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Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer, a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post, is co-author of the forthcoming book, Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Middle East Quarterly, Moment, the New Leader, and (an Israeli/Palestinian e-zine). Before moving to Israel in 1994, he served as an adviser in the United States Congress to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Banking Committees. He is also on Twitter. Close.

Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer is a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post. more »

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Asking Nicely Won't Stop Jihad

The sad thing about the countries that are undermining the international diplomatic embargo against Hamas is that they are harming the cause they claim to be trying to advance -- the cause of peace.

It would be nice to think that Hamas will be influenced by those who ask them nicely to accept Israel's right to exist and abandon terrorism. But they won't. The only reason they might abandon their jihad to destroy Israel, or at least pretend to, is if they have no other choice.

Every country -- including South Africa -- that grants Hamas recognition helps Hamas argue that its "no compromises" strategy is working. Every such meeting weakens those Palestinians who advocate abandoning terrorism, reaching an agreement with Israel, and building a Palestinian state. Is this what South Africa, Norway, Russia, and other countries really want to do?

One wonders whether any diplomat or elected leader would want to meet with Hamas after taking a moment to view this brand new video, subsequently pulled after it received international attention, on Hamas TV. It shows how Hamas steals Mickey Mouse, of all icons, to inculcate a culture of war, hatred, and suicide bombings in Palestinian children.

This is about as sick as it gets. As Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller, said, "What we're dealing with here is pure evil and you can't ignore that."

Why would any country want to strengthen these people, and how could doing so help the Palestinian cause, let alone the quest for peace?

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