laziness and from the thieves and dictators they call leaders.

It is up to them to fix their countries.

READ MORE HERE: http://www.afroarticles.com/article-dashboard/Article/Obama-owes-us-nothing-and-Kenyans-shouldn-t-expect-manna-from-America/151456

robin1231hotmailcom Author Profile Page:

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ChangeWhat Author Profile Page:

Of course he owes Africa. He owes a visit to his Kenyan birth place. How rude of him to have not done so. If I were Kenyan I would be angered over his ignoring his birth nation. That is just not right.

HumbulaniMukwevho Author Profile Page:

Dear Njoroge,

I saw it coming... "Obama owes Africa something". As Obama, his father and others like Mandela examplified, Africans, let's invest in hardwork. It is through hardwork, strengthening of institutions, thoughful planning and delivery that our worlds will be better. It is fine that Obama's ascent has inspired us, but our own efforts will be the ones that rescue us.

QueenbeefromTakoma Author Profile Page:

Beingsensible: You are so right. The African embrace of Obama is really disengenous to the extent that they embrace him calling him "African" with the insinuation that he's more African than African Americans.

Before this election, you should have seen how Africans derided any one "mixed race" or 'colored" and consumed themselves with trying to debunk the black American notion that we are "black" rather than 'mixed race".

What I come across is a joy in treachery, and even evil and malice.

Now - that Obama is the President, Many Africans are rushing to claim that he is wholly African - overlooking his white side or even the African american contribution.

The only thing that some Africans seemed to have gotten from Obama's rise - is his Luo or Kenyan roots. For them - Obama's rise is only a strengthending of their own sense of tribalism and self importance - when in actuality, Mr. Obama Jr and what he is about is the antithesis of tribalism and giving more import than what is due to the DNA ancestry of being Luo or from a specific tribe.

Obama Jr has spent substantially more time in White American culture and African American culture than Kenyan culture -

Yet some AFricans want to overlook their own theory which they avidely apply to African Americans - that acculturation and a culture and language rather htan just mere African DNA - is what allegedly makes one an "africa".

The embrace of Obama by many Africans is really self serving and the antithesis of what Obama Jr stands for and represents and how he reached the pinnacle of success where he finds himself.

Obama is a unifier -he is not a divisive, treacherous and meanspirited figure who harbours malice towards the African American community as do some Africans such as I suspect Mr. Njoroge Wachai is such a person that harbours malice towards the black American community with his unconditional support of Bush.

QueenbeefromTakoma Author Profile Page:

I 'm utterly appalled at your essay. It's enslaved Africans - not African slaves.

I personally don't think that Obama owes you anything especially for African slaves building the West. There are many Africans - continental, who declare that there is nothing wrong with slavvery, that they don't share the slavery experience with African americans. They even claim that as a result of slavery, that African Americans are not African or are less African than Obama.

That you could overlook all of the damage that Bush did to America domestically and particularly to black Americans and overlook his ploy of using AID in Africa as a cover for his domestic sins - shows that you don't think for others and all you are looking for is handouts.

I really find you and your pleas despicable.

how can you refer to the "African slaves" for justification for Obama AID - when African racism against black Americans and others with "slave ancestry" and because of slave ancestry is well renown.

Africans and Africa participated in slavery and is as much or even more responsible for slavery as is America.

You just want handouts and welfare - and I can tell you - as a black America -I and my country don't owe you anything.

I also think that it's unethical for Americans to fund with our prescious tax dollars a culture of promiscuity which fuels the AIDS epidemic.

You are essentially asking us to put your self - created problems ahead of attending to our own.

You need to learn how to run your countries, rather than burdenening the rest of the world with this incompetence.

Additionally, America can't afford to really give any overseas AID - we are already bankrupt.

GerriM Author Profile Page:

I forgot to mention in my comment of an hour ago:
Where the US has been wrong is its not taking strong stands (Nigeria, Togo), e.g. withdrawing aid against African governments whose elections were patently manipulated. Letting such corruption stand is unacceptable for the US.

DROSE1 Author Profile Page:

A simple request that the US not reward dictators and that we use our influence to encourage democracy. The African man or women in the street cannot stand up to an general and his corrupt army the way powerful nations can.

What American here is against that?

GerriM Author Profile Page:

I really agree with Njoroge. For the most part, the U.S. after the Cold War has worked to help Africa. Not only did Africa get much more foreign aid a new system set up by Pres. Bush the Millenium Challenge Corporation which established 16 criteria for African countries to meet in order to receive aid from the U.S. in order to meet the Millenium Development Goals by 2015.

