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Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer, a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post, is co-author of the forthcoming book, Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Middle East Quarterly, Moment, the New Leader, and (an Israeli/Palestinian e-zine). Before moving to Israel in 1994, he served as an adviser in the United States Congress to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Banking Committees. He is also on Twitter. Close.

Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer is a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post. more »

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Iran the Pyromaniac

To salvage Mideast peace, thwart Iran.

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Faramarz Fathi:


"Because the dumb Ahmadinajad is threatening to wipe out the whole of Israel before he builds a single nuclear bomb. Israel has over 150 of them and she would use them without making hollow threats in advance." End of quote.

Observer, can independently verify with assistance from fluent Farsi speaking interpreters of his or her choice that president Ahmadijejad has been deliberately misinterpreted in the west for all the reasons there are, rather than making a dumb out of himself or herself here.

J. Abramoff:

War mongering will solve nothing. The author's neo-con imperial ambitions have been thoroughly discredited. American men and women are not interested in further wars to make it safe for israel to continue to colonize Palestinian lands.


Asim says:
“If the evil occupying apartheid entity can have nuclear weapons, why can not Iran, the peaceful state that has never aggressed nor occupied any one one's land-”
Because the dumb Ahmadinajad is threatening to wipe out the whole of Israel before he builds a single nuclear bomb. Israel has over 150 of them and she would use them without making hollow threats in advance.


stop talking about this moderate crap!!!

Faramarz Fathi:

Saul Singer:

Please enlighten us with some facts, “if Iran went nuclear” rather than your usual “do not know any better other than Iran thrashing ” leading to Iran going nuclear, that we can use here,.
Iran continuous to pay a heavy price for being the only democratic country in the ME. And its statement, “an apartheid Israeli state has no future” no matter how you find it unpleasant, is actually a history taught lesson regardless of who tells it.
Your frustration and hatred for Iran is quite understandable. The apartheid state and great Satan have no tolerance for an independent and disobedient country like Iran in the region. For it upsets the status que which these two states are harvesting black gold mines in the region solely on principals that Autocrats whose survivals depends on great Satan’s protection, are only welcomed. No room for independents or independence. For independence bring opposition. What a dreadful concept. Get the drift Mr. Signer !

Faramarz Fathi:


The Americans, Israelis and who ever you were wishing or directing to push the buttons, are impatiently awaiting your arrival to lead the front line since the Iranian, while worldwide recognized for their warm hospitalities, reserve special treatments for any uninvited guests that will also make the world to forget about the reception US got in Vietnam and is still receiving in Iraq too.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP is the word.

Ye are all Plagerizers!:

You bounce around from "onfaith" and now to "postglobal"!

So that's how ye get your NEWS (or Topics, subjects or punch-lines), by posting POLiTiCS on an on 'Religion' Blogg on onfaith & then posting RELiGiON on on onglobal Blogg!


The problem with forums like this is that genuine biggots like "Halfie" accuse critics of Israel's policies as being anti-semites and the great unwashed Fox News watching public believes them. The consequence of that, however, is short term. If we and Israel continue on Israel's current anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bigotry, continue the Bush policies, the result will be in our own destruction an the extermination of Israel and the Jewish people in the Middle East.


The Iranian president is against the zionist, racist regime of the Israeli state, not Jews. Taht is not the definition of genocide.....and this fixation with Chapter 7 U.N. sanctions is downright stupid--even if there are sanctions against Iran, it will not solve:

a) the Jewish-Arab conflict,
b) the illegal building of settlements on Arab land,
c) Israel's non-implementation of the Oslo Agreement; and
d) the criminal investigations in Israel, by Israeli law, against their beloved Prime Minister Olmert for sleazy bribery.

Game is up, Saul. With Obama coming around, AIPAC is going out of business!


Another piece of illogical junk from Saul the obsessed American-Israeli war monger on the payroll of AIPAC.

I bet you still think Saddam had WMDs.....and Iraq is now a democracy courtesy of tanks and jets, eh?



"Just today Ahmadinejad ,after being rebuffed by the Pope who was wise, and strong enough to reject his advances and not meet with him , called again for the destruction of Israel and the United States."

No, what he said was, as reported in YNetNews at this moment:

'Ahmadinejad later warned Israel is "doomed to go," saying it is what he called a "fabricated regime" that will disappear. He said this will happen with or without Iranian involvement.'

This, of course, is a repetition of what he famously said months ago, quoting Khomenei, that "the Zionist entity must vanish from the pages of time".

Praise for YNetNews and their evenhanded reporting. JPost loves distortions.


I was very discouraged by this article — until I read the comments: a landslide for reality & good sense!

