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Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer, a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post, is co-author of the forthcoming book, Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Middle East Quarterly, Moment, the New Leader, and (an Israeli/Palestinian e-zine). Before moving to Israel in 1994, he served as an adviser in the United States Congress to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Banking Committees. He is also on Twitter. Close.

Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer is a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post. more »

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Israel's Rumsfeld Takes Heat

Jerusalem, Israel - Topic A here is whether the Defense Minister Amir Peretz will resign or be forced out like Rumsfeld was in the U.S. Topic B: Shelling in Sderot. Topic C: Confronting Iran.

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Jim Wasserman:

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It is only a matter of time when all of the Middle East will be armed with nuclear weapons.

We Arabs are not going to stand idle threatened by a small outlaw fundamentalist state that stole with impunity 90% of the lands it "owns" today.

Ooops, I forgot..God gave it them.

Well then, we shall challenge God's unjust decree and justice shall be served against his will.

How long can the world turn a blind eye to Israeli fanaticism which legitimizes land ownership through religious indoctrination?

What nation on this planet ever claimed ownership of some land 2000 years after it ceased to exit?

If people think Iran is fundamentalist then they should realize that Israel, named after religious texts, is 10 times more fundamentalist and fanatic.

There is no other threat to world stability and peace other than the apartheid state of Israel.

Eric Jette , SantaFe , USA:

"Topic C, of course, is Iran, and increasingly vocal concerns that Israel will be forced to confront the growing threat of a nuclear Iran, since the world, including the U.S., has decided not to."
- Saul Singer

Excuse me Saul, but were it not for the US confronting the IRI's agenda, and their threats, the international community would not even be thinking "Sanction" at this point.
Exactly what do you think 4 (count them) Four US carrier battle groups are doing in the Persian Gulf Area? Their laundry perhaps?

Right about now I'd say you owe an apology to a heck of a lot of people who support your nation's right to exist.

Peace, Jerusalem, Palestine:

Jimmy: Where does the money go? an example is the Palestinian airport: built in 1998--/ blown up by the Israelis in 2002. Building infrastructure and having it destroyed has been Palestine's fate throughout the Israeli occupation. Lebanon is going through the same thing it seems. As soon as there is hope:BOOM! But you are right, Arabs are wimps when it comes to coming to Palestine's rescue.By the way, I dont believe that God would have "chosen" a people and another shattered myth is that the weak shall inherit the earth.

jimmy toronto canada:

why arn't the arab countries with all their oil billions helping the palestinian people and what happened to arafats millions when are the palestinians going to wake up and realize that their real enemy is their fellow arabs

Joe, Haifa, Israel:

If five Arab countries had not invaded the Jewish State as agreed upon by the United Nations in 1947 every thing would be quiet and there would not exist Palestinian refugees. But the Arabs thought that the Jews had not any rights in The Land of Israel/Palestine, the country from which they were expelled by the Roman rulers.

Gabar - DC:

Rachel Tel Aviv - I do not give a hoot if you are actually from the US - my friend is right you must be delusional - Israel does not take the time to go around threatening its neightbors - it JUST BOMBS them - Lebanon and every other day in the Gaza and the West Bank. Get your facts straight.


