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Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer, a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post, is co-author of the forthcoming book, Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. He has also written for the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Middle East Quarterly, Moment, the New Leader, and (an Israeli/Palestinian e-zine). Before moving to Israel in 1994, he served as an adviser in the United States Congress to the House Foreign Affairs and Senate Banking Committees. He is also on Twitter. Close.

Saul Singer

Jerusalem, Israel

Saul Singer is a columnist and former editorial page editor at the Jerusalem Post. more »

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Islamofascism Is Next Big Threat

The same interconnectedness that brought economies down together also brought them up together during the boom time, and will likely help them recover together.

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stopthewar Author Profile Page:

I am Iranian and canadian had job as members of editorials and cartoonist, I thinks Islam is not threat at all , this USA and Christianity are starting war and propegenda over the Moslems look at back when and where Moslems are starting any war ? all we know created by the christinaity to trying establish the this relagion war. by HIV by propaganda's , by bring flu to the poor country and sending relagion organization to help .......

tarquinis1 Author Profile Page:

Nir Rosen writing in the Guardian, Monday 29 December 2008, stated it very well:

“Do not be deceived: the persistence of the Palestine problem is the main motive for every anti-American militant in the Arab world and beyond. But now the Bush administration has added Iraq and Afghanistan as additional grievances. America has lost its influence on the Arab masses, even if it can still apply pressure on Arab regimes. But reformists and elites in the Arab world want nothing to do with America.”

“A Zionist Israel is not a viable long-term project and Israeli settlements, land expropriation and separation barriers have long since made a two state solution impossible. There can be only one state in historic Palestine. In coming decades, Israelis will be confronted with two options. Will they peacefully transition towards an equal society, where Palestinians are given the same rights, à la post-apartheid South Africa? Or will they continue to view democracy as a threat? If so, one of the peoples will be forced to leave. Colonialism has only worked when most of the natives have been exterminated. But often, as in occupied Algeria, it is the settlers who flee. Eventually, the Palestinians will not be willing to compromise and seek one state for both people. Does the world want to further radicalise them?”

asizk Author Profile Page:

judofacism, which is alive and kicking as in occupied PAlestine + the existing jewish nuclear arsenal = a third world war-with jewish nuclear weapons used.

asizk Author Profile Page:

Like every inch of Arab historic Palestine, Jerusalem is a stolen and occupied territory.

this singer is living in a stolen Plaestinain home whose owners were ethnically cleansed by jewish violence and systeamtic terroirism in 1947/8 as were over 70% of the Palestinian people.

This is stnadard and usual judofacism propganda:the occupying jews habitually change the subject-to distract from their 61 year occupation of Arab PAlestine and the brutal military apartheid regime they impose on those dwontrroden and dispossessed Palestinian souls.

The latest change of subject to distract from staelin and building jewish settlements in Palestine-is Iran is the Threat.

Iran has no nuclear weapons and is not occupying any one's land;

"israel" has a formidable nuclear arsenal and driving all the states in the Arab East and beyond to a nuclear arms racse to defned themselves from the jews.

Apartheid south africa had nuclear weapons-but where is that racist regime now and where is its nuclear arsenal.

Like apartheid south africa-foreign illegal jewish settlers will have to depart sooner rather than latter-the sooner the better-they stil have their passports.

Shiveh Author Profile Page:

Mr. Singer has an admirably positive view of the future which is apparent in his premiss that our 21st century global challenges can be successfully met by our 21st century superior abilities. In one short sentence he declares “The advance of technology, development and globalization tends to solve the problems it creates.” And then he introduces a laundry list of some of the problems we are confronting in our age. One among them did catch my eye; Mr. Singer writes: “The combination of Islamofascism and nuclear weapons, coupled with the current lackadaisical Western response to this prospect, raises the concern that history could repeat itself in a no less devastating manner.”

