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Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer, a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post, is co-author of the forthcoming book, Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Middle East Quarterly, Moment, the New Leader, and (an Israeli/Palestinian e-zine). Before moving to Israel in 1994, he served as an adviser in the United States Congress to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Banking Committees. He is also on Twitter. Close.

Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer is a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post. more »

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The Annapolis Summit
Israel Pins Hopes on Arab Attitude

Contrary to expectations, it’s the Arabs who have the power to move the process forward – or not.

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mada elfanan:

hi ana asmy mohamed we shohrty mada elfanan lany bamsl ay 7at ye3oz 7aga yklmny 3la

Reza's right about David's wrong:

Reza is right: as long as one side thinks they won the war the other side will say that was just a battle and will want to continue warring.

Baqi Barzani:

Peace is achievable only through mutual respect and understanding. One of the prerequisite of attaining this goal is by completely denouncing violence, putting a stop to it and resuming talks. Both parties must be willing to sit down and reconcile. The Annapolis peace summit was a very affirmative initiative and hopefully it will bear some constructive results for both Palestinians and Israelis



you said, "I love reading these posts. Arabs and their allies are the boldest people on earth. First they lose one war after another (that they started) and then they make demands. With the wall built, a strong military and a solid economy, I think that Israel can hold out for a while. At the same time the Palestinians waste the few resources they have on rockets that manage to kill 2 or 3 old people. PATHETIC."

I loved your post as well because of the pathetic mentality it highlights. First off, what does losing or winning a war mean? In terms of international law, virtually nothing, as the UN Charter states that land cannot be taken through war and this has been the basis of the international system for the last 60 years. So, the "demand" to end the occupation is not based on the outcome of ANY war, but the fact that the occupation exists. Your post suggests that if you win a war then you get to make the demands. This is a pro-war position and you are obviously not interested in peace. Additionally, this legitimates the attacks on Israel by communicating the message that you will be rewarded if you employ violence (like the Irgun and other jewish terrorists) and are justified in doing so.

Lastly, the tables will turn ("I think that Israel can hold out FOR A WHILE."), so you better hope that the US can afford to prop up your military and economy indefinitely. And you better hope that the "victors" on that day are more noble than you and your apartheid-supporting brethen and don't employ your re-hashed philosophy of the Celtic King Brennus, "Vae victus!" ("Woe to the vanquished.")

Civilization hasn't reached some parts of Philly yet.

Rick Jones, Fredericksburg, VA:


As you say, the Jews were absent from the land of Palestine for almost two millennia. Then they return (with the aid of the world’s superpowers) to retake the land by force over the past 100 years, from the families whose ancestors have tended their flocks and orchards, and farmed the land for millennia. You want to force these people out of their homes and off their land at the point of gun. Is that your idea of justice? Shame!

Johnson, Boston,

Excellent post! You are square on the mark:

“For any genuine peace to be achieved, you have to involve all Palestinian factions regardless of how unfriendly they are to US or Israel. Iran should have been part of this 'talk' from the start. At least the US and its Israeli lobby would have convinced the rest of the world that they are trying to find a real peace and not just a temporary fix. You can never shut any force out because they will still be resisting on the ground.”

This peace process will fail because the two-state solution is a nonstarter. The Jews have no right to a piece of Palestine after being absent for almost 2 millennia prior to 1947. The 5 million Israeli Jews should join their 5.7 million brethren in the USA and form a true Jewish homeland with 80% of the Jews on the planet. We can support it; Palestine cannot.

David, Philadelphia, PA:

I love reading these posts. Arabs and their allies are the boldest people on earth. First they lose one war after another (that they started) and then they make demands. With the wall built, a strong military and a solid economy, I think that Israel can hold out for a while. At the same time the Palestinians waste the few resources they have on rockets that manage to kill 2 or 3 old people. PATHETIC.


The author's post is a pile of BS, and some posters piled even more of it! I have yet to see a peace proposal from Israel. All Israel does is to annex land:

1. The wall? If Israel wants one, it should build it on ITS side of the border. Otherwise it is a land grab.

2. Settlements? Nothing other than ethnic cleansing.

So Israel, where is YOUR proposal? Israel and the US rejected the Mecca proposal fdrom Saudi Arabia, that was acceptedd even by Hammas. That had an explicit recognition of Israel.

So, where is the peace proposal?

Johnson, Boston:

Here we go again...Mr. Singer is trying to confuse the rest of us but that will do happen. Arabs have been watching their fellow brothers and sisters being humiliated and are expected to turn a blind eye to this reality? Give me a break. For any genuine peace to be achieved, you have to involve all Palestinian factions regardless of how unfriendly they are to US or Israel. Iran should have been part of this 'talk' from the start. At least the US and its Israeli lobby would have convinced the rest of the world that they are trying to find a real peace and not just a temporary fix. You can never shut any force out because they will still be resisting on the ground.
Most importantly, the US has become so entangled by its blind alliance with Israel that it really hard to take it as a serious mediator. How do you mediate while under the table, you are working hand in gloves with your friend to torpedo any meaningful chance of peace. The US needs to disengage itself from its alliance and pursue real peace. At least doing so would convince Arabs that there is a chance because the mediator is neutral.

