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Vivian Salama

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Vivian Salama is an award winning reporter, producer and blogger. Currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, she has reported for various publications from across the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, the United States and North and South Korea. She has also appeared as a commentator on the BBC, France24, South African Broadcasting Corp., TVNZ, NPR and as a reporter for Voice of America radio. Her byline has appeared in numerous publications including Newsweek, USA Today, the International Herald Tribune, the National, Jerusalem Post, and the Daily Star. Salama has an MA in Islamic Politics from Columbia University and she previously worked as a lecturer of international journalism at Rutgers University. Close.

Vivian Salama

USA/Middle East

Vivian Salama is an award-winning reporter, producer and blogger. Currently based in Lahore, Pakistan, she has reported for various publications from across the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkans, the United States and North and South Korea. more »

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Pakistan's Biggest Threat Isn't Foreign

Pakistan fears a foreign threat to its nuclear program, but domestic problems could bring the country down much more swiftly.

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clearthinking1 Author Profile Page:

Paralysis of Analysis at a precarious moment in Pakistan.

I strongly believe that the violence, conflicts, and extremism in Pakistan/Afghanistan are due to the manipulations necessary to maintain the artificial entity called the "Republic of Pakistan". The leaders of Pakistan have always felt it absolutely critical to use Islam as the only available cement to create a Pakistani identity. This has not worked out well for Pakistanis or their neighbors. Pakistanis should be separated into 4 states:

The BALUCHIS have oil, natural gas, and ports, and they could thrive.
The SINDHIS have Karachi and well developed business and economic capabilities, and they could live peacefully doing business with the world.
The PUNJABIS have significant agricultural resources to thrive, and a slightly weaker and less aggressive Punjabis may be good for the region.
The PASHTUNS will always thrive and could joing their brethren in Afghanistan. The Durand line doesn't really help anyone today and seems like an anachronism.

The problem is the confluence of Islamic extremism and inverted nationalism of the ISI and Pakistani Military. The ISI/military are perpetually exploiting Islam, narcotics, and ordinary Pakistanis for their own goals. These "leaders" do not have the best interest of the people of Pakistan in mind, and this has made Pakistan an essentially failed and dangerous state.

Legitimate concerns exist about the consequences of the dismantling of Pakistan. I would argue that this would lead to decreased Islamic extremism, decreased terrorism, increased regional stability, and an improvement in the lives of ordinary people. Time is short and the window of opportunity is closing before Pakistan degenerates into increased "Talibanization" and economic anarchy. Paralysis from over-analysis is dangerous right now. It is time for fresh and progressive strategic thinking

clearthinking1 Author Profile Page:

Islamic Pakistan as a nation has failed and must be dismantled.

Pakistan as a nation is failing miserably, and it is a failed society based only on hatred.
ECONOMIC FAILURE: Pakistan is bankrupt. Even all the loans from IMF, World Bank, Paris Club, London Club, overt and covert aid from US, and repeated refinancing of the debt have not worked.
MILITARY FAILURE: 4 wars have been lost by Pakistan. Bangladesh was freed in 4 days. The military is demoralized and cannot even control its own territory.
SOCIAL FAILURE: the miserable poverty and exploitation within Pakistan is shocking. The Honor killings and treatment of women is unacceptable.
POLITICAL FAILURE: The military coups, suspension of constitutional law, murders of Bhuttos (father and daughter) reveal no evidence of a modern political culture or democracy.
EDUCATIONAL FAILURE: The lack of modern schools and scientific education shows no potential for Pakistan to develop economically or politically in the future. The madrassas are where terrorists are openly bred.
CULTURAL FAILURE: A nation that looks the other way as terrorists and murders are being trained openly is morally bankrupt. Every Pakistani knows whats been going on in their country, and one must assume they approve of the violence in their heart.

Holbrooke and Obama need to dismantle Pakistan like Holbrooke did with Yugoslavia. 4 Ethnic states - Baluchis, Pashtuns, Punjabis, and Sindhis.


shark2 Author Profile Page:

What is happening is the reaction to the foreign intervention in the internal affairs of that region.
Once the US quit that region, peace will return in that area.

alibryan20 Author Profile Page:

Very good observation from the scene of crime, unlike many who sit thousands of miles away and let there imagination get better of them VIVIAN SALMA not only have pointed out the core problems of talibanisation of the country but her suggestions of how to deal with these problems make sense.

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