Also, there is a bill in Congress in support of women and against violence to them on the international level through foreign aid with these conditions. http://www.womenthrive.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=52

AnjuChandel Author Profile Page:

I am sure President Barack Obama will never forget his "roots" and will do substantially for Africa.

KofiNbeke7 Author Profile Page:

More than a call for America to hold Africa together to the promise land. Africa wasn't a poor continent and will never be. It's a hell instead of being the promise land itself because of personal interest, International Firms interest, and, eager desire of power to alienate or dominate others.
Please President Obama, help us to go back home whithout fear of losing our life or our freedom in African jails. Nothing was done yet there in Africa. We do not need to come in America or go to Europe and beg for food or freedom. One thing we need as Njorede had said it so well is a respect of Human Rights and Democracy. We need America be present in each country's presidential and legislative election to instaure respect of ballot. This can be possible through the U.N's cover if America can not do it alone.
This is our cry
This is our everyday prayer and demand to Obama Administration.
We need to gather together in Washington DC for a march for Democracy in Africa.
I'm ready to stand there with everyone and cry loud until Obama hears from us and declares his strategy to build Democracy in Africa.
In the name of Hevenly God.

Beingsensible Author Profile Page:

As an African American woman, I don't believe that it would be at all ironic if Bush goes down in African history as been more popular among Africans than Obama. Bush is certainly more popular in Africa than he is in American--and one could argue that he did more good in Africa than he did in America.

But this article is not about Bush, it's about Obama. And personally while I believe that Obama should and most likely will include Africa (particularly Darfur) in his foreign policy agenda, he "owes" nothing to Africa. Certainly Njoroge you don't really believe that Obama's Presidency means more to Africa than it does to the U.S.--do you? I'm sure that until Obama became a U.S. Senator he was nothing more to the African people than any of us other mixed race African American. I won't air some of the conversations that I've had with pure Africans in the States regarding that subject. No disrespect to my African people, but it's a bit ironic to me that Obama is all of a sudden the favorite African child. Very interesting indeed. Perhaps the good that will come from Obama's Presidency is our fellow African brothers and sisters might look at the African American race a little differently--perhaps...

In the meantime, Obama owes as much to Africa as Clinton owes to Ireland--what's that worth?

arjay1 Author Profile Page:

Njoroge Wachai: "President Obama, how do you plan to deal with leaders who you said "...cling to power through corruption and deceit?"

It might be worth considering a trans-African corporation that has diplomatic immunity from local politicians and which has the sole purpose of creating heavy duty, sanitary water wells all over East Africa. If the corporation had mobile factory components that could set up in a village, drill a well, and set it in pre-formed concrete walls and animal troughs, you might be able to give good health to 30 million people at a minimal cost. This assumes the politicians can't interfere.

The objective is to aid an immediate clean water need all over Africa, not go through endless tribal interaction routines. It is reasonably clear to world political scientists that for each decade of tribal autocracy (sometimes as many as 60), the amount of economic energy required to carry out the revolution of accountable democracy might be beyond anybodys' ability.

A non government entity called the 'Obama Uhuru Foundation' that does nothing except create local clean water might be a good start.

Deshar Author Profile Page:

As usual, spoon fed American's fail to read the entire article and yet jump into hasty conclusions.

Mr. Njoroge is not asking for monetary or finacial aid for Africa, but ethical or moral aid for some African leaders.

krankyman Author Profile Page:

Wow! I thought only Bush got this much invective poured on him. I guess now that he's gone it's time for some one else to take the abuse. (Can't be Obama cause he's still in the glow...)

Africa's problems are not 100% Africa's fault.

The national boundaries of sub Saharan Africa were drawn by the colonial powers and not by indigenous Africans.

Like modern Iraq, these nations were created incorporating people who already hated one another, making it easy for a small number of colonials to govern vast areas. Think Rwanda and the Hutus and Tutsis.

The natural resources of Africa were plundered by the colonials in a most despicable manner. Please read "King Leopold's Ghost".

Moving to the post colonial period rulers such as Mobutu could not have existed without comfort and support from first world nations. Remember, for the US Mobutu was a strong ally in the fight against the commies. We paid dearly for his allegiance both in gold and in remaining silent while he despoiled his country.