M. D. Block:

Europeans killed Jews and were responsible for the Holocaust, not the Palestinians! Mark Regev, Chief Spokesman, Embassy of Israel, in an appearance on C-SPAN (11-28-07) spoke about his father being liberated as a refugee from Nazi Germany by the U.S. Army in 1945 during WWII and brought to a displaced persons camp and eventually integrated into society. He said Israel was the solution to the Jewish refugee question. M. J. Rosenberg, Israel Policy Forum, a guest on Bill Moyers’s Journal, spoke about his wife’s father being liberated from Nazi Germany as a refugee who also went to Palestine. So European Jewish refugees go to Palestine, take homes and land that belong to the Palestinians making the Palestinians refugees. So Jews are to the Palestinians what Hitler was to them? Are Jews any less evil? Jews owned 7% of Palestine at this time.

The American people and the Palestinians have had to suffer the consequence of the Holocaust. Europeans killed Jews and Jews kill Palestinians, and extorted American tax dollars support Jews. Recently, Israel was voted the country having the most ‘negative image’ in a globe-spanning survey of 28,000 attitudes toward 12 major countries in the world. Israel, Iran and he U.S. are the countries with the most negative image.

farmer moses:

The biggesst terrorrist are the Zionist state.
Its good that there is a balance of power to counter any treaths by the zionist State and Iran has all the Right to use nuclear material for peaceful or offencive use only for self defence.
Can you trust these Zionist who have kicked out the palastinians out of there homeland and are controlling the world by proxy????


A rather transparent bit of Zionist propaganda. Why is it that Zionists ALWAYS blame others for what they are doing? Like calling Palestinians terrorists when in fact it's the Zionists that are the terrorists.(King David Hotel) Calling Iran aggressive when in fact it's the terrorist state of israel that has invaded all it's neighbors.
israel is the bane of the middle east just as Zionists are the bane of humanity.


just read the book by edward w. said he mentions you although it seems impossible for such intelect to be both shreded by the west and recomended by chomsky at the same time. it is as though the answer is opportune


Dear Saul,

I like your proposal, but it lacks balance.

Let's link the incitement to genocide claims against Ahmadinejad to illegal occuption, taking of land, and practicing apartheid claims against Israel.

Besides, Ahmadinejad would appreciate an international forum to counter the distortions in the right's reporting of his comments, in which he didn't propose genocide, but regime change. (Just like Bush!) And he could point out the Tehran's Jews are doing as well as anyone else.

And we can investigate Iran's terrorism alongside of Israel's extra-judicial killings (i.e., assasinations).

And we can offer a deal in which Israel dumps its nukes in return for Iran's verifiable commitment not to build them - maybe throw in a regional pact for good measures.

Good thinking, Saul - you really got my juices flowing.


Gush; with all these threats pointed at Iran every single day by crazy bastards like Bush, Olmert and Saul Singer, I give Iranians every right to develop the ultimate weapon and use it too if attacked. Why should they sit there and wait for the war criminals Bush and Olmert to come and kill their children? Israel is the biggest threat to the world peace.

Don Condliffe:

If the Iranians want a bomb then they have the mines producing uranium ore, the financial resources and the skilled engineers to produce as many as they want. It is an option to wage all out war to destroy Iran to prevent this, but not a sane one. Any less potent attack would simply delay the process while making it inevitable.

The only real option is to dissuade them and if that fails use containment and deterrance as was done with Stalinist Russia.

@ Shalom Freedman:

@ Shalom Freedman

Lol, Unless you know farsi please don't write the ridiculous crap that you dare to present there like statements: your quotes are simply bogus. I guess you were deceived like many others by the Israeli intelligence services behind the MEMRI, this front group which can't stop itself from rewording Israel's foes declarations and propagate their falsified translations within the western fact-checking "press". Goebbels wouldn't have done better.


Another Jpost so-called journalist, where is Israel within the Non Proliferation Treaty? Nowhere? Kthxbye. The day Israeli officials will allow IAEA people to visit their nuclear facilities and review their stockpiles of nuclear warheads they will then be allowed to open their big mouths. I have just seen that Olmert allowed another 800+ illegal constructions within east Jerusalem, but once again Israelis officials aren't at all "pyromaniac" all the year long, decades that they go whining at the US and the world on how we should condemn their caricatured foes while condoning their own daily misdeeds.

"1) Open legal procedures against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad toward an indictment for incitement to genocide"

No but seriously, do you really pretend to be some kind of journalist abroad? I can only see within this sentence the usual delirium from Richard Perle's Jpost, the one who love to deceive its -already brainwashed- audience.

Sanjay Krishnan:

We should rely on the indecisive and ineffective UN to secure our national security interests in Iran. We should combat their Islamist regime using our two greatest weapons: our economic and regional military dominance. We should increase trade with the country to force economic liberalization, which will lead to political liberalization. Furthermore, we should increase our regional military presence, and increase our military aid to Israel. Thus our military would serve as a deterrent to any aggressive behavior by the Iranians, while liberalizing their country from the inside out.

Michael Kim:

I was extremely surprise at an irresponsible manner of journalist.I am confused with the Associated Press which was again showing another example fliring with Obama. Not only this Press but also other media such as New York Times, Washinting Post, ABC, CNN, and so forth are the same abetters that have continued reporting wrongful, prejudiced tones' stories against respectful Sen. Clinton, Whenever I think this, my blood boils, They knowingly disregard the principle rule of journalism, neutrality to take side to Ohbama. The writers sell their sprits to get a praise from Ohbama campaign guys. Where are white young sons and daughters who ought have seen these acts and kept silent.

