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Vivian Salama

USA/Middle East

Vivian Salama is an award winning reporter, producer and blogger. Currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, she has reported for various publications from across the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, the United States and North and South Korea. She has also appeared as a commentator on the BBC, France24, South African Broadcasting Corp., TVNZ, NPR and as a reporter for Voice of America radio. Her byline has appeared in numerous publications including Newsweek, USA Today, the International Herald Tribune, the National, Jerusalem Post, and the Daily Star. Salama has an MA in Islamic Politics from Columbia University and she previously worked as a lecturer of international journalism at Rutgers University. Close.

Vivian Salama

USA/Middle East

Vivian Salama is an award-winning reporter, producer and blogger. Currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, she has reported for various publications from across the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, the United States and North and South Korea. more »

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If You Build Business, They Will Come

It has always been in America’s best interest to find effective, and legal, ways of letting the world in.

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Aaron Goldstein:

The best resolution for this problem eliminating the concept of fence and making US and Mexico a single country. Say United States of Amerika (Mexican Version). Mexicans will have no trouble of immigration. American citizens will get benefits of Low wage workers and also will get lazier day by day.


We do really need to find a good way to bring legal immigrants to the USA and stop the illegals. Our bureaucracy and laws now combine to stop as much immigration as possible. This is very bad for the individuals and for the USA. The problem is that the ones who want to close the boarder don't trust the ones who want to reform the system, and vice versa. America needs to do both!

Summerians in a ship around the world, probably Marduk, had asked Noah to make a ship with a pair of each of animals.

Noah of Supper of Bread of Wine of Neptune.

some would add "D" to have "dear wind". some named Dove as Gabriel. Emotion is Motion of Dove, flaps of wings of dove, for some. it is Breath, for some.

from High School of John Paul II,

what shall Phoneician Woman "Europe" do with Anatolia? are they two of Seven Sisters of Pleiades?

did you think about Christ-Hope Colombus "Master of Main Gear of Atlanta", in his journey from Spain to Central America?

how was the history then? in Summerian, "E" is for "House, Home".

is "Darwin" in the Pasific Ocean on the Turtle "dear wine" of Holy Grail in the Thymuse Gland?

is Zecheria's Itching over?

Viviana Greetings,

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you"

"Build Business and They Will Come", did anybody call Planet X?

did you think about the cultures and literatures in Spain that Maya Calendar have been interpreted by?

besides formula,

we know a few words on "sirius, alpha centauri, sagittarius, orion, arcturius"

where did this data come from?

shampoo "Head&Shoulders" with Zinc for Dan Truffle, smells like Head&Musters do. we have two shoulders but we can speak of twelve too.

where did this mastery come from?

why were astronauts from NASA in Iraq? what is the gift of Israel to Middle East?

we have come.


what you have listed are the appearances. you must meet the formula that gives these results.

it is like the universal formula of creatures, i had met in a scientific artical. when you change the data of the variables of the function, you get the creatures of the different shapes.

so maybe formula of Coca Cola. a few know, but you can meet too.


It all can be quite simply reversed: gather all neocons and pro-war crazy people in USA and ship them off to Iraq and Israel, and immigration will be reduced by the same number of emigrants!
Cheap, unregistered, labour with no residual costs (such as benefits, social security costs, health and retirement insurance contributions) has been the most obvious "hidden" competitive advantage of USA for years. If it wasn't for cheap Mexican and south American illegals, the costs of food, food processing, construction and services such as janitors, hotel cleaners, ..... would be much higher... and Western Union would go out of business as none would send cash back home!

Many of America's landmark achievements of the past (the atom bomb, the jet engine, rocket science) or current era (software, telecoms) are products of foreign minds that went to USA as part of the "brain drain" which is another invisible competitive edge.

But again, Pink Floyd said it best:

We don't need no education...
We don't need no self-control....

here is the connection.

and Mexico, the temples of Middle America and Temples of Mesopotamia. and the genetic alliance of North Americans and Sibirians "yakutistan".

what is the Wall between North of America and Middle America for? what did President Bush do in Iraq?

medication? business?

Viviana, in Christmass 0f 2008, Sun Mercury Jupiter Saturn shall be in alliance in Horse-Man with Sagittarius, nowadays passing from the Knee of Serpent Holder.

"central sun, sun, human".

oh have you met antimatter while reading Enkidu Enki Enlil columns in wikipedia? sure you have an idea about World Focus Atlas Airlines Jet in Sparta around the Lake of First Inhabitation (and first House of Jesus and Mary, that British General Staff had asked to train troops in) with six scientists working on antimatter studying on Thorium! the mobile phones were ringing in the morning.

and it is another surprise to meet Vodafone advertisements on newspapers and televisions with Korean Sports nowadays. previous one was a monster.

chicken of Turkcell, karate-kid of Vodafone, animated characters of AVEA ("unity" in summerian).

kind of business : ) probably an invitation to kindness.

there is also Hypo-potamus, around Meso-potamus, bu arada "sen kork hydro-coc".

you are an expert for Korea too. Chairman of United Nations is from Korea, "Family of Michael" Dynamic Korea.

is there any relation between pituatory gland "third eye" and toilets? yes there is, at least in Mesopotamian Literature.

lets talk about Lesbos Midilli Island in Mediterranean Sea. in Lesbos island, today, there are ponies but there were giraffes then.

here you are a classical joke on homosexuality, if a man is homosexual, then he likes women : ) as he is a woman, then he shall like women too, because he is homosexual or better say lesbian.

but is there any point to write this here in immigration column? i find no point but an ease for migraine headache.

you are a Middle East expert, what do you think about Enki Enlil Enkidu, wind mercury spider clay? what is this business of President Bush in Mesopotamia for, for high genetics?

Viviana Greetings!

here you are back home after the shift of Mona "Al Tahawy". "Al Tahawy" is the fifth of the masters, who had lived in Egypt.

speaking of Costner, it is hawkward to be here addressing to North America.

when shall you talk about clay-mate change? the clay that Christ had exhaled into and it had flapped as a dove?

President Bush permitted many families to immigrate from Iraq, the land of clay.



Jim Lydon:

People still don't get the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. I don't doubt that xenophobia exists everywhere to a certain extent, but I think we are relatively lucky on this score. I was for mid 80's amnesty. At least a third of my grade school classes in LA the 40's and early 50's were Mexicans, and I have lived in Mexico, and like the people. But the USA politicans promises to control the borders in 1986 were empty at best. If we need entry level labor, lets pick the 50 poorest countries in the world and open our doors to each in equal numbers. We will end up with a great American stew. If we allow open borders with Mexicco, we will end up a different situation. You only need to see what happened in Yugoslavia to see what happens when a dominant immigrant population changes the political equation.

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