Definitely nothing positive ever comes from Islamofascism, so it is very convincing to blame it for all that is wrong around it. But, does Islamofascism with nuclear weapons present a complete picture of the situation or is there something missing in Mr. Singer’s presentation? It looks like he is conveniently forgetting that Israel is the only country with over 200 nuclear weapons in the region; weapons Israel has produced and is keeping as the “final solution” for use in a last resort situation. With the balance of power gradually shifting in favor of the Arab countries, with advancement of technology, development and globalization reducing the ability gap between Arabs and Israelis and finally with the policies of the Israeli hardcore right isolating the Jewish government in the global scene, I must ask Mr. Singer, whose nuclear weapons should “raise the concern that history could repeat itself in a no less devastating manner”? Is it the non-existent Islamofascist nuclear weapons or the ever present Judeofascist nuclear weaponry that imposes the real threat to our future?

Globalization will be the driving force of this century. Days of localized policies and contained consequences are gone. Decisions made in one capitol will influence life in all other capitols. This change demands a set of universal standards to be defined and enforced throughout the world. But before these standards can be put in place a minimum standard for equality and prosperity must be achieved on our planet. Israel’s increasingly rogue behavior which is possible because of a favorable balance of power in the region is blocking equality and prosperity in a large part of our world. Israeli right wing policies, the desire for territorial expansion and the urge to subjugate the Palestinian residents of the occupied territories combined with an arsenal of nuclear weapons constitute a Judeofascism that is no less dangerous for our future safety than the much discussed Islamofascism.

For as long as Israel remains the only country in the area with access to nuclear weapons, she can do as she desires. Judeofascists know that by possessing the “final solution” they do not have to negotiate for a permanent peace. For over sixty years they have fought for the “greater Israel” and they will not be satisfied with anything less. The real threat that Iran’s enrichment activities impose is balancing the playing filed. A nuclear Iran annuls Israel’s final solution and forces her to negotiate for a permanent peace based on containment inside the original land recognized by the UN. This is something that the Judeofascists will resist at all expense.

Give Mr. Singer any subject to write about and he will end by a variation of the only thing that is important to him – that Iran must be stopped from getting nuclear weapons. Nothing else matters!

Usama1 Author Profile Page:

Usama wants America to stop funding the dictatorships of Egypt and Jordan- YES. The billions that America gives goes to sustaining the corrupt elite that rule by oppression. See, Egypt has run on emergency martial law since 1981. Do American presidents cry about that? Do they cry about the torture of Egyptians? No and no. In fact they shake Mubarak's hand in thanks. Same thing for the little king of Jordan.

Mayosi Author Profile Page:

The follwoing is about the late racist Durban fallacy.


A few points about the racist UN - Durban "anti-racism" conference

Why Western countries tend to boycott it.

1) Since Muslim nations (OIC & Iran) push to criminalize criticism of Islamists' bigotry, doesn't it mean that anything being said in that conference is the opposite of tolerance and of truth?

2) How can the UN avoid the largest practitioner of racism, which is Arabism (against: Kurds, Berbers, Africans, Jews, Assyrians, Asians, etc.), but focuses on the so called "anti-Arab racism"?
[ Arabism is racism! ]

3) When will Arab racists & Islamic bigots let go of the UN and stop hijacking it with it's lobbies (silencing Arab racist genocide in Darfur, yet daming innocent Israelis who merely try to survive)?

4) Why is Arab terror singling out Jews not racist?

5) Why is the essence of the entire "conflict'" in the M.E. not a form of bigotry by Arab Muslims who can't "accept" the non Arab non Muslim pluralistic democratic Israel?

6) Are Jews living, or even allowed to live in racist "Palestinian" controlled territories (Judenrein - ethnic cleaning)?

7) When will lefty radicals (Meretz/B'Tzelem) talk about preferential treatments to Arabs OVER Jews inside Israel, like in Hebron and in other cases?

8) Why are (Arab Palestinian or Hezbollah) the ones using its own kids as cannon fodders considered "innocent victims"?

9) Is Israel battling just terrorism or an ARAB MUSLIM CAMPAIGN OF GENOCIDE since the 1920's?