Yaakov Sullivan:

As simple gay American I am scared. Please tell me what tio do!

Harp de Heretic:

Even with the over-the-top remarks and the repressive actions of Ahmedinijad and the Mullahs, the Iranian people remember the western inspired and facilitated coup of 1953. The "moderates" which the writer alludes to sit on repressive regimes that leave their people the pawns for violent reactions of religous nihilism.

Despite the "legalism" in laws and resolutions, there is a growing resentment for others to be the human shield for intellecutally dishonest policies of the Israeli government against the civilian populations of Gaza and the West Bank. Despinte the supine pandering of the politicians and the media, the people on the stret will not volunteer their sons and daughter to a state of affairs of political abuse that became their reasons for their own revolution and their bloody civil war.

Olmert and Bush represent the last clinging breath of the Euro-based First World to subjugate and control the geologic and human resources of the planet. Their colonial system of racism, of which the jewish people had been the poster child of caucasion intolerance, is crumbling not only in the insurgencies of the Middle East from Gaza to Lebanon, from Baghdad to Tehran, but in the cultural, political, economic revolutions that are occuring in South America, the enlightened countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, and the economic and boom in south Asia and Asia, as well as the progressive cultural movement represented by the grassroot supporters of Barack Obama.

Our time has come. those of Bush and Olmert are on the life support because of the fallacies of the predicate of their rationale for being. Bush and olmert are false leaders who hold hostage their populaces under the guise of a historical anachronism.

Bugsy de Heretic



My God, what a success you are here!
How well this column has been received here.
How everyone loves and respects you!

90% or more of the posters below detest the ugly, lying stuff you're trying to peddle. As in your past tries.

Do you learn nothing?

Israel centric as the Post has become, one would think they'd avoid exaberating the growing
anger so evident here.

WHAT a bust!


christ. what a bunch of antisemites. are you people for real? look at all the exports, humanitarian aid, scientific and technological breakthroughs coming from israel in the past 60 years. now compare it with what the palestinians have had to offer to the world...

aside from perfecting the use of suicide bombers, knocking down fences, completely re-writing the history of the holocaust, dumping feces into the mediterranean... what?? seriously. who are you defending here? what genocide? what are you people talking about? what palestinian nation? there has never been a palestinian nation... and if there is one in the next year or two, it is only thanks to israel and the US.

this is ridiculous. the only thing the pals have offered to the world so far is the stupid kuffiyeh... how sad.

Bob Shishka:

Saul Singer,

Is this satire?
Or, are you an idiot?

jew buffoon:

The man who invented eBay is Iranian!
These Iranian terrorists are all smarter than your average jew-terrorist. That's why no one listens anymore to stupid paranoid jews from IsraHell.


An interesting take on what being a "true moderate" in the Middle East means. A country which refuses to join the IAEA and has an undeclared arsenal of 150 nuclear weapons arguing that a neighboring country which belongs to the IAEA be put in the "nuclear proliferation doghouse" because it's -- according to all available evidence, including IAEA inspections -- developing a nuclear energy industry.

Go figure.

Joe Quinlan:

There's only one rogue state in the Middle East with nuclear weapons - Israel. Israel's apartheid policy towards the dispossessed Palestinian people makes it an international outcast. Only the USA, in thrall to the Israel lobby and its money, slavishly supports the Zionist gangsters who robbed and dispossessed the people of conquered Palestine.


The ONLY way to deal with Iran is to unleash Hell on its nuclear facilities and its entire military infrastructure. No warning, no deals, no wishful posturing. just DO it. The longer we wait the harder it will be. Push the damn button!!!!

Ibrahim Mahfouz:

Off course any country would like a superpower to fight its battles. I would not blame Israel for trying to drag the US into a confrontation with Iran, but I would fault the American people if they allow it. Israel has a grudge against the world in general and the USA in particular for ”Failing to protect the German Jews from the wrath of Hitler“. If they drag the world into an Armageddon they would rationalize that as Jehovah’s punishment for the Gentiles for their treatment of His chosen people.
I cannot help but compare the relationship of Israel to the USA as that of Delilah to Samson. She used her charms on that giant to finally bring him down.


Why is everyone on this kick about Iran and Syria and nuclear weapons. Israel supposedly has nuclear weapons; here are reports that it even tested one with South Africa a few years back. How about we call for inspections, dismantling nuclear research programs, and all of the rest for Israel before we start in on Iran and Syria. For that matter, let do the same with India and Argentine and Brazil and all of those other countries where India helped establish nuclear "research" programs. Apparently, India, a non-signitory to the international nuclear accords, is the Neo-Con (read: Bush Whitehouse and Bush II wannabee, John McCain) move to circumvent those agreements. So, let's call for international inspections of our nuclear weapons programs, our proliferation, our technology transfers to India and Israel and on and on.


