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No Hummer Sale to China?

The sale of GM's Hummer division to China was front page news and used by many a bloviator (see my main man Peter Goodman here) as an another example that CHINA IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!

As Goodman said:
More than a merely economic event -- the latest sign of China's rise and American struggles -- the deal is a cultural moment. ... China has come to embrace many of the attributes and modes of consumption that Americans may reflexively consider their own, complete with the sprawl and tangle of highways familiar to any resident of Los Angeles or Atlanta.

The problem is that, according to Chinese state-run radio, the deal isn't going to go through. The BBC, quoting state-run radio here, reported that the country's planning agency would block the sale on two grounds. First, it said, Hummer is at odds with the country's planning agency's attempts to decrease pollution from Chinese manufacturers. (Um, I'll say.) Second, the prospective buyer, Sichuan Tengzhong, is a construction equipment maker with no experience in manufacturing cars.

So much for the Hummer, or (in Chinese) "bold horse," galloping across China. And perhaps we can hold off on the China-taking-over-the-world schtick, as well.

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generalyuefei Author Profile Page:

I saw the channel 13 news, that they didn't even make a good translation of Mandarin, and they add cursing words into their translation for American viewers, I swear to God in Jesus name.

Secondly, almost all the victims are other Chinese ethnic females, including Han, Yue, Hong Kongese, Fujianese... why government must block people moving to the corner of their own nation? Do US do that? Any other country in the world? People should not be separated by culture, language, cloth... they should move free in their own nation, whether driven by business or pleasure.

I don't mind if those terrorists target on the police stations and cops, but killing and raping women is just another disgraceful acts to anyone in China or in the world.

I guess US Media did not openly use this opportunity to dump dirts on Chinese, because their reporters really have some good footages say how women beat to death and gush their brain and blood on the street... only the death and suffering of Chinese (include all our 56 ethnics) can make them quite.

And I hope American learned some more on this events, that those people spread violence in other part of world, and arrive DC, change their cloth, to be a victim.

Every nation has multi ethnics, but why only China need to be divided into pieces in Western eye, then maybe US should be separated nations under God, and German, England, France, Span... should all be divided by the ethnic who dwell at the region.

US don't you stop founding money to our splitists and terrorist, they are Freedom fighters to you, the model of world, support them to cause our people killing each other, let all Chinese(56 Ethnic) people never stop fighting and dying, let Chinese kill Chinese, so this way US can make a world better place, so this way your supported freedom fighters never stop shedding other's blood. Their 'Human Rights' and 'Freedom' must be obtained and proved by the cost of other's life and tragedy, and their legacy be washed thru blood.

stephenchen2002 Author Profile Page:

1、Rebiya cheats the world with fake photo

The Xinjiang separatist leader Rebiya Kadeer used a fake photo to “prove” how Chinese police “repressed” Urumqi “peaceful demonstrators” in her latest attempt to cheat the whole world and launched a vicious attack China, the same trick used by Dalai Lama after the March 14th incident.

A video on Rebiya’s interview with the Arab Al-Jazeera Satellite TV Channel was uploaded in YouTube on July 7. In the interview, Rabiya did her best to deny her involvement in the July 5 riot and held a large photo to display how “Chinese police” dealt with Urumqi “peaceful demonstrators”.

The TV reporter asked Rebiya of her opinion on Chinese ethnic Han girls who were attacked on the street. Rabiya said: “My people are demonstrating peacefully. Their behaviors are completely peaceful.” And then she took out a large photo and said “How could they attack others while surrounded by Chinese troops?”

But that photo she was holding has nothing to do with the riot in Urumqi. It is a news photo published on Nanfang Daily’s website on June 26 to couple with a report titled “The body grabbing seesaw battle in Shishou” which is about a mass incident in Hubei province..

Chinese netizens are extremely angry towards Rabiya’s cheating act. A netizen said that Rabiya’s laughable trick could not cover her true intention but severely insulted the intelligence of people from all over the world. When she said she had nothing to do with the riot, the entire world has reasons to suspect the reliability of her claim, the netizen said.
2、Rebiya knows of riots in advance

Rebiya Kadeer, head of the World Uyghur Congress(WUC) knew of the Urumqi riots in advance, she revealed at a press conference at the American National Press Club in Washington on July 6.

Rebiya said she had told her relatives living in Xinjiang not to join the protest, thus those who have family connections with her were absent from the riot.

She alleged that she insisted on non-violence and appealed for peace and urged the White House to issue a fiercer statement demanding the Chinese government to restrain the use of force. She also urged the UN to launch an investigation and list what the Uygurs encountered as a key diplomatic issue.

After elected WUC president, Rebiya Kadeer stayed in the USA, mainly in Washington D.C. But she frequented Germany and some other countries in north Europe.

Rebiya once had a meeting with the Dalai Lama, the leader of Tibet secessionists, reports said. The photos of their meeting have been published on internet. Insiders reportedly said Rebiya doesn’t have a good reputation among the East Turkistan secessionists for her nature of caprice, greed and nepotism.

generalyuefei Author Profile Page:

I don't understand why people care about the vain glory so much?!?

Americans are proud of their nations, Asians care about their nations' status of rising, and Iranians brag about their history of Ancient time...

What's going on? Is it this kind of attitude invite us wars for 1000 years?

What's the point your nation rises or fall?
Can we learn from our history?

Are people all the same?

Don't let the politicians use you for their benefit. They make living on your tax money by lying to you in peace, and they put your life and family to death by guiding you to war for vain glory. But in the end, we are all the same s-hi-t to them.

Why could not people live like 21st century people?

So what American rise, or Asian rise, or Arab nations rise...? What's the F. point!?

mburns6 Author Profile Page:

Asia's rise - China's rise specifically - can't be ignored. Asia Chronicle (www.asiachroniclenews.com) has been pretty solid in reporting on the many ways in which China and Asia are slowly buying up international companies in the U.S., Europe, and Africa. Everyone ought to go check them out.

generalyuefei Author Profile Page:

Hummer is icon and product of American Culture.

Strong powerful engine that burns 30% resource that it is never necessary, only to impress self-esteem thru material pride, that makes other people hate you.

It costs so much from its material and resource, and space. Yes, people should have their freedom to choose for a luxury life, but we forget that we are sharing the same resources.

And we never care about other's needs, and our children's future.

Hummer should die. It is good time for Hummer to die. Hummer kind of attitude does not fit to exist in today's world.

alex65 Author Profile Page:

It is simply wrong to use the Sale to arouse sinophobic feeling.

However this is nothing if you compare this with the scale of demagoguery in the 80's when news media was loaded with xenophobic Japan-taking-over-the-US garbage.

bnvtony Author Profile Page:

No tricks,no hummer,let hummer die in the U.S

farklol Author Profile Page:

Ah nevermind, forget I said anything.

farklol Author Profile Page:

I think it's not farfetched to say that Chinese people are taking over the world, incrementally speaking. We have the intelligence, ambition, and industriousness combined with the numbers to make a good case for it.

China as a nation, however, I don't think so.

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