Africa certainly bears plenty of blame. Mugabe has managed to take the bread basket of Africa and drive it into complete ruin while other African nations stand idly by wringing their hands.

I don't believe the US has any monetary obligations to Africa such as reparations or some guaranteed.

Rather, we bear a moral obligation to assist these nations.

If you read Mr. Wachai's article you will note he is not asking for money. (we're not seeking handouts from your administration. We're smart enough to know America doesn't dole out freebies.)

He is begging Pres. Obama to use his moral authority to champion democracy for Africa.
"President Obama, crack down on corruption and abuse of human rights in Africa. Use your political capital to bring peace to Darfur, Sudan. Help emancipate the people of Zimbabwe from the despotic rule of Robert Mugabe. This - not aid - is the best gift you can give the African continent."

I think we should help.

texas5 Author Profile Page:

Is posting over?

Saltine Author Profile Page:

Africa is the way it is because it is full of Africans. Africa is rich in natural resources and over the years has been given tons of aid both in money and talent and yet it is still a failure. This is a problem that their own people will have to fix.

furtdw Author Profile Page:

President Obama "owes" Africa as much as President Kennedy owed Ireland ....... nothing.

President Obama, like President Bush, may opt to "give" Africa aid. But we Americans "owe" Africa nothing.

borntoraisehogs Author Profile Page:

President Obama can give from his personal wealth anything he wishes , including some new tin for his brothers shack . American tax payers through Preident Bush have given many millions to Africans and the thanks we get is anti American editorials .

jessteshara Author Profile Page:

I agree with Njoroge. One should go into politics to serve, and the best service is that which meets basic needs like food, shelter, warmth, and health, and creating the conditions for development. Patriotism and greed must take a back seat to global citizenship, in my view. We're all just humans. We throw away half our food, spend billions on our pets and cars, is irresponsible in light of underdeveloped societies with too much abject poverty and suffering.

Computer_Forensics_Expert_Computer_Expert_Witness Author Profile Page:

Let's get this slavery thing down to earth.

Whose ancestors sold whose ancestors into slavery? Maybe you should be seeking reparations or aid somewhere else. Slavery was not limited to color and slave masters and slaves came in all colors, but since most were white slave holders and the bulk of slaves came into the British Colonies, not the United States, maybe you should be knocking on the Parliament of the UK for money.

We have enough problems in the US that need addressing and the key here is that charity begins at home. We have housing projects, roads, hospitals and other projects that need attention.

Africa, as a continent has oil, diamonds, precious metals, oil and labor, as resources, to name a few.

Adopt a free market enterprise, come-up with an idea or two to allow foreign corporations to establish businesses and spin-offs in Africa and then come knocking on our doors.

Look what oil did for Nigeria and the nations in Middle East. Even with all that sand, you still don't see a Corning, Steuben or Waterford glass factory in Saudi Arabia.

You get and deserve the government you elect. We the people in the United States are looking for a refreshing change in 2012...

Jim DeMint in 2012

Doubter1 Author Profile Page:

America and President Obama owe nothing. Obama's father abandoned him when he was born - hardly a reason for him to remember "the land of my father."

1ken Author Profile Page:

I would hope for a better Africa and to see it a country without the continued strife is has incured for many years. However, just because the Presidents father, one that deserted his son at an early age and did not contribute to his raising, was born in Africa does not bind him to African responsibility.

This is an interesting piece but simply is somewhat strange in how the writer attempts to define the responsibility of an American President. President Obama may have interest and/or need to provide some American assistance to the African nation but most certainly does not have a responsibility to do so.

As far as the bush involvement in the African Aids problems. It is good that American dollars were directed there to help with this terrible problem. It was bad that bush re inserted a law that refused any of the American dollars to groups that didn't support his anti-abortion policy or for those that would have directed part of that money to sex education and preventive measures. Yes, lets give bush some credit but he certainly isn't the hero conservatives would like you to believe.

mona8 Author Profile Page:

Kibeethi, I feel u on that comment, well said!

methuderek Author Profile Page:

I love the comments above of : "His dad is Kenyan and it just ends there" "How typical - look to place blame and responsibility elsewhere for problems that are 100% African. No wonder nothing improves there." "The poor distant relatives come a knockin"
..and more...All i have to say is we, those who learn about history and the influnce it has on the future understand the 3rd world has its issues steming from european heritage and yes that includes those who are "american..aka white", and this is because of policy abroad and "national interest".
It sad in this day and age that people still make comments as though america is an isolationist or as though the only watch FOX news.