Sadly, Israel is promoting a new war for United States. This time with Iran. And you Americans will be in it from the firs second. Israel demanding it and the US will do it as usual.

There are ca 2000000 Americans (military, paramilitary and civilian) in Iraq and all together about 3-400000 Americans in the middle east that are going to become the sitting-duck targets for the Iranian retaliation. I think Iran wont bother even to target Israel at all. They probably will ask Hisballah to send some fireworks toward Israel and thats it.

As it happened in Iraq it will happen in Iran.
Israel asks and provides "intelligence" and US will do the hard work and the bleeding.

And the media in the US will at the end justify all of it. Maybe a million Iranians dead at least..3-4000 Americans killed for every week, as long as the war goes on.
In Tel Aviv, there is going to be a big big celebration. And the weapon pushers going to smile all the way to the Bank!

This is not a nightmare. This has happened before and will happen again.

Iran should not have nuclear capability but neither should the US, Israel, Pakistan, etc. If an adult should ever become a US president, maybe he will destroy all US nuclear arms and then be in a position to ask others to do so. Israel is a bully which creates terrorists by their actions. Why should they not be sanctioned for having nuclear weapons?

Faramarz Fathi:

John :

"The real issue with Iran is that its leaders have shown the temerity to control their own resources, which the corporate globalists and Washington plutocrats claim as their own."
John :
This, the truth about Iran, is to be avoided at all costs in medias in a country like US.

Washington historically has no preference, tolerance and desire for independence and disobedience. And Iran continues to bleed for its independence.


Fock Israel! We gotta stop sending our tax dollars to defend those psycho sob's. The jews are maniacs and consider anyone who isn't jewish and animal who is supposed to be mistreated.

Let israel get what it deserves, a swift kick in the ass! I'm tired of hearing how America supports those crazy bastards! They hate us christians, do the research! The are the ones choking the U.S. economy, they are THE FEDERAL RESERVE!

reality check:

Israel is a dying horse. The sooner we unhitch her from American foreign policy: the better. A U.S.-Iranian confrontation seems to be a great idea, if you're an Israeli or an Israel firster. But if you love America above all others, if your loyalties rest with the stars and stripes then the last thing you would wish upon this union is yet another war; especially a war with a nation of fanatics who may or may not have the means to pony together an atomic response. The Israelis want to live in Palestine and call the shots in the Levant, fine, let them pay the butchers bill by themselves.


Crazy jews! Everyone who is not jewish is considered a "goyim". That means that jews believe they can treat anyone who is not jewish like trash and ruin our lives. Israel has nukes and they have killed 800,000 palestinians when they stole their land. I say let Iran have their damn nukes so they can defend themselves from the crazy power monger Jews.

Jews have ruined our world and they won't settle for anything less than more war and more power.

Faramarz Fathi:

Shalom Freedman:

"Ahmadinejad has repeatedly said Israel should be destroyed, is about to be destroyed. He has called it Satanic and evil. The effort to say he has not said this by quibbling over the exact meaning of the Farsi words he used on one occasion cannot disguise this fact." End of quote.
President Ahmadinejad has indeed neither said or suggested that Israel should be destroyed. I am a Persian and have heard him in Farsi commenting about Israel. What the president is saying is that a country created by dissolving sovereingnity of another one in the most inhuman fashion( running its helpless people out of their homes and lands by placing machine guns behind their heads) like Israel, has no future and is on path to its own and inevitable destruction.
You are repeatedly attempting here today to picture Iran or relate it to terrorism. A futile attempt to hide the mother of all terrorisms, the US and Israel behind what all these Jewish writers are meant to write and to be, but all to no avail.
It is no surprise that Iran continously emerges as an evil only in Jewish state and likewise in Jewish media infested country like US. but, otherwise, as a peace loving and harmless country with a culture based on just and justice for all, in everywhere else.

Harvey :

American people continue leading their ‘American Dream’ lives while being led to their own destruction along a road paved with celebrity trivialities and banal stories of nothingness that passes for news in their country.

Never has it been more true the age old saying, “For those who do not learn history they are doomed to repeat it.”

Gero M:

Israel violates international law as expounded by the Security Council and the International Court of Justice and goes unpunished. But the Palestinian people are punished for having democratically elected a regime unacceptable to Israel, the US and the EU.


Self serving drivel.


Why is Israel a terrorist organization? Simple: because some of its past leaders have said terrorism is part of their plan to rid the area of Palestinians. In May 1948, former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion said, “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”

John :

Has Iran followed a policy of ignoring the UN for 30 years while they occupy an area that (according to the vast majority of sovereign countries) belongs to the indigenous people?


Does Iran have a record of preemptive war on 6 continents, massive, regionally-destabilizing covert activities, coup d’etats, and an archipelago of concentration camps spread across the globe?


Has Iran done anything that would indicate that it would use a nuclear weapon against a civilian population like the United States did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


The real issue with Iran is that its leaders have shown the temerity to control their own resources, which the corporate globalists and Washington plutocrats claim as their own.


