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U.S.-backed Militia Threatens Iraqi Stability

Weekend fighting between Iraq's largely Shiite army and a Sunni militia group shows how fragile our Iraqi success really is, Ignatius argues in today's video.

Iraq Can Take Care of Itself

The premise that ethnic strife in Iraq should necessitate foreign military intervention is an absurd presumption.

For Iraq Stability, Look to Iran and Syria

Iraq's insecurity now comes largely from ethnic strife and internal power-sharing disagreements - issues that aren't helped by displays of American military power.

Leave Iraq and Stay Out, America

Certified idiots in international affairs led the U.S. into Iraq, and only neo-idiots would consider a re-run of this fiasco.

American Humiliation After Iraq

The real question is whether Americans can live with the legacy of another war defeat and the humiliation that comes with it.

Washington's Short-Term View of Iraq

U.S. policy makers fail to understand that invading countries does not solve problems in the long term; there has to be a home-grown solution from the people of Iraq themselves.

U.S. Back Into Iraq?

The Obama administration has finally set a date for withdrawing U.S. troops for Iraq. If ethnic strife returns there, raising again the specter of civil war, should the U.S. send troops back in?...

No Business In Iraq, Now or Later

Don't repeat America's first Iraq mistake.

Obama Must Bring Middle East to the Table

We know he's presidential material. In the next six months, he has to show that he's a world statesman, too.

Petraeus Argues Iraq, Afghanistan Case in Rome

The general's visit to Rome last week to tout Iraq successes was also a chance to drum up support for Afghanistan - but that support seemed lacking.

Syria-Israel Talks Prove an Ideological Common Ground

The talks themselves represent a paradigmatic shift in the region.

Long-Term Solution Not Likely - Yet

Israel cannot make peace with Syria without first resolving Palestine.

Energy Giant Weighs In on Latest Developments

The state of the oil world, according to the CEO of one of the world's largest oil and gas companies.

Obama, Foreign Policy Realist

Obama's world view is much closer to that of a traditional realist than a typical liberal -- and contrasts with McCain's exuberant idealism.

A Fresh Start for Iraq

An American withdrawal timetable is the only way forward.

A Moderate Muslim Flees Iraq

Yesterday, the first Iraqi families were granted asylum to the UK as part of a British government program to resettle translators whose lives had been endangered after working for Coalition forces in southern Iraq. Among them were Haider Samad and his family.

Oil Giants Still Eye Iraq

When it comes to Iraqi oil contracts, there may be less there than meets the eye.

United States’ War Rules Global Agenda

You don’t need to look far to conclude that the terrorism seems to be what’s driving the global agenda.

Al-Qaeda Defeat A Political Ploy

It is not surprising to see early declarations of a deceptive victory over a misunderstood hoax mislabeled as a political movement.

Al-Qaeda – the United States' Invisible Foe

It’s impossible for the U.S. to declare victory when its adversary can’t be seen.

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