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Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer, a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post, is co-author of the forthcoming book, Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Middle East Quarterly, Moment, the New Leader, and (an Israeli/Palestinian e-zine). Before moving to Israel in 1994, he served as an adviser in the United States Congress to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Banking Committees. He is also on Twitter. Close.

Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer is a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post. more »

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An Israeli Take on Annapolis

Appointing the U.S. as the compliance judge is a significant Israeli concession. Still, everything ultimately depends on beating Iran.

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now you know the reality that how pro-isreali media person and media misguide the world people and their opinion.They always project their enemy as anti humanity,anti world,anti civilisation and anti west.And these people accept these without questioning .

mohammad allam:

Why not a talk about the nuclear free middle east with israel-palestine peace for once for all.Why not a talk about the calendestine israel nuclear adventure in middle east? Do not any body think that Arab quest for nuclear is reaction against the Israel nuclear adventure.?


The Stench of Jew Hate is palpable in the previous comments here. If this is an example of Arab "Moderation", the middle east will be a place of war forever.

The Israelis should demand that the same percentage of non-majority religious types must live in any "Palestinian" entity as there is in Israel or no deal. So unless Abbas and Hamas allows for over 20% non-Muslims, there will be no Palestine.

Which is fine with the world. We have lived for ever without a single Palestinian State; we can continue to live forever without one.

Let the so-called "Palestinians" move back to their homelands of Egypt and Jordan.

Just a footnote:

Just more of the same...........a play for time.

The theft of Palestine was underwritten by the Brits and midwifed by terrorists who were financed by the US.

Anyone can understand the hatred that the Palestinians.........more than just the Palestinians - the Arabs..... more than just Arabs - the entire Muslim world has for Israel. Much of the rest of the world just wishes it would go away.

Ultimately, the Hebrews - as horrible as it seems - will have no choice but to live as peaceful citizens of Palestine.

Now is not to soon for all good Hebrews to acknowledge the crimes of the past (desperate though Rabin and the others were), beg forgiveness, stop this Zionist madness, and try to live as peaceful citizens of Palestine.

There is no alternative .....

The footnote will read: Israel was the manifestation of Truman trying to cash Balfour's check with the blood of Palestinians and Hebrews alike.


Saul Singer has been well fed on the milk of hatred. And he talks of Hamas and Hizbollah. These are political parties, as there are many political parties in Israel that believe that the Arabs have no place in Israel, and some of these parties have used violence to demonstrate their position (Meyer Kahan)and some of these parties are partners in the present and past governments, but they were conveniently not mentioned. Hamas, also has a political position (many of us do not agree with them, nor do we agree with some of their methods).
The Jewish people have been prosecuted (mainly by Europeans) and now they are doing unto others what OTHERS have done unto them! Israel is doing many of the same tactics that the Nazis inflicted on our Jewish cousins. Yes we are cousins!
Shame on the Jewish race.

Where's Tito when you need him?:

A third, large, imperial power is needed to create a larger federated state which includes both israel and palestine, and to keep them equally oppressed.


How long will it take for the Jews to realize that that the Palestinians are the ONLY ticket they will ever have for regional acceptance? If they prefer a Crusader state situation based upon savage murder and land grabs, so be it. They choose their own doom in the writ of history.


There are many people clamoring for the US to declare itself a "Christian state" - what, given his adherence to the notion of Israel as a "Jewish state," does Mr. Singer think of this idea? I would guess, in fact, that the US is more Christian by demographics that Israel is Jewish, given that about 20% of Israel's population is Arab (even if we don't include the class of permanent non-citizen residents of Israel, who probably constitute another 3-5% of Israel's population, and who are non-Jewish; if they were Jewish, they would be citizens).

If assigning a religious identity to a state is no harm no foul, should American Jews and other non-Christians (among whom I number) be indifferent to the US officially declaring itself a Christian state?


i have to wonder who are the palestinian friends of mr singer that he refers to?

with friends like this....


Saul's medicine has run out again!
and, by the way, whatever happened to Oslo? If Israel signed an agreement and then spent a decade to go back on its word, in all probablities, it will do it again and again....
And America as the judge? A concession from the Israelis? Flat wrong on both sides....a judge, by description must not have a preference towards one side and America is essentially the only friend of Israel in the world.

Absurd thinking......if this is representative of Israeli approach to the matter, it is a guaranteed failure. An absolute and 100% one.

Nobody seems to have noticed that the day of the conference was started with Israel's bombing of Gaza with figher jets earlier that day.....hell of a way to show good faith in negotiations!!!!


The footnote will read: "Truman trying to cash Balfour's check with the blood of Palestinians and Hebrews alike".


Saul writes:

"Imagine the Arab world making peace with Israel at the very moment when Hamas, Hezbollah, and al-Qaeda obtain an Iranian nuclear umbrella."

Saul, you are indeed imagining things.

Al-Qaeda receiving an Iranian nuclear umbrella?

Is the author of this article remotely familiar with the recent history of the region? Since when has Iran allied itself with al-Qaeda, an organization that Iran's Shia-led government vehemently opposes? What evidence does this author have that Iran will not only build a nuclear weapon, but offer protection for al-Qaeda?

This outrageous statement is not just mere sloppiness, it is pure disinformation.

These apocalyptic, doomsday scenarios (i.e., Ahmedinejad is Hitler, Iran is Nazi Germany, al-Qassam rockets pose an existential threat, etc...) are repeated ad infinitum by pro-Israel supporters, but are backed up with no evidence.


What absolute horse manure.

"... appointing the U.S. as the compliance judge is a significant Israeli concession."

Excuse me? Israel is essentially a client state of the US, which gives it $4-6 billion a year in aid. With 'compliance judges' like this, who needs friends?

"... if you were surrounded by people who have been saying for a century that you have no right to exist, that they have every right to move to your country, that you do not exist as a people, and that you have no history in the land that they claim to be completely theirs, you might be paranoid, too."

Right. Too bad for the Palestinians, whose very existence as a people has been denied repeatedly by Israeli leaders, that they weren't more paranoid when the early Zionists insisted that they had every right to move to their country, claiming it to be completely theirs.

Also, fix your links.

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