The vision of Iran "hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons" is derived from the caricature of a mad mullah salivating over a nuclear tipped missile. This speaks more to the media's laxity in dispelling fear & prejudice than it speaks to a sober assessment of likely calculations of flesh-and-blood human beings who happen to be mullahs.

Iran consistently claims nuclear weapons have no place in its defense doctrine. Presumably because every possible scenario involving mere possession of nukes (let alone threats to use or actually using nukes) would spawn a spectrum of calamities ranging from Iran's total isolation as a pariah to its preemptive "obliteration".

Iran must be well aware that nuclear weapons did not forestall the Soviet collapse from internal discord. In the absence of economic progress, the USSR's arsenal did not accord it meaningful prestige in world fora. Indeed, at the zenith of Soviet nuclear stockpile (45,000 nukes), only the British, and the American 'workers of the world united' to crown Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan in landslide elections. Plainly, USA's extravagant nuclear arsenal has not enabled it to control the price of oil, nor has it hurried Syria, or Lebanon into signing peace treaties. There does not appear to be any benefits to be stacked against the prohibitive costs of nuclear weapons development.

At best, the alleged Iranian desire for the bomb could be construed as an insurance policy in case of regime change, though with premiums far in excess of the contingent loss, the supposition is absurd and unlikely. Squirreling money in Abu Dhabi bank accounts beats all other insurance schemes for ease, reliability, discreteness, and it earns interest.

Feigning sympathy, some pundits point to the existential threats facing Iran. Given the neighborhood, they argue that it would be insanity for the mullahs not to develop the bomb -- mad if you do, mad if you don't. This begs the question: why is anybody threatening anybody else's existence in the 21st century? If it is loose rhetoric that 'understandably' lead to proliferation, then are the threat mongers aware that by threatening one, they are perceived as a threat to all, and are taken seriously by a vanishing few?

The oft stated fear of a regional arms race surely is more worrisome to Iran than it is to her hand-wringing Western detractors. Regional proliferation would transform hostile Arab governments from an over-the-horizon security concern, into a proximate security nightmare for Iran. Free-for-all proliferation would squander Iran's geographic/population advantage, vitiate Iran's relative conventional strength, and render even the tiniest of its neighbors a military equal. No wonder that Iran has been pushing for a WMD-free-zone in the Middle East.

For more see


Absolutely pathetic. For over 60 years the failure of the Israeli's and Palestinians to make peace has been blamed on everyone and anyone EXCEPT Israel. Now it's Iran's fault? Pure garbage!

Israel is the only entity in the world which had at one time illegally occupied territories of all its neighbours namely Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. So who is the invader? Who is the threat to the region? Who has the nuclear bomb? Who has the chemical and biological weapons? The entire world knows that it is Israel but the US prefers to look the other way when it comes to the Zionist regime.

Asim, San Antonio:

Jerusalem is eternal capital of Palestine-and the racist,apartheid,occupying jewish theocracy is an artificial bump on the road-much as its intimate Apartheid South Africa with nuclear weapons-it will vanish soon.

If the evil occupying apartheid entity acn have nuclear weapons,why can not Iran,the peaecful state that has never aggressed nor occupied any one one's land-why can she have nuclear weapons to defned itself from evil racist bump on the road???

Why no is saying any thing about the nuclear arsenal of apartheid entity? France built israel's nuclear project-the jews stole the fuel and updated its technolgy from the US-Remember among others,Johnathan Pollard and Ben Kadish,the recent jewish spy.

America needs to free its well and soul from jewsih suffocating grip,the least of which is AIPAC and the forty three jewish members of congress lead by joe liberman....


Interestingly enough, the only country that is threatened daily is Iran, with the U.S. already promising to wipe Iran off the map (see Hillary Clinton), asking the world to economically ruin Iran (See John McCain), and with Israel constantly talking about attacking Iran if the U.N. doesn't do anything.

If you were Iran and were threatened DAILY by the U.S. and Israel, what would you do?

By contrast, if any other country said anything like that about Israel, they would be branded as evil and threatened with sanctions. What an unjust world we live in.

On a side note, if you want to blame anyone for the Mullah's taking control of Iran, look no further than the U.K., France, and Jimmy Carter. They're to blame.


Americans are sick of our taxpayer support of the

savage genocidal Israelis. Every poll shows it.

Singer thinks this truly stupid game of disinformation is effective?

Iran is genocidal and a terrorist state?
And Israel is...what? Minding it's own business.
Kindly and beloved by the whole world.

The wasted space, the idiocy of this escapes me.


Lets see now -- Israel continues to build settlements, the US continues to fund it, and Iran is the one at fault?
Give me a break.

Fred Johnson:

How cute...liberals supporting the biggest state sponser of terrorism. It never ceases to amaze me how liberals and terrorists both want to see the Western World destroyed.


IS this supposed to be humerous?

Are we deemed to be so stupid we can read it without laughing? Doe he seek to entertain or confuse us with
funny facts turned inside out? What?

This idiot speaks of genocide and terrorism in IRAN...!