Good Luck Everyone:

Peace? No. Two reasons:

1) Israel was formed illegally (do you really want to get into that?).

No justice - no peace.

Justice is long beyond the pale.

Ergo, no peace - ever.

2) Nationalism.

So extraordinarily and tragically sad.

The heart of this horrible tragedy?

1) the immorality of the US and the UK governments with the support of their immoral, stupid, and ignorant christian citizens.

Why didn't they take in the Hebrews?

Any moron would have seen this coming - would have known that they were mid-wife to a slaughter.

The footnote will read: "Truman trying to cash Balfour's check with the blood of Palestinians and Hebrews alike".

Lart from Above:

Israelis continue to fail to understand that formal recognition of Israel by some of its Arab neighbors is a negotiating point, not a precondition, i.e. something to yield in exchange for other concessions, not something to be given away for nothing.

The military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is an ongoing aggression against Palestine. This must end as part of any long-term peace, but the Arabs are willing to talk while this is ongoing, not demanding withdrawal as a precondition for negotiations.

Israel says it needs to hold onto some parts of the West Bank. This violates the UN charter and numerous resolutions. The Israelis haven't given any indication of what they might offer in return in exchange for territorial concessions from Palestine. The ball remains in Israel's court. Israel is entitled to demand formal recognition as part of a permanent solution, but not as a precondition for talks.


Unfortunately, there can be no lasting peace until the Arab peoples--and the rest of the world--recognize the Land of Israel as the ancient and historic homeland of the Jewish People.

How, truly, can Israel be colonialist or illegitimate??

The Jews were the original inhabitants of the Holy Land.

The earliest reference to Israel is from the Funerary Stela of the Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah in 1209 B.C.! (And its sitting in museum in Cairo, by the way)

Indeed, ironic perhaps, but Jews' closest genetic cousins are Syrian. (The fact that most of these tests were done at Oxford is maybe even more ironic...)

After all, Jesus was a Jew--as was Isaac and Jacob, Jeremiah and Isaiah, all the Prophets, Kings David and Solomon, Mary, Josheph, John the Baptist, all the Disciples, etc....

The Jews were kicked out of their land by the Roman Empire and forced into Exile for nearly two thousand years.

One would think that this tiny group (there are 13.2 Million Jews in the world, compared to 2 Billion Christians and 1.6 Billion Muslims), expelled by Empire, exiled, and then returned to their original homeland after mass destruction in Europe and final expulsion from the Arab world would elicit sympathy and support among "Liberals."

Unfortunately, for those who believe in supersessionist philosophy--that Christianity and Islam superseded or replaced their mother faith community, the Jewish People--its rather a problem that the Jews returned to Jerusalem.

That means all the tenets that have been taught over the centuries--that Jews are no longer Chosen but in fact cursed and destined to live in exile, that all the promises of the Hebrew Scriptures relating to Israel and Judah now belong to the Church or, as stated in the Koran, the followers of Mohammad---might ring false.

Thus, most of the world can't stand the idea of Jews controlling their own country in their own ancestral homeland and returning to power in the city of their ancient Kings, Jerusalem.

Lebanon can shell Palestinian camps all day long--No one cares.

Jordan killed more Palestinians in Black September then Israel in all her history--No one said a word.

Iran persecutes more then a million Sunni Arabs within their borders, Syria forces its Kurds into abject poverty, etc., etc.....There are no protests.

As a Palestinian in East Jerusalem once told me, "the truth is, if we were to admit it to ourselves, is that people only pay attention to us because they hate the Jews."


Why is it that the nuts always fill their text with blocks of capital letters, is that a sign of their illness?


Ehud Olmert, who is not a genius in Politics, makes a fundamental Mistake :
What is “deadly” for Israel is not “to have an agreement with the Palestinians” (or not to have an agreement with the Palestinians) :
What is deadly for Israel is not to assert itself irrefutably (towards the Palestinians, towards the Moslems and towards the World) by restoring its only historical, ideological and mystical justification, that is to say by restoring the JERUSALEM TEMPLE on its authentic Site (downstream of the Haram).