10) Is it not anti-Jewish racism to brand Israel's fight to defend lives as "racism"?

11) How more racist can the Durban-conference get, If the two oppressive regimes: Libya & Iran are the "stars"?
Libya - whose Muamar Qaddafi, besides his own persecution of non-Arabs, especially millions of blacks in his country, who describe themselves as living like: slaves or animals, Qaddaf the one of the champions in today's racist Arabization, and Arabist racism push against Africa (whose "vision" has been compared to Hitler's "lebensraum"), in: Chad, Nigeria, etc., ultimately his crimes in the Sudan region helped in leading the current Al-Bashir's genocide on Millions of Africans (financed mainly by Libya and S. Arabia).
Iran, the regime of Islamic bigotry's oppression on its own population with an added special persecution on all on-Muslims: Christians, Baha'i, Jews, etc. or on non-"pure-Persians" like: Ahwazi - Arabs, Kurds, Azeris, Baluchis, etc. now under the leadership of: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [EichmannJihad - the Islamic Hitler] who plays as if he "denies" the holocaust only in order to prepare for (his wishful) the second, "wiping off Israel".

Thus, the shame of the UN, kidnapped by the epitome of intolerance today, the infamous twin fascism: Arab racism, as in Gadhafi, and Islamic bigotry as in Amadinejad, are going to be "preaching" (and determine) to the world on tolerance.


Mayosi Author Profile Page:

Is "Usamai" against us giving carte-blanche billions to Arabs: Egypt, Jordan?

Mayosi Author Profile Page:

The Arab Muslim bigoted children of Arab immigrants who call themselves today as "palestinians" like to play the "victim" card, even though it's tem and Islamic Iran that is bend on total annihilation of Israeli Jews or of all Jews.
They claim to be "weak" since they lack F16, what a bull, they have the most destructive weapon, their own kids... vs Humane Israel that can not fight this evil of using its own children as cannon fodders so that they die in order to damn Israel's name.
The extra uniqueness of anti Jewish fascism in the Arab Muslim world that sees demonization of the Zionists worth more than their children's lives, imagine how evil can get...
Ah the sacrifice on one's family for the "holy" Islamic fascism, that's true Jihad (struggle).
And these anti freedom pro totalitarianism claim also to be "freedom-fighting".
Why can Israeli Arabs 25% have often more rights than Israeli Jews (especially in court) whereas in racist judenrein "palestine" no Jew is even allowed to reside?

Usama1 Author Profile Page:

Saul likes mighty nice in the sunlight. It really distracts from the neo con imperial propaganda he's spouting that Israel will save the world, btw: "Israel is just like you with electric cars. So give us billions and free tanks, fighter planes and carte blanche to kill and do as we like".

yeolds Author Profile Page:

The biggest danger to the world is the two warmongering nations with nuclear weapos: Israel and USA.

ordak100 Author Profile Page:


Yes, why not? Getting rid of racism is always a good idea. And your idea of a less expensive method is in fact brilliant!

No matter how you slice it, the fact remains that many more in the world, about 20% in all, subscribe to the teachings of Islam and only 15-18 million to about 17-18 different factions of Judaism, of which only a minority are still hung up, stuck to a 65 year old enigma about an event somewhere else. Democracy, with or without borders, means the minority must accept the will of the majority. Simple, no?

spamsux1 Author Profile Page:

ORDAK100 says "...alternatively this man from Israel ought to let the Palestinians have the same weapons and F-16s and let them go at it on an equal footing and see what happens, we already know which side is the extremist!"

A less expensive method would be to simply open all the borders and allow the Islamists to overrun Israel.

They would soon drag Israel down to their level of ignorance and poverty and the world would be a better place. Right?

ordak100 Author Profile Page:

A vapid and intellectually challenged article. True waste of cyberspace describes this post.

ordak100 Author Profile Page:

A vapid, aimless and ill-informed response to the question, alternatively this man from Israel ought to let the Palestinians have the same weapons and F-16s and let them go at it on an equal footing and see what happens, we already know which side is the extremist!

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