The Christians particularly the Brits have always created conditions for chaos and blood shed. They created Isreal in 1949 so that the Arabs and the Zionists will keep fighting. They created the problem of Kashmir so that India and Pakistan will keep fighting for ever. They created terrible problems in Africa and it is unlikely that the Continent can ever come out of its poverty and strife maily because the Europeans have carved out and divided the countries with boundaries that serve to perpetuate wars and conflicts. I have a friend from Nigeria who tells me that the people of South have nothing in common with the Muslim majority in the North.
The list can go on. Neither USA, nor the Brits have any love for the Jews or the Arabs. May be they hate the Arab a little more than the Jews. Both USA and Britain uses and abuses the Arabs and the Jews.
The Americans and the Brits use Israel as a listening post in the Arab world as a proxy for them.
The Jews are an ancient people and the first people of the Book, and it is a shame that they are treated with such scorn by both the Arabs (10% Muslims are Arabs) and the Christians. You got some PR job to do.
Israel must go back to pre-war status, the territory which was at least recognised by the UN,(1965)boundaries and return all territories it took by force. Forget that you can ever rule from Jerusalem. What you lost 2000 years ago cannot be forced on any one in 2006 as a logical rational for conquests of more Palestinian lands.
Besides it was not the Arabs who threw them from their homeland 2000 years ago it was the Romans who did it so go and take some part of Italy as recompense for a historical mistake! But its all water down the bridge. No one can right the mistake of 2000 years (Damn the Romans).
There must be a way to solve this conflict.
People like Rachel are basically very stupid and totally unaware of the realities on the ground. Have they ever tried to understand why the US needs to Veto so many resolutions in the UN. What a US Veto means that the world did not support Israel and it was bailed out by USA. If I was an Israeli I would be very concerned about this lack of support at a international level. Look at General Assembly resolutions ,seriously it will knock some sense into you. Israel and Jews need to employ some Public Relations Firm to prop up their image in the world. I also notice many Jews say that they are Jewish rather than say that they are Jews. Senator Allen concealed his Jewish ancestory. Amazing to what level have the Jews declined. But it speaks volumes about the USA where even a Senator(and his family) did not feel comfortable with the notion of being a Jew.
I say this to the Jews dont fall in the trap of the Brits or the Americans. Look at the past history and intolerance of minorities. Jews have become successful through sheer hard work in America unlike the Blacks (who unfortunately are more targeted because of their color).
Get real and make peace with your neighbours or atleast with most of them.
It is possible. Jews can succeed in the Middle East same like they have done in the USA and in many other countries.
Jews are equally the most brilliant and the most stupid people. You have been very stupid for a long time.It is time for Jews to think smart. Israel must start to make friends in the neighbourhood.
Other wise there is no way this conflict will ever be resolved. Do not expect USA or Britain to solve this problem. Every single European country has persecuted the Jews ;the list is long and I can start with Spain,France,Britain,Poland,Germany,Russia.
Past behaviour guides future actions.


The sooner a political solution, the better it is for Israel. Think about Muslims becoming a majority in Israel.

Zoltan, hungarian, Paris:

Spelling is better using Firefox 2, with integrated spell checker.

I was born in 1967. Every day in my life I have heard death and destruction in Israel/Palestine. There are 5 millions Jews in Israel and 500 million Muslims around. Looking at history, I don't think "Israel" as a jewish state will exist at the and of this century.


I have been a lifelong supporter of Israel but I no longer even believe in it's right to exist as a nation. Israel expiates the trauma of the Holacaust by doing to the Palestinians what was done to European Jews. It is as wrong now as it was then. No AIPAC, accusations of anti-Semitism, or other public distortions will conceal the moral bankruptcy of Zionism. It is pure greed for the land and resources of others, shameless bigotry by the "chosen," and treason if you care at all about what is good for America and the world.


Rachel Tel Aviv, Israel:

You must be delusional if you think Israel isn't threatening people with its nukes everyday. Why do you think Israel can fly F-16s over Lebanon and Damascus with impunity? The Nukes keep everybody else from doing anything about the atrocities Israel commits like dropping cluster bombs and imprisoning 13 year olds.
Once Iran has the Bomb, all will be equal.

Bob K., Wash. DC:

Israel is rapidly disintegrating - on a weekly basis things are worse than before. Key issues that have not been resolved is (1)Olmert as PM - yes, he is a disaster; (2)Ariel Sharon kept alive artificially since January (why?); (3)Dropping nasty bombs on Lebanon this past summer (why so many?); (4)Constantly killing people in Gaza (lost track of the "why"); (5)now Israels name comes up in killing the Lebanese Christian leader and blaming it on Syria (Syria can't be that stupid being so close to playing a major role in Iraq): etc. Certainly Israel can't be blamed for all of the problems but reality is that it rapidly is loosing strenght and respect from the Western World. Israel is living on borrowed time.