And WHY should the Jews rebuild -now!!!- the TEMPLE of JERUSALEM (on its authentic Site) ???
Ehud Olmert, who is not a genius, would answer :
“Non Sense !!! Ridiculous non sense !!! Absurd non sense !!!”
- No, on the contrary : Primordial Sense, BECAUSE the TEMPLE of JERUSALEM has always been fathering DEMOCRACY

Therefore :
Let Caliph Omar and Caliph Abd el-Malik build Al-Aqsa (638) and Dome of the Rock (688) wherever they want (even on the spot of the ancient Jewish Citadel which in reality overlooked and protected the Temple)…

But, NOW, it is the Jews’ Duty to restore the Jerusalem Temple -Father of Planet Democracy- on its authentic Site, indicated (downstream) to David by YHWH :
See at : : the first and unique Scientific Study of the TEMPLE RELIGIOUS HYDRAULIC SYSTEM which has been miraculously preserved, to this very day, in the rocky underground of the Jewish Citadel (nowadays Haram) and which can be checked by any one in Jerusalem...
This grandiose, innovative, unique (and totally ignored ! ) antique religious HYDRAULIC SYSTEM, installed from King Solomon to King Herod, with meticulous underground cascades, had been, thus, designed to constitute the “Water Tower” which stored and provided, DOWNSTREAM, by sole gravitation, the Jerusalem Temple with the live Source Waters of Etam :
These purifying living Waters had to EVER FLOW, without the least interruption, according to the meticulous exacting Jewish Religious Prescriptions, in order to allow daily Purifications of ALL ISRAEL, as absolutely required in the Cult of the TEMPLE by YHWH.

In any case, WHY, again, should the Jews rebuild -now!!- the TEMPLE of JERUSALEM ???


--- BECAUSE the TEMPLE is an eternal and irreducible Prescription given to Moses as Sign of Covenant between God and Mankind, a magnetized Prescription definitely fulfilled by David and Solomon, and fully enlightened by Jesus.
- Under the pressure of historical and persecution events, and in order to ensure the survival of Judaism, the Rabbis, for two millenaries, had to put the disappeared magnetic TEMPLE into spiritual brackets (which they did manage quite cleverly and efficiently). -
But NOW that Israel is reborn unconsciously, Time has come to restore the TEMPLE of JERUSALEM in its full Splendour and Meaning, as the necessary Moral Compass and Consciousness of Human Community :
Indeed, individual and collective Rites are the ONLY mental and cohesive procedures which maintain vivid the Moral Fundamentals, intimate motors of all Human Societies on this Planet (or on the next Planets to harbour Mankind).

--- BECAUSE, among ALL Mythologies, Religions or Ideologies invented by Mankind to guide the Organization presiding to their daily Life and to inspire the political Legislation of their Social Ruling, ONLY the TEMPLE of JERUSALEM did actually engender the founding Moral Concepts of DEMOCRACY, which germinated in the Judeo-Christian Civilizations, and which are, willy nilly, progressively blossoming all over the Planet ; (or, at least, are being, sooner or later, acknowledged as the ultimate universal reference benchmark, as, only, DEMOCRACY can ensure and guarantee an unrestrained Human Creativity which is the condition of Progress, and provide the best possible Protection for the Weak against the Strong).
- In other words : from Mankind Genome the Jerusalem Temple Cult intuitively extracted and expressed Mankind’s Destiny or Finality. -
And the nowadays secular Rites, even shaded off from their original Rites, constantly need to reassess and refuel their genuine Roots Power, in order to be able to accomplish their unconscious Tasks.

Incidentally, in this respect, one may note the naïve and generous impulse of some US Presidents who made the same misleading(and costly) Ideology Error :
that is to say : Among ALL the main Mythologies, Religions or Ideologies invented by Mankind, TWO are radically NOT compatible, and will NEVER be compatible, with the Concepts of DEMOCRACY :
1/ ISLAM, for Koranic reasons
2/ MARXISM, for Scientific reasons

( See other Op-eds from Natan at :
at :


Yeah, sure.....
First, if you want to ensure failure in form of disagreement in five or seven way structure, put all Arabs in the same room and let them "discuss".

Second, if Israel is genuine and really interested in peace, all it has to do is implement the Oslo Agreement, a deal already done for the last decade, during which Israel has always wanted to rewrite it AFTER signing. Your people even killed your own prime minister, Izhak Rabin, for making such a deal.

So, on balance, it is not really the genuine article here.....just another fake exercise and a dinner party of three lame ducks-Bush, Olmert and Abbas.


Oh please, Annapolis was cooked up after Saudi brokered Mecca Agreement was sabotaged by Israel and US with a little help from Abbas, which led to huge intra- Palestinian conflict and the opportunity for Israel and US to take political advantage of the division. Marwan Baghouti sits in prison because he could not only unify Palestinians but deliver a state to Palestinians. The Arabs have allowed a great PR coup to Bush Administration and Olmert. It's clear they have been left traumatized in a post 9/11 world as much as everyone else or they would never have agreed to come to this conference as they have little to gain from it at this point but the wrath of radicals ...The honorable act at this point would be for Arabs to secure Marwan's release so at least Palestinians have someone who can unify them and make a serious attempt to deliver a Palestinian state.


Israel Pins Hopes on ... Arab Stooges of America to come to its help and protect its continued theft of Arab Land, in Palestine and Israel. But even the so-called Moderates [kings and the Egyptian Billionaire] can't deliver that.

If they do they stand to risk open rebellion of the Arab People.

Is must return the lands it stole before any meaningfull Peace Negotiations can even start.

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