The rest of the world believes Israel is the terrorist state that practices genocide on Palestine.

Syria today noted Israel's nukes should be investigated and controlled. Too true. And it's coming.

Maybe Singer should read some polls showing just how sick Americans are of support of Israel and AIPAC. Or maybe he has.


IS this supposed to be humerous?

Are we deemed to be so stupid we can read it without laughing? Doe he seek to entertain or confuse us with
funny facts turned inside out? What?

This idiot speaks of genocide and terrorism in IRAN...!

The rest of the world knows Israel is the terrorist state that practices genocide on Palestine.

Syria today noted Israel's nukes should be investigated and controlled. Too true. And it's coming.

Maybe Singer should read some polls showing just how sick Americans are of support of Israel and AIPAC. Or maybe he has.

Robert James:

Singer is blinded by his doctrinaire views of Israel and its neighbours.

Let me give him a dose of reality as to why the peace process has failed.

Israel does not want The Palestine to become a functioning state. It wants a buffer zone which is crippled.

Israel claims the right to exist but at the same time it permits settlements in the Palestine. How would it react if Palestinians decided to put settlements on Israeli soil?

You can blame Iran as much as you want but in the end Israel puts petrol on the fire and makes the flames go higher and the fire last longer.


The discussions above by Misters Nir and Singer illustrate the problems of finding justice for the Palestinians. Those with Mr. Singers perspective insist that no justice can occur with out peace and Mr. Nir's perspective is that peace cannot be achieved without justice.

Those on Mr. Singer's side have continually argued that peace and justice cannot be achieved because of one or another issue, external to the territories, has to be resolved before moving forward. It's always something...currently its the leadership in Iran preventing a just resolution. In the past it was Arafat, Hezbolla, or lack of recognition by the wider Arab world.

Successive administrations both Israeli and American have declared that they would not let extremists slow down the march toward a just solution, but then they have done just that.

One has to ask "quo bono", who benefits from a lack of progress towards justice for the Palestinians?

Certainly, extremists benefit by the continued "cause celeb' of the Palestinian plight. Israel benefits by taking advantage of the lack of solution by expanding old and establishing new settlements in the occupied territories thereby establishing "facts on the ground", which makes the negotiations that much more difficult both internally and externally.

While everyone rightly decries terrorism as a tactic it is ultimately the only one available to the weak who oppose a nation state. I suspect if the terrorists had smart bombs they would attack military installations instead of school buses.

Most everyone would agree that the establishment of a viable Palestinian state moves toward the justice that both right and God require . Without Arafat and the PLO and the horrible acts they engaged in, would a Palestinian state even be on the table? Remember the firestorm, as recently as the year 2000 when then First Lady Hillary Clinton
mentioned it to the Arafat's wife.


There are over 20 UN resolutions against Israel's apartheid against the Palestine.

No, I am not Palestinian nor am I an Arab.

I am an US Christian who sees the inequality in the relationship US holds with Palestine compared to the one with Israel.

When Bush says that Israel has been promised by God to the chosen people... in front of the Knesset.... what does that tell you??

Iran doesn't want peace in Palestine, sadly, neither do the US and Israel. If Iran is the one that pours the oil in the fire, Israel and US are the ones that started the fire.

Ultimately, to the 7 year old boy from Gaza, that doesn't matter. Seven years from now, he'll be one of the new wave of suicide bombers because he has seen nothing but destruction.
Whose fault is that? Israel will blame Hamas/Iran, Palestine will blame Israel/US.... It's all sides' fault.

Sadly, we rather down-compare ourselves to the "thugs/terrorists" (whom some would call freedom-fighters).... sadly, we'd rather not up-compare ourselves to the high standard we claim we have.

Nothing will ever change.... just follow the money trail and you'll see.

Roger . Texas:

Singer is living in a dream world. Bush is a war criminal who is the responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in a war that was built on a lie. So he can't credibly 'indict' anyone. Which particular court would Singer propose that Bush should bring such charges? He himself (along with his Secretary of State who stood in front of the whole world in the Security Council and told a bald-faced lie) should be tried according to the principles of Nüremburg.

Alas - the American invasion of Iraq has made the survival of Israel unlikely. When America pulls out of Iraq, which it will now with an Obama presidency, Iraq and Iran will be unleashed to join with Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas in promoting a unified Palestine. It will take 5 or maybe 50 years, but it will happen - unless Israel uses its nukes and makes the whole area along parts of Turkey and Egypt uninhabitable. All Israelis will be free to immigrate to the U.S. and Europe, and there will finally be peace in the Middle East. But the ironic tragedy, is that Palestine could be a rich country if only the Jews could be pursuaded to stay and help their fellow Semites build a vibrant and peaceful country.


So we have an Israeli newspaper editor offering an unbiased?? analysis on the way forward in the Middle East. How about: 1) quit occupying Palestinian land to support illegal settlements; 2) elect a prime minister who doesn't take payoffs; 3) stop killing innocent Palestinians; 4) stop killing innocent Lebanese; 5) stop making war in the Middle East. Beware of subtle (and not so subtle) pro-war propaganda coming from the Washington Post and its other publications, such as Newsweek, designed to escalate Middle East conflicts with the election of the AIPAC pro-war candidate, John McCain.