Shalom Freedman Jerusalem Israel:

The comparison of Rumsfeld with Peretz does not make much sense. Rumsfeld was an experienced Defense Minister, an architect of U.S. defense policy a formidable figure. Peretz is a politician whose special area of interest is labor- relations. He has no security - background to speak of and was given the job for political reasons only.
As to the Iranian question it is forefront in many Israeli minds. If the Bush Administration passes the buck as it now appears it will, then Israel will face a very difficult decision in the months ahead.
One more point. It is truly unfortunate that this site as so many other talkbacks are filled with ill-informed and hatefilled commentary.

Rachel Tel Aviv, Israel:

Actually moron, I am from the US. Being such a good Zionist, I made aliyah in 2003. And the big difference between us and Iran is that we don't go around threatening any other country with annhilation as Iran does on a daily basis. Get your facts straight before typing.

Ben, Des Moines:

The reason no one can spell, is that the Post has become nothing more than a soundboard for anti-semites. When your native tongue is Arabic or French it is hard to spell correctly in English. So just stop with the drivel you just look like fools, all you need to do is sit tight and wait for the next editorial by someone from Hamas or an Iranian Pres, it will be forthcoming soon I'm sure.

Gabar - DC:

Rachel Tel Aviv - where do you come from to tell people about Iran breaking international law. How about Israel. This is a joke.

chet,Vancouver, Canada:

A little fact-checking, please:

since June, two Israelis have been killed by Qassam rocket fire.

Not an admirable circumstance, certainly, but wildly disproportionate to the 400 Palestinian deaths.

arrogant posts:

The post above at, 4:18 am,explains perfectly, one more time, why the world is awash in antisemitism, and growing. Iran will thrive and survive. The Europeans, including specifically the Russians, and Asia,has begun to go to Iran's assistance...with defense materiale (yesterday), with negotiations to keep our idiot president from bombing them, with all matter of things. And the world is increasingly intent on "solving" the Israel/Palestine problem...and that means pushing Israel back. Meantime Israel begins a seris of tricks and assasinations all over the world to change the tide. But the world is sick of the troubleIsrael causes, and so is the United States. Game up. Iran will survive. Wonder about the detested Israel.

Aparthied israel:

For the past 50 years the palestinains have been experiencing a 'Cold hollocasut ',
why cant people of conscious visit west bank/Gaza and pretend to be palestinains for a month to witness the aparthied system at work.
instead people are afraid to criticise israel for fear of beinng labled 'anti-semetic',
meanwhile ethnic cleansing of palestinains goes on daily, over 5 million palestinains
live in refugee camps 'concentration camps' in neighbouring countries, many of them still hold the key to their homes they were expelled from in israel.
Those palestinains are not allowed to go back while jews from around the world can
go to steal their homes, the funny thing is, israel converts tribes in india to judiasm and settles them in previous palestinian homes.
If this is not EXTREME INJUSTICE, I dont know what is. you cannot say a word against
this or else you will be anti-semetic. Archbishop Desmond Tutu compared Israel to
apartheid South Africa, he must be ant-semetic.,,1703245,00.html


The roles seems to be reversed now.
Who is HAMAN and who is MORDECHAI?

The ONLY WAY OUT of the NUKE CRISIS is to have the ENTIRE REGION (Including Israel) NUKE FREE.

Rachel and other Tziyonim (=Zionists) should cut the "antisemitic" blabla. Nobody is! We all LOVE Jews & Arabs & Iranians to coexist in this difficult world,a but we cannot accept military occupation by anybody, and that includes ''christian'' G.W.Bush and/or ''jewish'' Olmert/Halutz and Amir Peretz.
(Did I spell it correctly? next time I'll do it in Hebrew & Arabic too)...


It was the Vice M.O.D Shimon Peres at about 1956 who brought the NUKES tol the area, as ''a gift of the French Socialists" and their PM Guy Molet.

Now he claims that Iran's Ahmadinejad is ''PERSIA'S HITLER''.