kibeethi Author Profile Page:

Mr Wachai,
Like you,I am Kenyan but that is about all that we have in common.
POTUS Obama owes Kenya,his father's birth place,or any other country in Africa, nothing. On the contrary, it is us, the Kenyans that owe POTUS Obama an apology.We should apologise on behalf of his father who abandoned him
and his mother when he was a 2 year old baby.
President Obama,may I apologise on behalf of my fellow Kenyan for not being a responsible father and husband,for not being there as you were growing up,for not paying for your food and other expences,for being an example of not what to be to a child.I am sorry.
POTUS Obama is not blame for any mistakes by America until- 12 o'clock 20th January 2009. Yes, that would be last week.
May I request my fellow Kenyans to tone down POTUS Obama's Kenyan 'roots'.
We could benefit by Mr Obama's example of exemplary hard work against the odds.By a promise by we Kenyan men to face up to our parental responsibilities.
Lastly,we must own up to being responsible for the mess that our country KENYA continues to be.
Until we stop asking for solutions from Foreigners like Obama, until we stop asking our very parasitic (mis)government to redistribute wealth, until we as Kenyans and as Africans take full charge of our politics, economies and societies,we shall remaing in the author's bottom of of wellness tables.
Thank you

skarpheddin Author Profile Page:

You wrote:

America was not "built" on the backs of African slaves. The colonies that became the United States accounted for, at most, 3 percent of the abominable international slave trade; the persistence of slavery in America slowed economic progress; and the U.S. deserves credit for helping to end slavery (along with Britain), a 2000 year old practice in every corner of the globe.

And no, President Obama doesn't "owe" Africa anything. If he is truly to rise beyond "race" and skin-color, fulfilling MLK's dream, then he needs to represent all Americans and not the special interests of ethnic heritage (his is mixed, like many Americans).

I'd love to see conditions in Africa improve and the world to care; but object to the notion that Obama "owes" it to Africa.

khote14 Author Profile Page:

Njoroge I am sorry to say to you that you truly do not understand what it is to be an American.
I have Irish, English, French, and German ancestors ... where exactly should I claim to have roots?

And why should I think their problems are worth any extra attention simply because my ancestors came from there? I can't even say which ancestor came from which country ... I think my great great grandmother on my father's side came from Ireland ... I think.

Perhaps in your life, in your location, in your culture, appealing to one's roots as you have is a significant point to make. I would not start my appeal to Obama with it however. He's as mixed-ancestry as any of us.

QuestionsAssumptions Author Profile Page:

Dear Mr. Wachai,

You address such serious issues, it isn't possible to intelligently comment in a post. However, I feel somewhat compelled by the fact that I can count forty years of my own life in which the nations of Africa and people who tried to help them have solicited aid. And for all that, the only outcome is countries plagued by worse problems and histories than before.

It is laudable that you write here and request aid for your country. We may believe you care for the people of the nations of Africa. We may also consider you are a merely a link in the chain of corruption of massive aid that pours into these countries that never reaches its goals. How would you wring it out, except by listing the horrors with pathos? Writing about the problems brings attention, brings concerned people. What credentials do you have to ask yet again for more aid when these nations appear to do nothing but continue in every and multitudinous ways to destroy themselves?

The same can be said for America. The corruption in America is reaching new heights, witness the financial state of this country for the greed of a few. If it were ever different, it is not now. America now spirals into the same chaos. Not to the degree of the misery of Africa yet, but there are pockets of this country it is little better. Despite the glamour of hollywood and the press, swaths of this country are without work, and do nothing to improve themselves because they too can expect that check on the first of the month.

America is a house of cards and power and greed rule here as it does in foreign nations. The government is trillions of dollars in debt to foreign nations. Debt, sir. In otherwords we cannot pay our own bills. What kind of crazy people (congress? the president?) think we have money to give away? Individual Americans are presently loosing sleep in our sinking economy. A huge percentage of our people are also in debt and unable to pay their bills.

Why do you think the mass appeal of someone who makes lovely promises worked so well? Obama presents no stellar character of his own, his cronies he attempts to place into power keep getting called out for their deeds. That isn't stopping him.

America needs to tend to itself and its people before it further slips into bonds of despotism of nations that bring nothing but wish to walk away with its provisions.