I clicked onto this thinking it would be a profound article about the two capitalizing on Israel's discussions with Syria.

Instead I got this horrible, slanted, rant.

Um, I think Isreal and the US are accused as justly/unjustly as Iran of war crimes, both have Nukes, etc. How about unilateral peace actions?

Way to think outside of your echo chamber idiot.

Oh, yeah, I am a pro-Isreal Libeal BTW. So if I thought this was trash, wow.


Go Singer! Go Freedman!

to the rest of you so and so's, where to start?
Get off your distorted view of the world.
Arabs/Muslims preach hate and violence, in their mosques, on television aimed at kids, rewarding suicide bombers, not showing Israel on thier maps, not accepting half a loaf and wanting all of Israel, etc, etc, etc.

When a nation's leader calls you "monkeys and apes" and says he's going to kill you, wipe you off the map, make your scourge of a nation disappear, take him at his word.

Stop trivilazing "Holocaust" Six Million Jews were slaughtered for being Jews. They weren't firing rockets, shooting Germans, or anything else. Death Factories were built and all the resources of the Axis used to kill Jews. The tragedy for the Arabs/Muslims is their unwillingness to take any settlement short of replacing a majority Jewish enclave with a non-Jewish one. there are more "Palestinians now than there were in 1948. There are 2-3 times as many Pals living in Israel proper today than were encouraged to flee by their "saintly" pro-Hitler Mufti in 1948.

Perhaps if the Pals stopped killing each other for control of the plunder, they might actually arrive at a workable solution with Israel. Perhaps is Israel acted more like the Pals, and say kicked 'em all out of the post 1967 borders, the problem would also be solved.

Perhaps if the Pals and the UN treated them as regular refugees, they would have nice lives in Arab/Muslim countries, much as has happened to the millions of Jews kicked out of those same countries without compensation or any chance of returning. Sheesh!


When I read crap like this, I am tempted to believe the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is correct in regard to Israel, the Palestinians, and the stupid role the U.S. plays.


This is one of the most unsubstantiated articles that I have ever read.
All the conjectures and insinuations made by Mr. Singer are devoid of supporting facts or evidence.
Instead of telling world leaders what to do, Mr. Singer should take a course in basic journalism.

Moha fard:

The other thing that shouldn't get glossedover is the question that, how come the Wester and Israeli media/politicians have the "divine" right to insult what ever that is sacred to the east, but the same isn't true the other way round!

Don't forget that one of todays most prominent pacifist; Nelson Mandela was (and probebly stillis )referred to by the then prime minster of Britain as a "terrorist".
The tables turn way too quick, just bear that in mind!

johnny american:

Face it, the pandora's box of nuclear technology is open, and can't be closed. So now it's time for Israel to attempt to make sacrifices to reach a compromise to have peace with their neighbors (like it should have been doing before anyway), not trying to figure out how to close pandora's box because you can't. Time for a real solution. The holocaust was a terrible thing, but it's not an excuse to oppress everybody around you.


It is about Time for Israel to respect The US .Stop inciting a dear friend for more trouble...Iran is bad ..Bagdad Hussein was bad .Egypt at one Time was bad .Syria .etc even if it sells arms and it is good for business still there are many Better possibilities Peace .enough arms sold enough dead and enough with occupation.
Declaring Peace and a return to 67 Border will be a great accomplishement to the whole world .a beguining of a new world :of Justice Peace no more occupation Hatred etc. a Great new prospect for the region and the world ..Iran is not going to Harm Israel nothing is going to happen .it is but hallucination.
it is about time to only talk about PEACE PEACE PEACE ..all the terrorists business enough is is time to finish all this B.S..back to 67 .Let's give Peace a chance.once for all


It is about Time for Israel to respect The US .Stop inciting a dear friend for more trouble...Iran is bad ..Bagdad Hussein was bad .Egypt at one Time was bad .Syria .etc even if it sells arms and it is good for business still there are many Better possibilities Peace .enough arms sold enough dead and enough with occupation.
Declaring Peace and a return to 67 Border will be a great accomplishement to the whole world .a beguining of a new world :of Justice Peace no more occupation Hatred etc. a Great new prospect for the region and the world ..Iran is not going to Harm Israel nothing is going to happen .it is but hallucination.
it is about time to only talk about PEACE PEACE PEACE ..all the terrorists business enough is is time to finish all this B.S..back to 67 .Let's give Peace a chance.once for all


I am very much pro-Israel. The truth is that after 65 yrs few care and ever know about Genocide. Iran and Ko has more support world wide that Jews. Bush attacked wrong country. West made huge mistake trading out Nuclear technology many many yrs ago and now it is too late to contain.
Regimes like Iran, Burma, N.Korea have more that enough tools to hold power. Future is bleak.