Rachel Tel Aviv, Israel:

Once again, you anti-Semitic bloggers need to learn to read (and spell) if you want anyone to take your arguments seriously-- which we cannot do, anyway with any more laughter than we do now.
First of all, Israel is not responsible for Iran. The entire international community needs to be responsible for it and its continued flagrant violations of international law.
Second, we do not have to bomb Iran, just its' strategic oil reserves. That way, Russia and China won't be acting as her proxies which they do now in the UN. Once Iran has no oil, then no money, then no financial ability to continue its terrorist and nuclear ambitions then no on would need to worry about her anymore.

mark, los angeles:

Can't anyone posting to this blog spell? It's very hard to take posters' arguments seriously with gems like "Isreal" "relaity" "Isralie" and "sponcered."


And for claification yes Isreal needs to dismantle the settlements, and yes they occupy the west bank illegally, but the terrorist organizations, first the PLO, and now Hamas and Hezbollah sponcered by respectively syria and iran, and by resorting to violence have enlongated the process and could have, possibly, ended this long ago peacefully. So yes that is good the iranian economy is growing, and yes it is good that some freedoms can be expressed, but lets see a courageous first step be taken in the direction of peace instead of destruction.


The first commentor has a sad lack of relaity attached to his rantings and ravings. Grow up, Iran is the problem in the region, supporting extremism and dealing in death, all to prove it is master of what they see. their irrational and equally denial of the holocaust is based on historical ignorance fueled by a school education system designed to brain wash the multitudes into semitic hate. Come on guy, Isreal will defend itself, yes they have problems but so does the Saudi royal family know for its favoritism for underage prostitution when they leave their hypocritical confines of the royal land. so what is your point, you have none but the hate you spit.


THe NYT story referenced in the 10:33 post above today... "Israeli female soldiers..." ran October 19th, by Dina Kraft...1146 words.
Headline read ISRAELI WARRIORS AND MACHISMO THING OF THE PAST...reads in part...Israeli "female soldiers a seigneurial right..." No use leaving the matter hanging. Story is quite a read.


In response to several of the above comments, I really wish we could have a frank and rational discussion of Israeli issues without the specter of obvious and absurd anti-Semitism looming over the debate... "the idea to use Germany didn't work in the 30's"? I mean, how possibly more offensive and counterproductive can you be? Israel certainly needs a good amount of criticism for its policies-- That any conventional occupation or attack (either the failed war with Lebanon over Hezbollah or the frequent incursions into Palestinian territory to attempt to hunt militants) of territory held by extremist (that is, ideologically anti-Israeli) forces could possibly be successful without an erosion of the popular support said forces hold. An attack on Iran would create more anti-Israeli sentiment, of which the world is swimming already. The entire Israeli administration should be held to account for this basic failure of imagination-- that foreign policy is politics, not a chess match with military force. You will not end attacks on Israeli citizens, either military or slanderous, without trying to achieve peace with your neighbors rather then peace against your neighbors.

Israeli female soldiers:

The New York Times, no less,did a story recently about how Israeli military brass were used to "using" Israeli female soldiers at will. But there were now rape charges,including against the president of Israel. Go look it up, find a link, it ran a
couple of weeks ago.
Are so it's so very interesting to read a story about the military brass of Israel this morning.

Peace, Jerusalem, Palestine:

In 2003 Malaysian prime minister Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said "Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them." What do you think of his comments today?

Dr. Amir Matin:

It will be a strategic mistake for Israel to go after Iran alone. Instead, Israel should lobby on the international scene to align EU and US with its confrontation plan with Iran.


In my opinion were Israel to attack Iran, and if Iran takes revenge the world's oil market will be in a mess. Such, of course, might upset Uncle Sam's bankers, such good friends of Israel as China, Russia, Japan Taiwan and the European Central banks. The world would know that such attack was carried out under aid and abetment of the two "liberators of Iraq" and appropriate reward will be forthcoming. Such upheaval would necessitate a US financial crisis which would make the Asian retrenchemnt a tea party by comparison.
Uncla Sam thereupon will wash his hand of Zionist Israel, for self-preservation is always stronger than supporting dubious friends.

As a necessary consequence of USA financial crisis, the State of Israel will loose all help, financial and armament wise, and will propably be blockaded by those powers who are suffering from oil-delivery problems.

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