Any answers for your plagues will only come from your own people who will at great sacrifice end their oppressions. We value nothing we are given. We only value what we must earn. America is not Africa's answer. The people must find those answers for themselves. Millions and billions more dollars have not, and will not be the answer you need.

longtime Author Profile Page:

Mr. Wachai, you are a silly man. There is possibly nowhere Obama's presidency matters less. Calls for accountability of African leaders have come from every corner of the globe - and with what result? Do you think that because Obama's father was Kenyan that Kibaki or anyone else will be more inclined to listen to him?

Kibaki you mentioned. Though the legitimacy of the December elections is still disputed, Kibaki is President of a free democracy. I know plenty of Kenyans who voted for him, knowing full well the corruption and other sins of which he is guilty. What more can Obama do?

Mugabe, another source of embarrassment for Africa, is a dictator and a despot. He has shunned Western calls for a regime change for decades. He is in love with himself at the expense of his countrymen.

Calls for "freedom," "democracy," and "accountability" from abroad are futile. It will take a grassroots movement from within Kenya to bring these things to your country. Democracy is not GIVEN to people - it is up to the people to demand it. It starts with you, not Obama.

vmoore55 Author Profile Page:

I knew this would come up sooner or later.

A black US pres. helping his own kind in his country and in his motherland or as they say African roots.

So will the US ever have a Chinese as US pres.?

Will it be ok for a Chinese US pres. to hand out aid and help China, his Chinese roots?

challeechalloo Author Profile Page:

The poor distant relatives come a knockin'.

Don't forget, Obama's Kenyan father abandoned him as a baby -- the perfect analogy for lack of responsibility.

Africa must be responsible for itself. African countries refuse to act on Mugabe and, in fact, have supported him, albeit tacitly. It was fine to take the property of the "white devil" and run the country into the ground. No one cared then what the consequences of that evil mentality would be, and now it has come home to roost in Zimbabwe.

Obama is not African in any form except in name and the color of his skin. He was raised in Hawaii by a white mother and grandmother. He is much more Hawaiian than African.

Perhaps Africa should learn more from the Hawaiians...

allenkris02 Author Profile Page:

There is no where the president of the United States presidency matters more than the United States

mona8 Author Profile Page:

Seriously Mr Wachai, look around the world where the U.S has pushed for democratic goverment, with all due respect all Africans want is a handout and maybe a second wave of colonization. During his speech President urged for personal responsibility- how about African countries start there. Places like Zimbabwe have tried to go against the grain(resist anything west) guess who is suffering- the masses.
Even if President Obama fight to end corruption, guess what, China will come in and undo his doing, Chad Sudan anyone? The same washingtonpost you are writing for, did an article( I believe by Zakaria) on Africans rising above tribes, well not rising above tribal, but leaving tribalism for local stuff, until then, the struggle continue.

On Obama dad being Kenya, here is a quote by Obama during his campaign "that we are not constrained by the accident of birth but can make of our lives what we will". His dad is Kenyan and it just ends there

travisg2 Author Profile Page:

Excellent article.
This article should be a guide to American journalists on how to properly address an issue .
The writer includes advise on how America can properly use its influence to help in Africa.
It is sad that the African diplomats do not show this writers ability to clearly state an issue.
Their goals are simply to request more financial aid.
But then , they have been schooled in American politics.

mpowers38111 Author Profile Page:

> Every single cent given (or gouged) for Israel should be sent to Africa. Work for peace and decency and health instead of savagery.

Did you even read the article? The author said that due to corruption, aid money merely went to enrich the despot rulers. The author specifically asked for help with regime change, not handouts.

PGR88 wrote:
> look to place blame and responsibility elsewhere for problems that are 100% African

Did you read the article? The author specifically said that the problems were the fault of "their greedy leaders". He placed no blame anywhere else. He is asking for help in removing the African leaders, which he identifies as the problem.

whistling Author Profile Page:

Every single cent given (or gouged) for Israel should be sent to Africa. Work for peace and decency and health instead of savagery.

And the US should 'claw back' whatever possible from the attackers of Gaza and destructionists of Palestine. Soon as possile.

HOW the world would cheer!

pgr88 Author Profile Page:

How typical - look to place blame and responsibility elsewhere for problems that are 100% African. No wonder nothing improves there.

ZZim Author Profile Page:

It would indeed be ironic if Bush goes down in African history books as being far more popular among Africans than Obama.

On the other hand, they say all politics is local, so there's no reason why popularity shouldn't be local (or regional) as well. Bush did more for Africa than the previous three Presidents combined. Obama has some big shoes to fill there.

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