Johnny American:

Israel is the pyro. Pretend you are an advanced alien from another planet and are analyzing the situation in the middle east for the first time today. Analyze the actions and the motives (not the bs rhetoric) of the various forces in the middle east. Who is the oppressor? Who is the victim? Who are the liars? Who truthfully explains their actions and motives? Who is suffering and why?

Shalom Freedman:

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly said Israel should be destroyed, is about to be destroyed. He has called it Satanic and evil. The effort to say he has not said this by quibbling over the exact meaning of the Farsi words he used on one occasion cannot disguise this fact. This is a constant theme with him, an obsession. Of course it is meant to reap pragmatic benefits and position Iran as defender of the Palestinians and foremost leader of the Islamic world. But it is more than that with Ahmadinejad. He is obsessed with Israel and feels its existence as his personal humiliation. He is an extremely troubled soul with a Radical Islamic Messianic view of the world- in which he envisions great catastrophe before the coming of the Twelvth Mahdi.
He is a danger therefore not only to Israel and to the rest of the Middle East- he is a danger to decent humanity wherever it be.
The attempt to deny this and to defend this monster suggests if not dishonesty then something worse, a sharing of goals with him.


We should bring the similar charges against Israel.
Crime against humanity and setting up concentration camps such as Gaza and west bank.
Israel has more UN violation against it than any other country if US veto's were not in place. It has nuclear weapons, chemical and uses cluster bomb against civilian population.

I think US needs to set a standard and hold everyone equally to it not a double standard that has proven to be ineffective.

US middle east policy is failing because of the double standards that are in place.
Creating a more just policies will go a long way in wining the heart of the people.

Shalom Freedman:

A nuclear Iran will open up a nuclear arms- race in the Middle East and put an end to non-proliferation efforts throughout the world.
Just today Ahmadinejad ,after being rebuffed by the Pope who was wise, and strong enough to reject his advances and not meet with him , called again for the destruction of Israel and the United States.
Iran is involved in arming terrorist groups operating in Southern Iraq. It is now the power behind Hizbollah and Hamas.It has just had a major success with the increase in Hizbollah's power- share in Lebanon.
It threatens Saudi Arabia and aims to attain eventual control over the Islamic holy places in Mecca and Medina.
No resolution or U.N. action has to this point had any braking effect on Iran's nuclear effort, or its efforts at building its terror- network throughout the Middle East.
Saul Singer understands the danger of Iran, but his formula for dealing with it will probably not work.


1) Open legal procedures against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad toward an indictment for incitement to genocide, which is a punishable crime under the Genocide Convention

Ask anyone in Washington, London or Tel Aviv if they can cite any phrase uttered by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the chances are high they will say he wants Israel "wiped off the map".

Again it is four short words, though the distortion is worse than in the Khrushchev case. The remarks are not out of context. They are wrong, pure and simple. Ahmadinejad never said them. Farsi speakers have pointed out that he was mistranslated. . . .


what a stupid article. quit blaming Iran for U.S mistakes. are the U.S not in an illegal war? who is the pyromaniac??? u r an idiot!!!


It seems the only pyromaniac throwing fuel on the flames is Israel, building settlements with one hand while hypocritically mouthing platitudes about "peace", which in their usage apparently means "abject surrender of the untermenschen Arabs regardless how much we have wronged them". Zionism is going to be the death of Judaism.

Moha fard:

ROFL! A Jew accusing a Persian of ethnic cleansing; how ungrateful. What ever next, a nation being wiped of the map? Damn thats already happened; the Palestinian nation.

Saint Michael Traveler:

New Direction for This Century

The basis of the article” Russia Can Be Part of the Answer on Iran”, By Charles Schumer, June 3, 2008; Page A19, The Wall Street Journal,
rests on a false statement:
” The Bush administration in turn needs to use every diplomatic tool in its arsenal to halt Tehran's development of nuclear weapons."

A response to the assumption that Iran is developing nuclear bomb is provided by Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Tuesday June 3, 2008 (Associated Press):
"Iran is after the peaceful use of nuclear energy and we will strongly pursue and reach it despite the envy of our enemies," he said. "No wise nation is interested in making a nuclear weapon," since it is not logical and can't be used, he added."

Our foreign policy about the world has to restart with a fresh new direction. We are not on the right track anymore. We can't bully other nations into submission.

McCain and Bush are remnants of the past century. His ideas were well suited to the cold-war area between the Soviets and USA. We need to look forward to a new direction for this century.

• US Foreign Policy must be a Reflection of Our National Character: Justice, Peace, Respect for Human Life, and Fair Treatment of all Other Nations.

• The future of our civilization is at risk of global annihilation by nuclear, biological and chemical arsenals of nations. For the civilization to survive, we must eliminate the nuclear arsenals.

• We must rely on the International Court and the United Nations to resolve the regional conflicts.

• The global environment must be protected and the adverse effect of human activities reversed or repaired.

• The global natural resources are diminishing rapidly by the world over population, over harvesting and destruction. These resources include fresh water and agricultural resources for production of food. World has to create equitable management of these resources. The United States must take the leadership position in these areas.

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