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Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. He was Africa Correspondent for the Science and Development Network (SciDev.net), a UK-based web site highlighting science and technology issues from developing countries. He also freelanced for the Switzerland-based Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO). Njoroge was a press fellow at the Wolfson College, University of Cambridge for four months in 2003, where he researched the role of alternative press in the democratization process in Africa. Njoroge currently lives in the U.S. He has studied Journalism and Technical Communication at the graduate level. Close.

Njoroge Wachai


Njoroge is a journalist who formerly worked for the Kenya-based People Daily. more »

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Why the Drama over George Obama?

The Western media's overblown focus on Obama's half-brother's drug charge.

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mhoust Author Profile Page:

George Obama is a barely known, not particularly likeable half-brother. Barack never grew up with him. He's not a part of Barack's functioning family. Ergo, Mr Obama doesn't owe Georgi-boy squat. Hell, George Obama isn't even an American. How about we get our country in order first before we start worrying about inconsequential drug users around the world.

fcrucian Author Profile Page:

What a hoot! The media is to "inform, educate, & entertain". More truth in the "entertain" part. Someone should add "as cheaply and easily as possible". It would require gathering of real information to write about things other than than George Obama. Today's media are having a difficult time separating news from trivia. This type of information is nothing more than gossip.

coloradodog Author Profile Page:

limpscomb wrote:

I believe that George H.W.Bush also had a son who was involved in the Savings and Loan mess. And it seems that George W. Bush's niece has/had a drug problem.

George H. W. Bush also had a son who had a cocaine/alcohol problem but the story never rated mention on RNC Fox News.

sakeneko Author Profile Page:

The whole thing is all the weirder because George Obama is a half brother whom Barack Obama hardly knows, the son of his biological father who abandoned his mother and him when he was an infant. They grew up in different worlds, with different parents, and only by sheer accident are "related". I wish Mr. George Obama well, but I do not see why his activities are considered news. They're not news. So, media, please report on something that matters to the world as a whole instead of wasting your time and ours like this!

dailyfare Author Profile Page:

Immediate, far-removed and irrelevant.

msmithnv Author Profile Page:

What do you mean why all the press coverage. It is just like your own "coverage" of everything about Sarah Palin. If she ate corn flakes this morning from the box that happen to have Michael Phelps on the cover you would have three days of stories about it.

Isaih 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

Thy name is shame.

mouse2talk2u Author Profile Page:

Mr. Njoroge is absolutely correct in his assessment.

Dee_El Author Profile Page:

All this proves is that Obama is presidential material. It is a great presidential tradition for a president to have a problematic sibbling. Let's review: W - Neil Bush; Bill Clinton - Roger Clinton; RR - I believe had an alcoholic brother; Jimmy Carter - Billy Carter; Richard Nixon - Donald Nixon; LBJ - also a wayward brother; JFK - Teddy (before he straightened up, remember Chappaquidic and his other early antics). So fire away....it merely raises Obama's stature....

limpscomb Author Profile Page:

I believe that George H.W.Bush also had a son who was involved in the Savings and Loan mess. And it seems that George W. Bush's niece has/had a drug problem. And the beat goes on...

SO WHAT? WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF OURS? It didn't make their position as president any less important or reflect on their ability to carry out their duties to the American public.

I seriously doubt there is hardly a family in America that doesn't have some family member whose life is messy, problematic, and causes problems for them and everyone else. I, along with them, would hate like the devil to have to be help responsible for what they do or have it reflected upon my life.

fabricmaven1 Author Profile Page:

Hmm...Didn't Jimmy Carter have a crazy brother? Let's see Ronald Reagan had a daughter with issues. WAPO could fill this space with possible suggestions toward helping our President solve the financial crisis that we are all experiencing.

pKrishna43 Author Profile Page:

Why does this story rate a spot here?
WaPo is unnecessarily giving this non-story some prominence.

AnjuChandel Author Profile Page:

Absolutely. Family, friends and near & distant relatives should be off-limits for the media and public in general in covering President Barack Obama.

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